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In evolution, there is no law, and there are no laws. The only law is that there is no law. The only law is to expect change. For there to be Law, there must be a Lawgiver, and a Lawgiver can only enforce the law under his own jurisdiction, therefore requiring the necessity of Creation. An evolutionist who believes in law is like a sober drunk, or an honest crook.

How many billions of years ago did 2+2 gradually = 4?

How many billions of years ago did a circle gradually get 360 degrees?

How many billions of years ago did water become wet, or did fire become hot?

How many billions of years ago did a straight line become the shortest distance between two points?

When did water begin to freeze at 32 degrees (F) and boil at 212 degrees (F)?

When did the gradual become the constant?

When will evolutionists stop pretending to be scientists?



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