Florida Agency for Health Care Administration #transphobia politico.com

Florida bans Medicaid from covering gender-affirming treatments

The move by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration came after the agency published a report claiming there was not enough scientific evidence to prove that the treatments improved health.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida’s Medicaid regulator has finalized new rules banning health care providers from billing the taxpayer-funded program for gender-affirming medical treatments, a move that comes as the state has sought to block such therapies for young people.

The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration on Thursday added new language to the rules governing the state’s $36.2 billion Medicaid program. The new rules declare that the program does not cover services for treatments such as puberty blockers, hormone therapies or surgical procedures as a treatment for gender dysphoria, which refers to the feelings of discomfort or distress some transgender people experience when their bodies don’t align with their gender.

The updated rule will take effect on Aug. 21.

The new rule is the latest step by Gov. Ron DeSantis to restrict gender-affirming treatments. Last Friday, Florida’s medical board voted to start the rulemaking process that could lead to the banning of gender-affirming medical treatment for youths. And the Republican Florida governor has become increasing vocal in his objections to such treatments.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Medical Association support gender-affirming care for adults and adolescents. But medical experts said gender-affirming care for children rarely, if ever, includes surgery. Instead, doctors are more likely to recommend counseling, social transitioning and hormone replacement therapy.

A coalition of LGBTQ and health rights groups, including Lambda Legal, Southern Legal Counsel, Florida Health Justice Project, and National Health Law Program, said the rule will leave thousands of transgender Floridians without critical care when they need it most.


Samuel Alito #wingnut #elitist #god-complex politico.com

Speaking at a Heritage Foundation event, Alito said the release of his draft opinion made the justices presumed to be in the majority “targets for assassination because it gave people a rational reason to think they could prevent that from happening by killing one of us.”

The draft from Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization was published by POLITICO on May 2.

“It was a grave betrayal of trust by somebody,” Alito, who authored both the draft and the final majority opinion, told the Heritage Foundation’s John G. Malcolm.

The draft proved substantially similar to the final majority opinion that was issued in June. That ruling overturned the Supreme Court’s 1973 ruling in Roe v. Wade, which had established a right to abortion throughout the country.

“It certainly changed the atmosphere at the court,” Alito said of the unauthorized disclosure of the draft.

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BUT SOME REPUBLICANS AREN’T HAVING IT: Sen. JOHN KENNEDY (R-La.), who sits on the Judiciary Committee, didn’t exactly tamp down his rhetoric. “No. 1, I want a nominee who knows a law book from a J. Crew catalog,” he said upon exiting the lunch. “No. 2, I want a nominee who’s not going to try to rewrite the Constitution every other Thursday to try to advance a ‘woke agenda.’”

Geoffrey sea #wingnut politico.com

Either Warren is the dumbest Harvard Law professor since, well, Dershowitz, or this is a totally dishonest pile of crap-think. It makes no sense in any system of logic. The nomination race is now between Biden and Sanders and no amount of lexical gymnastics can change that.

The real reason that Warren is staying in the race is clear, and it's the same reason that she sabotaged her own campaign by refusing to step out of Bernie Sanders's shadow: She doesn't want Bernie Sanders to be the nominee or be president. She knows him too well. She knows he is a sectarian Marxist-Leninist who could only bring disaster to the Democratic Party and to the country. So Warren is sacrificing her own integrity to maintain appeal to the Sanders cult followers, in an attempt to siphon away his votes.

That is a valiant effort, and she may be commended for it, but she should soon realize that she has failed and part of the reason is that she just can't pull it off. No one really believes that Elizabeth Warren has capitulated to the Sanders M-L distortion of reality.

If the goal is to deny Sanders votes, and it is, then Warren would be much more effective by coming clean, trashing Bernie as forcefully as we all know she can, and telling the goddamned truth about him, finally.

Jerry Falwell Jr. #fundie politico.com

Both articles by the Times andProPublica quoted students or professors who suggested that social-distancing guidelines, designed to prevent the spread of the highly transmissible virus, were not being adequately practiced on campus.

Falwell cast his decision to seek a case against the journalists as a move to protect his students, asserting that the journalists had probably come from coronavirus hot spots such as Washington, D.C., or New York, and that by being on campus they had put remaining Liberty students at risk. He also complained that Liberty was being singled out because of its status as a religious school.

He contended that there were witnesses for both cases of alleged trespassing, telling Starnes that there were no-trespassing signs posted at “every entrance” barring everyone from the campus except students, faculty and staff, or those with official university business.

Richard Tofel, president of ProPublica, said he’d not seen or heard anything of the warrant aside from having been pointed to it on Starnes’ website.

David McCraw, in-house counsel for the Times, said in a statement, “Julia was engaged in the most routine form of news gathering: taking an outdoors picture of a person who was interviewed for a news story.” McCraw said Rendleman had been invited to campus by one of the students interviewed for the article.

“We are disappointed that Liberty University would decide to make that into a criminal case and go after a freelance journalist because its officials were unhappy with press coverage of the university’s decision to convene classes in the midst of the pandemic,” he added.

There is no warrant for the author of the Times article, Elizabeth Williamson, because the magistrate judge did not find enough physical evidence to charge her, Falwell said. But he threatened civil defamation lawsuits against Williamson and another unidentified media outlet if the Times didn’t make a “clear apologetic correction” to its report.

Ali Khamenei #conspiracy politico.com

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Iran’s supreme leader refused U.S. assistance Sunday to fight the new coronavirus, citing an unfounded conspiracy theory that the virus could be man-made by America.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s comments come as Iran faces crushing U.S. sanctions blocking the country from selling its crude oil and accessing international financial markets.

But while Iranian civilian officials in recent days have increasingly criticized those sanctions, 80-year-old Khamenei instead chose to traffic in the same conspiracy theory increasingly used by Chinese officials about the new virus to deflect blame for the pandemic.

“I do not know how real this accusation is but when it exists, who in their right mind would trust you to bring them medication?” Khamenei said. “Possibly your medicine is a way to spread the virus more.”

He also alleged without offering any evidence that the virus “is specifically built for Iran using the genetic data of Iranians which they have obtained through different means.”

“You might send people as doctors and therapists, maybe they would want to come here and see the effect of the poison they have produced in person,” he said.

There is no scientific proof offered anywhere in the world to support Khamenei’s comments.

Various commenters #fundie politico.com

Re: I Am an Abortion Rights Activist. I Hope the Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade.

(Dale Pape)
Clearly it's a hot topic amoung politico's leftist readers looking at the comment section not a single legit comment.

Alex I would be careful what you wish for, you might just find in the 21st century the burality of killing babies in the womb might be seen as a bit stonage.

I can only imagin how you would react to some poor litter of kittens being dump on the streets of Detroit .. Oh the horror no doubt but killing a baby human in the womb well thats just fine with your ilk.

(Rob Hruska)

Do you think the State can compel you to give blood transfusions to a stranger, if it is the only way to keep that stranger alive?

Of course you don't. But you think it's OK for the State to compel a woman to do so.

The root of the anti-abortion movement is not about protecting babies (babies whom the Right is happy to throw into cages). The root is about denying women full and equal rights. Full stop. If you really cared about babies, you'd support a) free birth control, b) free pre-natal care, c) free child care and welfare for mothers. But you don't support any of those things, do you.

Wow, that is some twisted logic.

(Stan Olson)
What about the Father's rights? Of course in too many cases the Mother doesn't know who the Father is.

(Tom Genin)
The entire flaw in your logic of "choice" is that the pregnant woman didn't already excercise a number of choices to get to that point, whereas the theoretical blood donor in your scenario had no choice. Moreover, while I'm pro-life, I'm not for elimintinating the right to abortion, but the 20 week cap is reasonable.

Simply put, we as a whole are not evolved enough to value life if we'd ever consider abortion as an option for our personal benefit. That's not a knock on anyone who's made that difficult choice, it's pointing out that unless society as a whole is on the same page with that kind of care and support, you can't condemn the least capable to carry the burden of the aspirations of others.

The simplest test of our own perception is if you see a pregnant teen. The reality is that we don't separate the wonder and value of the creation of life from the act. If you look at that teen and think "how wonderful, another child" without thinking of all of the derogatory things that people may say at the same time, you're in the minority of humanity. That teen's decision on whether to bring the child to term is therefore not just a reflection of her own desires, but a reflection of society as a whole.

We can't legislate that kind of societal change to care for life irrespective of circumstance. Illegal abortions would certainly then happen, and that's not serving anyone or society. Far better to limit it to a reasonable period and aspire that we're all better about providing care for life in the future.

Matt Smith #fundie politico.com

I fully support a Democrat who gets pregnant killing its baby. (Democrats won’t know if it’s a man or woman, because those scientific details are confusing to them). And regardless of the non-scientific moniker of race. In short, a Democrat baby, once born, is subject to fascist indoctrination, gender confusion, hatred, racism - in short, Democrats create monsters. What we should be focused on is not their desire to kill their own children, but keeping them away from everyone else’s. No Democrat should be allowed in education, law enforcement, government services, childcare, law enforcement, or a position of public trust. We see Democrat pedophiles and gays and transsexuals infiltrating the military, schools, even the Catholic Church - and the results are nauseating and criminal.

Mike Huckabee #fundie politico.com

[ on Michael Brown ]

It's a tragedy that the young man got shot, but this is a young man that just roughed up a store owner, just robbed a store, and now he's going after a cop's gun...It's a horrible thing that he was killed, but he could have avoided that if he'd have behaved like something other than a thug.

[ on Duggar:. ]
No one needs to defend Josh’s actions as a teenager, but the fact that he confessed his sins to those he harmed, sought help, and has gone forward to live a responsible and circumspect life as an adult is testament to his family’s authenticity and humility...Good people make mistakes and do regrettable and even disgusting things.

Burt Minor #fundie politico.com

CHICAGO — A Republican candidate for the Illinois Legislature is under fire from his own party amid allegations that he asked an African-American candidate for state attorney general whether she was a “lesbo” and used a racial slur during a conversation with her.

Now, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner and the Republican floor leader of the Illinois House, Peter Breen, are calling for the candidate, Burt Minor, to drop out of a race for state representative.

“He’s not fit to be a Republican nominee for office, especially not the General Assembly,” Breen told POLITICO. “His conduct was outrageous.”

At issue is a conversation that took place last fall between Minor and Republican attorney general candidate Erika Harold. Harold, the party-backed candidate for the GOP, who is also a Harvard Law graduate and former Miss America, was talking to Minor in his capacity as a Winfield Township chairman.

“[Minor] asked Ms. Harold personal questions about her marital status, and even her sexual orientation, going so far as to inquire whether she was a ‘lesbo,’” Breen wrote in a letter to other Republicans this morning. “The chairman also used the full ‘n-word’ repeatedly in front of Ms. Harold and her assistant, asking whether she found its usage offensive.”

Breen told POLITICO that in a meeting, Minor admitted to using the slur and had “tried to explain it away, saying that she wanted him to ask the question so she could get it on the record, which is obviously absurd.”

Boxlock #fundie politico.com

There have been historical examples of polygamy but that doesn't make it a true, committed, intimate relationship between a man and a women. The marriage ideal is a total commitment to the opposite sex spouse. That is impossible with...... say six spouses.
My point is that once you open hell's gate by condoning homosexual marriage how can you then limit any other bizarre preferred relationship. No I haven't lost, it is you that has lost by condoning unnatural, unhealthy, and yes sinful sex acts.
Honestly this topic is becoming toxic and boring. I will never be convinced a subject as 'dark' as homosexual sex is 'light'. I have had literally scores of replies, mostly negative, but far far more 'thumbs' up in number, indicating there are vast numbers that hold exactly the same position as I yet are not as vocal, as politically terroristic as the homosexual community.

Boxlock #fundie politico.com

Christians aren't insisting that. We just want to be left alone, and not have homosexual perversion pushed into society as normal because it isn't. It is a sick perversion. You know it, I know it and everyone knows it no matter how much they lie about it.

Pax Dickinson #conspiracy politico.com

Another alt-right activist who participated in the rally, Pax Dickinson, expressed similar frustration. “I blame the rank-and-file cops for being cowards who obey unlawful orders,” said Dickinson, a former chief technology officer of Business Insider and former business partner of the pro-Trump internet troll Charles Johnson. “But the orders came from higher up.”

Dickinson, whose Twitter account was suspended on Monday, said he believes attendees of the pro-white rally were victims of a government “conspiracy to deny civil rights.”

Patrick LaForte #racist politico.com

“There’s not a common culture anymore,” said LaForte, a regular reader of the neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer. “Now anybody, no matter how small or weird the group, can insulate themselves inside their own internet echo chambers.”

Russell Pipkin #racist politico.com

One of those was Russell Pipkin, 47, who lives just south of the Mason-Dixon line in Mount Airy, Maryland, between Washington and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Pipkin, a warehouse manager, traces his roots to North Carolina and wears his Confederate heritage on his vest, his belt buckle, his earrings and a ring on his finger. On his right arm, he has tattooed the Southern Cross battle flag with the words "Crazy Rebel."

"It has nothing to do with race," he said, wearing—on top of all his accessories—a battle flag T-shirt as he waited for a mounted cavalry re-enactment to get underway. "It's more, for me, about just the way our country is headed ... Anything that's Southern is viewed as hatred. That's not right."

Trump and House GOP #fundie politico.com

House Republicans were planning to pass a spending bill stacked with his campaign promises, including money to build his border wall with Mexico.

But an internal House Republican fight over transgender troops was threatening to blow up the bill. And House GOP insiders feared they might not have the votes to pass the legislation because defense hawks wanted a ban on Pentagon-funded sex reassignment operations — something GOP leaders wouldn’t give them.

They turned to Trump, who didn’t hesitate. In the flash of a tweet, he announced that transgender troops would be banned altogether.

Matthew Heimbach #racist politico.com

A white nationalist leader accused of assaulting a young African-American woman at a Donald Trump campaign rally filed a countersuit on Monday claiming the president directed him and other supporters to remove protesters.

Matthew Heimbach claims in his federal court filing that he “acted pursuant to the directives and requests of Donald J. Trump and Donald J. Trump for President” and that, if he’s found liable for damages, “any liability must be shifted to one or both of them.”

Black Lives Matter #racist politico.com

I knew the protest was going to spiral into something bigger when I saw a man in tears push a police officer. I had never seen anyone lay a hand on a cop, even amicably. But these people gathered now in the street were utterly out of patience. I wasn’t sure whether I would be caught in the crossfire. Then a community activist I had earlier asked to interview spotted me, and called me over.

“I can see from your face that you don’t think you’re safe,” he told me. He was black; I’m Chinese-American. “You are. You’re a minority, too.”

It was just the reassurance I was looking for. It would also turn out to be wrong.


Shortly after I arrived, I saw the beginnings of a shoving match between a line of policemen in riot gear and the distraught residents of the neighborhood. I was the only non-black person there at the time—the other news crews had left—and my presence was soon questioned: Some pointed me out as an interloper; others, like the reassuring activist, told me I would be fine. I brushed off the more hostile comments as much as I could: They were angry, and anger doesn’t always hit its intended target.

As the confrontation went on, the crowd became more and more violent. What started as shoving and rock throwing escalated into smashing cars and setting businesses aflame. By nightfall, I was crouching behind a Chevy Suburban to avoid bullets. Another intern, a white man who had arrived later on to take photos, huddled beside me. After the gunfire ceased, he emerged from behind the car to take more pictures while I stayed behind.

“Get your white ass out of here!” he soon heard. “You better not let me fucking catch you!”

After trying unsuccessfully to defuse the situation, my colleague was flying down the street with a group of men chasing him. Wanting to help, but not knowing how, I decided to run after them. In order to run faster, my colleague dropped the two bulky cameras hanging around his neck. When I tried to retrieve them, and yelled at him to get out of the area, some in the group of rioters started chasing after me too. As a former back-of-the-pack runner in middle school gym class, I wasn’t surprised when they caught me. When they threw me to the ground, I reflexively curled up into a ball. Blows landed on my back, head and torso.

“Stop! He’s not white! He’s Asian!”

I wasn’t sure who said it, or how they knew my race, but within seconds, the punches stopped. Someone grabbed me by the arm and lifted me up. As my vision came back into focus, I saw a group of concerned black faces and heard someone repeating, “Don’t fuck with Chinese dudes.” My attackers had run off. Those who had intervened escorted me to safety.

The Journal Sentinel pulled its reporters off the scene that night once it got violent; thankfully, I walked away from the incident with only scrapes and bruises, and none of my colleagues were injured. Still, I was rattled.

The voice that stuck in my head over the next few days, as I talked to my relatives and friends about it, belonged to a woman who’d come up to me in the afternoon scrum: “You’re Asian, right?” she said to me. “Why are you even here?"

ITITIT2IT IT #conspiracy politico.com

NOTE that TAVISTOCK mind control FAKE media
'SEE---NULL--ITTY' and 'Re---ASS--SURE----ANTS'
in this piece's visual subtext.

They could load most people into a EUGENICS facility itself
just by paying ABBA gold!

---------------------------They could get them
-----------------------into the furnace conveyor
--------------------------------------with the Carpenters!



The Serf #fundie politico.com

Here is the truth about university campuses.

The administrators are liberal, the professors are Marxists, and most students are brainwashed sheep who do whatever their Marxist professors command them to do, because let's face it, if you are a young leftist, you are pretty stupid and easily manipulated because nobody enters university a brainwashed leftwing robot.

So what leftists do is go after the last bastion of white male institutions to destroy them.

Liberals can't stand that there are young white men anywhere in this country happy and free and not under the yoke of ballbusting feminist shrews, whose only purpose in life is to make men miserable because they are miserable themselves.

Rudy Giuliani #conspiracy politico.com

"I've found very few situations where Republicans cheat," Giuliani said on CNN's "State of the Union." "They don't control the inner cities the way Democrats do. Maybe if Republicans controlled the inner cities, they'd do as much cheating as Democrats."

"I'm sorry. Dead people generally vote for Democrats rather than Republicans," Giuliani said.

"I can't sit here and tell you that they don't cheat, and I know because they control the polling places in these areas. There are no Republicans," he said. "Then it's very hard to get people there who will challenge votes. So what they do is they leave dead people on the rolls and then they pay people to vote [as] those dead people, four, five, six, seven, eight [times]."

Marco Rubio #fundie politico.com

Rubio: No abortions for Zika-infected women

Sen. Marco Rubio said Saturday that he doesn’t believe a pregnant woman infected with the Zika virus should have the right to an abortion — even if she had reason to believe the child would be born with severe microcephaly.

"I understand a lot of people disagree with my view – but I believe that all human life is worthy of protection of our laws. And when you present it in the context of Zika or any prenatal condition, it’s a difficult question and a hard one," Rubio told POLITICO.

"But if I’m going to err, I’m going to err on the side of life."

Abortion and Zika became politically intertwined in June when Congress failed to pass a Zika-relief bill, in part due to a dispute over Planned Parenthood. Zika has started to spread quickly through Florida, which now has 422 cases -- more than any other state in the nation -- and it has alarmed families and health experts because the virus has been linked to severe microcephaly in infants born to some infected pregnant women.

“We’ve never before had a mosquito-borne disease that can cause a birth defect,” the Centers for Disease Control’s director, Tom Friedan, said Thursday in Doral after touring Wynwood. “That’s why we take it so seriously. The key is to protect pregnant women.”

Without prompting, Rubio acknowledged the challenges of the birth defects that result from Zika.

"Obviously, microcephaly is a terrible prenatal condition that kids are born with. And when they are, it’s a lifetime of difficulties," he said. "So I get it. I’m not pretending to you that that’s an easy question you asked me. But I’m prolife. And I’m strongly prolife. I believe all human life should be protected by our law, irrespective of the circumstances or condition of that life."

Rubio has taken a leadership role in trying to prevent the spread of Zika. He became the first Republican to co-sponsor President Obama’s $1.9 billion Zika-fighting legislation, which was watered down by House Republicans after it passed the Senate. The legislation ultimately failed. Rubio points out that he voted for every Zika bill he could.

The campaign of one of his Democratic Senate opponents, U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy, pointed to that vote and said in a press release Saturday that “Rubio exploited the Zika crisis to attack women’s health funding and Planned Parenthood.”

A staunch pro-life conservative, Rubio’s position on abortion has been consistent in the Florida Legislature, U.S. Senate and the campaign trail. A year ago, for instance, Rubio said on the presidential debate stage that he was opposed to abortion in cases of rape or incest. Murphy’s campaign called that position “extreme and offensive.”

Rubio took issue with the Democrats’ raising Planned Parenthood because, he said, “the words Planned Parenthood don’t appear anywhere in the law.”

Rubio said the bill limited federal Zika money to “community health centers and hospitals, basically Medicare providers… with limited funds, you wanted to ensure those funds were going to facilities in every community in the state. In the end, I voted for laws that don’t have that condition there, either. I just want the money to start flowing.”

Rubio faulted Democrats for not passing the scaled-back legislation.

“The Planned Parenthood angle is something they basically made up to have a political reason not to pass Zika so they can come back in August and campaign on it,“ he said. “That’s what I mean by political volleyball. Both sides have played that game. I would have preferred the House just passed a clean funding bill and I’ll vote for that if it comes out.”

Sherry Wendenland #fundie politico.com



BUT.....................MSNBC messed up and covered it live from 11 until after Midnight. God Awful Few Police. Those that were there stood and watched Masked thugs waving Big Mexican flags target Trump people leaving rally...throwing eggs at them. spitting at them ripping their hats off and burning them. Chasing them into parking garages Jumping on their cars. Hitting them on head with Mexican Signs. LEAVING SOME BLOODY WHILE POLICE WATCHED THEM DO AND DID NOTHING TO STOP IT..

BIG ELEPHANT IN USA. OBAMA..CLINTON LAWLESS POLICIES CAUSED THEM REFUSAL TO ENFORCE EVEN MINIMUAL IMMIGRATION RULES...................... USA HAS AN ILLEGAL ALIEN PROBLEM. They are violent rioters who are Mexican thugs. Here for the welfare benefits! Caught up in la raza propaganda lie about taking back USA.




White House Accidentally Slips Out Obama’s Plans to Cancel November Elections


It looks like ISIS’ next move could make Obama president for life.

Presidential candidate Ben Carson has proof that anarchy might be used to cancel the
2016 election.

According to Ex CIA director Michael Morell “there are thousands of ISIS sympathizers
in the United States” already creating a “global caliphate”.

Obama may be right that ISIS can’t topple the U.S. government… but he might use the
chaos, panic and fear from the terrorist threats to extend his presidency and postpone
the 2016 elections.


This new documentary uncovers how ISIS is gathering new forces for the final battle
with the Western World. The most surprising part is… it actually ties in with the 2016
U.S. election and the catastrophic outcomes it might have.

Daniel Hood #fundie politico.com

The article admits it does not know what Trump will do, but we do know that Hillary voted in favor of the Iraq war; let Ambassador Stevens get murdered; gave the Russians her Big Red Reset Button and then watched them overrun Crimea and half the Ukraine; and pushed the attack that resulted in the death of Libya’s strongman Moammar Ghaddafi, leaving that country to ISIL. Trump MIGHT be dangerous, but we KNOW Hillary is a bloody disaster

Bremmer's a neoliberal "beta male" geopolitical high priest trying to make Trump look like the global aggressor when we all know the Bush/Clinton/Obama neoliberal dynasties have been the worst aggressors post Cold War.

How many nations have been bombed into submission in the name of democracy, humanitarianism, liberalism, freedom? Exactly! Furthermore, under the 8 year Obama Clinton/Kerry administration, some might call it "regime", we've seen tensions & wars rage from the Arctic, Ukraine, Syria (in fact the entire Middle East & parts of North Africa) South China Seas, North Korea, Russia & China.

Trump is the geopolitical balance America needs between Sanders who would turn the US into Venezuela and Clinton who would trigger all-out nuclear conflict with either Russia, China, North Korea. Trump wants to do "multipolar world order" business with Russia, China, India et al not trigger nuclear war. Trump wants to bring troops home, lowering the risks of conflict. This is poor liberally bias analysis typical of Ian Bremmer, a beta male soon deemed to be irreleveant.

Bennie Smith #fundie politico.com

The article was a silly piece of low-grade, easily-recognized propaganda. In case Brian Hook is retarded and cannot make the jump from millions of voters (NOTE: The VOTERS are the Republican Party, not the few party leaders) agree, at least in part with The Donald, and could care less what cushy government jobs Brian Hook has held in the past or, more importantly, which ones he may or may not hold in the future. Those who have been feeding at the government trough, and actually believe what they think, believe or feel matters one iota to those of us who are the Republican Party are sadly mistaken. Let me add, I read only the first paragraph or two because I have read this article fifty times before, only the names are different. Please stop making your writers waste their time and ours by producing meaningless crap such as this tale of woe. Really. Please, just stop. Trump is the nominee and he will be the President and changes you do not like are going to be made. Grow up! The child-like antics are sickening.

Robert Blackmer #fundie politico.com

Holy crap! Disagree with everyone of his positions????? Since when has putting Americans first not been conservative? Since when has securing our border making for a safer America not be conservative? Since when has being truthful calling Islamic extremists exactly that not been conservative???? Since when undoing liberal policies of the previous president not been conservative???? Since when has supporting the military, law enforcement and especially our vets not been conservative??????? Since when has actually FIGHTING for these positions not been conservative????

Clearly, this person has quite the warped view of what conservatism is to them. Opposing all of those positions Trump stands for is liberalism and I've been screaming for years that the GOP should change their name to Democrat-lite because they don't stop the liberal creep, they just may slow it down.
way to completely miss rebutting any of the points I made. For that "swing and a miss," you get one of those vaunted (by libtards at least) Participation Trophies. Keep trying little guy. Maybe some day you'll get better to the point where you MIGHT be able to participate in a meaningful adult discussion.

Ron Hesselmeyer #racist politico.com

People like you talk about "fearing" brown people because this is an emotional response far more familiar to you than to those you accuse. Enemy fifth columnists are just like that... timid rodents fearful of being found out. For our part, we simply do not want our nations and cultures to be overrun and subsumed by people utterly alien to us, and thus destroyed. You WANT us destroyed, so what you do is insult our intellgence with some pathetic and weak appeal to what you assume is our machismo and characterize patriotism as "fear." You're an enemy. A seditionist. Projecting your own weakness upon adults who still have testosterone enough in their veins to want to protect their nations. And being the spineless entity you are, you just cannot relate or even concieve of such a thing as traditional honor. You're an anti-white communist, and it is not foreigners we have negative feelings for (as long as they do not invade our lands) but YOU we hate. You are the virulent enemy, the HATER of western civilization and the people who created it. It gets old, and just so you know, we see you for what you truly are.

Donald Trump #fundie politico.com

The United States will have "absolutely no choice" but to close down some mosques where "some bad things are happening," Donald Trump said in a recent interview, explaining his rationale for doing so.

"Nobody wants to say this and nobody wants to shut down religious institutions or anything, but you know, you understand it. A lot of people understand it. We’re going to have no choice," the Republican presidential said in an interview from Trump Tower on Fox News' "Hannity" on Tuesday night.

Those remarks go further than Trump did on Monday, when he said he would "strongly consider" closing mosques as part of a response to last Friday's terrorist attacks in Paris that killed more than 130 and injured hundreds more.

Asked to explain his shifting position by Sean Hannity, Trump remarked that things are "happening a lot faster than anybody understands."

"There’s absolutely no choice. Some really bad things are happening and they're happening fast," he said, taking a dig at President Barack Obama's response to the attacks. "Certainly a lot faster than our president understands because he doesn't understand anything. He doesn't get it. Refuses to even call it by its correct name," which Trump termed "radical Islam."

George Williams #fundie politico.com

It's interesting to hear how so many people militantly defend the butchering of babies. The hate expressed by the left just shows us how closed their minds are to the facts of life when those facts don't fit their preconceived notions of their narrow world view. Their fear is palpable.
And how does this judge justify his prior restraint of journalism? I hope that Congress releases them to the public. There would be nothing the court could do to them as the result. Separation of powers prevents the courts from punishing actions done in the course of congressional sessions.

Bobby Jindal #fundie politico.com

Only two hours after Louisiana’s state legislature squashed a law that would have allowed businesses to discriminate against same-sex couples, Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal issued an executive order to accomplish its intent.

“In Louisiana, the state should not be able to take adverse action against a person for their belief in traditional marriage,” Jindal said.
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HB 707, which would have blocked the government from penalizing companies because of the owner’s stance on same-sex marriage, was defeated in the state house’s Civil Law and Procedure over fears that it legalized discrimination against LGBT people.

“We don’t support discrimination in Louisiana and we do support religious liberty. These two values can be upheld at the same time,” the governor said.

Jindal said he was “disappointed by the committee’s action.”

His executive order came the day after the Louisiana Republican announced he is forming an exploratory committee for a potential White House bid in 2016. Jindal has stated that he will make and announce his final decision after the state’s legislative session culminates June 11.

Jindal is a strong proponent of a constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage across the country. When Indiana and Arkansas drew fire for bills that critics said would legalize discrimination against LGBT citizens, the Louisiana governor was quick to defend the legislation and criticize the states’ governors for advocating legislative compromise.

The state’s Democratic Party Executive Director Stephen Handwerk responded by calling Jindal’s decision a “stunt,” that showed disregard for Louisiana’s tourism industry. (As controversy in Indiana and Arkansas brewed, many pro-LGBT businesses and groups suggested boycotting travel to the states.)

“Louisiana taxpayers and businesses are once again being forced to foot the bill for Jindal’s vanity,” said Handwerk. “It’s foolishness our families cannot afford.”

Jindal’s decision was first reported by the New Orleans Times Picayune.

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[On Monongalia County regulations on smoking]
I don’t want government telling me what I can do and what I can’t do because I’m an American. But in Monongalia County you can’t smoke a cigarette, you can’t smoke a cigar, you can’t do anything. And I oppose that because I believe in everybody’s individual freedoms and everybody’s individual rights to do what they want to do and I’m a conservative and that’s the way that goes.
But in Monongalia County now, I have to put a huge sticker on my buildings to say this is a smoke free environment. This is brought to you by the government of Monongalia County. Ok?
Remember Hitler used to put Star of David on everybody’s lapel, remember that? Same thing.”

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United States Attorney General Eric Holder, this week, has again overstepped the boundaries of the law when he arbitrarily ordered that homosexual couples will now receive government benefits reserved only for natural marriage status. This applies even in states that have laws defining marriage as only between one man and one woman.

Taking a nod from the playbook of his boss, President Barack Obama, Holder wielded his own pen and paper, trampling on states' rights and disenfranchising voters in states defining marriage as only between one man and one woman.

It is time for Eric Holder to go!


It is the sworn duty of every member of Congress to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. Allowing Eric Holder to remain in office unchallenged is a violation of that duty. Action must be taken to stop the abuse of power in the attorney general’s office.

Urge your representative to press for the impeachment of Attorney General Eric Holder for high crimes and misdemeanors.

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Neither party is nationalist, thus neither can be 'right'.

The Democrats are textbook Marxists, have you ever seen the Communist manifesto? Every point in that manifesto is a part of the Democratic party platform.
From property taxes, graduated income taxes, inheritance taxes, state run medicine, Federal Reserve, interstate Federal gas taxes for roads, NSA examination and control of communications, civil asset forfeiture, quantitative easing, purchase of businesses like Chevrolet and sale of assets internationally, too big to fail banks, social restructuring with immigration, ever increasing school funding and taxes, and so on. The Democrats are very hard Marxists on every position, party plank.

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[In a discussion thread on the House stenographer who took the microphone the night of the vote, in response to comments on mental illness]

This is not all there is.

What we call "Mental illness" might be part of our minds grasping at higher truths.

We would not have an original thought if not for those thinking differently. There's no genius or morality without such thoughts.Thank G-d for such thoughts, but don't let them overwhelm you... in moderation they are a blessing.

This person, for example, became semi-famous, which couldn't have happened following some boring program.

Also, she had a point. The Constitution is probably a divinely inspired document.

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Bill O'Reilly has written a new book about Jesus. The basic argument of the book is that Jesus died because he interfered with the taxation-heavy Roman revenue stream. The reason the Jews eagerly anticipated the Messiah, writes O’Reilly, is, “When that moment arrives, Rome will be defeated and their lives will be free of taxation and want.”

The Fox News anchor explains in an interview on CBS' "60 Minutes" that one night he awoke with the title of the book in his head. He says he believes he got that message from the Holy Spirit.