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[This man believes that Hitler was an avat ar of the god Woden]

Can we not now see that the last two World Wars were the work of Loki - the Enemy Within - since this is exactly the same historical workings as we have here in very ancient times. In this Loki backs one side over the other and both are decimated in the battles that he has caused. In fact we see Loki working on both sides in war after war after war. Note the phrase which fits today's world - 'in order that they may mutually destroy each other' which is exactly what is happening to our Folk today.

We may also gleam a hint of the same evil force as Loki in the figure of Gollum in the Lord of the Rings, since Gollum is always by the side of the Shire-Folk, always seeking to kill them in order to regain the Ring of Power. Gollum, as Smeagol, slays his own kinsman, Deagol, in order to get the One Ring from him, and then becomes obsessed with the power of the Gold Ring. I have no idea where Tolkien got the idea of the Gollum or whether it relates to the Golem which was an artificial creature of a totally destructive nature formed by a Jewish Rabbi (*) in Prague, using Dark Sorcery.

(*) I believe that Karl Marx was descended from this same Rabbi.



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