Carolyn Yeager #racist

I will say this: I don’t accept bulls–t articles from Wikipedia, especially those written by Poles claiming their victimhood. There are factual articles and there are bulls__t articles.
The Germans conquered Poland after great, great provocation and battles in which many German soldiers had to lose their lives because of Poland’s intransigence. When you conquer a country that way, your next step is to subdue it. Poles do not cooperate with that process very well – leaders of resistance will be executed until the country is subdued, that is standard procedure.
But Hitler did not have an EXTERMINATION policy and did not exterminate anyone. He did not take masses of people – hundreds and thousands at a time – and just kill them. And no one has ever shown that he did, including you. So get off it and look at the real killers in WWII – the Allies with their Jewish helpers.



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