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Some years back, after a very long day, I was sitting in my car and listening to the radio. Tom Petty’s, ‘Here Comes That Girl’, came on. ‘Here Comes That Girl’ was on his ‘Damn The Torpedoes Album’ which was released in 1979. It is one of my all time favorite albums.

I put my head back and closed my eyes. The song transported me back to my teenage years in upstate NY. I was driving my beat up ’72 Buick Skylark that I got for $300 bucks, to my girlfriends house. I was in her room. I could see the peaceful view out of her window; the beautiful fall colors. The smell of the cool, crisp fall air mixed in with her perfume. Her soft, small hand in mine. Then the song ended. I was smiling. “That was Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Famer, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers with their 1979 smash hit, ‘Here Comes That Girl,’ said the dj. I stopped smiling. I started to feel so angry. The beautiful scene from the past was taken away from me. Tom Petty wrote that song for me. It was a part of my teenage years. It could transport me, through time, back to those years, back to 1979. [...]

‘The Plastic Demon of Decay of Humanity.’ They now commodified Tom Petty and put him in ‘their’ museum. They took a dreamer with a guitar from Gainsville, Florida and put his soul in a plastic box. How do you put Rock ‘n’ Roll in a plastic box? There was no more Tom Petty and even worse there was no more what Tom Petty meant to me. There was now only a ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Famer Tom Petty.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame was founded in 1983 by: Jann Wenner, Jon Landau, Seymour Stein, Allen Grubman, Bob Krasnow, Susan Evans, and Ahmet Ertegun. All but Ertegun are Jews. I could not find out any information on Susan Evans.

Wagner did nothing wrong, or immoral with his exploration of what he saw the Jews doing to his country, his country that he loved very much. It is of course, the Jews who are immoral and a lot worse than that.

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[From "America Must Die—So That the People Can Live"]

America today is a 245-year-old house—a grand mansion[…]From the outside[…]it still looks nice[…]But our inspection proves otherwise[…]We are shocked to find signs of widespread and irreparable decay
The house must come down; America must die—in order for a new house, a new nation, to arise
My inspection report finds two major, and related, areas of concern: (1)a false notion of human equality, and (2)misplaced faith in the doctrine of democracy
People are different in every way imaginable[…]yet at the same time they also want to insist on the essential and intrinsic equality of humans
All this bodes ill for the “religion of democracy”[…]If the equality falls, so too falls democracy
Societies that are capable of sorting men into lesser and greater types[…]are the drivers of human evolution. They strive for greatness, and they create greatness. Even the smallest steps in that direction—such as were taken by Hitler in his National Socialist Germany—would be such an improvement
Hence the democratic man. His precious freedom, given unrestrained license and lack of discipline, devolves into mindless and confused pleasure-seeking
We have tyrannies of the rich, tyrannies of the Judeocracy, and tyrannies of Big Tech, all vying for power
Toss out your MAGA hats; America will never be “great again”[…]Vermin are calling the shots from on high, and human detritus washes in over the borders
My above analysis suggests the following steps: (a)Break up the existing United States into smaller[…]units (b)In these new units, encourage all non-Whites, and especially all Jews, to emigrate as soon as possible (c)Discard the pernicious concept of human equality[…](d)Replace industrial democracy with something like an aristocracy

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There are NO transgender people. If “transgender” denotes the transition from male to female or vice-versa, it relates to fact less than does “unicorn.” There is NO sex change; such a transition NEVER occurs in humans. The misnomer “sex-reassignment” signifies only a transition to NEUTER, to ex-men and ex-women deprived of their reproductive systems. Nor is “self-identification” any more efficacious. Identifying and even believing one is a member of the opposite sex doesn’t make one so, any more than Emperor Norton’s believing he was Emperor of California made him so.

I prefer the term “transvestite” to denote pre-op delusionals, sufferers of gender dysphoria; and “neuters” to denote post-ops.

“Biologically male” is redundant and implies there’s another kind of male. There are no other kinds. Maleness and femaleness (NOT identical to masculinity and femininity) relate to reproduction, which is biological. When I discuss, say, the invasion of males into women’s sports, I never use the customary “biological males” but simply “males.”

My point is that we should avoid using the language of the peddlers and consumers of lunacy, because doing so seems to imply endorsement thereof.

As for the idea of Pakis and Somalis and other non-NON-British being Brits because they’re physically in Britain, it’s of course a lie of the anti-Whites. Hell, how many times have I had Spaghetti al Pomodoro in London restaurants? Does that mean spaghetti are an English dish?

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One day I found this sentence in a biography of Burne-Jones, and I jotted it down in my diary and pondered it for a day or two, “I mean by a picture a beautiful romantic dream of something that never was, never will be — in a better light than any light that ever shone — in a land no one can define or remember, only desire — and from forms divinely beautiful.”


When I read that sentence, I almost fainted. I was a sensitive girl, given to fits of swooning at the slightest opportunity. It was then I realized there was no real difference between poetry and painting, between painting and music. All, in their own ways, sought for God — albeit a God who might not exist — but a God nonetheless. God was beauty. God was longing. God was the fire in the rose.

That’s what I thought then. I was young and foolish.

Art, I found out later, was about making money. Organized Jewry taught me this. Art dealer Paul Rosenberg says, “A painting is only beautiful when it sells.” Jewish president of the Marlborough Gallery, Frank Lloyd, confirms this: “There is only one measure of success in running a gallery: making money.”


Since Darwin and Freud, there has been a complete “revaluation of all values.” Everything has been turned upside down. We can mostly attribute this parlous state of affairs to the machinations of organized Jewry, in particular to a group of revolutionary thinkers known as the Frankfurt School.


One of the founders of the Frankfurt School, Georg Lukács, asked rhetorically, “Who will save us from Western civilization?” He began the rescue operation himself, convincing himself that the best way to do this was to create “a culture of pessimism” and “a world that has been abandoned by God.” Cool.


It will soon become clear to you, if you are a struggling artist, that the art world is dominated by Jews who are only too anxious to bring about this hell on earth. Their control over what now passes for art is as tentacular as it is terrifying. Art has morphed into Anti-Art. “For Jews,” Israel Shamir points out, “their group interest lies in undermining visual art, for they can’t compete with it. Even deeper group interest is to undermine Christianity, their main enemy.”


You will meet many artists, quite a few of them pliant and accommodating non-Jews, who are prepared to jump through the hoops set before them by their Masters: the ubiquitous Jews lurking in the shadows. The men who call the shots. The men with the money. The men whom the artist must learn to please and flatter if he hopes to get ahead and become rich and famous.

The ambitious artist will find himself drawn inevitably into a Jewish world. He will learn to pepper his conversation with Yiddish phrases. He will never breathe a word of criticism against Israel, no matter what atrocities that country is in the process of committing. He will sneer at Muslims, the Qur’an and the Palestinians. He will find it pays dividends to insult Christianity, the religion of his forefathers. He will mention the Holocaust, whenever possible, with moist eyes; and he will paint as many pictures of Auschwitz as he can, preferably with chimneys belching black smoke.


Andy Warhol knew better than most how to ingratiate himself with the Jews. His 1980 series, “Ten Portraits of Jews of the Twentieth Century,” features ten portraits of what Warhol referred to as “Jewish geniuses,” one of whom was Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir — the “genius” who said there were no Palestinians, adding with her famous flair for the witty phrase: “How can we return the occupied territories? There is nobody to return them to.” Another “genius” was Sigmund Freud, whom Kevin MacDonald has described as having perpetrated the greatest scientific fraud of the 20th century — a fraud that was very useful in constructing the culture of Western suicide.


Transvestite potter Grayson Perry — here he is receiving the Turner Prize for his inspired pots — knew his success depended less on his talents than on the advertising genius of his plutocratic patron Charles Saatchi. He was well aware, moreover, that Islamophobia can always be relied on to win friends and influence people in the Judeocentric art world. “The reason I haven’t gone all out to attack Islamism in my art,” he confides fearlessly, “is because I feel real fear that someone will slit my throat.” Avoiding controversial political statements in the interests of discretion, Perry decided to devote his life to producing ceramic pots depicting “explicit scenes of sexual perversion.” It must have been a tough decision.


As for Andres Serrano with his Piss Christ and Chris Ofili with his dung-bedecked Holy Virgin Mary — the Madonna surrounded by pictures of the female genitals cut from pornographic magazines — both these emotionally immature artists were clearly aware that contempt for Christ and his mother is often pleasing to the Jews.


Artists? These men are more like circus dogs, trained to jump through hoops and beg for bones from their masters. It’s the men with the money, the Saatchis and the Guggenheims, who crack the whip.

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But in Britain, Jews and Muslims unite to condemn the White majority for its racism, xenophobia and majority supremacism. And while stern-eyed commentators like Rod Liddle and Mark Steyn will tirelessly condemn the junior side of the alliance, they don’t raise a squeak against the senior side. That is, they condemn Muslims but never mention Jews. They don’t even admit that there is an alliance between Jews and Muslims.

Well, there definitely is an alliance and commentators like Liddle and Steyn need to say so. All problems caused by Muslims in Britain, from the rape-gang horrors of Rotherham and Huddersfield to political corruption in Tower Hamlets and censorship-by-murder in Glasgow, are a direct consequence of Jewish influence on British politics. Muslims are in Britain because of Jews and are fully supported by Jews in their subversion and criminality. Tell MAMA and its mentor the CST will call those statements “hate,” but that’s exactly what you would expect. “Truth is Hate to Those Who Hate the Truth!”

Tobias Langdon #racist theoccidentalobserver.net

You might think that all intelligent observers will be aware of this sustained Jewish support for Muslims and hostility towards Whites. But somehow both the support and the hostility escape the notice of philosemitic commentators like Mark Steyn and Douglas Murray, who rail against Muslim pathologies in the West and mournfully chronicle the suffering these inflict on Jews. Steyn has claimed that Jews are “on the receiving end” of Muslim violence. They aren’t: they’re on the enabling end of Muslim violence. It was their support for Third-World immigration that prevailed against the loudly expressed opposition of the White majority. And this happened not just in Britain, but also in America, France, Sweden, Australia and all other enriched Western nations.

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The Mighty Dead: Why Homer Matters is an example of that non-fiction genre so reviled by the anti-White establishment: books that celebrate the European past and the rich and world-transforming culture that emerged from it. Foundational to this culture are the Homeric epics, the Iliad and the Odyssey, which have long been pillars of the Western literary canon. While their place in intellectual life of the West has waned over the last century (casualties of the generalized decline of a now Jewish-dominated culture), they remain as alive as ever for many readers. For author Adam Nicolson, in addition to their imperishable literary value, the Homeric epics should matter to all Europeans because through them “Homer tells us how we became who we are.”[i]

Nicolson is an English writer and journalist known for his scholarly but passionately expressed works on history, landscape and literature. The grandson of noted (and controversial) writers Harold Nicolson and Vita Sackville-West, he recalls being taught Homer at school, where his fumbling knowledge of Greek meant “it was as if the poems were written in maths.” Today most schoolchildren are unlikely to get even that far — with the majority doubtless associating Homer with The Simpsons and its derisive Jewish caricature of the White American father.

Edmund Connelly #racist theoccidentalobserver.net

Earlier this year, I was musing over the question of whether Jews ever feel guilt or remorse when they blatantly insult, injure or kill goyim. I had to conclude, based on my research and observations, that the answer was no. Invariably, they possess mental traits that allow them to project their guilty behavior onto the actual victim, and in turn conceive of themselves as the victims. [...]

No sooner had I reached this conclusion than E. Michael Jones in his magazine Culture Wars called my views into question. In the April issue, he published his essay “Jewish Monsters from the Jewish Id.” The essay was partially based on his 2000 book Monsters from the Id: The Rise of Horror in Fiction and Film. The book discussed how the sexual liberation crowd “tried to drive religious and moral nature out with a pitchfork, but found that nature only returned through the back door, in the form of a monster.” In other words, as one review summarized with respect to sexual license and its attendant abortion problem, “Horror, says Jones, comes from a guilty conscience that won’t admit that it’s done anything wrong — and horror stories reveal the true nature of that guilt again and again.”

Jones combined this with his remarkable 2008 book The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History to argue that the 2009 film The Unborn “is about Jewish guilt over abortion manifesting itself as fetal monsters.”

[...] The crucial Jewish role in getting abortion legalized in America, Jones argues, plus the high rates at which Jews abort their own children,

explains the need to bring up Auschwitz, because the function of the holocaust is to absolve all Jews from any guilt they may have incurred by violating the moral law. Auschwitz is the totem which calms the troubled Jewish conscience by assuring the Jew that he is the eternal victim, and, as such, incapable of incurring guilt as the perpetrator of some immoral act like, say, killing a fellow Jew in the womb of his mother.

More pertinently yet, Jones sees that last December’s Israeli massacre of innocent Palestinian women and children also inevitably creates subconscious Jewish guilt.


It is a common Jewish personality trait that we cannot ignore because so many Jews direct so much hatred toward so many of us non-Jews. Worse, they have the power to turn that hatred into real harm (and to subsequently protect themselves from their actions).

As just another taste of this process, peruse Hervé Ryssen’s characterization of Jewish intellectuals’ contempt for non-Jews in this piece:

It is not enough for these intellectuals to talk nonsense, to lull us with “human rights,” to bind us with repressive laws, and to inject us with alien cultural poisons. They also have to pour into our ears their contempt for our old cultures. But this contempt does not seem to fully satisfy their thirst for revenge. They must also insult us and spit in our faces: “ignoramuses, xenophobes, paranoiacs, morons, lunatics, etc.” . . .

And I will not recount the innumerable films in which the cosmopolitan scriptwriters take their revenge against Christian civilization and the white man in general. It seems obvious to me, regarding all this logorrhea, that these people hate us. It could not be any more obvious if they wore flashing neon signs on their heads.


Remember, ideas have consequences. And the good Professor Goldhagen seems to have a fixation on genocide. That worries me, given that he is plugged into the ruling circles of the United States.

But in some distant future, there might be hope. As evidenced by his own books, Goldhagen opts to collectively blame Germans, to collectively blame Catholics, to collectively blame many other groups for their trespasses. What if Jews were ever to collectively repent for their considerable trespasses against others these last three-four millennia? To repent for their financial, political, and most of all lethal crimes against humanity? Maybe then the projection and repression might stop and the world would become a far better place.

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Libertarians are simple-minded lickspittles. They are disciples of the Jewess Alisa Rosenbaum (“Ayn Rand”).

She said that “racism” was a form of collectivism and was therefore evil. However, she supported the “racist” state of Israel and called Palestinians animals.

“Do as I say, not as I do,” she told her lickspittles, and they obey her. They joyously aid the genocide of their own race.

Libertarians are despicable and mindless traitors. Even their Jewish masters have nothing but contempt for them.

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– The Jews will say that an African soccer player is French and they may sue you if you object.

– They will hang giant plastic lobsters in the Louvre museum, next to the Mona Lisa, and claim it is legitimate art.

– They will fill the newspapers and the universities with Jewish gobbledygook and claim it belongs to the finest European intellectual tradition.

White people who cheer for non-White soccer teams are playing dumb. They want to support their team, but there isn’t any team representing them, so they make do with what they have. They pretend not to notice the racial aspect. Even so, everyone knows there is a race replacement problem in the country. However, people don’t realize that our intellectual, political, artistic and moral elites, have been replaced by Jewish interlopers and phony fakes working for them. That is because the Jews are partly European and do not look as foreign as Blacks, unfortunately.

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[Quoting Hitler on Jews]

They “contaminate art, literature, and the theater, make a mockery of national feeling, and overthrow all concepts of beauty and sublimity, of the noble and good.” “In everything base and profligate in mass entertainment and artistic trash, vice, or pornography there will most certainly be a Jew.”

If one can’t see the truth of this statement in 2018, he is hopelessly delusional.

Carolyn Yeager #racist theoccidentalobserver.net

I will say this: I don’t accept bulls–t articles from Wikipedia, especially those written by Poles claiming their victimhood. There are factual articles and there are bulls__t articles.
The Germans conquered Poland after great, great provocation and battles in which many German soldiers had to lose their lives because of Poland’s intransigence. When you conquer a country that way, your next step is to subdue it. Poles do not cooperate with that process very well – leaders of resistance will be executed until the country is subdued, that is standard procedure.
But Hitler did not have an EXTERMINATION policy and did not exterminate anyone. He did not take masses of people – hundreds and thousands at a time – and just kill them. And no one has ever shown that he did, including you. So get off it and look at the real killers in WWII – the Allies with their Jewish helpers.

Sam J. #racist theoccidentalobserver.net

[In response to 'Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the USA were ever to have a leader with comparable ideas and sentiments as Hitler? Of course that will never be possible in any country that the Jews control.']

Germany was far more controlled by the Jews than the US is now and they didn’t have the internet. Don’t lose faith. It’s not over by far. The sheer degeneracy, and their inability to control themselves, will make them more and more abrasive over time. At some point, the straw that broke the camels back, a severe repulsion will built up and it will become possible to get rid of the Jews. I think this process has already begun. Once it flips it could be very rapid.

F. Roger Devlin #racist theoccidentalobserver.net

The American news media have apparently just realized that when foreigners illegally enter the United States in the company of their minor children and get arrested, those children are temporarily separated from them. It would be surprising if it were otherwise: keeping the children with their parents would require throwing them in jail as well. It would hardly be fair to punish minors for the acts of their parents, so they are accommodated separately. We are now being told this amounts to “ripping families apart” and “child abuse.”

I would like to draw attention to a passage quoted in a review essay of mine from The Occidental Quarterly, Summer 2007, regarding children forcibly separated from their fathers through divorce. Such children, we read,

expressed the wish for increased contact with their fathers with a startling and moving intensity—.The most striking response among six-to-eight-year-old children was their pervasive sadness. The impact of separation appeared so strong that the children’s usual defenses and coping strategies did not hold sufficiently under stress. Crying and sobbing were not uncommon—. More than half of these children missed their father acutely. Many felt abandoned and rejected by him and expressed their longing in ways reminiscent of grief for a dead parent—In confronting the despair and sadness of these children and their intense, almost physical, longing for the father, it was evident that inner psychological needs of great power and intensity were being expressed.

This has been allowed to go on every day in America—year in, year out—and no major media outlet has yet seen fit to treat it as newsworthy. Today, however, the nation is awash in maudlin sentimentality over the unavoidable inconveniences suffered by the children of foreign lawbreakers because of their parents’ crimes.

If American children victimized by family courts have less claim upon our attention and sympathy, it would appear to be because their suffering cannot be used to further the project of deconstructing the historical United States. What the liberal establishment really wants is open borders.

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[On Mark Steyn]

“—it is long past time for him to admit his errors and change his ways.”

That goes for EVERY so-called “good Jew”! A YouTuber I’ve followed for quite some time, Scott Roberts, a fella who’s been banned numerous times for his “anti-Semitic hate speech” and has had to set up multiple sock-accounts as a result, used to have a video up called Put Them On Point (Mythological Good Jew) which was, as you can guess by the title, not well-received by the (((YouTube Warriors))) and was removed. But the video echoed what I myself believe, namely that “good Jews” (honest Jews who are or can be true allies to Whites) are as rare a find as leprechauns. And any leprechaun that you may happen upon in this upside-down Clown World should be tested to determine if they indeed are true leprechauns by putting them on point, just like in actual wartime. See if they’re willing to “take a bullet” to help defend Whites. In 100% of the cases I’ve ever seen or heard about, where there was a “good Jew” (real leprechaun)— none of them — and I mean none!–, upon close scrutiny, could display that “pot of gold”, namely to truly betray their Jewish brethren without some kind of subtle, deceptive, pro-Jewish angle. I can say that about Benjamin Freedman— about “Brother” Nathaniel Kapner— and about any of them, with pure honesty.

Alternative History of Religion Award

You fail theology forever.

Bramble #fundie theoccidentalobserver.net

May I just say a few things:
1) Bertrand Russell was an egregious liar when he said Marxism was a “Christian heresy”, since it is quintessentially Jewish, as even rabbis assert.

2) As a Christian, I think Dawkins’ description of the bloodthirsty deity of the Judeo-Islamic Old Testament is correct, because Yahweh/Yareah is actually Kali/Shiva, as Christians will one day discover.

3) Only Judaism and its proxy branch Islam are “Abrahamic”. Christianity begins with Christ & the New Testament, Christ & the New Covenant, and the compassionate Heavenly Father of whom Christ teaches. When Marcion, the First Protestant, compiled the First New Testament from the writings of the Apostles available in 140 AD, gaining a vast following by teaching that the Moon Deity Yahweh of the Old Testament was not the same as the Heavenly Father of whom Christ taught, he was denounced as a heretic by the Jewish-established Catholic church based in Rome and Alexandria, who destroyed his writings and replaced his New Testament canon with their own.

4) Dawkins is wrong: I am not descended from a fish!

Rickie #racist theoccidentalobserver.net

I’ve never met a poor Jew, or even one who could be considered lower-middle class. In fact, although I live in a very diverse area, I’ve only known one “blue collar” Jew in my lifetime. He was actually my supervisor in a warehouse, and stood around doing nothing all day. He also ran a chimney sweep business on the side, which is a line of work notorious for being filled with scammers.
Yet, every Jew has the same tale of woe, about how their grandparents showed up on the shores of America with nothing but a suitcase, and worked their way up from nothing. From a seamstress to a movie studio head in one generation. They are the hardest working, dedicated, decent, honest people to ever live. Hahaha. Jews have no sense of shame or honor.

Alicia #racist theoccidentalobserver.net

I was born in 1951 and have lived in three European countries, but am still waiting to come across a harmless Jew, as all the major blows in my life – and the lives of my relatvives- were closely connected to the “Jewish genius”. Unfortunately, I didn’t know who was who until quite recently (autumn 2015) since so many of them survived the “Holocaust” and despite our European anti-Semitism have all these years after WWII been thriving in Europe, naturally only revealing their true background in circumstances they expect to be beneficial for the Tribe.

JRM #racist theoccidentalobserver.net

If you want a simple analogy, imagine Western White Civ as a car; a Jew is at the wheel, and we current living goyim are passengers in the backseat. The driver is headed toward a cliff. Our problem: we don’t have a rational figure at the wheel, but a clever psychopath. As we plummet over the cliff, we realize our chauffeur is going to die right along with us, but all we can hear is his maniacal, hate-filled laughter.

Derek #racist theoccidentalobserver.net

Germany is an occupied country. They are compelled to honour Jewish Marxists – they even included Jewish fraudster Albert Einstein on the list of the 100 greatest Germans on a TV show borrowed from Britain. They were even considering naming a street after the Jewish pervert David Bowie (Jones) who was married to a black African.

Andrea Ostrov Letania #fundie theoccidentalobserver.net

So, Trump has the guts to say ‘radical Muslims’.

Does he have the courage to say ‘Anglo-Zionist Supremacists’ and ‘Homo-Imperialists’ who destroyed Western borders & immigration policy, subverted Western values and spirituality(by making the worship of homos and trannies to be the new religion), and formulated the foreign policy of destroying secular-modern Arab states and creating a vacuum to be filled by ragtag Jihadis.

That would be real courage.

Homo Imperialists are the main allies of the Jews. Look at the Jewish War on Russia over issues of Gay Might.

Homos worked with Jews to smash Libya and Syria.

trump’s pandering to homos is sick, sick, sick.

Even stupid Sharia is better than Gayria.

And even if we end Muslim immigration, we have Mexican, African, and Asian immigration that are bigger and just as anti-white.

Also, even without a single Muslim in America, we have Jews, homos, and Negroes waging cultural terrorism on whites with gangster rap, homo propaganda, pornification of pop music and TV, and promotion of drugs.

And the worst Americans are black citizens who turned Detroit into something worse than a war zone without tanks and bombs.
Blacks have terrorism in their genes.

Edmund Connelly #racist theoccidentalobserver.net

In a fairer world, I’d have won accolades for my analysis of Hollywood movies, including my current series that shows how consistently Hollywood conceals the facts about massive Jewish involvement in Wall Street finance — including immense malfeasance and endless instances of shady practices. Not only does Hollywood conceal these facts, it then projects them onto innocent, often Nordic looking Whites. Consistently.

Let me explain further by making a very bold claim: Leonardo DiCaprio, John Travolta, Brad Pitt, Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon, Tim Roth, Jeremy Irons, Kevin Spacey, Danny DeVito and Gregory Peck are all involved in a tight-knit conspiracy to utterly whitewash an ongoing theft of wealth, one transferring mind-boggling amounts of money to Jews.

Of course, this should be no surprise, really. Anyone paying even the slightest bit of attention to Jews and money over the last, oh, thousand years would actually expect this sort of thing. And why be shocked that Jews have tried to hide this conduct?

Serf #conspiracy theoccidentalobserver.net

My personal understanding of the situation is as follows and everyone is free to agree or disagree with the following comments.

The problems of forced mass migration including the relocation of millions of Muslims to Europe and North America is due to Israel wanting to fulfill the Talmudic prophecy of Greater Israel that us supported by Jewish Zionists to herald their new messiah the Anti Christ. Christian Zionists support Greater Israel because they believe the Anti Christ will be defeated and that Greater Israel must be defeated and fall before the arrival of the New Christ.

Greater Israel will be achieved using the Coudenhove Kalergi plan working to support the Oded Yinon Plan of Greater Israel.

ISIS (or whatever name it uses) will be used to generate the Jewish Caliphate of Greater Israel for its Rothschild masters and the mass migration of displaced people from Middle East, Africa and surrounding countries will allow the Jewish superstate to have full spectrum dominance over all strategic resources and project its military power anywhere on the planet.

Cultural Marxism will be used alongside (but not limited amongst others to) vaccines, fluoride, GMO, chemtrails, education, economic and social policy, and electromagnetic pollution and weather weapons, surveillance and population control to neutralise the opposition and pacify dissent.

Once Greater Israel has been established the evil ruling elite will announce the New World Order with mandatory human microchipping (RFID chips) also known as the mark of the beast with cashless global currency, one world religion and single world government. However the Bible us incirrect as the true creator (true God) does not care about the physical universe and those who get chipped will be tracked/surveilled and suffer pain (punishment from the elite) and may be forced to act against their will (may even lose control of their bodies) but they will not face eternal damnation. However everyone will be accountable for their all tgeir past life actions in their afterlife.

Brenton Sanderson #racist theoccidentalobserver.net

In a recent article I explored the Jewish role in the hyper-sexualization of Western culture. I made the point that this phenomenon — the most obvious result of the Jewish takeover and virtual monopolization of the Western media and entertainment industries — represents the deliberate ethno-political application of psychoanalytic theory to a Western culture regarded as inherently authoritarian, fascistic and anti-Semitic due to its “repressive” sexual morality. This hyper-sexualization agenda, which has had disastrous social consequences for White people, operates in tandem with the Jewish-led “civil rights” movements which demand deference for non-Whites and sexual non-conformists — these serving as proxies for Jews as the prototypical outsiders in Western societies. With the legality of “gay marriage” seemingly secured (largely as a result of Jewish efforts) the focus of the “identity politics” agenda has now shifted to deconstructing traditional Western views about what it means to be a man or a woman.

As with the other “civil rights” movements dominated by Jews, the motivations underlying the “transgender” rights movement are ultimately grounded in the subversive doctrines of the Frankfurt School — and in particular The Authoritarian Personality which found that those who ranked highly on the ethnocentrism scale (i.e., those more likely to harbor “anti-Semitic” views) tended to live in worlds with rigid gender boundaries, where attractiveness was grounded in traditional conceptions of masculinity and femininity, and where sexual mores were clearly delineated. Kevin MacDonald notes that “Jews, as a highly cohesive group, have an interest in advocating a completely atomistic, individualistic society in which ingroup-outgroup distinctions are not salient to gentiles.”[i] It is therefore in Jewish interests to subvert all non-Jewish social categories — whether these be based on race, religion or gender boundaries and roles. Hence their recent championing of the concept of “fluidity” which is the very antithesis of anything separate, homogeneous, or with clear boundaries. All cohesive (and evolutionarily adaptive) social categories that have characterized Western civilization have been subverted by Jewish activists.

Jack Frost #racist theoccidentalobserver.net

[On an article by Tobias Langdon quoting Lawrence Auster in Front Page Magazine]

“Given the wildly overwrought suspicions that some Jews harbor about the American Christian majority who are in fact the Jews’ best friends in the world, it is not surprising that these Jews look at mass Third-World and Moslem immigration, not as a danger to themselves, but as the ultimate guarantor of their own safety, hoping that in a racially diversified, de-Christianized America, the waning majority culture will lack the power, even if it still has the desire, to persecute Jews.”

In a breathtaking verbal Jew-jitsu move from the dampened Jew Auster, here he appears to attack Jews while at the same time giving a backhanded boost to Christians, whom he rightly describes as their best friends. Yes, it’s the familiar game of heads I win, tails you lose he’s playing with the goyim. He’s saying “Fight for Christianity! Defeat those dastardly Jews by remaining their best friends!” Yeah, that’ll show sure ’em!

Edmund Connelly #racist #conspiracy theoccidentalobserver.net

Now, I’m going to assert that the success of Zuckerberg and Facebook did not occur in a vacuum. I suspect that he had ample help and support from the wider Jewish community. If a dedicated team of researchers were to spend five years investigating everything about the rise of Facebook, I believe they would find instance after instance of support from Jewish lawyers and judges here, Jewish journalists there, Jewish politicians (and their lackeys) everywhere. It would amount to a full-court press. It would be the usual pattern of Jewish ethnic networking.

The whole thing brings to mind the old case of who won the patent for the invention of television. It’s pretty much the same story as Facebook: Philo Farnsworth invents it, but it ended up in the hands of David Sarnoff and RCA, thereby gaining not only immense wealth but massive social control.

Brenton Sanderson #racist theoccidentalobserver.net

The recent Jewish sanctification of Alan Turing as noble gay victim and Nazi nemesis is the photographic negative of pre-and post-World War II Jewish efforts to smear Hitler and his National Socialist comrades as “sexual perverts.” For decades the supposedly sordid sex lives of Hitler and the Nazi leadership filled tomes. Allegations of homosexuality were often repeated in Social Democratic and Communist newspapers (often Jewish-owned and -controlled) in the years leading up to Hitler becoming German chancellor in 1933.

Jewish attempts to brand Hitler and other National Socialist leaders as sexual perverts have since been largely abandoned with the ascendant cultural Marxist assault on White heterosexual normativity since the 1970s.

Rerevisionist #racist theoccidentalobserver.net

[In response to a comment suggesting that the supposed enemies of white British people be described with the terms 'oligarch' and 'oligarchs' rather than 'elite' and 'elites']

Yes, ‘elite’ is misleading and also suggests there is a unified group, when presumably it’s Jews and whites with differing interests. But ‘oligarch’ sounds ancient Greek and somewhat distinguished. I quite like ‘occupiers’ or ‘occupation’, as in ZOG but without the ‘Zionist’ since maybe the Zionism is optional.
If we ever get white media, think of the scope for dramatic presentation of ‘Jews’ – with strangely-dressed mothers and vast broods of odd offspring, all browbeaten and fed continual Talmudic stories and intense perpetual aversion therapy against whites, Jesus etc.

Eric Kunnap #racist theoccidentalobserver.net

In my twenties and thirties I served in combat for the U.S. Navy, and at that time in my life I was a diehard supporter of Israel—probably due to the immense pro-Israel propaganda forged into our minds. Now, with a few more decades under my belt, I see three things which impress me even more about their country:

1. They know how to build large-scale walls that separate people! [...]

2. Israel, despite pressure from the Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (an American organization, who’s motto is “Welcome the stranger, Protect the refugee”), has resisted taking in immigrants of the refugee type seeking asylum, even when they are destitute. [...]

3. My third positive observation of Israel is that Israeli leaders stick up for their Jewish people. They even insist on calling their nation “The Jewish State”. However, the Majority in America, white descendants of our forefather’s who founded the United States, has been whittled down from about 90% to less than 70% of the demographics. Their voice has been greatly diminished, if not totally marginalized. Our government seems to lean persistently towards minority interests, while individuals and groups with traditionalist views are demonized with calumny and denigrating epithets. Our country rejected the ideal of maintaining homogeneity in American demographics by repealing the Immigration Act of 1924 and replacing it with the Open Immigration Act of 1965 under the lead of Senator Jacob Javits. However, in Israel there are countless public and private groups, like Lehava and Birthright Israel, which support strong Jewish identity and fight assimilation. Zionism, itself, is a movement designed to protect the homogeneity of the Jewish people.

The three strong points I make for Israel are inversely treated by our government on our soil. Yet, there is overwhelming evidence that shows that the same main lobbying force, the Jewish community, is at work. Double standards between their activism for Israel and the U.S. suggest that duplicity is at play.


if it’s not enough that one ethnic group owns or controls all key positions that matter in the policies, functions and cultural direction of our nation, their wealthy organizations like the ADL and SPLC are notorious for attacking and stifling individuals who simply wish to have free association with groups that represent interests contrary to their liking. Case in point is where the House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was recently assailed in the mainstream media for attending a European-American Unity and Rights Association meeting (EURO). Shouldn’t this congressman have not only the right, but the duty, to listen to a variety of opinions across the board of his constituency without getting smeared? Would he have been smeared if he attended an NAACP or La Raza (“the Race”) meeting? No. Clearly there is a problem here, and at this rate America may become the antithesis of what it claims to stand for. Two aspects of this have been the strong (Jewish led) push for hate speech laws that will turn any constructive criticism into jail time if made against the interests of their powerful groups, and the other is the massive immigration of non-Europeans that can transform the U.S.A. into a third world country.


As it stands today, most mainstream media giants, like Disney and CNN, have been taken over by the same small ethnic minority. Can it even be argued that this media is getting more degenerate every year, while wholesome “profanity/obscenity-free” programming is harder and harder to find? (See, e.g., “Dirty Jews and the Christian Right, Brilliant actors like Larry David and Sarah Silverman are challenging America’s powerful religious, family-friendly culture and asserting their Jewishness by glorifying obscenity,” Haaretz, Feb. 10, 2014.)

Kevin MacDonald #racist theoccidentalobserver.net

[On the movie Addams Family Values]

I must admit that the movie really angered me. At the time (1993), I was just beginning to be aware of the issues that eventually resulted in The Culture of Critique. What was so amazing was how explicit it was, not only in its depiction of bubbly, good-looking, happy, athletic, blond, intolerant WASPs, but in its stereotypical depiction of the Jewish child with a yarmulke as a leader of a coalition of non-Whites and Whites who were portrayed as rejected by the mainstream culture and therefore morally entitled to inflict extreme violence on the blond people.


But the amazing thing is that I saw the movie in the first weekend it was out in Orange County (CA), at that time almost all White. I can still recall looking down my row during the most violent scenes and seeing all those White faces roaring in laughter. They loved seeing White people being roasted on a spit by assorted non-Whites led by a Jewish child. But of course, they weren’t processing it that way. The message so obviously in the minds of those who made the movie was completely lost on them.


Indeed, it is remarkable that the disgruntled group in Addams Family Values is pretty much the same as the non-White coalition centered in the Democratic Party (on average, around 80% of Jews and other non-Whites vote Democrat in recent presidential elections). The exceptions are that feminism is not emphasized (White women are burned at the stake and roasted over a spit along with White men), and there is no mention of homosexuals as a minority with a grudge. Nevertheless, it’s a coalition of the aggrieved — of non-Whites or children who feel rejected because they don’t fit into WASP culture (and despite the fact that similar biases are apparent in all cultures, and egregiously so in Israel and traditional Jewish culture).


This is a horrifying vision of a future that could well come true when Whites lose political power along with their demographic eclipse as a result of the immigration onslaught — just as torture and mass murder occurred in the USSR with the cooperation of the Jewish elite. It’s a revolution not based on love of universal humanity, but of hatred for the traditional people and culture of the West.

Kevin McDonald #racist theoccidentalobserver.net

Jews play a "leading role" in promoting multiculturalism in Europe

In this You Tube video, Barbara Lerner Spectre, who runs a government-funded Jewish study group in Sweden, makes the following remarkable statement—remarkable because she does not attribute anti-Jewish attitudes to irrational prejudices or even Muslims who hate Israel. Instead she says that it’s because of the “leading role” played by Jews in the movement toward multiculturalism:

"I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive."

Her comment is an example of the age-old Jewish self-concept of a “Light Unto the Nations”: Jews saving Europe by leading it to multiculturalism. One wonders why she thinks Europe could not survive as a set of monocultural societies. Israel and many other societies function quite well with a recognized dominant culture and people and, as repeatedly emphasized here, multicultural societies have a hosts of costs and no visible benefits. The better question, of course, is how Europe can survive multiculturalism. By definition, it can’t.

David Yorkshire #racist theoccidentalobserver.net

[Announcing the establishment of a white nationalist arts magazine called Mjolnir]

It must be self-evident to all those who consider themselves in some way politically right-wing that the left has achieved cultural hegemony throughout the Occidental world. Virtually every film, every television series, every soap opera, every song, every theatre or radio play, every novel, short story, poem, comic, graphic novel and cartoon is used to carry and push Marxist and neo-Marxist ideology to ever further extremes. How many songs have you heard that urge our youth to reject their parents? How many films have you seen where miscegenation is normalised and those against it demonised? How many soap operas promote ‘alternative sexualities’ and promiscuity?

Think of all the films and TV series that urge us to dissolve national borders and build to a one-world government. In the series Star Trek and its series of films and spin-offs, we have not only a world government, but an intergalactic federation too. Gene Roddenberry himself said that he was creating ‘morality plays’. Think of the recent trend in disaster films such as 2012, The Day After Tomorrow and Armageddon, where disaster is on a global scale. Global disasters call for global solutions and such trifling things as national borders are seen as ridiculous in view of such cataclysmic events.


Mjolnir is a major step in the cultural fightback against this tidal wave of propaganda. Our enemies have vast financial resources at their disposal and can therefore invest in all the arts – especially that latterly invented form of Gesamtkunstwerk so conducive to indoctrinating the masses: film. We have no such means at our disposal, yet classical art forms are not beyond our means: graphic art, plastic art and literature. Mjolnir is a print magazine set up to collate and showcase the illiberal Eurocentric arts.

Sanjay #racist theoccidentalobserver.net

Chinese one child policy is enforced only in coastal Chinese cities. Even there, if one or both parents of the couple was an only child, the couple can have 2 kids.

So one child policy is enforced only on 1/3 of Chinese population. Most Chinese can have 2 or more kids.

Also, if racism and hypocrisy are the real issues, then Whites are the real victims here.

After adding all the White Births there are only 7 million white babies born out of 135 million non-white globally.

So extermination of Whites seems to be the real agenda here, not carbon or resources or climate.

Bon, From the Land of Babble #racist theoccidentalobserver.net

We Whites growing up in the late 60s and early 70s were bombarded with not only Erlich’s odious messages and that of the feminists as well who told us a “woman’s place was in the workplace competing with men, NOT chained to a stove OR husband OR (God Forbid) screaming brats.”

The truly evil part of this was there that was absolutely NO counterbalance to this advocacy that Whites should limit the size of their families, or better yet stop having children altogether.

Those who didn’t live through it have no idea how pervasive Erlich and the feminists’ messages were to the White youth of America, it was everywhere. I recall as a young female bragging with all of my friends that we were NEVER going to have children because they impeded OUR lifestyle, dragged us down — along with ruining the planet. Our goal would be to remain child-free!!

No White churches countered this message. No White politicians exposed these lies against White people. No White academics were brave enough to challenge this.

I heard NO opposition anywhere at any time — only the mantra that Whites should stop reproducing because WE and WE alone were ruining the planet for everyone.

Looking back, I cannot think of or imagine a more evil message to blast to White youth that of their own extinction.

I have two children, BTW.

Franklin Ryckaert #racist theoccidentalobserver.net

When you know Blacks you understand that:
1) They have little intelligence.
2) They have strong primitive impulses.
3) They cannot control themselves.
4) They must be controled by others who think,plan and decide for them, always keeping in place a strong discipline with immediate punishment for misbehaviour.
5) When that happens they can function just fine,albeit on a low level.
6) When that outer control is however removed,the savage in the Black comes to the surface.

This happened when White control was removed when: 1) African colonies became “independent”,2) Apartheid was abolished in South Africa.3) Jim Crow was abolished in the USA. The oldest example of what happens when Blacks become “independent” is Haiti.After first killing all (French) Whites,then the mulattos,this former model slave society became the most primitive ,savage country of the Western Hemisphere.It is already nearly 200 years “independent” but still utterly backward.
People who think that “oppression” is the cause of Black disfunction cannot explain why Blacks misbehave even more and their situation worsens when that “oppression” is removed.
Blacks behave always and everywhere the same; it is the race,not “circumstances”.Blacks belong to an entirely different line of evolution than that of Europeans or Asians, “civilization” is no part of that.

Franklin Ryckaert #racist theoccidentalobserver.net

It is surely true that the different races or sub-races of man have different psychologies and that this shows also in the way they move their bodies.
Jews and Mediterraneans,for example, “speak with their hands”.Have you ever noticed how Negroes speak?They use not only their hands and arms but virtually their whole bodies:legs,hips,trunk – they almost seem to be dancing.They need at least several cubic meters space to “speak”. And then those exaggerated grimaces on their face and the loud shouting or even roaring when they want to bring their point home!Even Black intellectuals speak that way.If you look at old recordings of speeches of Dr.Martin Luther King you see exactly the same.And now I am not even talking about the way they conduct their Church services!Compare the service in a Protestant Church of White men with that of an – equally “Protestant” – Church of Blacks.The difference is immediately visible.It looks more like an African tribal event.
It is not only in the way of talking that the races differ,even in such simple acts as walking they differ.Whenever I take a walk in a park and I see a man from behind walking in a peculiar way and I guess that he might be a Negro, it always proves to be right when I overtake him.They have a typical way of walking which looks like – say that of Big Foot.Big Foot is an ape-like humanoid supposedly living in the Pacific North West of the US.There exists footage of this creature in which he is seen walking while his arms make curious swinging movements.Negroes have this “Big Foot”- way of walking.

I think that if you would collect a group of persons of different races ,dress them all up,cover their hands with gloves and their faces with masks and let them perform one by one a series of elementary movements on stage,it would be possible – even for an uninitiated public – to guess their race correctly.
That these motoric differences are not cultural but racial,is proven by the fact that even babies of different races behave differently.Whether the Marxist egalitarians like it or not, we are all different and that is no “social construct”.Isn’t it about time to “celebrate diversity” even in science?

remain #conspiracy theoccidentalobserver.net

Have you ever wondered why these psycopaths are so obsessed with depopulation and creating DNA databases? What’s the point to collecting DNA information if they’re planning to kill more than 90% of the population?


DNA screeners, like the TSA radiation scanners and verichip implants, make no sense unless seen in the context of a larger agenda.

Through centuries of interbreeding with aryans, cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty jews strive to become more aryan looking. But jews don’t want to just LOOK aryan they want to BE aryans.

Their goal is to genocide the white race and destroy and degrade us genetically through interracial marriage/breeding, vaccines, genetically modified foods, radiation, poisons in food, water, and air, etc., while stealing and implanting our DNA so they will be the new aryan master race once the old aryans have been eliminated.

Whiteawake #racist theoccidentalobserver.net

In glancing through sales catalogs and magazines I’ve noticed the standards for models have dropped toward the once unthinkable: rather than the gorgeous white blond with a great skin and fetching smile, now the standard seems to be a half-starved mulatto with a hard look completely devoid of any femininity. Sadly it’s a look and attitude far too many of our white girls have taken on, without realizing that’s it’s costing them them the affection and protectiveness they naturally most want, and men naturally most want to give. The result is divorce and single parent children.

Fenria #racist theoccidentalobserver.net

I go to our local discount grocery, and on any given day there are white kids, Mexican kids, and mixed, gods only know what kids, all funneling into the market, being kids, but not being necessarily dangerous or difficult. One of my trips, there is a black kid standing outside the entrance. He’s about 12 years old or so, no parents in sight, and he’s “loking” up on people as they walk in. For those who are unfamiliar with this black form of posturing, imagine a chimp with arms outstretched, getting in your face, begging for confrontation. This black kid was doing this to EVERYONE who walked into the store regardless of age or race, as they all pretended that they didn’t see him and let him have his petty victory. I fully expected him to do this to me as well, and I wasn’t going to pretend I didn’t see him, so I readied my knife in my sleeve and looked the nig dead in the eyes as I walked up to him. He didn’t do it to me! I was truly shocked. I don’t think it had anything to do with me being intimidating, as blacks are not able to process intimidation coming from anyone other than their own kind. He probably was distracted or got bored, but I was able to walk into the store without confrontation.

Anyhow, my point of all this being, what reason did this black kid have to be acting this way? He wasn’t oppressed, confined to a ghetto, denied opportunity, so those excuses can’t be used. He wasn’t copying other kids’ behavior since no others were behaving in that way. He wasn’t in a rough part of town. So none of the liberal excuses can be applied to his behavior. What does that leave us with? What we already know. He behaved that way because he’s black, and because being an angry, tyrannical, narcissistic, hyper-testosteroned idiot who needs to show off and cause problems for others is HARD WIRED into him.