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A2A. Lets take a round ball of clay. We’ll stick two marbles in it.

Would you rather have a variety of sparkling light blue, green, blue-green, grey silver, auburn, marbles or a drab, boring, brown?
Now we’ll stick some yarn on the top of the ball of clay.

How about some glowing golden silky strands of yarn?
How about wavy reddish strands?
Or would you like some matted black yarn? How about straight black yarn? Or some dark brown?
Not exactly difficult to answer, from a visual perspective. Look at how children react to colorful cartoons — it is a very visceral and instinctive reaction to like a variety of colors.

Literally, “all other races” have brown eyes and very dark brown to black hair. Why would people not be curious about Caucasians? Furthermore, the contrast of lighter skin compliments these colorful eyes.

Now think about what would happen to these recessive genetics of the Caucasians if they were not “exclusive”? The genes would all be lost.



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