Various Posters #racist

(in response to a man being arrested because of racist tweets)

(Paddyroller): The Brits have gone bonkers with respect to niggers, as has most of Europe. The first step to defeating a cancer is prevention. The next step is proper early treatment. The next step is aggressive therapy. If it comes to it, death cures cancer. Not only is Britain failing to treat the nigger cancer, it is encouraging its own death by importing more niggers. What happened to the days of “Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves?”

(Apefricoon Devil): Libtardism has replaced Christianity as the official religion of the UK. In Britain, if you express a desire to live among your own kind and don't treat a disgusting nigger ape as a fellow "human", you'll get arrested and charged with the made-up "crime" of "racism". A more insanely farcical scenario than this is hardly imaginable.

Around 1700, Daniel Defoe said most Englishmen were ready to fight to death against Popery without even knowing whether Pope was a man or a horse. The UK's current suicidal nigger-worship mania, however, is far more dangerous and much less comical.

(Napa hater): No offensse to my British friends on here- but I’m so glad my relatives told the king to fuck several hundred years ago. Of course America will follow suit I’m sure! Not this American vet - I promise you that!!! Our grandparents and the tough British kept them from speaking German in the 40’s now Britain’s National language will be Swahili and clicks and pops because of spineless shitheads!




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