Sassy #fundie

The argument you present in itself does not and cannot define the truths and power of God. Nor can it contain an answer
to the actual events which come to pass. Need new arguments the one you bring to the table outdated.

Circular reasoning cannot raise the dead. Circular reasoning cannot heal the sick... Are you sure you are not brain washed
and hiding behind words because you don't understand the persons God, Christ and the Holy Spirit? Circular reasoning in no way
can explain who they are individually or the works men have done because of them. Circular reasoning is redundant you are wearing the altogether as far as the kings new clothes.

You see above the circular reasoning is man made and did not exist till after God, Christ and the Holy Spirit. You explain God,
Christ and the Holy Spirit without using someone elses reasoning or words. The truth is you cannot which means you are not in a
position to make judgements about things you cannot reason for yourself.

You don't have a reasoning... You cannot even explain who God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, are. You cannot even reason for yourself
you use stupid and unintelligent words like 'circular arguments' because you are ignorant of the truth
about the subjects at hand.

Your last paragraph is just stupid. The rest of your post is you just trying to reflect your own beliefs about subjects (you know
absolutely nothings about) on to them. You use 'man-made' arguments without any real understanding of them and think somehow it proves your disbelief. Nothing really blinding there.

The end and beginning is God. The only circular argument which is a circular argument that begins and ends on a truth. The greatest proof that God exists and always will whatever you believe that existence to be, is that no one has managed to do away with the belief.
The reason for that, is no science and no man can disprove his existence. It isn't a fallacy and therefore it exists because it is
the only circular reasoning which is based on truth. A truth your writing about him acknowledges he will always exist.

Being clever is not about what you think you know. It is about what knowing what you know about whom you know. @ Sassy.



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