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[Wulf Ingessunu responds to a blog post suggesting that he is mentally ill]

The problem is that today's psychiatry, psychoanalysis or psychotherapy is based upon Sigmund Freud rather than upon Carl Gustav Jung, the latter having a far better understanding of the Germanic Psyche - i.e. the Germanic Gods. Thus, any form of 'diagnosis' through psychiatry, psychoanalysis or any other 'psycho' that 'Maggie' would like to quote in regard to these likely causes comes through in a form that is not suited to the knowledge of the Germanic Psyche. I am not suggesting that 'Maggie' is not an expert in her field but that expertise may not be right in regard to the Germanic Psyche.

It is a fact that today's 'mental illnesses' are held in check through drugs, and that no-one seems to be able to cure them, or rarely are they cured, should we say. This is because there is so little understanding of what is termed 'mental illness'. To the person whose whole existence is based upon the idea that there is only a material world there can be no understanding of any other worlds or dimensions. So anything that is beyond the material world and the materialistic society is either ridiculed or written off as being 'insane'. If those in charge of looking after the 'mentally insane' actually understood what causes it then they may find a cure one day. We on the so-called 'Far-Right' are always accused of being 'a loner' or having 'childhood problems' that make us believe what we do. All this is a very clever trick to make our views look 'insane' and thus stop people from listening to our point of view.

It would seem that my post about the 'hallucination' ended up (somehow) on another blog called 'FSTDT' which is yet another one of the same ilk as 'Radical Britain' and those who run it seem to have nothing positive to offer either, merely negative attacks upon anyone who opposes the view of the Old Order.


Then we go on to accuse me of having 'Obsessive Compulsive Disorder' (OCD in Newspeak), the symptoms of which are listed (we are told) in 'Fundamentals - A guide for Parents, Teachers and Carers on Mental Health and Self Esteem' by Lynn Crilly and Natasha Devon. Now, this is an eye-opener for anyone who takes notice of what we have been saying for years, and also proves beyond doubt that these people are what is termed 'Cultural Marxists' who cleverly promote Marxist Communism through destroying all genius amongst our Folk, and by attacking those who do not conform to the material economic society.


The suggestion that I made was not based so much upon 'magic' as such, but when you spin the water around it collects air, and since air is the medium for the Life-Force then it collects Life-Force. (Quantum Science or Aryan Science recognises this in terms of what scientists call Zero-Point Energy; Materialistic Science cannot do so because only the material world is recognised).

I would suggest that anyone reading this goes through these 'OCD symptoms' carefully since this is the clever way that the maintainers of the Old Order destroy all vestiges of anything good and right through having gained positions of some power within the Old Order. Such is the case here where this book/booklet/pamphlet is aimed at 'parents, teachers and carers' - all of these sections of society being in a position to manipulate the young and vulnerable and to recognise 'symptoms' of non-conformity or heresy (which I believe was an 'excessive' part of the Christian attacks upon Heathens in the past, which we seem to be in the process of reviving at the end of the Dark Age). So when anyone comes up with 'symptoms' of any of the above-mentioned things, usually concerning 'religion' or 'morals' then they can be dealt with - through the use of mind-altering drugs that put them back on the 'right track' (so to speak). Is this why there are so many young people on drugs for some form of 'mental illness' in our time? Anyway, everyone is happy - especially the massive Global Drug Companies who supply the drugs for the legalised drug-dealers to hand out.



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