NiggerChow, Felonious P Jenkem, Rip Tide, Ulfhednar, and OldIrishAsshole #racist

(NiggerChow): Hahahahaha fuck you, nigger! However, it is not like the ugly gorillasow actually has the money to pay the fine, unless the court can garnish whatever the nigger makes selling jenkem or crack.

(Felonious P Jenkem): Damn.! Thats one angry looking Sowzilla.! Glad its Niglotto apetempt was denied.! It should be caged immediately whilst awaiting deportation.

(Rip Tide); As if niggers ever pay fines or fees and if by unlikely chance it does it'll be will money stolen from taxpayers.

(Ulfhednar): Outstanding! It warms my heart when they fail and they have to pay the gibs.

(OldIrishAsshole): HA-HA! Fuck you nigger! I hope it winds up homeless because of this stupid little stunt.



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