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At 52% of the population, they [women] now control our society. When a child with little control over their life, desires, little ability to plan for the future and little ability to even see the future beyond minutes has more control than you do over your countries future you are screwed.

Politicians may be males overall (even women don't want to follow women) but they know where there votes come from. Effectively we live in a gynocracy, a democratic matriarchy, where women get the children, the house and a lifelong meal ticket with every divorce, preferential hiring quotas and treatment at work and school, same salaries as males for much less work and earlier retirement.

This is why women were told to stay inside and STFU.

Women control our culture, consumer markets and government today. The result:

- Political correctness is more important than common sense
- Bureaucracy is more important than expedience
- Feelings are more important than fact
- Poorly build designer crap is more important than solidly build to last tools
- Rewarding the group is more important than rewarding the individual
- Special interests groups (defined by race, gender and sexual orientation) are more important than the best man for the job
- Wealth redistribution is more important than earning it

And then people wonder why young men aren't up to much these days... Over the long run, after a few generations, men see the playing field is uneven and a majority will decide it's not worth it to play. This will occur at a level we will no longer be able to ignore within 10 to 20 years and some Western countries are already starting to feel this (Japan's parasite singles and herbivores for example).



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