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Family tree charts are illustrations that show the supposed connections between species and their ancestors. Here are some questions to consider:

* Do these charts show transitions from one specie to another, or are there distinct gaps between kinds?
* If the connecting lines are erased, is evolution evident, or are we left with a picture of fully functional life forms?
* Are any "transitional" forms shown really "mosaic" forms?


Notice at the bottom that there are millions of missing links between the microscopic life forms and the thousands of fully formed creatures that appear suddenly without any ancestors!

See the same chart below with all of the imaginary connecting lines removed.


Now look at the same chart with all of the imaginary lines removed.
All you see are fully formed creatures with no transitional forms whatsoever.
The very thing that would prove Evolution (transitional forms) are conspicuously absent!
This is a picture of completely different species that could have lived at the same time.



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