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Shooting of an Armed Man Near White House is a Total Fake – Mere Nonsense

In what is yet another nonsensical ‘act’ or, rather, claim of an act the arch-pro-Zionist-run American cabal has committed still another fake on the heels of the phony EgyptAir crash, this time a fake shooting near Capital Hill involved a white man who had ‘run amok.’ There is nothing real about it. Despite the claims of ‘eyewitnesses’ its all staged: merely a farce.

They are all stage hands. Notice the security agent in the background. Notice how the daughter looks on, as if to say, “How are you doing in your act, dad?”

Nobody was shot dead or critically wounded. There was no blood spilled of any kind. There is no proof of any such shooting. Moreover, if the target was merely one armed man why, as the daughter claims, were they aiming their guns at these people? They are all agents of the drill, put in place, registered for the event, well in advance. Who knows who they work for besides the Devil himself?



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