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[Re: “Why didn’t Trump disclose information about non-human intelligences and craft?”]

There were a lot of things the deep state operatives didnd't disclose to Trump, IMO.....and if the documents he had were so 'top secret' and dangerous to our countries well being I'm sure they would be playing it far more than they are.
What's really surprising is how they're downplaying the illegality of all the stolen top sevret documents Biden had in his possetion for years-with full access by the CCP and whomever else he slod that information to.....and nobody seems to care, because 'Orange Man Bad'.

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A Cephalopod disproves Darwin.

According to Darwin, all mutations are chance occurrences.

I have always wondered how a diamond back rattlesnake is so perfectly camouflaged with its' surroundings. And Scientists have always said it is due to selection of the fittest, based on luck of the draw genetic mutations.


So, every moth, bird, snake and animal on this planet has mutated by chance to camouflage to its' natural surroundings.

I postulate that is not the case. That animals can adjust to their surroundings just by thinking it.

My proof for this theory? Cephalopods. They can match their skin perfectly camouflaging to their surroundings.
(Octopus and Cuttlefish)

While they do this instantly, animals can do this over time.

That's my hypothesis. Prove me wrong!

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Bigfoots are nephalim?

I just woke up from a weird dream. I am sure that my thoughts here are not original and someone else has thought them. I have never seen any cryptid. My wife claims she has but only once.

ANyway, this dream I had I was hearing on a radio or something that bigfoots are actually the spawn of a demon or angel and a human woman. It is why they are never found. They are magical and they derive the magic from their demonic or angelic father. This is why some sightings of them come along with ufo sightings and so on. It is also why they can just disappear and why their corpses are never found....They are very angry as since they are hybrid they have no soul so if they die they just end. This also makes them jealous of humans and will kill or torture them if they can get away with it, but also fear us since we can kill them and if we do they die and that is it for them. there is no afterlife for them.

Weird dream huh?

Anyway, maybe I heard or read something like this a long time ago and forgot it. Still though, kind of was freaking me out when I first woke up. Kind of creeped out now. Hope I go back to sleep soon.

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Pseudo-hominid hypothesis

The pseudo-hominid hypothesis in cryptozoology and cryptohominology, proposes that cryptohominids are not part of the hominid family, but rather "pseudo-hominids", a genus of descendants of the yeti, which the yeti descends from the Northern plains gray langur, having adaptations such as;

* large body size
* more focus on terrestrial locomotion rather than arboreal locomotion
* communitarian hunter-gathering

Yeti descent and the pseudo-hominid hypothesis

Whilst the yeti might not be plausible as a common ancestor of the pseudo-hominid genus, it may actually be plausible in a number of ways, including at least;

* Ape-ish look, perfect for a defense mechanism considering Indian orangutans (breeze.ggtyler.dev...) were animals of sharp teeth, therefore the fear factor that was put into the Indian orangutan would've influenced the adaptational history of the Yeti
* A focus on community rather than a lone wolf perspective on hunter-gathering

Evidence for the yeti's descent from the Northern plains gray langur and its role as a common ancestor for the pseudo-hominid genus

- There exists a documentation of the ecotypes of the yeti, including the "true" yeti; a ecotype of the yeti with a conical head said to be responsible for leaving footprints in the snow, called the meh-teh or mi-tej in Sino-Tibetian
- Among the documentation of the "true" yeti, it is a stock-built, ape-like animal with a bipedal gait and distinct human gait, now the interesting thing about this ecotype is that it still has the features from its descendant, the Northern plains gray langur, with black eyes, almost decompressed-looking cheeks, and a neutral expression at all times
- The yeti's thick flat skull in comparison with its descendant's skull is an example of the pseudo-hominid parellel adaptational history, one that started because of the species of Indian orangutans
- The nyalmo, a ecotype of the yeti, expands on the carnivorous diet by consuming on yaks, mountain sheep, and possibly people, which may have influenced the carnivorous diet's appetite in pseudo-hominids, and another ecotype of the yeti known as the dzu-teh, is known for its attacks on yaks for killing them by grabbing their horns and twisting their necks, which also could've influenced the carnivorous appetite of the pseudo-hominid genus

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I guess for me, I believe in dragons...but not as you would think.

I think the world has had civilizations more advanced. Evil takes over and they destroy themselves. Wash, rinse, repeat.

That said, I believe those, like the Rothschild family, only unknown and higher up the food chain, keep the tech. Normal people go back to Stone age living.

So as the peasants live, and see a fighter jet for example, can't explain them. The jet engines roar, fire flies out of it's mouth and destroys villages in the form of missiles, etc.

Think about a submarine that surfaces directly below your wooden boat, destroying it, the eye of it's periscope surfacing first.

I think this, among other things, is what is hidden from us.

I think that is partly where we get monster lore from.

Ronaldo Fryman Award

for Wildest Gender Theory

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Is the Gender Identity Movement Preparing Us for Aliens?

I keep thinking about the wealth of influence the Gender Identity crowd has had lately.

Over 53 varied gender explanations, a wealth of Neo-Pronouns (and more coming every day) and all I can think about is if this is some sort of soul migration of beings who are, at least currently, in human form (Starseed Theory) preparing us for eventual alien disclosure and the Non-Binary is just how they self identify as their previous incarnations had no sex characteristics, as they were mainly cerebral in nature.

Is this a possibility and one reason the Powers That Be are so intent on changing the traditional terminologies to suit the coming of this new breed?

I mean, it sure seems like a lot of effort to appease such a vocal minority, but if this is in preparation for an Alien Contact Scenario, what are we supposed to do with an entire race of beings who don't seem to contribute anything to society other than trying to mandate forced compliance measures to suit their particular ideologies and self-affirmations in a Gender Nondescript capacity?

Do these Newcomers offer anything of value to the Human Sphere aside from Gender Constructs?

What do you think?

Am I going too far in trying to understand the sudden onslaught and reaction to this phenomenon or do I just have aliens on the brain?

Looking forward to hearing your opinions on this one.

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The issue here is not even a matter of tip-toeing around the feelings of a"a small minority of people." These people are not a small minority. They are a group of seriously mentally derranged individuals, people with real mental problems who are demanding not only that their mental sickness be normalized and mainstreamed, but that everyone else participates in it.

I am a normal human being. I am not mentally sick. I can distinguish between male and female. But I am expected to play along with their mental sickness and afirm their delusions. Eventually, if I am a good and tolerant person, I will fully agree with them and see the delusion with my own eyes. At some point I am expected to embrace my own gender disphoria, as well.

I recetnly experienced something like this here. I was verbally attacked and accused of many evil things because I refused to tacitly approve of a lifestyle that I believe to be destructive and immoral.

You see, first we were told to be "tolerant. Then we were told that we had to be "inclusive." Then we had to afirm. Now we're told that we must participate. It will never end until they have converted us all into transgender, pedophilic pervets.

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Studies of those who contract certain illnesses would show that they are Covid-19 Vaccinated and Boostered.

Medical scientists would then compare these patients against the millions who successfully resisted all the pressure to be vaccinated.

What would happen if comparison studies show that people who have been vaccinated, have far more illnesses and mysterious deaths, than those who chose not be vaccinated for Covid-19?

I suspect heads will roll...literally.

How do you minimize the odds of connecting the millions of sick individuals to the Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson vaccine injections they've received?


I believe in science circles, they are referred to as a "Control Group"? The Control Group demonstrates that a given drug is having a good or bad effect in the Non-Control group.

In addition to generating additional income for pharmaceutical companies, medical practitioners, and shareholders, getting as many people vaccinated as possible reduces the size of the "control group".

I believe when the un-vaccinated percentage of Americans is reduced to 10%, there is no longer a statistically meaningful control group, and therefore, tracing the many sicknesses and disabilities back to the vaccines, will NOT OCCUR.

Those who manufactured and pushed the vaccines will be off-the-hook and the medical establishment, pharmaceuticals, and shareholders, will continue to rake in huge sums of money for treating families devastated by illnesses and diseases.

The overall Covid-19 phenomenon is straight out of Satan's playbook, imo. Worse than what the vast majority of the U.S. population will ever accept as reality. Especially if most (90%+) can be classified as "fully vaccinated" over the next year.

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Wait!!! Why don't we round up the VACCINATED?

Wait a minute here!!

Why don't we round up all the vaccinated and put them all in quarantine??? They seem to be the ones (really) spreading the Chi-Com Flu.

Cruise ships of fully vaccinated getting covid, hospital ICU's filling up with the vaccinated who have covid, breakthrough cases every day. This isn't because of the un-vaccinated, people! This is because of the vaccinated spreading it amongst each other and everyone else.

Oh wait, I know why. Because the vaccinated represent the majority...which is just EXACTLY what TPTB wanted so they could use this exact excuse / reasoning. This was the agenda all along...get more vaccinated than unvaccinated then you can force majority rule on everyone else, regardless of effectiveness, right or wrong.

I'm really sick of this backwards agenda and narrative. Even a caveman could figure this out!

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We are not from this planet, possibly from Mars&Nibiru???
Well, here is the proof:

main reasons why is that are

I - This planet has more intense gravity then our original
II - This planet has too fast circadian rhytm then our original
III - This planet is just too close to Sun then our original
IIII - Sun radiation is far too strong for us to survive

I First and main proof is bone breaking, if we are made for this planet there is no way we could break a bone when we fall on ice or snow, we should be able too jump higher, and not to hurt ankle. All sort od injuries we have just because gravity is too strong on this planet. There is nothing bad in feeling heavy, it is for the gravity too strong. Yes, also bone diseases and pain, spinal pain, discus hernia, that shouldn't happen if gravity is smaller.

II I bet all of you has this problem from time to time, just having to have one more hour a day, and everything would be just fine, I am sure Earth has been manipulated somehow to prolong duration of day, but it was impossible to make it longer, because all plants and animals here would suffer.

III If we look directly at the Sun we can damage eyes, that is not logical if we were adapted to this planet. Also UV rays making more damage to our eye system, in fact we all feel just right when sun is lower and during cloudy days, no kidding, all northern countries are more industrial developed. it is because of that reason, heat is good for reptilians only. (there was one movie with Charlie Sheen about that

IV If there wasn't strong XXstrong magnetic field Sun radiation would kill us, that couldn't happen if planet is on greater distance from Sun..

There is plenty of proof, reasons why is not logical that we live on this planet, more correct we are not from here, or partially our genes are not.

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Taxation is a form of slavery.

Modern slavery is a great deal more subtle than it once was. Most of us are not out there tilling the soil with whips at our backs, sure, but we labor for a ruthless master nonetheless.

“A ruthless master?” you inquire. It couldn’t be any other way. Every state in the history of human-kind has formed to serve no other purpose than the exploitation of the vanquished by the victors. Centuries later, long after the victors and vanquished have perished, the means of exploitation remain. They remain, in this case, as the forced appropriation of another’s labor, an activity we euphemistically call “taxation”. If we citizens were to apply the same method, we’d be jailed for extortion.

Philosopher Robert Nozik formulates taxation like this: “taking the earnings of N hours labor is like taking N hours from the person; it is like forcing the person to work N hours for another's purpose”. Thus, he says, taxation is a form of forced labor. I’m inclined to go further. If we were to imagine falling upon a spectrum between freedom and slavery, it seems to me that our condition in this relationship lands closer to one end than the other.

Anyone who laments watching a vast percentage of their earnings disappear each year might feel the force of this. But for those who rely on this exploitation, whether to fund their own survival or to fill the void where their charity might have been, raising taxes and strengthening the means of exploitation are causes worth fighting for. The liberty-minded should refuse to cede any moral ground here because tax-advocates want forced labor, extortion, and exploitation. They advocate for slavery.

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Joe. Wants. War. (More accurate title: Joe. Needs. War.)

The more I watch what's happening, the more I hear the rhetoric out of D.C., the more certain I become of my opinion that Russia does not want war but is being backed against a wall by the pseudo-Biden regime.

Joe wants war. Or at least his handlers do. Joe probably just wants an ice cream cone, a long nap, and a fresh adult diaper.

They desperately need a distraction from the fecal feature dumpster fire that this administration is. A couple of decades ago, that might have galvanized the citizenry behind the president. It worked to some degree with W's lame excuse for the invasion of Iraq. I'm not sure it'll wash this time; at least I hope it doesn't.

I'm coming to the point of being convinced that this is the case.

ETA: I also agree with the assessment that the Russian buildup is likely Russia protecting Ukraine and defending its own sovereignty.

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Time-bending properties of Ley-line Nexus

I have a Theory: Ley-line Nexus can open up time vortex where Extinct animals can time-travels through there and this can explains lots of Cryptids, good example of this is: Loch Ness Monsters being Plesiosaurs that time travels to modern era from temporal wormhole opened by Ley-line nexus found in Loch Ness lake

and Loch Ness Monster being Plesiosaurs time Traveling with Ley-line nexus aren't the only instance of Cryptids being Extinct animals that time-traveling through modern era.

Sometimes, those Extinct dinosaurs got mutated by exposure to Empyrean upon their time-travels via wormholes that opened by those leylines, making them basis for magical creatures such as Fire-breathing dragons(where those mutations enable their physics-defying biology)

even when some cryptids are can't be explained as Extinct animals that time travels to modern era

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Is Hopi Blue Star Kachina Prediction a Cyclic Event

The Hopi Indians gave us a prophency about the coming of the new world in which a great spirit will signal as a blue star. Followed with the earth rocking too and fro and white men fighting other nations.

The blue star has been envisioned as a comet. But there is another possibility. The star that turns blue is our own sun, as a result of what some nickname a micronova, a solar cyclic event that occurs every 12,000 years. We know from tree ring data that energy emitted from the sun in 774AD was 1000x greater than Carrington event (strongest solar flare known in modern history). The micronova is assumed to be even stronger still. That will likely take out all the grid's. With massive voltage surges destroying most electronic equipment.

"earth rocking too and fro" seems ridiculous at first glance. But we know from our recent past. That Siberia was grasslands, that turned frigid so fast, it froze woolly-mammoths with blood still in their veins. We have the baffling Piri Reis Map dated from 16th century that shows Antarctica without ice-caps. Obviously this map was copied from a much older map. But where were the ice-caps when humans first mapped the coast-line of Antartica.

A theory called Cataclysmic pole shift hypothesis. Proposes the position of the earths crust moves every 12,000 years by 90 degree's. Causing massive tidal waves and floods known today as myths. Sending civiliations back into a dark age. That Cataclysmic pole shift hypothesis being signalled by rapid magnetic pole movement that is occuring today.mes the world chooses for us.

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Perhaps This Is The Thing We Arent Supposed To Know

All our thoughts can perhaps be intercepted by the entities we see in the skies. Maybe not all of them, but at least some of them. I say this because in my past experiences they are telepathic. So what would the significance of this mean?

Maybe each one of our bodies contain a transmitter of sorts, not necessarily a radio wave. But some other kind of way of communicating. Some sort of quantum explanation each one of us is able to achieve. Since observation can break the wave function, it makes at least some sense. But how would the entities figure out which thought came from which person? We must leave a signature of some type that stays with us till we are dead.

Perhaps we are each assigned one entity to watch over us for life?

To make this connection would bring up a whole slew of other probable assumptions, and even more questions.

Are we all just remote control units, bending to the whims of observers who probably had something to do with our creation?

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So people voted against Trump, knowing this was the alternative? really?

[Youtube video “Beto O’Rourke: 'Hell yes, we are going to take your AR-15'
Beto on AR-15's

[Youtube video “Joe Biden Admits He Wants to Confiscate Guns "BINGO"
Biden on AR-15's

I keep hearing how this sleeping majority voted against Trump, and that is where the massive swell of support for Biden came from. And that's nice. But knowing how many gun owners there are out there, and how many folks own an AR platform weapon, I just find it hard to believe they would sacrifice their freedoms on that issue for the chance of not having a guy with an orange hue say mean things on twitter. maybe they did, and they are either short sighted, or perhaps they don't really put much thought into the 2nd Amendment.

But when they say these things, how can you not believe the mean it?

Remember, these idiots don't really understand any of this. Some of them have stated that any semi-automatic rifle capable of firing more than 5 rounds is an assault weapon. Or a magazine fed pistol with a threaded barrel. There goes my .22lr collection. no more squirrels for me.

Stay thirsty my friends.

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Strange Super Spreaders?

If you read some early JV, before he went all ga ga with the IDH, you can read
about some interesting anomalous events he looked into, where there was a
'primary strange person', and as this person traveled around, he seemed to
'infect' those around him.

I think this 'infection model' is a major part of what our spy boys are studying.
You get one person with a potent unconscious mind, perhaps infected with
toxoplasmosis or something, and the images in their mind might tend to
infect some of those they come across.

I wonder if there are 'strange super spreaders' so to speak.

Now again, I'm not saying it's all 'hysteria' or that there is nothing 'there', 'there'.
Not at all. But this seems be a very important element, that has slipped under
the radar so to speak.

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What if Amsterdam is a cleverly disguised Alien Abduction hot spot

(Small note that this is written while tired and trying to sleep)

Ok is it’s a common report that Aliens mess with people’s memories during abductions and that got me thinking “what’s the one place on earth where an alien could abduct someone, mess with their memories and never have the person question it?” And then it hit me, Amsterdam! The magical city in The Netherlands where weed and prostitution are legal! All an alien would have to do is change the persons memory of the abduction to them smoking a joint and hitting the red light district and they wouldn’t question it.

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The grays told me last night that the dog is superior to the reptile. I have met the werewolf type dog aliens a great number of times, and I met a large group of people on the web who worshipped the werewolf dog aliens and kept journals of their nightly adventures with them. They had many drawings of them as well.

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81 Million Reasons Russia Invaded Ukraine

That's right...Dementiacrats OWN THIS....ALL 81,000,000 of you totally real voters that voted against mean Tweets...and cast their multiple, completely legit and honest, mail-in ballots for good old Joe.

Putin saw how Biden handled Afghanistan...and said: "THIS IS GOOD!"

Putin also has zero respect or fear of the dementia patient currently making "boom-boom" in his pants in the oval office.
Sadly, free crack pipes no longer buy the kind of international respect they used to.

Putin looked at the US southern border...and saw how little Biden cares about protecting international borders from invasion.

Putin knows from experience how democrat administrations will give him everything he wants...including a de-nuclearized Ukraine...

...EXCEPT for those 4 years of Trump, where Putin was stopped dead in his tracks.

Yes,...thanks to you 81 million 'Dementia Joe' fans, with Biden, Putin knows he hit the jackpot...and decided there was no better time to make his big move into Ukraine.


Democrats...enjoy the fruits of your electoral labors.
Now...just sit back, enjoy your totally legit and honest electoral victory as you watch inflation, war and crime F**k you and everyone else up the ass!

ALSO...keep an eye on China and Iran.
You're just gonna LOVE what they've got planned.

THEY'VE been watching Biden too...and are also grateful to all 81 million of you.

I didn't vote for the imbecile in the oval office.

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The Water Canopy

Hi guys there are passages in the Bible that talk about a canopy, a covering of water that protected the planet from the sun's rays and formed a vapor mist. Everything at that time was of large dimensions: the trees, the fruits, the animals and the human beings were much taller and lived many many many years, the average life expectancy was between 700 and 1000 years, and I don't think this is a translation error in the Bible because the planet at that time had conditions that allowed man to live for so long (you can see examples of this in fossilized insects).

When this canopy, this cover was destroyed or disappeared, the universal flood happened, which all cultures speak of in their traditions. The waters above that formed the canopy poured into the oceans and created a flood. With the end of this canopy, the harmful rays of the sun began to penetrate the Earth and affected living beings; curiously, it was after the flood that human beings began to live fewer and fewer years, until this day when the average life expectancy is of 80+ years.

I believed that this could be a fantasy, a biblical metaphor (and no i'm not even religious), but I found texts that talk about something similar in African culture and in the shamanic teachings of Credo Mutwa, a well-known South African healer. In these African traditions, they speak of a water vapor mist that covered the entire planet and prevented the propagation of the sun's rays throughout the planet, of the arrival of the moon (which would not be natural to our solar system), of a race called the Chitauri that would have contributed to the disappearance of this vapor mist and to our premature aging, and of course speaks of the universal flood.

Coincidence? What are the odds?

Picollo30 #conspiracy #crackpot #ufo abovetopsecret.com

This might look like a B movie script, but imho what we are seeing in our skies have been here all along. They belong to the civilizations that created the pyramids, call them Atlanteans, Hyperboreans, but they are proof that advanced civilizations existed in our planet and still do.

These machines are even mentioned in Hindu texts, Vimanas. Where are they located? Underwater bases (Atlantis anyone) and Antarctica. The Germans knew of this and wanted to make contact with these ancestors, and i think they did, that's why they went to Antartica and had a base there.

World powers tried to defy these ancestors in 1946 with Operation Highjump and were totally defeated. These things, these ancestors, come from our own planet (underwater bases / inner earth) and not from another dimension or another planet, somehow they can defy G forces, maybe the pilots of these things are robotic in nature or found a way to overcome the gravitational forces that is unknown to us.

i don't buy anything that comes from the To The Stars Academy or the Pentagon, they are lying to you. They absolutely know who pilots these ships and who owns this technology, these are the same that kicked their asses in 1946.

karl 12 #ufo abovetopsecret.com

UFO / Faerie Lore Connection?

The idea of a UFO connection to 'Ye Olde Faerie Lore' has been floating around for quite a while now and for folks interested in (or actively researching) 'high strangeness' UFO occupant/humanoid/abduction cases then there does appear to be quite a number of similar aspects in reported appearance and behaviour (which are explored below).

Probably best to forget the modern day Tinkerbell propaganda - the pantheon of earth elementals is found in a great many tribes around the world and when it comes to the Kingdom of the Faerie/Fae folk they are often described as rather old, wizened, diminutive creatures with large magical eyes -also as rather dark, sinister entities (or mischievous tricksters) who live in an invisible realm but have occasional interaction with humans.

Having said that there are also a great many different sizes and shapes reported (just like UFOs and occupants) and they're also said to live deep underground 'in darkened hollows, in mounds that opened up into vast, cavernous, winding regions..'.. so did find the Cryptoterrestrial connection a very interesting one.

Also lots of historical tales of folks being 'dazzled and entranced' by 'fairy lights' (even Fairies travelling in circular globes) and of course lots of encounters involving time anomalies like the Oz factor, time slips, missing time etc.

Lost count over the years of how many reports I've read about UFOs chasing and interfering with motor vehicles so also found it interesting that, back in the day, faeries were also 'notorious for harassing travellers along highways'.


When it comes to 'abduction' it seems there are quite a few other shared characteristics between UFO and Faerie lore including being taken to a brightly lit rooms with no obvious source of light; encountering one taller individual with smaller assistants; having an obsession with human reproduction and family lineage (cannot reproduce/need humans) and even marks or scars left on the body afterwards.

Also found it a bit freaky that Faeries were sometimes reported to have a luminous appearance, be telepathic, have the ability to cause or heal sickness, become invisible and walk through walls (as that's also been reported with 'aliens').

• Ye olde folks also described being paralysed (or 'fairy stroked') by small strange beings holding 'wands' and suppose that's pretty comparable to modern day abductions and encounters where UFO occupants are said to use 'power rods' to paralyze people.

IAMTAT #wingnut #conspiracy #pratt abovetopsecret.com

The Democrat Party is Officially Marxist

I'll make this point as simply as it can be possibly made:

The majority Democrat Party leadership...including the Democrat leadership of the HOUSE and SENATE...AND The Democrat PRESIDENT and VICE PRESIDENT...has kneeled down before, submitted to, surrendered to...and pledged it's allegiance to..."TRAINED MARXISTS"!
The evidence is irrefutable...and it sits (kneels) before you.

Deny this, if you're able to do so in good conscience...

OTHERWISE...admit that, at the very least, the majority of the Democrat Party have become Marxist sympathizers and apologists...or TRUE Marxists in their very heart and soul.

Perhaps this is just fine with you.
If so...continue to embrace your new Marxist masters.
Your country...through your Democrat Party has sold out to Marxism.

lostbook #ufo #crackpot abovetopsecret.com

Ancient Aliens The Mercury Connection

Hello ATS,

I watched an episode of Ancient Aliens where they talk about the connection of liquid Mercury to Ancient cultures; specifically, in Teotihuacan' Mexico and India where, according to Erik Von Daniken( author of Chariots of the Gods), ancient texts describe how Liquid Mercury was a part of a propulsion system used to power crafts. Apparently, there's a lot liquid Mercury and Mica located in the Temples at these sites and other sites including in Egypt so the TV show questions whether Pyramids constructed around the World are Electromagnetic Power Plants.....? This makes sense to me considering the fact that Some if not all pyramids are built along the lines of the Earth's power grid in very specific locations. On a side note, Mercury is also used in the process of extracting minute pieces of gold from soil but this doesn't account for the large amounts of Mercury and Mica found at temple sites around the world. I think there's another video that explains how Mica was used to shield humans from the dangerous effects of the Mercury. Interesting stuff!
This is the kind of material I observed here on ATS for Years but now it's being talked about on a Tv show. I'm like "WOW!" someone is listening! What do you think ATS? Is disclosure being televised? What says ATS?

carewemust #ufo abovetopsecret.com

Hypothesis - Aliens Have a Biological Weapon - World Leaders Use Covid19-Vaccine to Protect Us.

This just occurred to me while pondering the many strange actions associated with the Covid-19 virus/vaccine, since January 2020.

Is it possible that Aliens have delivered a threat to release something biologically dangerous to humans? Authorities know what it is, and have developed vaccines to combat it, if its used.

Rather than scare the crap out of everyone on the planet, the authorities got together and released the minimally-lethal Covid-19 virus?

Once the threat of Covid-19 was played up and hyped, a (pre-developed) vaccine to the Alien's biological weapon began to be distributed globally.

In which case, those who don't get vaccinated will be the ultimate losers, if the biological weapon is released upon humankind.


Is the above scenario really that far out?

If 30%-40% of the population continue resisting taking the Covid-19 vaccine, should the major world government leaders hold a major globally broadcast announcement to let us know of the Alien threat?

Would humankind be able to handle it?

Or, should the biological attack potential continue to be kept hidden? When the Aliens release the contagion/virus, 30% of the world's population will die, but 70% will be saved.


dug88 #conspiracy #quack abovetopsecret.com

Covid Scare Exists to Create Market for Cold Vaccine

So, having a conversation in another thread about naming semantics with the whole covid thing and something just kind of clicked.

This whole thing is to create a forced market for a cold vaccine.

The common cold is a coronavirus. Every year there's new coronavirii that spread through the population, every year the elderly die, people get sick, their underlying symptoms worsen things and every year it's the same. It's just a given, a part of life.

Many years ago now, pharmaceutical companies learned recurring,.not really effective vaccines were big money with the flu vaccine. The flu is genuinely scary, it can kill young healthy people depending on the strain and is responsible for many many deaths every year.

Drumming up that kind of support for the cold is not quite as easy. Most people aren't scared of yge cold. Well how do you make people scared enough of the cold governments will buy billions of dollars in vaccines before they're even approved?

Change the name and build up a massive global fear campaign.

So the common cold of this year becomes.


So covid-19 spreads rapidly.around the world, as the common cold does, leaving...well toilet paper aisles bare at least, but not much actual direct virus caused deaths, as is the norm with the cold, apart from the toilet paper anyway.

Now the market's there, the market will need to be maintained for ongoing revenue.

Seeing as most people are probably not going to bother with this vaccine year after year, this needs to happen artificially.

Enter contact tracing, laws mandating vaccines etc.

Once all that's in place, there's a permanent government enforced market worth billions of dollars every year that'll only keep growing as more and more experimental drugs and vaccines are created and become mandated

The next decade is going to be the decade of the forced medical economy, powered by biometric tracking, a pooulation forced under ongoing rolling lockdowns lifted only when the appropriate drugs or vaccines are taken, liberties and freedoms removed in the name of public safety and our own good.

This isn't going away. This is just the beginning

TruthxIsxInxThexMist #conspiracy abovetopsecret.com

NZ Shooters Illuminatti hand signal

In this photo of the right-wing terrorist, the killer gives a signal... is this an Illuminatti signal? The eye of Horus?

I'm pretty sure I've seen this signal many times given by Artists in the music Industry!

I gotta wonder whether this was in revenge for all the massacres which have been committed by Radical muslims around the world, not just because the guy was far far right-wing!

Was he given orders from the Illuminatti?

Was this planned from years ago?

Or is this just a signal/sign taken up by the far far right and nothing to do with the same one used by music Industry artists and the Illuminatti?

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In order for everyone to truly love Jesus, no one can have sex with anyone, but Jesus. For, they would be cheating on the Son of God, who is whom everon's true love is.

Therefore, no other man but Jesus will have sex with any other woman, because every womans true love is Jesus.

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No disrespect intended, but it's obviously not Hawking.

The latest man had far different teeth than Hawking did. Not even close.

Their heads are altogether different, as well. The real Hawking had a longish head, not at all squarish, and small, like the other man's head.

They had many other differences, beyond the most obvious ones mentioned here. Hairline, jawline, eyebrows, among other disparities. Their hands were obviously very different.

Some features looked similar, but many more differences are apparent.

The noses looked fairly similar, but not much else.

It was certainly very convenient that Hawking had no voice, too!

A voice is very hard to match with someone else. To match his appearance, is hard enough. But to match his voice, on top of it, is nearly impossible!

I knew someone who had ALS. It is an absolutely horrible disease.

Nobody could ever live that long with ALS. Nobody ever has.

After a person has been diagnosed with ALS, most will die within a few years, or less. Living an entire decade is very unusual, and rare.

Supposedly, Hawking lived with ALS for 55 YEARS!

It is utterly ridiculous.

The image was created of a weakly, disease-ridden, disfigured, voice-less man, in a wheelchair.... heralded as one of the greatest geniuses ever!

ALS didn't kill a great genius, like it had ALWAYS killed other people. He was a god-like figure, and he knew all things we didn't know, including how to beat ALS!

A sad story, in all.

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Being honest I really do believe they are influencing us in exactly that way. Like us in game reserves where we keep our distance while still managing the elephant or the supposedly undiscovered amazonian tribe that we just keep monitorong so not to upset their natural state ufos are very possibly doing the same but with us.

They gonna want to steer us in one way or another. Maybe they are tooling with our brains behind the scenes. People like Stalin or Trump may well be their creations to help steer humanity one way or another

DexterRiley #conspiracy abovetopsecret.com

I think that ET first became aware of us when we started testing nuclear weapons. However, there may have been other earlier missions to this planet as human technology matured. Once we demonstrated that we now had the means to destroy ourselves, we became more of a threat to the entire human race. Even if life is common in the Universe, I think that sentient tool users like humans are probably relatively rare. So, a benevolent ET might intervene to keep the human race from destroying itself to give us a chance to mature past our warlike nature and magical beliefs.

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All it takes to burst the material bubble of the physical UFO "myth" is to visit You Tube and take in several of Terance McKenna's chats from that remarkable brain that sours elsewhere. If you can escape in your mind for even a minute the physicality of being of ourselves and the UFO phenomena that we have enshrouded ourselves, then you may have some glimmer of the folly and misdirection of the human condition.

But beware, the screams of the avid materialist, the physical imperialists, harkers of science, that are hung up on things. They will come along and attempt to be "rational" and cram you back into their concepts of neat, individual, and environmentally controlled containers they keep designing and constantly redesigning for us to accept and desire such that we won't be content to study our navels for too long at any one time.

Humans are so perspective and subjective prone that they can never see beyond their self-contained shell of body and mind. There is a whole universe out there but you would never know it plodding around in the dirt.

NightFlight #conspiracy abovetopsecret.com

Until the Federal indictments are unsealed and the people behind these heinous crimes are incarcerated, there are more of these shootings and worse coming...

This is deflection by the left to get minds off the indictments and other crimes committed.

Stay Vigilant, everyone!

JimNasium #conspiracy abovetopsecret.com

Prince and not yet King, but any truth to the rumor that Prince Bill was seen taking pics by TheGeorgiaGuidestones™? and remember, the Guidestones opine that the optimum population, the 1% and theSerfs to serve them, is right around 500,000,000 so there is some culling to be done..

His grandfather, Duke of Edinburgh was quoted saying "if reincarnation is real I'd like to come back as a killer virus to control the world's population..." There is probably some scientist somewhere whipping something up in labs all across the globe...

slider1982 #conspiracy abovetopsecret.com

I think at this point most people have their mind made up either way, the evidence is out there and the holes in the official theory are absurd to the point of laughable.

The thing that always gets me is who was the number one person in charge of the whole thing?, anyone who has done any Government work will tell you these idiots could not be trusted to run a bath let alone coordinate what went down with the months and months of planning..

I personally believe that the key to the whole thing is undeniable proof of thermite and WTC building 7, someone had to have put the charges and or installed the Thermite, who are they where are they???.. Floating with the fishes not doubt.

tabularosa #conspiracy abovetopsecret.com

It is glaringly obvious that 9/11 was at the very least allowed to happen by some faction within the US government. Most likely, however, that faction was far more involved in the events of that fateful day.

I can understand why so many people refuse to believe that our government could be complicit, but it went that direction right away by not conducting a proper investigation and releasing a comprehensive and truthful report. It's shameful that the truth has yet to be revealed yet today with the abundant evidence that disproves the official story.

TaxSlave74 #conspiracy abovetopsecret.com

The angels want to be seen(Nordics and pleadians). The demons(reptillians and greys) do not. People that get warned about their sighting usually get a little to close to negative entities and the risk of abduction or death is real.

muzzleflash #conspiracy abovetopsecret.com

I, your friendly neighborhood Muzzleflash, WAS JUST ABDUCTED BY NORDICS!!! Freaking CRAZY right??!!!

Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind!

Wait - before I explain what happened during the abduction event let me explain why I think this actually happened: Ok last night I slept outside. It was a warm cloudless night. I went to sleep easily like any other night. And I had this "Dream", and we'll get to that in a minute... But OK so I woke up at 5:50 AM suddenly, like jilted awake. I opened my eyes and saw 3 UFOs hovering right over me.

It was still dark and they were lit up and moving slowly away. I couldn't see very clearly so I reached for my glasses, and knocked them over (because my eyes were fixed on the 'main' UFO which was the brightest and biggest one). I fumbled around frantically with my left hand for my glasses and found them, then put them on.

So I saw this one very slowly moving UFO moving towards to other ones, and then they moved to the other side of this large building. So I'm like immediately thinking about this "Dream" and what happened in it, which I'll describe in a moment. It matches perfectly with this. I was thinking things like "I'm gonna post this on ATS omfg! I think I was abducted!?!", and then one of the UFOs returned and flew back over slowly, I reached to grab my camera and this very bright slowly hovering large object began to dim - and by the time I was ready to record it had dimmed off so much I just like "FIGURES!!!" and of course, it cloaked. OF COURSE!!!!! Sigh...

Anyways, it doesn't matter because what happened while I was on their ship is the weirdest most important thing here. The story. Some grainy crap footage of a bright object hovering over me in the sky isn't going to convince any of the hardline skeptics anyways - they'd just complain and nothing will ever be good enough for them except their own encounter.

**** Important Note ****
I am an expert at identifying flying craft. I can name the specific model of any jet or helicopter merely by it's silhouette, I recognize all flying craft known in all air forces worldwide. Including the ability to recognize the new drones, though I don't know each drone model by name yet, too many new ones come out. I am in the top .1% of the population when it comes to identifying flying objects from meteors to weather balloons.

This freaking UFO (and to a lesser extent the other 2) did not have flashing lights, and it straight up cloaked in mid flight right overhead. Nothing we have does that, we don't have cloaking technology. I watch the sky regularly and have for decades, I know my #. It was NOT a satellite or the space station, these UFOs changed directions.

**** Note 2 ****
These things were RIGHT OVER me the moment I woke up from an abduction??? Normally I'd think this was just a weird "Dream" but this time I had a significant event that I see as strong evidence that this was much more than a mere "Dream". Looks like a Close Encounter 4.

**** Note 3 ****
Though I've seen various UFO events in my life, I have NEVER encountered an E.T. nor have I ever thought I was abducted. This is my FIRST recognizable "Abduction Event".

The Mother Freaking Abduction Event Ok it started that I came out of this "slide", it was like a waterslide at those water parks, it was a black tube. So weird man.

Once I came out of this "slide", I walked up to this EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity) that was sitting at a station like a receptionist (a receptionist on an alien spacecraft? GOTTA BE KIDDING ME LOL!!!). First thing I said was, in pure astonishment "How did you know I was coming? What are you guys able to tell the future?? How do you do that??!!". And the alien receptionist explained something like "We planned you'd come".

Of course, I was NOT aware that I was abducted, I was not aware that they abducted me. I just appeared in this high-tech scenery with these entities and was clearly mind-blown by it. They were freaking Asgardians. That's all I know to compare them with. What they look like is totally important and I'll explain that in a few moments because it raises some startling and perplexing questions.

Ok so I immediately asked the receptionist "How can I get to tell the future like you? I wanna do that!", and this other individual that was standing there, came up and said "You're going to get sick". I looked around a little bit, and asked "Did you get sick?", and he responded "Everyone does".

So I started puking right there, a little bit, and I'm thinking they had some way of cleaning it up immediately. It was like the floor was a big grate of some sort and it vacuum sucked the puke away. I guess? I dunno man I was a spaceship and I didn't even realize it at first! I dunno what the # their tech is! It was weird! Ok so then, since I'm a super-self centered person I asked them about something important to me. I need insight into the dilemma of my own life. I didn't ask them about humanity or the planet or any of that gibberish - I asked them something I need to know:

"Please tell me about JT and why she did this to me? What do you know about her??" (My history with the person I'll call "JT" is completely pivotal in me becoming the Muzzleflash you know, and 'she' is the one thing I haven't figured out at all yet in life, all this other stuff was easy to unravel - but women omg are complete mysterious puzzles).

The guy sat down in this chair and like 15 TV screens popped up showing all these aspects of her life, each one representing themes or traits of her and what she's doing lately. I quickly scanned through them and was like "these are all unimportant and don't answer my question". I was looking at each one and saying a descriptive term about it and moving on like this: "She's grumpy - no, she's mad - no, she cheated on her husband - no, she is rude - no, she is crying - no" etc. Through all of these screens.

Then I turn around and she's literally there walking up to the receptionist. She was dressed in the weirdest cloths too - almost sorta like Lady Loki's outfit in Marvel comics. My impression was that she clearly thought she was some sort of diplomat or ambassador to these Asgardians on behalf of humanity or something. I didn't catch what she was saying to them, but she looked unphased. So I walked right up to her and yelled "YOU #ING B****!!!!" And she flinched and looked over at me all surprised like OMG what is Muzzle doing here??!?!

And I started griping at her like "how could you do this to me? you completely destroyed my life, you're a horrible person, you're a liar and a con, and you're cheating on your husband wtf?! Who are you cheating on him with??" Then I realized it was me, in this weird way. She was cheating on him with me. Ooops. LOL!!! So then I just said "Look, I forgive you. I'm sorry". Then something else happened which I don't remember very well, talking to the aliens, and boom - I woke up with UFOs flying right over me. They were close and right above me, very bright.

This was sorta like a "Dream", but I was awake and aware - though it definitely had some light-headedness and disorientation involved, and my memory of it is clouded or hazy though I recall distinct powerful emotional and mental events in a very visual way.

The EBE's, get this, I couldn't see them correctly. It was like they have this incredible power over our perceptions and can implant images into our minds which are like them putting a mask on over their physical location in my optical view. So it's like them being able to affect my optical vision in a strange way that causes me to not see them specifically but instead see an image that is in my mind which is placed on top of where they would be in my vision. There was also a strange physical disorientation that caused me to puke. This is probably related to the physics of the craft itself.

I'm calling them Nordics or Asgardians because one of them used the image of Thor from Marvel comics to place over itself. I think they were blue skinned people though, I only got a brief glimpse of them though I was standing in front of them the whole time. Also, the guy that used the projector to show me all the scenes of JT's life used the image of Tony Stark, weird I know. I even called him Tony Stark when I was talking to JT, like "Tony Stark over here said such n such". Hilarious actually.

I also at one point saw a baby sleeping on a bed - or something (??), after I puked and was standing by the guy at the screens. It looked like, Worf from Star Trek. It was SO WEIRD. I saw this off to the side around a corner near the area where the screens were. I walked around this area for a moment and looked at stuff. It was VERY Star Trek! Everything was metal corridors with lights and stuff. Inside a spaceship.

So they appear capable of:
1) Abducting me in a strange way, it might be similar to Star Trek teleportation but somehow this slide-tube thing is part of it.
2) Able to put me back where I was sleeping without major problems.
3) Projecting mental images over my optical vision to hide their true appearances, though it wasn't perfect.
4) Bringing up visual images of someone's life events. It was like they can record our perspectives. Maybe they have a device that can pick up brain wave frenquencies and record our visual images and thought patterns?? Looks like it.

What this means? It means they are here and know everything about us. They know our thoughts and what we do day to day. They can affect our perceptions and sensory organs in such a way as to totally deceive them. So I cannot guarantee you these were "Nordics". That's all I have to go with though ok? These entities have incredible power over our minds so there's no way to know at this point what's going on here. I dunno OK?? I am at the speculation guesstimate stage here. All I know is that I was in a spaceship and then I woke up to spaceships flying over me in real life. The ultimate confirmation of this would be if JT remembers having a "Dream" this morning where I walked up and yelled at her "You F'n B!".

If she had a dream like that last night, about being on a spaceship or something where I came up and griped her out, that would confirm this really happened for me 100%. Cuz she was there. They abducted her too, obviously. There was no medical exam or anything that I recall. I wish there was though, I need some advanced medical treatment on my finger at least. I hurt it bad last month.

Sublimecraft #fundie abovetopsecret.com

Did you know that Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946?
Did you also know that on the 20th January 2017 (Presidential Inauguration Day) he will be 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old?

Some folks on the internet believe this is no coincidence.