Boxlock #fundie

There have been historical examples of polygamy but that doesn't make it a true, committed, intimate relationship between a man and a women. The marriage ideal is a total commitment to the opposite sex spouse. That is impossible with...... say six spouses.
My point is that once you open hell's gate by condoning homosexual marriage how can you then limit any other bizarre preferred relationship. No I haven't lost, it is you that has lost by condoning unnatural, unhealthy, and yes sinful sex acts.
Honestly this topic is becoming toxic and boring. I will never be convinced a subject as 'dark' as homosexual sex is 'light'. I have had literally scores of replies, mostly negative, but far far more 'thumbs' up in number, indicating there are vast numbers that hold exactly the same position as I yet are not as vocal, as politically terroristic as the homosexual community.



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