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Tomorrow it is four years since the Utoya shootings where 69 people were killed by allegedly one shooter, Anders Breivik. No one has questioned this story in the MSM, even though eyewitness accounts describe two or even three shooters. In addition, many eyewitness claim that the shooter(s) videotaped the event, but Breivik has denied this and no camera was found on him or at Utoya.

Many of the eyewitnesses has sworn before a judge that they encountered a dark haired (Breivik is blond) shooter with nordic looks that may have spoken a Trondheim dialect (Breivik has a Oslo dialect), and that did not wear a police uniform like Breivik did. The second or third shooter also had a video camera, no camera was found on Breivik or on the island. Other eyewitnesses spoke of encountering the shooter while they at the same time hearing shots being fired from other places at the island.

Interview with witness that talks about three shooters:

Truck driver that claimed he heard several shots being fired at the same time from Utoya:

Transcript from local TV-station TV8 Buskerud above
Interviewer: What did you say? On Utoya there where?...
Truck driver: There were many people firing…More than one.
Interviewer: And you where at Vik? (On the mainland)
Truck driver: I was standing on the truck stop on the mainland. I heard more than one weapon at the same time.
Interviewer: That means that there were more than one shooter?
Truck driver: There had to be more than one shooter since I heard shots coming from different places on the island at the same time – it was very loud as the truck stop is just 300-400 meters (about 1000 feet) from the island.
Interviewer: If you had to guess, then how many shooters were there?
Truck driver: Two or three shooters, at least two.

Will we ever know the entire truth of what happened that day? Why would the MSM not talk about the second/three shooters? Where did the camera go, did one of the other shooters take it?



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