Scott Ryan and Nick Pile #racist

[Margaret Hodge is a Jewish Labour MP who called Jeremy Corbyn “an antisemite and a racist.” The Board of Deputies and the Jewish Leadership Council are the representative bodies of mainstream Jews in the UK, including all groups apart from the Ultra-Orthodox and the far left.

Scott Ryan: I think a lot of people will now start to be Anti Jewish if the real jewish people allow their far right wing Tory arsehole licking Nazis to keep trying to destroy the Labour party All honest decent Jews know Jeremy Corbyn is the last person in the world to be a bigot or a racist Its Tory Bullshit to cling to power so they can carry on murdering the sick unemployed disabled and carry on stealing from the poor to give to the Rich. These Tory Nazi bastards will start WW3 To cling to power they would sooner see everyone dead than loose power now they have made themselves millionaires of the backs of the working class.

Nick Pile: The backstabbing carried out by Hodge and her ilk only represents the wishes of only a minority of Jews. That minority includes the Board of Deputies and Jewish Leadership Council, both self-appointed organisations claiming to represent the Jewish community but both with very strong links to the tories, and with no good intent for Labour. I hope “a lot of people” don’t, as you say, become “Anti Jewish”: heaven knows this country has more than enough divisions!



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