Jeff Vernott #fundie #homophobia

"shall we legalize ANYTHING because someone will commit suicide if you dont submit to their way of doin thing." assume thats a swipe at reparative assume wrong! its a question to be taken at face value andrew...nothin more...suicide is NOT a good dictator of legal policy...except for perhap the NEED for reparative PREVENT suicide.. if a person...any person..commits suicide because they dont feel like they fit into the greater society around them then that person has issues that are not gonna be corrected by having society as a whole modify itself to accomodate the suicidal person. shall we legalize pedophilia if a pedophile commits suicide...NO. shall we legalize theft if a thief commits suicide...NO. andrew if you were for just one minute able to get off your high horse of thinking gays can do no wrong and simply look at the precedent you advocate...suicide controlling what makes would immediately realize that you are harming society by setting such a precedent. you think, in these situations, as all gays do that your sect of society is so special that ONLY you gays get to try to manipulate the world around you, thru "orientation" and suicide



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