RobinD69 #fundie

The Big Bang is not provable or recreatable in science.

The primordial ooze is not recreatable or provable in science.

Evolution from one lifeform to another is not recreatable or provable in science.

Evolution is a faith based science which only has theories to back it up.

Creation is a faith based science that has God and His word to back it up.

Archeology is constantly finding evidence to back the Bible as well as evidence that counters evolution.

Logic and science are imperfect but Gods word is perfect.

Please name something about evolution that is provable.

I understand that miricles are hard to prove with science, but they do happen and many have witnessed them. But no one has witnessed evolution. To evolve is to get stronger or better, but archeology has found tools, pottery, and structures that are far more superior to our own and they date back to the beginning of the Biblical time. Why hasnt man found ways to improve on these things, because truth be told we are actually de evolving rather than evolving.

Your hard math cannot explain God because He is above any math amyone can come up with.



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