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TruthxIsxInxThexMist #conspiracy

NZ Shooters Illuminatti hand signal

In this photo of the right-wing terrorist, the killer gives a signal... is this an Illuminatti signal? The eye of Horus?

I'm pretty sure I've seen this signal many times given by Artists in the music Industry!

I gotta wonder whether this was in revenge for all the massacres which have been committed by Radical muslims around the world, not just because the guy was far far right-wing!

Was he given orders from the Illuminatti?

Was this planned from years ago?

Or is this just a signal/sign taken up by the far far right and nothing to do with the same one used by music Industry artists and the Illuminatti?

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Esoteric Teacher #fundie

In order for everyone to truly love Jesus, no one can have sex with anyone, but Jesus. For, they would be cheating on the Son of God, who is whom everon's true love is.

Therefore, no other man but Jesus will have sex with any other woman, because every womans true love is Jesus.

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turbonium1 #conspiracy

No disrespect intended, but it's obviously not Hawking.

The latest man had far different teeth than Hawking did. Not even close.

Their heads are altogether different, as well. The real Hawking had a longish head, not at all squarish, and small, like the other man's head.

They had many other differences, beyond the most obvious ones mentioned here. Hairline, jawline, eyebrows, among other disparities. Their hands were obviously very different.

Some features looked similar, but many more differences are apparent.

The noses looked fairly similar, but not much else.

It was certainly very convenient that Hawking had no voice, too!

A voice is very hard to match with someone else. To match his appearance, is hard enough. But to match his voice, on top of it, is nearly impossible!

I knew someone who had ALS. It is an absolutely horrible disease.

Nobody could ever live that long with ALS. Nobody ever has.

After a person has been diagnosed with ALS, most will die within a few years, or less. Living an entire decade is very unusual, and rare.

Supposedly, Hawking lived with ALS for 55 YEARS!

It is utterly ridiculous.

The image was created of a weakly, disease-ridden, disfigured, voice-less man, in a wheelchair.... heralded as one of the greatest geniuses ever!

ALS didn't kill a great genius, like it had ALWAYS killed other people. He was a god-like figure, and he knew all things we didn't know, including how to beat ALS!

A sad story, in all.

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DexterRiley #conspiracy

I think that ET first became aware of us when we started testing nuclear weapons. However, there may have been other earlier missions to this planet as human technology matured. Once we demonstrated that we now had the means to destroy ourselves, we became more of a threat to the entire human race. Even if life is common in the Universe, I think that sentient tool users like humans are probably relatively rare. So, a benevolent ET might intervene to keep the human race from destroying itself to give us a chance to mature past our warlike nature and magical beliefs.

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ufoorbhunter #conspiracy

Being honest I really do believe they are influencing us in exactly that way. Like us in game reserves where we keep our distance while still managing the elephant or the supposedly undiscovered amazonian tribe that we just keep monitorong so not to upset their natural state ufos are very possibly doing the same but with us.

They gonna want to steer us in one way or another. Maybe they are tooling with our brains behind the scenes. People like Stalin or Trump may well be their creations to help steer humanity one way or another

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Aliensun #conspiracy

All it takes to burst the material bubble of the physical UFO "myth" is to visit You Tube and take in several of Terance McKenna's chats from that remarkable brain that sours elsewhere. If you can escape in your mind for even a minute the physicality of being of ourselves and the UFO phenomena that we have enshrouded ourselves, then you may have some glimmer of the folly and misdirection of the human condition.

But beware, the screams of the avid materialist, the physical imperialists, harkers of science, that are hung up on things. They will come along and attempt to be "rational" and cram you back into their concepts of neat, individual, and environmentally controlled containers they keep designing and constantly redesigning for us to accept and desire such that we won't be content to study our navels for too long at any one time.

Humans are so perspective and subjective prone that they can never see beyond their self-contained shell of body and mind. There is a whole universe out there but you would never know it plodding around in the dirt.

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NightFlight #conspiracy

Until the Federal indictments are unsealed and the people behind these heinous crimes are incarcerated, there are more of these shootings and worse coming...

This is deflection by the left to get minds off the indictments and other crimes committed.

Stay Vigilant, everyone!

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JimNasium #conspiracy

Prince and not yet King, but any truth to the rumor that Prince Bill was seen taking pics by TheGeorgiaGuidestones™? and remember, the Guidestones opine that the optimum population, the 1% and theSerfs to serve them, is right around 500,000,000 so there is some culling to be done..

His grandfather, Duke of Edinburgh was quoted saying "if reincarnation is real I'd like to come back as a killer virus to control the world's population..." There is probably some scientist somewhere whipping something up in labs all across the globe...

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tabularosa #conspiracy

It is glaringly obvious that 9/11 was at the very least allowed to happen by some faction within the US government. Most likely, however, that faction was far more involved in the events of that fateful day.

I can understand why so many people refuse to believe that our government could be complicit, but it went that direction right away by not conducting a proper investigation and releasing a comprehensive and truthful report. It's shameful that the truth has yet to be revealed yet today with the abundant evidence that disproves the official story.

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slider1982 #conspiracy

I think at this point most people have their mind made up either way, the evidence is out there and the holes in the official theory are absurd to the point of laughable.

The thing that always gets me is who was the number one person in charge of the whole thing?, anyone who has done any Government work will tell you these idiots could not be trusted to run a bath let alone coordinate what went down with the months and months of planning..

I personally believe that the key to the whole thing is undeniable proof of thermite and WTC building 7, someone had to have put the charges and or installed the Thermite, who are they where are they???.. Floating with the fishes not doubt.

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TaxSlave74 #conspiracy

The angels want to be seen(Nordics and pleadians). The demons(reptillians and greys) do not. People that get warned about their sighting usually get a little to close to negative entities and the risk of abduction or death is real.

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muzzleflash #conspiracy

I, your friendly neighborhood Muzzleflash, WAS JUST ABDUCTED BY NORDICS!!! Freaking CRAZY right??!!!

Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind!

Wait - before I explain what happened during the abduction event let me explain why I think this actually happened: Ok last night I slept outside. It was a warm cloudless night. I went to sleep easily like any other night. And I had this "Dream", and we'll get to that in a minute... But OK so I woke up at 5:50 AM suddenly, like jilted awake. I opened my eyes and saw 3 UFOs hovering right over me.

It was still dark and they were lit up and moving slowly away. I couldn't see very clearly so I reached for my glasses, and knocked them over (because my eyes were fixed on the 'main' UFO which was the brightest and biggest one). I fumbled around frantically with my left hand for my glasses and found them, then put them on.

So I saw this one very slowly moving UFO moving towards to other ones, and then they moved to the other side of this large building. So I'm like immediately thinking about this "Dream" and what happened in it, which I'll describe in a moment. It matches perfectly with this. I was thinking things like "I'm gonna post this on ATS omfg! I think I was abducted!?!", and then one of the UFOs returned and flew back over slowly, I reached to grab my camera and this very bright slowly hovering large object began to dim - and by the time I was ready to record it had dimmed off so much I just like "FIGURES!!!" and of course, it cloaked. OF COURSE!!!!! Sigh...

Anyways, it doesn't matter because what happened while I was on their ship is the weirdest most important thing here. The story. Some grainy crap footage of a bright object hovering over me in the sky isn't going to convince any of the hardline skeptics anyways - they'd just complain and nothing will ever be good enough for them except their own encounter.

**** Important Note ****
I am an expert at identifying flying craft. I can name the specific model of any jet or helicopter merely by it's silhouette, I recognize all flying craft known in all air forces worldwide. Including the ability to recognize the new drones, though I don't know each drone model by name yet, too many new ones come out. I am in the top .1% of the population when it comes to identifying flying objects from meteors to weather balloons.

This freaking UFO (and to a lesser extent the other 2) did not have flashing lights, and it straight up cloaked in mid flight right overhead. Nothing we have does that, we don't have cloaking technology. I watch the sky regularly and have for decades, I know my #. It was NOT a satellite or the space station, these UFOs changed directions.

**** Note 2 ****
These things were RIGHT OVER me the moment I woke up from an abduction??? Normally I'd think this was just a weird "Dream" but this time I had a significant event that I see as strong evidence that this was much more than a mere "Dream". Looks like a Close Encounter 4.

**** Note 3 ****
Though I've seen various UFO events in my life, I have NEVER encountered an E.T. nor have I ever thought I was abducted. This is my FIRST recognizable "Abduction Event".

The Mother Freaking Abduction Event Ok it started that I came out of this "slide", it was like a waterslide at those water parks, it was a black tube. So weird man.

Once I came out of this "slide", I walked up to this EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity) that was sitting at a station like a receptionist (a receptionist on an alien spacecraft? GOTTA BE KIDDING ME LOL!!!). First thing I said was, in pure astonishment "How did you know I was coming? What are you guys able to tell the future?? How do you do that??!!". And the alien receptionist explained something like "We planned you'd come".

Of course, I was NOT aware that I was abducted, I was not aware that they abducted me. I just appeared in this high-tech scenery with these entities and was clearly mind-blown by it. They were freaking Asgardians. That's all I know to compare them with. What they look like is totally important and I'll explain that in a few moments because it raises some startling and perplexing questions.

Ok so I immediately asked the receptionist "How can I get to tell the future like you? I wanna do that!", and this other individual that was standing there, came up and said "You're going to get sick". I looked around a little bit, and asked "Did you get sick?", and he responded "Everyone does".

So I started puking right there, a little bit, and I'm thinking they had some way of cleaning it up immediately. It was like the floor was a big grate of some sort and it vacuum sucked the puke away. I guess? I dunno man I was a spaceship and I didn't even realize it at first! I dunno what the # their tech is! It was weird! Ok so then, since I'm a super-self centered person I asked them about something important to me. I need insight into the dilemma of my own life. I didn't ask them about humanity or the planet or any of that gibberish - I asked them something I need to know:

"Please tell me about JT and why she did this to me? What do you know about her??" (My history with the person I'll call "JT" is completely pivotal in me becoming the Muzzleflash you know, and 'she' is the one thing I haven't figured out at all yet in life, all this other stuff was easy to unravel - but women omg are complete mysterious puzzles).

The guy sat down in this chair and like 15 TV screens popped up showing all these aspects of her life, each one representing themes or traits of her and what she's doing lately. I quickly scanned through them and was like "these are all unimportant and don't answer my question". I was looking at each one and saying a descriptive term about it and moving on like this: "She's grumpy - no, she's mad - no, she cheated on her husband - no, she is rude - no, she is crying - no" etc. Through all of these screens.

Then I turn around and she's literally there walking up to the receptionist. She was dressed in the weirdest cloths too - almost sorta like Lady Loki's outfit in Marvel comics. My impression was that she clearly thought she was some sort of diplomat or ambassador to these Asgardians on behalf of humanity or something. I didn't catch what she was saying to them, but she looked unphased. So I walked right up to her and yelled "YOU #ING B****!!!!" And she flinched and looked over at me all surprised like OMG what is Muzzle doing here??!?!

And I started griping at her like "how could you do this to me? you completely destroyed my life, you're a horrible person, you're a liar and a con, and you're cheating on your husband wtf?! Who are you cheating on him with??" Then I realized it was me, in this weird way. She was cheating on him with me. Ooops. LOL!!! So then I just said "Look, I forgive you. I'm sorry". Then something else happened which I don't remember very well, talking to the aliens, and boom - I woke up with UFOs flying right over me. They were close and right above me, very bright.

This was sorta like a "Dream", but I was awake and aware - though it definitely had some light-headedness and disorientation involved, and my memory of it is clouded or hazy though I recall distinct powerful emotional and mental events in a very visual way.

The EBE's, get this, I couldn't see them correctly. It was like they have this incredible power over our perceptions and can implant images into our minds which are like them putting a mask on over their physical location in my optical view. So it's like them being able to affect my optical vision in a strange way that causes me to not see them specifically but instead see an image that is in my mind which is placed on top of where they would be in my vision. There was also a strange physical disorientation that caused me to puke. This is probably related to the physics of the craft itself.

I'm calling them Nordics or Asgardians because one of them used the image of Thor from Marvel comics to place over itself. I think they were blue skinned people though, I only got a brief glimpse of them though I was standing in front of them the whole time. Also, the guy that used the projector to show me all the scenes of JT's life used the image of Tony Stark, weird I know. I even called him Tony Stark when I was talking to JT, like "Tony Stark over here said such n such". Hilarious actually.

I also at one point saw a baby sleeping on a bed - or something (??), after I puked and was standing by the guy at the screens. It looked like, Worf from Star Trek. It was SO WEIRD. I saw this off to the side around a corner near the area where the screens were. I walked around this area for a moment and looked at stuff. It was VERY Star Trek! Everything was metal corridors with lights and stuff. Inside a spaceship.

So they appear capable of:
1) Abducting me in a strange way, it might be similar to Star Trek teleportation but somehow this slide-tube thing is part of it.
2) Able to put me back where I was sleeping without major problems.
3) Projecting mental images over my optical vision to hide their true appearances, though it wasn't perfect.
4) Bringing up visual images of someone's life events. It was like they can record our perspectives. Maybe they have a device that can pick up brain wave frenquencies and record our visual images and thought patterns?? Looks like it.

What this means? It means they are here and know everything about us. They know our thoughts and what we do day to day. They can affect our perceptions and sensory organs in such a way as to totally deceive them. So I cannot guarantee you these were "Nordics". That's all I have to go with though ok? These entities have incredible power over our minds so there's no way to know at this point what's going on here. I dunno OK?? I am at the speculation guesstimate stage here. All I know is that I was in a spaceship and then I woke up to spaceships flying over me in real life. The ultimate confirmation of this would be if JT remembers having a "Dream" this morning where I walked up and yelled at her "You F'n B!".

If she had a dream like that last night, about being on a spaceship or something where I came up and griped her out, that would confirm this really happened for me 100%. Cuz she was there. They abducted her too, obviously. There was no medical exam or anything that I recall. I wish there was though, I need some advanced medical treatment on my finger at least. I hurt it bad last month.

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Sublimecraft #fundie

Did you know that Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946?
Did you also know that on the 20th January 2017 (Presidential Inauguration Day) he will be 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old?

Some folks on the internet believe this is no coincidence.

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onehuman #conspiracy

So, I got to thinking while I was at work just driving around about this Mandela Effect that seems to all of the sudden be a bit of a hot topic. A curiosity at least. People seem to think it may be involving some sort of time line changes. At least that is one theory being put forth.

While I don't think things such as company logos are really proof, though I must admit some I do remember being the "original" way, I still believe they can just be a case of simple company updates or new and improved changes they think will look better.

On the other hand we have many people including myself remembering certain people having died only to find out nope, they just died today kind of thing. Oddly enough Mandela himself is one of these people.

I don't feel I have to go in any great depth about all this. Anyone that is reading this to begin with I'm sure is well aware of what the Mandela effect is all about.

Which leads me to what I got to wondering about and hence here we are in Skunk Works.

What if we have figured out the time travel thing. Perhaps we are still in our infant stages of it. Maybe even a little more advance than We know. What if some of the practice or test jumps had little boo boos occur. Just enough to cause little ripples that we on our side are beginning to notice. We just don't realize what it is we are noticing for what it really is so we just call it the Mandela Effect.

Any syfi fans that have watched any kind of time travel movies, or any scientist that has studied it will be the first to know how coming into contact with one wrong thing on a jump can basically cause something like the Butterfly Effect over time. At some point in the discovery of time travel somebody has to test it. I doubt it would be perfected on the very first try.

I don't think it is much of a reach to believe some government is working on this, and I'm sure we would be the last to know about it if they have figured it out. Then again maybe the answer to that has been staring right in the face for awhile now. Easy enough to laugh at the Mandela Effect as it is UFO believers , or Conspiracy Theorists.

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SoulSurfer #conspiracy

Metal Gear Reveals Scarlet Lucifer (Woman Riding Beast) New World Order

Metal Gear Peace Walker - KGB Agent, Final

Note: To Understand this you must understand Allegories; Predictive Programming and Symbology. If you do not then this is a waste of your time so click X. It requires researching and studying.

Starting with Gun Control

False Flag Predictive Programming Alert!!

Army without Borders= Antifa and ISIS.

V is also for Venus, and also represents the Jesuits (Guy Fawkes) Vendetta against King James (The Church of Christ)
In 1605 Jesuit Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the King James Parliament. The infamous gun powder plot. Why do you think pope is calling for an end to protestants?

The woman rides the beast. The machine is also part of the beast.

A Couple of scriptures to reflect on:

The King James Bible Warns us Clearly

1 Thessalonians 5:3King James Version (KJV)

3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

Now you know why the Jesuits hated King James. While the man may have had sins, he did one good thing with creating the very tool that is warning us.

Do not listen to those who will ridicule this topic. They will lead you to your demise. This is a warning the way I see it and these people, the Illuminati Jesuits are insane. They basically told us their plan through a video game. And only those with eyes to see can see the message. I hope you are awake; if not then God help us all.

I know some will ridicule; but this is mostly for those that see and know. The more you research the more you will become in tuned with the truth; and the truth will rise. What your heart treasures there your heart will be. Treasure truth and allow the truth to manifest. This is how I see. (It is also called synchronicity.)

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JimmyPilkington #conspiracy

Back in the mid 1900's a small group of extraterrestrial beings did in fact come to our planet and they still reside here to this day. As for their visual makeup. If you believe in the physical representations that the media have fed you, they are all far, far from the truth. They are insect-like creatures. Their physical features very closely resembling those of a typical praying mantis. There are no Grey, reptilians or any of the other popular depictions pushed today, all of which are pushed with the sole purpose in mind of distracting everybody from what they are in actuality.

They do not have a name. They do not go by names.

They do not work with our world governments and never have. They wished to control us and they did. We literally sat by and our very leaders knelt down before them and bowed. They reside within Field Offices. These are large underground facilities that are used as bases of operations.

Humans very rarely make direct contact with them, we instead make contact through "Farmers". You have to understand, you really do. They are not like us, they don't feel, they don't care and they do not believe that said emotions are necessary. They are purely business minded and that terrifies me. Our leaders are doing nothing whatsoever, they are letting them go about their business as though they can do nothing to stop them.

They posses a cloning system which has been used for over thirty years now to replicate global leaders and persons seen as being in power. These clones were then used in order to further their plans and to move us as a species to the exact point that we are at now. I am unsure on how the cloning system works but there are many clones high up in many world governments.

Their goal is to dumb our society down to the point that we will believe that our very extinction is imminent. Then once the said extinction is claimed to have happened, there will only be a few hundred thousand humans left on earth. I am truly sorry, but I have idea what their intentions are from that point onward as my contact could not provide any further information and I could not gather it via my own means. I can no longer contact my friend and that really does sadden me. I now, no longer know where they are and am truly going to miss them.

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MrParanoid #conspiracy

To my way of thinking, the fact that the US Army did write and release that statement solidifies the Roswell Incident as being true, and that they did in fact recover a flying disc of unknown origin. All of the actions that follow it indicate a cover-up of that original statement. Otherwise, why wouldn't the Army have trotted out the soldier who wrote up the press release and have him make a statement claiming it was a mistake, joke, or otherwise? Why go to the trouble of having Major Marcel get photographed with the balloon wreckage? It seems to me that if the report of a "flying disc" was completely erroneous and released on accident (which, again, I don't see happening given the Army's oversight) then there were easier ways of explaining away the subject--especially since they were the originators of the tale.

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Dark Ghost #conspiracy

Keeping all of this in mind, and besides suggesting that this is all just a series of random events that has resulted in the mess the world is currently in, I offer the following convoluted theory: Israel helped pull off 9/11 with the intention of ultimately destroying Islam (not Muslim people, but the religion of Islam). Israel was not hated by Palestinians and its neighbours because it is a Jewish nation. It was hated because of its treatment of the Palestinian people. The West was hated by non-Western Muslims because of terrible foreign policies that harmed countries with Muslim-majority populations. Israel knew it could not survive unless it destroyed the root of the problem behind its enemies' actions. Palestinians were just an expression of Islam and they would always be protected by others who followed Islam. If Palestinians were destroyed, the backlash from Islam would be too severe to withstand alone. Therefore, they needed the West's help.

For whatever reason, Israel did not expect the overall USA population to even want to question if 9/11 was suspicious. You could say they were counting on most of the population to support the official story and therefore go along with everything that followed as being justified. This became problematic because people began questioning why they ought to support what followed instead of following what happened automatically. It was important for Israel to go into damage control and deflect attention away from them because if most USA citizens were aware that Israel was involved in 9/11, Israel would face the same fate as if they destroyed the Palestinians, i.e. annihilation. Therefore more time had to be spent deflecting attention away from itself than warning the world about the dangers of Islamic extremism.

To put it as concisely as I can: Israel is very likely to have played a part in the events of 9/11 to force the West to destroy Islam. Their ultimate goal (the destruction of Islam) was not done solely for the survival of Israel itself, but to protect the world from being overtaken by Islam. It was a sort of an extreme version of “the ends justify the means” — it does not matter (from a moral sense) what you have to do to achieve the goal, as long as you do achieve it, then the outcome (Christian-Judeo as the dominant values that could not be threatened is far better than the alternative: Islamic values as the dominant values that cannot be overthrown). Let me make this clear: I do NOT support the use of the “end justifies the means” approach and do not excuse or condone such disgusting behaviour on Israel's part if what I have theorised is indeed true.

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Kantzveldt #conspiracy

Antifa exposed.

An extensive analysis of video and photographic evidence was undertaken by concerned citizens of sites such as /pol/ and 8chan following a series of vicious attacks by a masked Antifa assailant weilding a bike lock at the Berkeley free speech event, which there included at least 6 incidents of lurking behind the crowd in order to launch opportunistic blows against the heads of Patriots, including the incident seen below were a person involved in discussion and with hands raised was struck

Analysis of the evidence indicated that the assailant had been at an earlier Berkeley event there unmasked in a stripey jacket and comparison was made, there are also indications he was at the earlier Milo demonstration in February were again innocent people caught up in the disturbances were struck with a bike lock.

It turns out the assailant, like most of those seen orchestrating the recent Antifa disturbences is involved in so called Higher Education, he lectures in philosophy and ethics...

It is certainly the case that he was known to others involved in Higher Education that were orchestrating the violence and that his actions were an observed tactic of that core group, that they were setting up strike scenarios and working in conjunction with him, all of which should really raise the question of do you really want these people involved in higher education...?

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aliengenes #conspiracy

did aliens create cats and dogs to spy on us

do you ever wonder why these animals would ever want anything to do with us other than us feeding them? and have you ever noticed that they watch us very closely when we are doing things or talking to people secretively?

I suspect they are really spies for the aliens, to keep track of our movements and secrets.

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AnkhMorpork #conspiracy

Somewhere I'd read a story about an island in the Pacific Ocean where the US Government (Naval Intelligence) had arranged a rendezvous with an advanced ET Civilization/Race, and it appeared credible (need to go back and do more research, and perhaps someone here might help shed light on that story), and of course there's all the rumors about Area 51, Majestic 12, Apex of the Trilateral Commission, etc, and all of this got me to thinking about how I'd handle that kind of "op" if I were the secret government involved in alien contact..

First thing that would come to my mind would be an exchange of some kind to get some of our people aboard their spacecraft for a "tour", to then be debriefed in secret upon return, with an agreed upon 2nd meeting scheduled for some time in the future.

Which leads me to suspect that even now, as we speak, human beings are living on alien worlds either in this galaxy or any another, since if they're getting here, the Spacetime Continuum doesn't have the same kind of meaning that we think it does and thus, they could be coming from anywhere just as easily as they could within a sphere of 100 lights years.

Could you imagine?

Would you volunteer for such an assignment?

Leave it all behind and risk getting killed if/when you ever return?

Perhaps the aliens, knowing full well that the returning humans would be killed because of their knowledge, made the deal that people could come along on the caveat that they would not be returned, yet they still volunteered to go along for the ride.

If we've made contact, then I think it's fair to assume that this is in fact the case in some form or another.

Which is why I think that if/when we ever take to the stars that by the time we get to other inhabitable worlds, we'll already be there in one form or another to greet us, from world to world even in the same sequence that we make the discoveries of each new habitable world.

Such a scenario would give new meaning to the saying "the first shall be last and the last, first".

If they are out there, then they've organized according to some sort of interplanetary legal framework about what they can and cannot do, or this Earth as we know it, would already be colonized and we would not be here as we are.

We are either alone, or, on the threshold of an interplanetary and intergalactic society, the implications of which would cook our noodle, and even still there would be dishes to do and a job to go to in the morning.

Life would go on, but nothing would be the same if ever we come into this domain of what might be called a "long Earth" with iterations and variations strewn across the cosmos, and with the means to get there from here, so it would be from there to here, to everywhere.

The UFO phenomenon, if of those that are of the "unexplainable" variety, some really are ET spacecraft, suggests in no uncertain terms that FTL travel is possible, and even happening.

The implications of this are utterly astounding.

Do people just like you and me look up at a different POV of the heavens with something other than the Milky Way Galaxy arcing across the sky like a river?

And if not like us, how do "they" see the world and themselves and even us, if they've discovered us already?

And wouldn't it be funny if they all turned out to be true Christian believers/brothers ie: understanding that an indomitable love rules the roost, with it's own implied mutual commitments and obligations and even the reason that they didn't invade or colonize our world.

Would we abide by the same rules when we get there, and will there perhaps already be teachers waiting for us when we do?

That would really freak people out, if everywhere we went we were greeted by humanoid forms ready to teach us about the root and source of all our character defects so that we cannot become a destructive force as we move to the stars. I mean just look at what we did to Iraq..

Can we be trusted, human beings. That I think is the question that the aliens ask themselves as they "man" the quarantine while giving a handful of people the ride of their lives..

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six67seven #conspiracy

Is Stevie Wonder actually blind? If so, how do you explain how he caught this falling mic?:

I think the visual evidence speaks for itself.

He is also known to get court-side seats. I know, I know...he does it for his friends viewing pleasure, right?

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Aliensun #conspiracy

Supposed missions to Mars faked, dummied down or data misrepresented? Consider, the twin Viking mission of the mid 1970s. Both landers carried experiments to scoop up Martian dirt and examine it for signs of life. Evidences were found. Not what was expected, but evidences were found and subsequently denied to be the sought signs. Which was true in that regard. Fast forward to today: when was the last time that an earnest search for life was done in the Martian dirt? Well, that would again be back with the Viking missions. Basically, the Viking missions were a turning point in space exploration that told them too much about what they weren't ready to handle about life in the solar system.

But the real key is that the Viking orbiters discovered the grooves on Phobos that clearly show that they are artificial. The efforts to study the little rock have either not been done or have supposedly failed. Despite the fact that the body has a unnatural orbit--and shouldn't even be there--and that it has less mass that the shape would dictate which tells us that it contains some manner of hollowness. After all of the missions, we probably know less about Phobos than Titan which has only been approached by one probe. The official mapping of the surface of Phobos was decades late in being released.

So, yeah. There has been shenanigans about Mars from the beginning. The Russians aimed to find life on Venus and shot their wad that direction, and we chose Mars, the jackpot. Too bad the eventual Russian missions to Mars all failed completely or majorly. Such bad luck they had shooting rockets in that direction. Almost makes you wonder....

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SirBlackKnight #conspiracy

Mushrooms could be extraterrestrial

"The real task with extraterrestrial intelligence will be to recognize it": This is a quote from Terence McKenna. He used it to explain what has been overlooked in almost all discussions of extraterrestrial contact, namely how strange the extraterrestrial is likely to be.

Mushrooms are quite odd if you think about it. They are at the very bottom of the food chain, yet they are everywhere. We don't think of mushrooms as an intelligent species, but mushrooms are a very connected species. Their roots act like an information superhighway that speeds up interactions between a large, diverse population of individuals. It allows individuals who may be widely separated to communicate and help each other out.

Lately, humans have found the key to the blueprints of life namely DNA. Could it be that mushrooms are from outer space and engineered themselves the be able to travel through space and colonize other planets? Their spores are small and light enough to escape the gravity of a planet and be swept by space currents. The casing shell of spores is the hardest organic compound that exists in nature and protects against radiation of all kinds, also radiation in the vacuum of space. If you put all these facts together, it's possible to conclude that the mushroom could be a visitor from outer space.

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kuraijanai2013 #conspiracy

Is Stephen Hawkings really an Imposter?

Okay, first off I mean no offence to Stephen Hawkings, his family or sufferers of ALS. This is merely a conspiracy put forward by others and one which tweaked my interest too.

I want you to look at the two photos of him below. The one on the left is from 1970 and the one on the right from 1990 - twenty years apart...

Now what got me intrigued was the notion put forward that, given he has a degenerative disease like ALS of who the longest other survivor lived only for a further twenty years, how is it he does not appear to have aged that dramatically, but even appears to have fuller cheeks and differently coloured hair/ eyebrows?

I hope that this thread can be taken as an attempt at conspirital discussion and not an attack or slur on Stephen and other sufferers.

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GmAndre #conspiracy

The Three Pillers of NWO

I will make a quick few statements.

NWO is already manifested to big extent, it is about a world that lives through the Light, the Light of Lucifer.

Lucifer is the software architect of the Universum(Unus Mundus), as you might guess Satan is the harware architect. The light of Lucifer is the binary code model.

Life we experience is just amzing computer game in the engine of the universal computer, created by and for God himself.

Thus, realize, Satan and Lucifer are part of God himself.

Yet evry part serves a certain idea, but by itself it is a incomplete part of the system.

Thus, the only problem arises when we close our perception of the majesty of the whole Universum and proclaim one of its parts as a supreme to the other, or even as the only one, and start bow to it, in our madness.

Thus is said in the bible to "Create no images in my name", as it is impossible to create a full image of the Universum. You can create only a partial image, thus you will be in ill blasphemous activity of prtial realization. The Universom is in constant motion, thus you cannot catch him, pin him, or immobalize him, so to observe all his glory.

This was the introductionary part, now we proceed to the realization of the topic which woild not be taking too much of your time.

1) individuation, 2) autonomy and 3) creativity.

These three pillars are the Luciferian "holy" trinity. However they all belong and are creation of the same master - Lucifer. The guy with the binary code. This thread is with initianatory purposes, thus I do not aim to proove my statement here, as it will take a whole book to do so. Decide as, and comment upon if you could trust to my statements directly. Actually, every Martial Arts GrandMaster, will tell you that the proper schooling goes exactly this way.

Thus said, we continue with the reliqushing of the idea of NWO. NWO is glorious idea, as glorious is Lucifer. In Kabbalah he is named exactly like this - Glory. Thus he not only is commander of all binary codes, and logistics(including your mind) but ideas, based on the archeotype of Glory. Ideas as:

1) individuation, 2) autonomy and 3) creativity.

And few more. But we will stop our eyes at these. They are the premium-mobile of our mass-culture worldwide. Why? Simply because humanity is experiencing a very close natural relation with the Devil, due to its natural evolutionary state. We get obsessed by what we see. And as we are in the domain of the Devil, the devil we see, yet sandly the devil we worship.

Can this lead to a problem? Usualy not. It is all normal phenomenon, yet if some force, starts to hold this idea of Lucifer as the holy of hollies, and cospire to hold all humanity it its chains this could be a trouble. And this is what NWO is. It is not only a New World of Light. It is the Order of the World of Light. It is The Prison of the World of Light. I would be very neutral to NW of Light if it was a thing that had not the desire to hold humanity in "itself" forever. Alas we will be blind not to see its desires. It wants to eat humanity and keep it in its belly for eternity.

Are we able to stop it?
Would we be able to brake the chains one day, even if it overtakes us fully?
Does this change your views of the word? Do you see how simple things are?
Do ask, and I will eleborate on certain matters from this post.

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pupetmaster #conspiracy

Paranormal Phenomena controls us into accepting reality as perceived so our dreams can be farmed !

As above so below
Our DNA, mitochondria, our internal bacteria cultures, our cells, even our very minds
might just be as infinitely complex in nature as we perceive the universe to be
Part of a more complex system of fractal causality, fate, and quantum probabilities of a vibrational holofractographic universe.
Even if you don’t believe the RH type blood evidence for a divergence, a gap in the natural evolution of the human species, all native lifeforms on earth emerged from the primordial ‘black goo’. The ooze of plasma state consciousness that can be programmed into shaping its matter into divided parts to experience itself. The laws of nature, our genetic codes, and nature’s use of mathematics and hyper dimensional ‘sacred geometry’ come from this black goo. It imbeds a code for life, and a perception management matrix.
Is the world a dream? Is it an altered version of reality or perhaps a collective paradigm model that keeps transforming and is already unrecognizable from the real reality? The simulation argument talks about the human existence as a computational matrix of virtual dimensionality. Some argue that what defines the human existence pre-dates our birth, will outlive us yet it seems mostly affected by deterministic institutions. Our system of society appears immutable by individuals unless they attain the 15min fame focus window where the public’s attention can lead to positive change.
Forget UFOs & ALIENS.
If we are in the matrix, the Aliens are agents of the system. Drones, clones & programmable lifeforms.
Messengers of deception. Masters of illusion and misdirection.

What is the matrix?
That’s really the wrong question…
Better questions would be;

What are the goals behind the industrial-scale abduction phenomena? What sentient cognizant intelligence(s) are behind the veil and making interventions into our linear space-time frame of reference?
The abduction phenomena almost alludes to that we are livestock in some sort of computer generated reality as the movies “The Matrix” or ‘Jupiter Ascending’ advance. Our captors make sure we reproduce, don’t use nuclear weapons, and don’t venture too far out in space. They make sure we are cared-for, employed and lodged. They must be getting something out of this.

Could our captors be farming some element of reality; perhaps while we sleep in dream state?
Our dreams are the manifestation of the creativity of the human spirit. We think they are limited by our imagination and probably don’t understand all of the links to the unconscious. Could our dreams, some hormones, protein, or DNA light particle be key to creating reality at the quantum level.
This makes me ponder:

What resources would inter-dimensional beings be coveting? Contrary to the resource coveted by Extra-terrestrials. Would it be physical things like Hormones, DNA, organic, tissues, our water, air, gold, oil or rather would they be after immaterial things like Energy, vibrations, emotions or thought forms?

Maybe they came here and even after all our barbaric wars they discovered hope, honor, generosity and the tenacity of the human spirit. There are incredible everyday people on this world.
People the Catholic Church could consider ‘saints’. I’m not advancing any specific theories, just thinking out loud.
This world has a tremendous duality of everything.
Good vs bad, white vs black, presence vs absence, matter vs anti-matter, happy vs sad, day vs night. It’s like there is no middle ground. To transcend this paradigm and move into the next octave of perception, we have to evolve. We have to mutate, into the next stage of evolution.
I’m not talking about Alien-Human-hybrids, Mutants or superhuman specifically.
I’m also not necessarily referring to evolving spiritually although that is also needed.
What I’m referring to is more about evolving our morality & values ruleset. A majority of humans on earth have to become freakin SAINTS. So that the less honorable ones amongst us will still be decent individuals. Would a billionaire leap in front a car to save a child about to be hit? What about a homeless person. Why not? Most people who answered that question probably said no.

I think we are born decently good, but then we are shaped by the system and the ‘code’ of life.
It teaches us different things. Differently. But when this code isn’t working and us cogs become un-hinged from the machine we are supposed to be a part of, when we become a ghost in the shell, thinking for ourselves instead of absorbing the feed like the rest of the herd.

That’s when I think the ‘system’ puts us back in line with phenomena’s, coincidences & deja-vus.
Call it karmic laws, call it destiny or synchronicity but it’s there. I agree when Jacques Vallee calls this a control system, in this sense.

Ask every fervent religious person, when they became convinced of the existence of the divine and they will tell you a story about an event. A phenomena, they can’t explain, but appeared to them in a time a distress and set them on the right path. Provided them with a solution, when they thought all hope was lost. Plato said; Coincidences are god’s way of being anonymous.
So the main thesis is this;
something is off with reality at the fundamental level. We are cogs in a machine.
We are the resources of the state. The state and man-made laws feel unnatural. Like a primordial code that we are bound by. If time is a river whose flow cannot be altered, we are fish eggs, getting carried along.

I invite you to respond to the 3 bolded questions with your own opinions.

Salam Alaikum– Shalom – May peace be with you all

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wisvol #fundie

God is above people's lives and deaths, he created the concept of both.

Since you're so keen on your gnostic "yhwh is the devil" goggles, start with the flood, or Sodom: more death.
Even in the Moses story, all the firstborns of Egypt? Some were surely good kids!

God's making of humanity is certainly mysterious, at least as mysterious as if he were an explosion and monkeys.

Makes sense that he would be serious about the ten commandments though.
People who don't take regular breaks from their daily jobs become turbo insane workoholics and if the hebrews had done that, the world would be way way worse than it is now for that guy's death.

Imagine the kind of man it takes to see the creator of the world part the sea, destroy the biggest empire on earth in a day, hear him say "take the day off" and decide "eh what ever I'll just not take the day off, just to show him who's in charge"
Not the best kind of man for sure, and frankly I'm glad he didn't become a nation.

As for the deaths of all those killed by god's actions or exhortations, you have to see something here:

we can play a video game in which, in order to make the game unfold the way we want it, much video game "death" occurs.
This is not actual murder, even though we didn't create the computer (and in most cases didn't even program the game).

To God, we're not all that: he can make an entire new world like you'd make a pie, and if it doesn't taste or look like the pie you want, you can throw it in the bin and make a better one.
If you kill some guy you'd be insane scumbag & c, but if you throw your #ty pie in the bin, or a small part of an apple on it that looks like it may be unfit for the pie? Basic pie-making

Judging god isn't even as smart as denying god: if you think there is a creator, what ever he does is his prerogative entirely and you have no more right to judge it than the pawn on your chessboard can tell you to move the queen to b6 or you're a scumbag.
So the gnostic workaround is to say "oh but "yhwh" isn't the creator."
You either receive the story or you don't: yhwh is the god of Moses who is the god of Jacob four generations earlier, and is the god of Abraham who is the god of Adam who is the creator.

human emotions do not apply to god in any way, not taking his guidelines seriously results in much unnecessary grief, believing the serpent is what made Adam's kids go through all this nonsense to begin with.

"yeah let's believe the serpent again, surely this time he's on our side"

well.. nope

Didn't work when he said science of good and evil would make us gods
won't work when he says he's god and god is the serpent, either

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windword #fundie

Sorry it took so long to get back to you with an answer. I wanted to make sure that I was not straying from the theme of the Essenes and their revile of the temple, believing that the Hebrew were following the wrong law, worshiping the wrong god and following the wrong calender.

Do I understand correctly that, because of the "atrocities," you believe that there were at least two gods? Yahweh and the "good" one? Because if the only god was evil, the game's over, one can't overcome a god, at least the way we define a god. (Unless you think a "good god" was created sometime after the "evil god." But can an evil god create good? I'm starting to get lost.)

Yahweh was not the only god and he wasn't even the greatest of the gods, but he wanted his people to think that.

The Song of Moses: Deuteronomy 32:

7 Remember the days of old;
consider the years of many generations;
ask your father, and he will show you,
your elders, and they will tell you.

8 When the Most High gave to the nations their inheritance,
when he divided mankind,
he fixed the borders of the peoples
according to the number of the sons of God.
9 But the LORD's portion is his people,
Jacob his allotted heritage.

According to the Dead Sea Scrolls "Most High" translates "El Elyon," the sons of God translates "Beni Elohim", literally "sons of god" and "LORD" translates "YHVH", "Yahweh". So what we see here is that the author of Deuteronomy considered El-Elyon to be a different god than YHVH, and that also that YHVH was just one of many gods. Perhaps he called "dibs" on Israel when nations were being handed out, or maybe he wasn't happy with his assignment.

The chapter follows with Yahweh finding "him" in the desert and caring for and nursing "him" until he got fat and spoiled. Then we see Yahweh devolve into frustration, rage, vengence and back to frustration.

10 “He found him in a desert land,
and in the howling waste of the wilderness;
he encircled him, he cared for him,
he kept him as the apple of his eye.

15 “But Jeshurun grew fat, and kicked;
you grew fat, stout, and sleek;
then he forsook God who made him
and scoffed at the Rock of his salvation.

23 “‘And I will heap disasters upon them;
I will spend my arrows on them;
24 they shall be wasted with hunger,
and devoured by plague
and poisonous pestilence;
I will send the teeth of beasts against them,
with the venom of things that crawl in the dust.
25 Outdoors the sword shall bereave,
and indoors terror,
for young man and woman alike,
the nursing child with the man of gray hairs.

26 I would have said, “I will cut them to pieces;
I will wipe them from human memory,”
27 had I not feared provocation by the enemy,
lest their adversaries should misunderstand,
lest they should say, “Our hand is triumphant,
it was not the Lord who did all this.”’

Here we see Yahweh set back in frustration. If he carries out is vengeful plan of wrath his enemies will think that they have done it, that they have won, and won't believe that his people's destruction was his (Yahweh's) plan, and they will claim victory over him.

Who are Yahweh's enemies? The other sons of God and their nations, IMHO.

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freedom7 #conspiracy

I've heard various theories on the " gangstalking " theme . One such theory that could answer your question as to how to accomplish such an elaborate scheme on targeted individuals is the belief that it is all run through a supercomputer , and the spirit realms essentially use agents ( who are in human form) who are connected to them via mind control , nano chips , spells etc ... it sounds bizarre, but some people really believe this . I will attach a link to a website I read on this topic soon.

Another theory is that instead of remote control killing the targeted individual . They are keeping them alive for a certain purpose they may have not revealed yet . Some have speculated the reasons range from A-Z and almost anything you can think of . I've heard that they keep some alive and constantly harass them because their victims are a part of a giant "game show" if you will , some say that it all boils down to money and some very sick elitist individuals actually pay top dollar to have this individual watched , harassed and surveilled 24/7.

I've also heard theories that the victims of this either come from very unique bloodlines , have very unique genetic makeup , high IQ's, and have very unique creative, intuitive or psychic abilities .. and thus can be kept alive and harassed until they break and can be turned and used as a government asset .

And there could just be a sadistic reason of wanting to make someone's life agonizing before they are killed for some sick form of pleasure.
I've heard many theories and though they sound bizarre I am convinced " gangstalking" is a real thing that happens daily . With the technology to spy on people now , it makes sense that top notch targets or persons of interest would be watched by those who seek to turn them , extort them , harass them , or murder them .

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Elementalist #conspiracy

It's true, we need to rethink about time rather concluding that it's a constant passing by, and we can calculate it with numbers.

If we have a stop watch, and time it for 1 minute. Every 1 second, for 60 seconds we wait until "1 minute of time has passed by".

Now let's look at that same scenario with a universal outlook.

If we have a human with a stop watch, and set that watch for 1 minute, that human will watch these numbers change until they match their expectations "60" symbol/digit.

The entire time that individual is staring at their stop watch; he is breathing at a different pace then his 1 second counts. His cells, organs, fluids, bacterias, and biological systems are reproducing, transiting, changing while he is observing.

The planet he is standing on is still in its constant motion in relation to its gravity lock with the sun and neighboring planets, whilst the star is in motion within its galaxy in relation to the other stars.

Where they galaxy is in motion in relation to their other galaxies, which are most probably orbiting their actual center or birth place of the universe itself.

So back to mister watching his watch.

So much actually was happening within each second that he was counting to 60. Including that which is most dominant in his reality, the planets, moons, stars, galaxies.

Now to not lose you; each constant that is simultaneously taking place, the stars, planets, galaxies, humans, weather, animals, insects.. everything that has motion...

Their indivudal constants, can be calculated at different "times". Thus, the universe does not operate as one constant clock, rather all these individual vessels (animals, humans, planets, moons, stars, galaxies etc) can be calculated in their own constants in relation to each other.

This proves time is an illusion. One consciousness trying to calculate motion in relation to itself and that other vessel or constant.

What is actually happening is more like matter moving through a fluidic field we coined as "space". All these vessels of matter are in in motion related to their size, gravity, and external influences like the other vessels of matter (other bodies, planets stars, galaxies).

To just conclude "yea this is time, the universe operates like that" is utterly ignorance at the most highest level when the topic is universal structure.

Time is the illusion given by matter within space, in constant motion in relation to its origin (center of universe, the cosmic womb) where it's moving away from. . .

And let's not forget the paradox of this reality we call life.

We are conscious entities living inside of a vessel that inside of a another body coined universe.

We are existing inside of something (biological vessel) that lives inside of something else (the universal body), while we perceive and experience outside of the vessel (our consciousness is internal, using 5 senses to experience external)

As if we have been birthed twice. Our species, then our individual bodies and identities.

This is a paradox and why our current understanding of time makes no sense to this Elementalist.

I feel 1000% positive that the rulers of this planet don't perceive or live time like watches and clocks, but have everyone else on that outdated structure.

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Skeptical Ed #conspiracy

UFOs Disguising As Stars!

Another thread was started discussing UFOs disguised as airplanes. My experience deals with UFOs disguised as stars.

It happened in the early 1980s when I was living in the Great San Fernando Valley, north of Los Angeles proper. Our 2-story apartment building had an outdoor pool which was lit at night but the deck was dark. We had chaise lounges and chairs all around the pool. One night I went down to the pool and reclined on a chaise lounge. I had my 7-15X zoom binoculars and I started scanning the sky when I noticed 3 bright stars in a vertical row, widely spaced. But there were other such rows although at greater distances and so I started to look away.

The moment I started to move my head I saw the top "star" haul off towards the south. A second or two later the middle "star" took off in the same direction. Then the third "star." I went upstairs right away and told my wife and eventually told some of my neighbors. Life went on and I eventually relegated the event to a back burner. I didn't return to the pool on the following nights as I was working at the Burbank NBC studios at night. I didn't hear of similar sightings until the '90s on emerging UFO forums such as PARANET and others.

Have you had a similar experience?

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Metallicus #conspiracy

Yes, I realize I will get slammed for posting this article disputing the climate agenda data, but I wanted to take the opportunity to post my view of what climate change is really about and that is control of the population by the elite.

I have always contended that the source data and subsequent conclusions drawn from it was altered or at the very least manipulated to support the globalist NWO agenda. I don't expect that anyone will change their mind on climate change, but with all the threads lately on global warming I wanted to start at least one thread with a counter argument.

People, this is about control and manipulation of us by globalists and nothing more. I realize you think science supports climate change, but it has been manipulated to show what they want you to see.

There are lies, damn lies and then there are statistics. At least ask yourself if you will be ceding your power and individual liberties to a global organization that supersedes political boundaries and sovereign nations. Maybe I see it because my freedom is so important to me or maybe I simply am willing to keep and open mind, but at least consider the possibility that you are being used by TPTB to promote their agenda of control.

Please don't give away your rights and sovereignty out of fear.

Okay, I'm may now begin bashing me.

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Sublimecraft #conspiracy

Even blind Freddy knows that information regarding the most secretive, enigmatic and greatest topic concerning mankind does not simply get "lost" - it gets "deliberately deleted" from public databases because the contents thereof have the potential to bring governments and global elite bloodlines to their knees when the citizens of the world finally realize we have been deliberately lied to by psychopathic megalomaniacs controlling the planet whom may have actually made a deal with some of the controllers of the "UFO's" to keep humanity dumbed-down to the reality of our existence on this god forsaken rock.

"And remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens and all of it is a lie." - Dr Carol Rosin, Disclosure Project.

The DIA should ask the FBI if they can get a copy of the lost files from Hillarys "private" server or just have the NSA hack into it like they do to other US citizens private stuff to see if she's got a copy.

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ImmortalLegend527 #conspiracy

The triangle flying alien space ship has never and was never a flying vehicle driven by aliens in a reverse engineering sophisticate UFO that fly’s beyond the speed of light.


Every Real sighting of the real Triangle shape entity, is the ‘all Seeing Eye of God’


I, this mystery woman, and maybe this video can help bring to light what the world is actually seeing. I will be the first to tell you, what is in the middle of the three energies that form the triangle shape…is nothing but another Universe.

In the middle of the triangle is nothing but billions of stars, all you can see is space. A ship has nothing to do with it, aliens do not ride inside, it has no reverse engineering there are not light, AND they are not engines and cloaking has nothing to do with this.

If I am right, every one on earth has actually at some point in their life, witnessed the all ‘Seeing Eye of God’ and if I am wrong well, floating around on earth is a REAL ‘Portable Portal that leads to another universe’ iml527

…Maybe that’s why the Bermuda triangle came into play in this world ?

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Profusion #conspiracy

Does Bernie Sanders have enough royal blood to be POTUS?

I would imagine everyone on this site is aware of the Most royal candidate theory.

It looks like if you're a Trump or a Clinton fan, you're in the clear:

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton revealed to be distant cousins as family trees show they share same set of royal ancestors

Could that be why they're the leaders after all?

The following article sums up something I've never seen discussed in detail about Sanders...his race:

As Bernie Sanders Makes History, Jews Wonder What It Means

Does Bernie Sanders have enough royal blood to be POTUS?

I've spent time researching it and I can't find any information about the royal blood of Bernie Sanders. As a proponent of the Most royal candidate theory I believe that may preclude him from having a chance at the White House. History does seem to indicate that after all.

Anyone have information on the royal blood of Bernie Sanders?

As a side note, Sanders seems to be acutely aware of the above:

1. He is not running against Hillary Clinton

“I’m not running against Hillary Clinton,” he said. “She’s a candidate, I’m a candidate, and I suspect that there will be other candidates. The people in this country will make their choice.” His socialist platform is “one that resonates” with the American people, and he believes he can effectively appeal to them no matter who his opponent is, or how large her war chest is. But, as he’s said, he’s engaged in “a real struggle against the billionaire class.”
6 Things You Need to Know About Bernie Sanders

Is the above a reference to how he is an outsider to the royal bloodline from which every POTUS has come? If so, he truly is attempting a revolution.

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AlienView #conspiracy

Aliens are taking over the Planet Earth

The following is posted as a theoretical possibility.

Here is the hypothetical theory. As Man thinks he is building more advanced computers through AI [artificial intelligence] and is relying more and more on what he believes to be his creation - He is in fact being deluded by an advanced Alien race who is actually taking full control of the inferior humanoid and training humans like the proverbial Pavlov Dog to respond to mechanical stimulus of machines [ie. computers, smart phones, etc.]. More and more people are interacting and responding to these machines without question and believe they are responding to the human will advanced through the machine; But in fact the intelligence that is actually creating the devices is not human and by the time man realizes this it will be too late - he will be completely controlled by an advanced Alien race.

Think it can't happen? Think you can turn off your computer or cell phone anytime you want? For now you can. But already much of the world's commerce and communication is controlled by computers. And if a subliminal programming was broadcast through coded computer code and was influencing the computers and your mind, are you sure you would be aware of it?

The Aliens don't need the type of physical hardware to conquer Man - They will do it through control of computers, the internet and a species [Man] not intelligent enough to realize he is being now manipulated and eventually enslaved. The New World Order may not be controlled by the humans you think are pulling the strings but rather by an advanced Alien race whose agendas you can only guess.

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Starfoxxx #conspiracy

[Re. Scalia's death]

It is obvious to EVERYONE not just the conspiracy 'nuts' something is not right.. What that pertains is Obama Cronie and friends had this guy off'ed. Their last challenge, or obstacle in the way... The family was either paid off, or they were threatened with their own lives.. No autopsy, pillow over the face, guy was healthy for a 79 year old.. Him saying he did not feel well points to some type of poison to pass him out, then the final blow, a 20ml injection of h2o introduced into his veins. Obama is evil so is Hillary, anyone that can not see that he was killed off is blind or have an iq below 60 these #ing politicians are SOCIOPATHS!!!

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Azureblue #conspiracy

I think enabling the little people like you and me, put stuff on the cloud will simply eventually lead to no other choice but cloud storage and all the while make surveillance by the state and or the corporate state, that much easier. Already we see corporates like Google become private regulators.

How long before someone like google gets prosecutory powers because you got some porn in your cloud strorage or you criticized a public figure on a forum like ATS?

The combined power cloud and copyright will certainly lead a loss of property ownership for the masses.

Do you reader, realise you soon won't own the shirt on your back because you don't own the copyright to it?
You will soon not own the TV you paid for because you don't own the copyright on the TV. John Deere tractors are activity considering this approach with farm tractors I have read on ATS.

Motor vehicle "owners" no longer own their cars because they are registered with govt and the 'owner' is now only noted on the paperwork as the keeper of the vehicle. Notice they do no use the word 'custodian' or 'posessor.'

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onequestion #conspiracy

Is the Cloud another step towards removing private ownership?

So you use to spend say $900 dollars on photoshop and you got s copy of it on a disc that's a complete program and now we have the creative cloud.

It seems like this is the continuation of moves towards removing private property in the United States. Look at what's happening by the BLM.

Putting us on a basic standard of living income will move us in that same direction. Does it seem like there is a major plan being executed with a goal of removing private property right?

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222mockingbirdlane #conspiracy

-I posted something similar in the past, but it was drowned in off topic posts supporting illegal immigrants. That isn't the point of the thread, it was intended to be about a government conspiracy regarding illegals. It seems relevant right now, with Trump showing up, wanting to deport them all. -

Why the U.S. rolls out the red carpet for illegal immigrants has been a mystery for years. It has brought down the economy and our school system. 60% of government subsidized housing is occupied by illegals and their anchor babies, but we practically usher them in. Just recently Obama told U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Agents to release illegal immigrants. Why would he say that?

America acts like we just want to help those in need, once they are here, we just can't turn them away. That makes no sense when we are In horrible debt, spending billions more on this issue... Including freeway expansions to make room for millions more people.

It has always been a mystery to me, why the government taxes us to death, but suddenly when it comes to illegals, they are all about charity and goodwill. I don't buy it. It seems with our government there has to be a greedy, alterior motive. With the amount of destruction it is taking on this country, just getting more democratic votes doesn't seem like a good enough reason.


Here is one more possibility:
The Microchip identification implant has been on the table for a long time and is an ultimate goal for our government. They have been ready implement it on us for 15 yrs. Needless to say, any mention of it to 90% of our average well informed, intelligent American citizen has been met with the reaction "No way, no one is injecting anything in me". The govt. realizes they will be met with great opposition if they try to force the implant on us, but they can't just let their plan go down the drain; absolute control and domination depend on it.

So... They began ushering in a ton of Guinea pigs from Mexico. The piggies are the most helpless, desperate members of our society, they will do ANYTHING to stay here and keep getting all their special treatment. They are fooled into believing they are sneaking in, and it is very important for the American citizens to also believe they are sneaking in. In reality, the cage door has been intentionally left open, and they are being lured in, just like the Hansel & Gretel story.

Now in comes outsider Trump, NOT with the agenda at all! Wants to send home all of the illegals we have collected, not to mention the Syrian refugees Obama is adding to the mix. It's scary to think what lengths they will go to to keep Trump from screwing up their plans, but in this "stranger than fiction" reality we live in, nothing would be shocking at this point.

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NowWhat #conspiracy

[Re. Female meteorologists]

They aren't actually human, they're ads.
For now they remain in digital form but in the near future they will be "in the flesh" and undetectable to the human eye.

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theyknowwhoyouare #conspiracy

[Re. the Planned Parenthood massacre]

The writing is on the wall, do you see it? Negative connotation is a strong tool in the war against dissent. They want your friends and family to stop trusting you. To be afraid of you. They want the general population to fear you.

I was curious about this article in many ways, the first time I read it they said he "avoided eye contact and had a cabin in the woods." Now that statement has changed to "he stashed food in the woods, avoided eye contact and warned neighbors about government spying.".

Obviously if you are concerned about government spying you are hiding something, right?

Why are we not talking about the other motivations involved? Why not talk about his religion? His political affiliations? etc?

Big brother is winning the war on our/general populations minds. We will soon be considered the next ISIS and re-educated. If you see something say something right?

I also find it funny that statements like these are spread out through incidents over time until it is something everyone starts to believe. They start amping the narrative up after the general population normalizes these behaviors with mass shootings. After the GP believes that we are all ticking time bombs we will be forced into mental health/evaluation programs. Those that cant be rehabilitated will be "fixed" or put on a registry. It will be sad to give up freedoms, but think of the children!

Our days are coming very soon, Big Brother is coming for us. They are going to use those we are trying to warn and protect against us. If you speak out against government you will be subjugated.

The war on information is being won.

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Skyfloating #conspiracy

Is Westboro Baptist Chruch a Mind Control Psy-Op?

After watching the 8-part series The most hated family in America I am wondering whether "Westboro Baptist Church" under the Phelps family is a covert psy-op or a secret mind-control / MKUltra cult. We know that there have been mind control experiments with other religious cults, most notoriously Jim Jones mass-suicide cult or, more recently, Heavens Gate. In the video series itself there are various hints that something is amiss. Here are a few:

* In one of the videos Fred Phelps claims that his church is "the ONLY church that teaches Gods word". Similar is claimed in a later video buy one of the members. This blanket insult at millions of other Christian churches should give you a hint that these people are either mentally ill or under some remote influence. I mean, we know that many ultra-fundamentalist Christians think that Christianity is the only true Religion, but to think that ones church is the only true church is more than just a little extreme.

* All phelps family members seem to have a lot of money, including those who are no longer members of the Church.This is odd since ultras and extremists normally dont have that much money. On the fringe of society nobody wants to give you money. It looked as if every family member sports their own SUV.

* The media are lashing on to these far-out-fringe loons as if they were representative of anything. In the movie its Louis Thereoux, but also other notables such as Michael Moore take "Westboro Baptist Church" as representative of what Religion is all about. Clearly walking around with Pickets saying "God Hates Fags" and "Fags eat Poop" is not what Religion is about. So what is the medias agenda with zooming in on these utter loons as if they were what the majority of religious people are like? If this is a Psy-Op then the goal here would be to increase the divide between the two already extremely conflicted ideological groups (left-wing/right-wing) in America.

* While it is true that there are parts of the Bible that forbid a Christian from having homosexual relationships, emphasizing and exaggerating this particular aspect of the Bible is a sign of either - again - mental illness, or some kind of unsound agenda. Most Christians I know would hold pickets saying "Jesus Loves You", not "God Hates Fags". In fact, quite a number of Christians are tolerant of Homosexuality. But their voices dont get heard in the media. In fact, the Westboro Baptist Church looks more like it was dreamed up as a caricature of an atheists biggest nightmare than anything resembling the normal decency and respect we know from Christians.

Of course I have no evidence that WBC is a secret psy-operation by some agency or rogue agency. Im only seeing the ripples of a stone cast long ago. Im only wondering who cast the stone. Im wondering if we, working together, can research and find evidence for strange ongoings in Westboro. Because there are a number of things seriously wrong with this case. How does a church get this insane? And why do all kinds of well-known journalists zoom in on it as if it represents anything? Its because of the medias cameras that these loons became known in the first place. Without the media they would be nothing. This is indeed how the mass-media manufactures controversy. Its so easy. You just point your camera at the most deranged idiot around and make it into something big.

I will be looking around for any further evidence that might point to what the thread title says and post it here as I find it.

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3n19m470 #conspiracy

[Referring to former Prime Minister of Grenada Eric Gairy and his alleged encounter with a dead alien]

Looks like another case of someone with Some clout experienced something crazy, but he wasn't part of the inner circle, so like any normal person, wanted to get this exposed and investigated, wouldn't keep his mouth shut, and so they had to engineer a "coup" to get him out of power. He was surely replaced by a more agenda friendly leader.

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trifecta #conspiracy

Not even close. My vision is 20-10, I can see at great distances and down to a spot of dust on an ant's thorax. What extra sensory I see, I can turn on and off at will. No headaches, sickness, or disability in any shape or form since I've achieved full activation. I even cleared up a hernia, minor tooth decay, and seasonal allergies to name a few for over two years now, without special diet or medical treatment.

Something tells me it's not a Retinal Migraine. If you noticed in an earlier post in this thread, I am far too familiar with eye conditions. I confess when I inadvertently started this gradual transformation, my first reaction was that of a hypochondriac, coupled with psychosomatic paranoia. My first life pursuit was that of an Electrical engineer. Acedemia trained this monkey strict adherence to the scientific method. What a twist of fate, right? With all this ostentatious and gaudy new age metaphysical garble spewing from my gullet.

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SPECULUM #conspiracy

Unwittingly Fingerprinted by Touch Screen Devices

With the Super Advancements in Touch Screen Technology, Software and their Applications, its really not out of the question that our Unscrupulous Spying Government, Hasn't forced or were even offered/Given Fingerprinting application for all Touch Screen Devices, to help in completing their Database Profiling Collections. And like Idiot's, we Unwittingly and Freely give them Greater Trespass of our Right To Privacy and Anonymity Via our Favorite Communication Devices.

They Already have Access to our Video, Audio, Tracking and Fantasies. Why not our Fingerprints, DNA, plus Retinal Scan Via our Personal Devices

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constant_thought #conspiracy

Theory about what is happening during these slurred speech "Mind Control Weapon" incidents

So we are seeing a lot of these incidents recently involving news reporters or talk show hosts having sudden bouts of slurred speech and complete confusion. Now let's suppose that this isn't a medical reason and it is indeed a targeted individual for some new advanced weaponry; how could it work?

After seeing this compilation of these "mind control" episodes, it is startlingly close to how people react when they hear their own voice played back to them with a second delay. It has the effect of confusing the brain into not being able to process information correctly and often causes the slurred speech which is a running theme of these "Mind Control" videos.

Take for instance Speech Jammer. Here is someone trying to read Dr. Seuss while using Speech Jammer

I know there is not a lot to go on here, but considering they have the technology to direct sound to an individual (LRAD Sound Cannon - A type of Sonic Weapon) I think it could be highly possible to use Live television to record and send a presenter's own voice back to them if they wanted. Why they would do this i am not so sure, perhaps it is still in testing.

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nOraKat #conspiracy

Most of us know how tightly controlled the media is - to the point that it is controlled word for word.

Many of us here have seen the videos where news anchor people from tens of different TV stations are saying the same script word for word.

So now when you see the major media broadcasting something which is the 'headline' - you can be sure there is an agenda.


In the recent drama unfolding between Russia, the USA and NATO, I take notice of some things. Like how conspicuous they make certain events.

The initial bombings of Iraq were never aired on TV. Nor did anyone hear about them. You know why? - Because they did not want anyone to hear about them, so nobody did. There was a media blackout on it. If you see something on TV, you can be sure - it's because they want you to know about it.

Now the recent events unfolding between Russia and the West (USA and NATO), first Crimea, then Syria..

Each event is announced and made conspicuous - made the center of attention in the media.

On TV, the video of the recent launching of the cruise missiles by the USSR into Syria were aired..

Now why in the world would Russian military provide a video for that? Ask yourselves that..

"We are now launching cruise missiles into Syria! We are the Russians!" .. here is the video.


..NATO announces on television - "Hey Russia, we do not want you launching missiles!"

... ooh conflict.

I guess they (NATO) could not just have communicated with Russia privately.. they had to announce it on television.

..and Russia could not just have launched the missiles without providing a video for the TV stations to air.


It reminds me of ideas from Buckminster Fuller's, book - Critical Path, which is that world power structures puppet what appear to be sovereign nations, to achieve particular goals.

Some events in the past reveal such realities. For example - link to The Cold War was a Fraud

It reminds me of president Eisenhower's speech warning us of the Military Industrial Complex.

You think they have gone away?

I think not..

It is only the biggest and most LUCRATIVE scam in history.

What is the scam? - You create a war and governments have to spend big on armaments. Then the governments borrow money from the banks to buy armaments. The banks earn interest on trillion dollar loans and the Military Industrial complex makes trillions on armaments. I would not be be surprised if the same people make money on both sides of the fence (Banking & Military Industry). There is nothing else on this planet that can compare to this magnitude of capital creation.

And simultaneously, they can cull some humans. Its a win, win!

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John_Rodger_Cornman #conspiracy

Couldn't TLunaticsTB just add in a gene altering retrovirus to common vaccines?

I mean it would make for the perfect cover. You think your body is reacting to the vaccine when its really reacting viral vector changing your DNA.
I don't know someone could easily piggyback a viral vector inside a normal vaccine without anyone noticing. We all know of the preservatives and the mercury in the vaccines but what about other things that can be loaded in them without them telling you.

We know the new world order has population control as a planned goal. Could they create a retrovirus that could when triggered cause the target to be totally sterile or sick?

This type of bio-weapon could be a truly insidious geopolitical coercion tool. Just prevent the enemy from reproducing and wait them out.

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LeeAndrewCox #conspiracy

Reptilians would only dominate using brute force if the information on alien lifeforms is to be correct, I have always considered the Greys as the dominant species as they are said to have superior intellect to many other known species including telepathy, including yours truly, so I assumed it would take more than brute force and bombs to control other species if we are talking about extremely advanced extraterrestrial species, unlike mankind's earth where all you need is the will to do what the other person will not and be in the possession of a weapon, besides I have always associated Greys with the disk shaped UFO's many people see in our skies anyway, if anybody can name the X-File episode where that couple In the car see the greys come over to check em out and then the red looking alien creature comes out of another ship, in that scene it's the greys that are the mischievous and the red reptilian looking alien is the benevolent one

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Willtell #conspiracy

I read where many UFOligist say there are basically 3 types of aliens beyond the hybrids: the grays, soldier worker bee types, reptile types and insectoids usually on board these UFOS.

They state that the insectoids and reptiles, usually much taller that the grays, are basically the bosses in the alien kingdom.

I always wondered what they based this conclusion on.

The way the UFO is run?

I wonder would an alien civilization decide what human group runs the world based on the configuration of who runs the space shuttle flights, or any other human space travel mission?

Isn’t it somewhat stupid to determine the hierarchy of alien civilizations based on who is in charge on a UFO…does that make any sense?

Isn’t it reasonably to conclude that if these aliens are so advanced then they could have sent robots on board these UFO’s to interface with earthlings and these grays, insectoids, and reptile like beings, who are described as very mechanical and in-human like beings, are basically a robot race of drones rather than the real powers behind this alien phenomenon.

Do we send presidents, generals, and powerful people on flights of our own space travel?


What makes us think that aliens would do any different and send to earth on these UFO’S important and powerful beings in their civilization hierarchy?

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thinline #conspiracy

Was the whole Bernie Sanders and the Black Lives Matter person jumping on stage a conspiracy? while not all political candidates have secret service protection, one would think that there would have been some security to stop someone from going on stage or to pull them off the stage. After seeing this, one would imagine that Sanders would have better security going forward, if this was a real event

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CB328 #conspiracy

One of the most compelling conspiracies to me is the Apollo Moon Missions. I have seen a lot of information on different theories of how or why they could be fake and here is my take on it. Granted some of these are circumstantial or opinonated, but as they say where there's smoke there's fire and with this much smoke there has to be a fire somewhere.

1. Moon landing tapes got erased, NASA admits

Lost and then recreated. Sorry, that's suspicious to me.

2. NASA Has Lost Hundreds of Its Moon Rocks, New Report Says

3. Why would they lose moon rocks? Maybe because they're fake?

Moon rock' given to Holland by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin is fake

4. Nasa didn't provide a feed of moon landing video, the news media had to film it from a TV screen! This is very suspicious to me, very controlling.

5. There are no flaws in the moon pictures. Going through radiation, heat and subzero temperatures yet the film all made it back in pristine condition? There aren't even some blurry pictures that you might expect. Extremely suspicious.

6. Dangerous stunts on the moon. Golfing, running, jumping on the moon? If you traveled to one of the deadliest places in the universe and the only thing keeping you alive was some layers of cloth and a helmet would you risk instant death by cavorting around like a 12 year old? Or a slower death by using up your oxygen? Not to mention most of the astronauts were ex military people who would be more serious and methodical than acting like buffoons.

7. Astronauts differing accounts of viewing stars from the moon.

8. Strange moon pictures. I am not a photographic expert, but it sure looks to me like the background and foreground on many of the pictures are two different pictures spliced together, or made with a backdrop, like Stanley Kubric is famous for using in 2001 a Space Odessey. In this picture you have the foreground, then you have a mountain in the background that looks like it was filmed from 50 or 100 miles away. Maybe it was, filmed from a probe and then that photo used as a backdrop in a studio? ,d.cGU&psig=AFQjCNERhRjC09ETpFNfWigoV14p4z0W3w&ust=1438527290960423

9. Disney has a giant moon surface set that the descent could have been filmed with. The capsule descent footage sure looks like a model to me. I can't find a link to this but I saw a video once of the huge moonscape with a camera boom in front of it for filming moon footage.

10. How did they travel at thousands of miles an hour to reach the moon, then slow down enough so that they could descend and land without flipping over, then after redocking speed back up to get back to earth in the same amount of time as the trip out when they had a giant Saturn rocket to get the up to speed?

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Illumina233 #conspiracy

Alex Jones is deliberately neurotic on air to discredit his followers

At one point Alex Jones could dissemble himself as an outspoken critic of globalism with good intentions. But now his erratic demeanor seems calculated to deter fair-minded people from taking him seriously. The level of credulity you would have to maintain throughout his half-witted ramblings seems insuperable for the average fair-minded person to subject themselves to. His alarmist proclamations and frequently botched predictions all undermine his legitimacy as a counter-cultural crusader. I suspect Alex Jones himself is either entirely neurotic without control of his mannerisms or a deliberate fraud foisted on unsuspecting lemmings to inculcate them with paranoiac ideations and acquiescence-inducing statements that seem to imply the elite are unassailable and intractable and that all action against them will be abortive and redound in failure. I cringe when I think that people like Ron Paul actually debase themselves enough to endure his maniacal ramblings and consent to interview such a deliberate henchman.

He is controlled media just as CNN or Fox News are controlled....and he poorly disguises himself as a real advocate against the new world order. He is impotent in his position...people should resort to more fair-minded commentary disabused of the paranoiac inculcations that make Alex Jones a staple.

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iamcreation #conspiracy

Malasian Airline MH370, Captain America: Winter Soldier Connection

I was going to post this a year ago but never got around to it but now since they might have found a piece of the plane it is relevant and might show where the rest of the plane is located. MH370 disappeared March 8, 2014 and The Winter Soldier opened April 4, 2014, so the plane was fresh in my mind. At 3:32 into the movie, bottom right corner words appear, Indian Ocean with co_ordinates Lat 16N 55'12.06" Long 72N 56'7.09". You have to change Lat From N to S and Long N to E.

I opened Google Earth and entered in co-ordinates Lat 16 55' 12.06" S Long 72 56' 7.09" E and got this:

It showed just East of the Maldives and Reunion Island. I did some Measurements from where the Australian search was, roughly 2200-2300 miles, and the co-ordinates from the movie are roughly the same distance from Kuala Lumpur.
So I bet they will find the plane close to those co-ordinates and one has to ask the question: How did the coordinates in the movie match where the plane might be found? Insider information or something else. Remember the Dark Knight and Sandy Hook......

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MAS370 was faked. If they found a plane, they were meant to find it.

Reasons why MAS370 never existed:

The model number for MAS370 doesn't exit. Boeing never built one. And it could not be a reconfiguration of a base model, as that would have to be issued by Boeing under aviation safety. According to Boeing's site. This model WAS NEVER BUILT!!!

If we were to assume that the plane configuration for MAS370, was a base model that IS listed on the Boeing website, then that model NEVER CAME OUT with the engines they claim were on MAS370.

So we have a plane that was never built, with engines that never came out on the base model for that plane.

Good so far.

Next, the flight (route) number designation for that plane was only created 2 days before the flight. The flight route does not exist. There is no official flight data for that flight number prior to days before the flight.

So a plane that was never build, with engines that never came out on the closest model that was built, flying on a flight number and route created days earlier especially for the crash!!!

Lastly, no mention of the fact that if you trace the serial number for this plane back, that it was actually one of two planes involved in an incident where it 'clipped the wing' of another Malaysian Airlines flight whilst taxing on the tarmac at an airport.

Anyone remember this???

Good luck finding anything about it on Google!!! They've all but made it 'vanish'.

They don't want anyone to realise that this is actually one of those two planes that clipped wings.

Why??? Besides it being a different model, with different engines, and different flight number designation and history???

Why indeed???

Why also, was the designation of the plane altered by the media at the time of the incident???

The first initial reports in the media about the plane were about MAS370. (M)ALAYSIAN (A)IRLINES (S)ERVICE, though this has been written up as SYSTEM. *Sigh*

MAS370, was then changed in the way it was written by the media to become MAS/MH370. And they used both for a little bit .. until ...

They then dropped the MAS to being only MH370. What does the H stand for? MH makes absolutely no sense as an acronym. The fact this was altered and adopted, is for the most ridiculous reasons you could ever believe.

MAS/SAM became MH/HM. To try convert SAM (The hidden name of God. Seriously, look up the meaning of the name SAM), to HER MAJESTY.

For one particular bitch, to try 'clip wings' with SAM to make MAS(SAM) ... they LOVE their reflections) into MH (HM).

The really stupid, and amusing thing about them trying to play this perception game, is that HM can also mean HIS MAJESTY, and therefore STILL REFERS TO SAMUEL/SAMAEL.

This was all faked. It never happened.

And any plane they find, was planted to be found or from another plane.

I had a remote viewing of this a week before it happened. There was nobody on-board the plane which flew a decoy flight pattern, and I could see a military jet escort off its left wing. Guess what sort of 'Coalition' jet it looked like???

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MerkabaMeditation #conspiracy

Tomorrow it is four years since the Utoya shootings where 69 people were killed by allegedly one shooter, Anders Breivik. No one has questioned this story in the MSM, even though eyewitness accounts describe two or even three shooters. In addition, many eyewitness claim that the shooter(s) videotaped the event, but Breivik has denied this and no camera was found on him or at Utoya.

Many of the eyewitnesses has sworn before a judge that they encountered a dark haired (Breivik is blond) shooter with nordic looks that may have spoken a Trondheim dialect (Breivik has a Oslo dialect), and that did not wear a police uniform like Breivik did. The second or third shooter also had a video camera, no camera was found on Breivik or on the island. Other eyewitnesses spoke of encountering the shooter while they at the same time hearing shots being fired from other places at the island.

Interview with witness that talks about three shooters:

Truck driver that claimed he heard several shots being fired at the same time from Utoya:

Transcript from local TV-station TV8 Buskerud above
Interviewer: What did you say? On Utoya there where?...
Truck driver: There were many people firing…More than one.
Interviewer: And you where at Vik? (On the mainland)
Truck driver: I was standing on the truck stop on the mainland. I heard more than one weapon at the same time.
Interviewer: That means that there were more than one shooter?
Truck driver: There had to be more than one shooter since I heard shots coming from different places on the island at the same time – it was very loud as the truck stop is just 300-400 meters (about 1000 feet) from the island.
Interviewer: If you had to guess, then how many shooters were there?
Truck driver: Two or three shooters, at least two.

Will we ever know the entire truth of what happened that day? Why would the MSM not talk about the second/three shooters? Where did the camera go, did one of the other shooters take it?

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Getsmart #conspiracy

Regarding the relationship between Cloned Royal Bloodlines into Movie Stars and Celebrities and the Alien Satanic Agenda for our planet, this news might help bring some insight to the subject.

There is a personality who is infamous among researchers into the Illuminati bloodlines and Satanic cults and black magic witchcraft covens. This name is improbable because it evokes the false and fabricated Hollywood image of a fragile and sensitive little girl, the girl next door.

Those in the know are not mistaken, and many witnesses place her at the very top of the Satanic Hierarchy in the United States, officiating as High Priestess in the national occult ritual ceremonies.

Some of you may have already guessed, but for others here it will come as a surprise: Shirley MacLaine.

She grew up in Arlington Virginia, the administrative capital of the American branch of the Illuminati. Their 'spiritual' capital is Pittsburgh where logically the last G20 conference was hosted, but the general public missed the Satanic worship ceremonies which no doubt took place after hours.

This highlights the origins of the extensive integration of the Illuminati Agenda into the NSA and CIA where there is considerable consanguinity between these organizations and their dedication to bringing forth Alien controlled Satanic rule of our planet.

Since we know that the Illuminati have been engaged in cloning Royal Bloodlines for Alien occupation purposes, we will not be surprised that she was cloned from such stock in such a prime predestined location. Her chosen bloodline was not anodyne. Her DNA donor was from the German stock of the Saxe-Coburg Saalfeld connected to most European Royal families.

Her bloodline was also of interesting importance because her elder sister Princess Juliane von Saxe Coburg Saalfeld married into the Romanov bloodline becoming becoming Grand Duchess Anna Feodorovna of Russia.

What is also significant is that by the token of her genetic heritage, Shirley MacLaine is the genetic ancestor of every current British Royal alive. For her predecessor's daughter was none other than Queen Victoria. Here we can see Shirley next to the Duchess of Kent with her daughter, a very young future Queen Victoria.

This grants Shirley MacLaine an innate predisposition to being demon possessed, as she attests herself to doing willfully for her acting roles and which she obviously also does on command when she incarnated the Devil during their Satanic rituals as acting High Priestess.

A demon possessed royal bloodline clone mind controlled by the Illuminati conditioning with CIA and NSA handlers, she has nonetheless come to grips with the higher agenda which she has loyally served over the years, pointing out from the safety of her Occult Authority status the Alien Identity of another actress during a ceremony.

Shirley MacLaine squeals on Meryl Streep's Alien possessed cloned impersonator

Many here in and the doppelgangers forum know that Meryl Streep was "disposed of" and replaced some time back. Now we know who did it and what purpose her replacement body is serving. You can ask about her here where folks are in the know about many many more celebrity replacements that you'd care to know about.

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Skyfloating #conspiracy

Throughout History, most scholars have agreed that the use of 666 in the Bible is the use of Gematria. This ancient way of communicating uses numbers to symbolize letters. The number 6 represents the letter v or w in Hebrew:

Without any interpretation or distortion whatsoever, 666 simply and clearly spells out www. Its no wonder that theologians, historians and researchers had no clue what www is supposed to refer to before the rise of the Internet in the 1990s. WWW stands for world wide web, for the Internet itself, for that medium by which the whole world has been entranced and hypnotized beyond redemption.

Lets read the biblical passage once more, now with the numbers spelled out:

It causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is WWW. - The Book of Revelation 13: 16-18

There is no reason whatsoever that every web-address need contain "www" or that the internet need be called "www". The Internet could have very simply be set up with any other combination of letters, such as mmm or xxx or aaa or abc or none of them at all. Why, of all possible options, choose "666"?

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PlanetXisHERE #conspiracy

Just a couple of quick points on my own take on cattle mutilations......

1. Forget about these as being from predators. Most of the stories/investigations/research in fact almost all begins with farmers and ranchers. I'm am not one but count many friends and relatives who are. They have seen many carcasses caused by all variations of coyotes, wild dogs, wolves, bears, cougars and occasionally people. They are used to these incidents and recognize them. They get freaked out when carcasses appear to be far from the norm, with things like small precision laser-like cuts, all blood drained from the body, no blood at all on the ground, only specific organs/glands removed, no tracks of any kind apart from the herd around the carcass, and others MM mentioned above.

2. There is evidence of these mutilations going back many decades, even before 1900.

3. It appears army equipment has been deliberately left behind at some sites to confuse the issue.

4. At most times cows can be bought fairly cheaply, so for the army or some corporation to divert personnel and obtain specialized equipment such as medium lift helicopters and partake in illegal activity just to steal and especially RETURN cows just does not make sense in any way. There can be no logical sense in any economic or any other way for it. If they want to test for mad cow they can just go to any ranch any time and take samples, practically, if they have some decent cause for suspicion. Anyway, many of these cases happened in the 1960's and 1970's before anyone had heard of mad cow or at least before people started worrying about it. The only reason the army would have to do it would be to discredit genuine ET mutilations, thus I believe both have happened, but probably more of the latter.

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RectusNine #conspiracy

I've noticed a bunch of timeline shifts recently, including the Australia/New Zealand thing. One shift I've noticed, that is a very small, but noticeable change is that I remember the sun being much yellower and more mellow when I was younger. One day, in about the mid-nineties, when I was at the outdoor pool I noticed that the sun seemed very bright and much whiter than usual. I've heard of some people having similar experiences. So, does anybody else remember the sun being more yellow and less bright? And maybe even slightly larger than it is now?

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CrazyRaccoon #conspiracy

According to all those videos on youtube and Michio Kaku.... anti gravity is easier to manufacture than previously thought...for christ sake if people can explain with a very well presentation why couldn't NASA or some other source create an anti-gravity generator which can be used as a propulsion system?

I think that's what they are hiding at Area 51 or some other secret base that no has ever heard and also that would probably explain the UFO sightings...

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Aliensun #conspiracy

About twenty others and I witnessed a triangle in 1998 moving over Laramie, Wyoming, at night. It was a huge craft, bigger and thicker than a 747, moving slow and silently at about 2 thousand feet with immense strobe lights flashing in random sequence. It was videoed with a 8mm camcorder and in view for a full 20 minutes as it move toward cheyenne.

Many of us believe that the triangles are secret devices--don't call them aircraft--that have been back-engineered from genuine alien UFOs. I've said elsewhere on ATS as recently as yesterday, they are the greatest development in transportation since the invention of the wheel. Not to mention that they would be a prime war weapon and space vehicle all rolled into one. They are the prime reason why there never was a serious replacement for the space shuttle.

Their development undoubtedly has taken billions and billions if not a trillion of dollars secretly from the US taxpayer via black funds. And yet we press on with spending on conventional aircraft and aerospace projects. The Russians and the Chinese intelligence agencies surely know about the triangles after their being in use for over two decades. So why are they kept secret? Because the triangles are a direct link to the physics of the alien UFOs long denied, and the public is ill-prepared for such revelations at this time and must be protected from making that obvious connection. So they remain secret.

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rkingpin #conspiracy

The sun is a black hole

Here is a theory which may or may not hold any truth.

Most things have an opposit or pair in nature, which creates a balance, which nature seems to like.

So light has dark, left has right,

The sun can be opposite end of a blackhole, so all the energy that is sucked into a black hole is then fed into the sun that then pours the energy out via, light, heat, radiation etc..

Now if the universe has another universe as a pair (parallel universe) a bright sun in our universe will present as a blackhole in the other universe. The other theory is that a sun and black black hole can be seperated by millions of miles but be conected via a breach in space/time so you can travel into a black hole in one solar system and then pop out of a sun in another solar system. Obv the craft would need sufficient speed and protection to do this if possible at all.

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soficrow #conspiracy

Much effort has gone into the naming of names of the secret cabal - here on ATS and thoughout history. The list usually starts with the Rothschilds and moving on, ends with the Kochs, Buffet and Soros.

Even conspiracy noobs know the ancient Pharoahs, Kings and Emperors weren’t the real rulers, and that our Presidents and Prime Ministers are just puppets. There always were, and are, bankers behind the thrones. The scheme is as simple as it is ancient: bankers finance the public rulers through famines and floods, get them into wars and profit by lending to both sides. And the bankers always come out ahead. And the wealth builds through the generations.

Many (if not most) of the banker families kept their money and power in the family through the ages, but they had a big problem. Their bloodlines didn’t always “breed true.” Every so often some idiot son would inherit and lose the family fortune. The lesson was not lost.

Billions were spent on the search for immortality, to no avail. Finally, some genius figured it out - they needed to create an immortal systemto preserve their wealth while they searched for the elusive “elixir of life.” Enter the corporation.

It took a while, but it worked. Corporations now are legal persons throughout the world - they have economic and political power equaling or surpassing that of nations, but with neither the weaknesses of living persons, nor the constraints of governments. Even better, corporations have no allegiances, and no responsibilities to the people of the world. Their only commitment, under international law, is to profit - and they are best described as “psychopaths.” Meanwhile, people are no longer people. We are just “consumers.” Done.

10 COMPANIES that CONTROL the WORLDS FOOD SUPPLY - These Mega Corporations Control What You Eat

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BELIEVERpriest #fundie

I just recieved an email from a fellow Christian who is blessed with the gift of prophetic dreams and visions. For some reason, I have a unique ability to interpret those dreams/visions, and they have corroborated my conclusion that the Rapture will happen 1,365 days (5x273 see Num 3:50) after 12/21/2012. Know that when Jesus said "no man knows the day or hour...", He was talking about His return to shorten the Tribulation, not the Rapture.

The vision in the email involved trees burning in a fire, and it was delivered on 1/30/2015. In the OT, trees represent Nations and fire represents conflict and consumption. The next day, a vision was given that indicated more blood will be spilt as global conflicts worsen.

Starting from 12/21/2012, counting every 273 days for 5 cycles, the dates I have been and will be watching are:
1) 9/20/2013
2) 6/20/2015
3) 3/20/2015 (Moon blacks out the sun on Vernal Equinox)
4) 12/18/2015
5) 9/16/2016 (Rapture)

To put it simply, the vision of the burning trees was given on 1/30/2015. Then, 49 days later, it is the last day of the Hebrew year (not the first) on 3/20/2015. Then, one day later (49+1 as in Jubilee), is the first day of the Hebrew year on 3/21/2015. Will this be world war? Will it simply be an increase in conflict and blood spilling? Will the USA get further involved in one or more wars? I simply dont know, but it does appear that we are heading that way.

I dont subscribe to the "Lunar tetrad theory", but the Solar Eclipse of 3/20/2015 does cross paths with my calculations, so what does it signify. If the Sun represents Christ as the Groom, and the Moon reflects the glory of Sun (as the bride reflects the grooms glory), then the up coming violence will be a result of the Church's failure to glorify Christ. Rather than glorifying Christ, the Church has fallen asleep and is obsuring the glory of the groom, as the moon blocks out the sun.

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Bluesma #conspiracy

I'll admit to it. I have been in contact with other "abductees" that had the same visions shown to them.

Not saying I believe anything like that will happen....... but I was told to move to higher ground and be capable of sustaining myself (and my family). My husband saw similar things, but didn't tell me right away. This influenced our decision to move and buy a home at a high altitude, and we both became closet survivalists (the day we revealed this to each other was humorous! We'd been separately stocking different caves)

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borntowatch #fundie

Who is funding IS, did you say Christians are?
I cant find the link or report.
I would be interested to see it.

Also as an atheist , they have no hope in an afterlife, Christians have every hope in God there is a difference.
Christians dont value their lives like atheists do, our hope is not here, its not this life.

and yes we do welcome the apocalypse, the return of Jesus, justice, redemption and peace. Its sad some haven't chosen a relationship with God but thats a choice.

The cloud doesnt have a silver lining, it has the promise of God, just because this life is all you have that doesnt mean we all have to be like you.

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kiwasabi #conspiracy

Hey everyone. I hope it's OK if I post this in this sub-forum, the ancient civilizations one may not like me posting about alien stuff in there.

I've been trying to find out more about the man Quetzalcoatl. According to history, the man Quetzalcoatl lived from 843 AD to 895 AD, dying at 52 years old. But according to Billy Meier's Contact 55 (see below), Quetzalcoatl fled America to return to Egypt (where he came from originally) after having his people turned against him.

Does anyone have any idea what names Quetzalcoatl might have had in Egypt when he lived (843-895 AD)? According to Billy, Quetzalcoatl was an extraterrestrial from Egypt who was given the mission to stop human sacrifice in Central and South America. It was also said that he fled back to Egypt later on. One of the legends of Quetzalcoatl is that he set sail out onto the sea heading East, and that he ignited himself into a large ball of fire and Venus lit up from it. What if this was just their interpretation of him flying away in his spaceship?

I'm also curious what is known about the ETs that operated and controlled ancient Egypt? What races/factions did they belong to? Any idea which one Quetzalcoatl might have belonged to? Some people have made connections to the Sumerian God Ningishzidda (son of Enki) and the Egyptian God Thoth, but this would have to be linked to the deity of Quetzalcoatl, not the man since those people existed around 3000 BC. I found 1 or 2 Egyptian Goddesses linked to the feathered serpent, one being Nefertari, who was a wife of Ramesses II. But again that is much too early, 1200-1300 BC. Really I'm just trying to figure out what happened to Quetzalcoatl really, if he actually died in America, if he left and died in Egypt, or if he actually left Earth entirely.

You'll notice in the question below that Semjase never actually said that Quetzalcoatl wasn't a Plejaran, he just said he wasn't directly related to Quetzal (one of Billy's contacts). This may be careful wording to not reveal sensitive information about other Plejaran missions on Earth. In a separate question below, it is said that the Plejarans had face-to-face contact with Quetzalcoatl at one point. Based on the legends, Quetzalcoatl was a white man with blonde or golden hair, with a beard, blue eyes, and was tall. Does this not match the Plejarans almost perfectly? What other ETs were on Earth around that time that match his description?

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AnuTyr #conspiracy

[Was there really an advanced race living before the ice age?]

Your not gunna get a straight answer because no one really knows. Based on my experience if the aliens i saw created us then after society fell people would of been to terrorfied to reintergrate into the system. They can shapeshift into different animals, But the purpose of these animal shapeshifting like rituals held by many civilizations in my theory all stem back to that power humanity wants back.

My theory on this is that humans were made in order to replenish a species that cannot reproduce because they are made of energy and do not have organs. So they have to create a precurser. A species identical or similar to what they looked like before. My best guess is why the references of energy beings in the bible connected with God As well as God himself who is an energy being. In the bible it says spirit instead of Energy. Similar to how heavens is meant to mean space. However the term space was not developed back then. The same as Dinosaurs, They called all dinosaur bones dragon bones.

Anyways, That's my best guess lol. We were attacked because the species that created us colonizes intergalatically. And some other species that is dwelling in the milkyway took notice and tried to wipe us out.
But the species that created us prevented it. And they destroyed many ships. It will and has taken the other species a while to rebuilt their fleets but my belief is that they are back and we should anticipate another attack soon. This is why humanity is having it's technology boosted dramatically and why Nichola Testlas was born in the specific time he was in order to dawn this age we are in today.

I think all the mass abductions going on are the E.T trying to clone us and prob our weaknesses. Like in the movie independance day.

I think the media reveals quite a bit. But again those are all just assumptions. I do know however the shapeshifting creatures have been here for quite some time. And they are distinct because they are phantom like.

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jtiest #conspiracy

There are several levels of alien mind control - parasitic, control, voyeuristic, creative/manipulative, integrative. All of these elements combine and manifest NOT through universal conduits, but through these transdimensional biological clone entities [structurally speaking, although they do not "exist" biologically"]. Imagine instead a giant leech attached to your head, but genetically designed and transdimensional, or the way a tree is rooted into rich soil.

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MKMoniker #conspiracy

Did Team Obama order three nukes detonated in the U.S. last year, to "create" a disaster/catastrophe so TO could start implementing their many Executive Orders? All of which added up to martial law of the whole country? Thankfully, some very brave military officers disobeyed Obama's illegal orders, and ditched/detonated the nukes safely away from people.
Obama ordered 3 nukes be transported in a major breach of protocol and safety regulations, with the intent to set off the three nukes to devastate all computer systems in the continental U.S., and throw America into total chaos.

2 Army Generals and 1 Navy Admiral reportedly took it upon themselves to stop the plan. The Admiral took one nuke several hundred miles off South Carolina and detonated it deep in the ocean. The 2 Army Generals made the other couple nukes disappear harmlessly too. All three have been fired.

Could these be the recently-fired officers?
Major General Michael Carey and Vice Admiral Tim Giardina were fired within days of each other.
Same story, with more obscure details. Fired for "alleged personal misbehavior"?

There were also media stories about how Major General Michael Carey was really fired because he'd been a "drunken boor" in Moscow last summer. And that he's not really fired from the Air Force Space Command, but is now an assistant to who ever's running the AFSC.

Problem is, this story came out of Associated Press - and there is nothing on the AFSC's website about this story! OR about his retention as an "assistant."

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InSatanIsisServes #conspiracy

I have reason to believe ISIS is apersonal project of british Satanist David Myatt. Myatt is the man behind the Order of Nine Angles, one of the most notorious Satanic sects, who condone human sacrifice and "culling of the mundanes (non-Satanic persons)"

Myatt has at various times been an influencial member of the Neo-Nazi, Satanic and Islamic community.

From the 70s through the 90s he was a member of Neo-Nazi groups including Column 88 and Combat 18, a paramilitary organization. His book "A Practical Guide to Aryan Revolution" is belived to be the inspiration for the london nail bombings of 1999, carried out by his associate David Copeland.

After 3 decades of Neo Nazi, Nationalist and National Socialist involvement, Myatt suddenly converted to Islam shortly after the September 11th attacks.

His intelligence and devotion quickly made him a respected member of influential Islamist forums. Posting as Abdul Aziz, and later Abdul Aziz ibn Myatt, his posts advocated a return to a more strict adherence to Quaranic scripture. He also praised Osama bin Laden and his essay defending the use of suicide bombing in Jihad was featured of the website of the militant branch of Hamas for years. One of his ideas was that there is no way to practice true Islam without a Caliphate. This has since become the central idea to the organization now commonly referred to as ISIS.

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LotToTell2 #conspiracy

Army of shills have taken over French German UK and American sites. SAVE YOURSELF. Don't participate in these games, they will drive you insane,

You will not be able to win against waves and waves of MSM articles, shills, false flags,

They came up with theory that Putin has cancer, it didn't stick, then Autism, few days ago MSM was promoting a theory that Putin stole the missing Malaysian plane. They said Putin stole Super Bowl ring too.

Now they are saying opposition guy killed in Russia said a month ago he is afraid Putin will kill him. As if CIA wasn't aware of what he said in that interview

He gave them the idea by saying he fears Putin will kill him

They killed an innocent person to again smear Putin

Same people who gave us 9/11

Save yourself. Just start preparing for the war

It is coming

They won't let Russia and China go, this will keep escalating

Western bankers and their Pentagon NATO little soldiers want war because they honestly believe they can win it. So do their shills on the internet, just that shills don have ticket to underground bunkers, I don't know if the poor saps realize that

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Grifter42 #conspiracy

Jim Jones was framed, and the CIA caused the suicide at Jonestown

I've listened to the tapes that were kept VERY meticulously by the FBI.

Now, for one thing, the FBI doesn't keep records on normal people. It keeps them on revolutionaries, threats to the status quo.

I was curious about this man, this preacher who has been claimed to be the devil himself, a mass murderer.

The tapes were inspiring. Uplifting. Equalizing.

If anyone wants an example of what he said, what he told the truth on, here's a tape that changed my view on him.

It's from the alternative considerations on the Jonestown situation. And this is about things very relevant today. Corruption in religion, corruption in the government, sinister organizations designed to divide us, and it makes sense. It rings true.

Maybe I'm a kool-aid drinker. Maybe I'm not.

But it's common knowledge that J. Edgar Hoover sent letters to Martin King, one of the greatest liberators of our American land and country, telling a hero to commit suicide, because he was a COMMUNIST. A commie! Watch out for them Commies, folks!

Jones was a communist. That's a fact. His Philadelphia organization was based on principles of sharing, equality.

His Guyana organization was designed to get away from the fascist politics and Kent State-Richard Nixon-Corporate-Fascistic government that won out the battle. Jones is gone, but his message was not of evil.

If, and IF he killed himself, it was a Masada situation, where it was necessary. The Government set up Leo Ryan.

Leo Ryan was investigating the CIA, and then a little while later, a few members of a shill far-right organization sent a little letter to his desk calling Jones a madman, and Jonestown a fraud.

Ryan was a good man so he investigated.

He investigated, and was shot by one of the few survivors of Jonestown, a man named Larry Layton. Layton was the son of a man named Doc Laurence Layton, head of a biological and chemical research program. So they spared him. He was a plant. He served time in a cushy prison.

Coincidentally, another of ol' CIA army Papa Doc Layton's judas children survived as well. Deborah Layton. Heck, she even wrote a book on it, made a ton of money. Made all sorts of claims.

Liar. Liar, liar, liar.

This reeks to high heaven. Listen to the tapes, and you'll realize this isn't an evil man, but one who really truly cared.

You can listen to him for yourself, and you'll see. The gestap-... I mean FBI.. kept meticulous records as all KGB, FBI, CIA, and all other types of those sorts of organizations kept.

Don't listen to the death tape, it's not something that I can say to truly be authentic. Some folks believe they faked the moon landing? Well, a voice recording is much easier.

They were murdered, but not by Jones. He was a man who truly knew the climate of the U.S.A.

If he had been left alone, Jonestown would be a paradise by now.

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jimnuggits #conspiracy

That's right, brothers and sisters, I am here on ATS to steer you to the awful truth about our feline 'friends.' They are biological transmitters working as spies for our Alien Overlords. Take these facts into account and reach your own conclusion... Beware, what you are about to read will forever change the way you see these minions of our extraterrestrial oppressors.

1. There is no documentation before Ancient Egypt that mentions the existence of Cats, and IN Ancient Egypt, they are worshipped as Gifts from The Gods.

2. Science is baffled by a cat's purr, and cannot determine how the sound is produced. (Feedback, much?)

3. If you hold a cat's ears back and describe what you see, it is a perfect match to the classic 'Grey'. Almond shaped eyes, small mouth, small nose.

Freaked out yet? How about these:

4. A cat can see exponentially better than you. Making it appear that it must be more advanced evolutionarily speaking. How?

5. Ever watch a cat wake from a deep sleep and run out of the room in an instant? Transmissions from the mothership coming in, and must be alone.

6. All things that come out of cats are totally unnatural. (Not of this earth.)

Still not convinced? I got a few more for the more skeptical among you:

7. Cats survive situations that any Earthbound animal would surely perish in. How can a cat fall out of a four story building backwards, and land on its feet? (Anti gravity properties)

8. If you die, your cats will eat you. Not really a link between cats and Aliens, but still pretty creepy.

9. Ever wake up and your cat was sitting on your chest, staring at you? Taking your will not to do their bidding and dreaming of the day their Alien handlers once again fit you for your yolk and chains.

You have been warned, intrepid ATS'ers...

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Peeple #conspiracy

I appologise, this is going to be a lot of cross referencing throughout ATS. I got the idea from this thread:greys In it people are talking about the physiology of the greys like they are common knowledge and it made me think: How can these abductions and grey visits be almost entirely only happen in the USofA? Please follw me here:Roswell for Dummies
What if, there was a crashed craft and the militaries experimented on them, only to be contacted, by the creators/owners/grey-people. After that, they sold out the population to these beings, for free experimentation and breeding and what not. In exchange for technology. Not too much, after all they were already in depths, or that's how an advanced not so benevolent race would have putted it.

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luxordelphi #conspiracy

Looking up today I noticed that the sky is gray-blue. It also looks kind of flat, without depth, and opaque, hard to see through.

Initially it seems kind of bizarre that anyone would want to create a fake sky but there are fake plastic trees all over the world and that had to seem kind of strange in the beginning too. (And for a lot of us it still does seem strange.)

So if someone wanted a fake blue sky, could it be done? Well, yeah, I mean if we can create fake clouds from jet emissions, why not just fake the entire sky and do away with the chemtrails or continue with them behind the fake sky?

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learnatic #conspiracy

Young kids don't have 'imaginary' friends, they are real. Young kids can see what we cant because they still have the power to see into the astral world, the next world where we come from. They can see into the astral plane because they have not yet become tainted by us. We adults 'teach' kids to not believe in 'imaginary friends' and the astral plane which causes them to loose their belief and therefore their ability to see into the astral plane and talk to people they see.

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smallpeeps #fundie

mopusvindictus is right but people's minds are too soft for truth.

Gay males = gross when you get down to it. But also, women will get up to some sick stuff as well, as has been mentioned. Body fluids and ejecta will always fascinate people and yes, extremeism is a goal in itself for both men and women.

I am completely in love with the idea of a temple arrangement where men can go and observe a female orgy. Why not? Sounds delightful, and also it allows men to get aroused by female bodies and to gain a desire for what is right (as opposed to males who get preyed upon by other males and then have no ROUTE to learn about females!) ...There is a lot of sexual vampirism in gay male society, more than other dynamics I'd say. But this force which aligns males toward males is defused and rendered less powerful when female sexuality is openly displayed and available to such men. I think a lot of gay males wish women weren't such bitches, which society DOES encourage them toward being.

We are all hurting each other, in truth, but I believe more gay males would convert to the winning team if they could just have an environment where they could get close to the yumminess of the female. Since they get punked and played by this modern-day female, it's no shock that they hook up to feel emotionally loved. Women are not easy to understand sometimes and these men feel overwhlemed with emotions but have no outlet because the females are similarly emotionally stunted like everyone in today's world.

As for lipstick lesbians, I am all for it. Without lipstick: That's fine too.

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CosmicCitizen #conspiracy

If you look at the Duchess of Cornwall (Kate Middleton) when she and Prince William presented their son to the media you will notice that a) she still appears to be fully pregnant (faux prego belly?), b) she did not appear to gain weight in her pregnancy and c) in the presentation of the baby Prince William implied (24 hrs post birth) that this was the first time that they really got to see the baby and that they had some "catching up" to do. IF this is true that they faked the pregnancy to cover for a surrogate mother then the question is WHY? First, one of the parents could be sterile, Second, since Kate was a commoner they may have wanted the mother to be of royal (and/or illuminati blood), Third, the birth date (7/22) was important and would have probably required a C Section to be exact (1:30 probability if it was +/- 2 weeks from the due date...assuming conception date at the correct time for a 7/22 birth date) and the Duchess of Cornwall may have not consented to that plan. The 7/22 date is important for several reasons and may have been requested by the Illuminati. A) Full Moon, B) Sun entering Leo, C) Mars-Jupiter Conjunction (war planet - king planet). In addition there is some numerology with the birth date (7/22) and the wedding date (4/29). Adding the months: 4 + 7 = 11, A Master Number (double 1). Adding the days: 2 + 9 = 11 and add that to 22 (a master number so no further reduction) = 33, the highest degree in Masonry.

If this is true then perhaps we should revisit the alleged suicide by the ob-gyn nurse last December (the one that was distraught after getting caught up in a hoax phone call to the ward). Could the nurse have known something and threatened to talk and thus was silenced?

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OrionsGem #conspiracy

I have always had this inner gut feeling that aliens are secretly extracting and harvesting our blood on a regular basis. Sounds crazy right?? Well maybe not so crazy after all...

Lets take a look at some alien/ufo encounters in which the victims clearly felt that the aliens were extracting blood from them while they were paralyzed in their own homes...

Please pay special attention to what is said between the 9 and 10 minute mark on this video. Encounters with lights, that apparently were able to extract blood without taking their human victims aboard. The UFOs seemed to teleport the victims blood right out of their bodies!!

( I recommend watching the full video if you have not seen it, the south american ufo attacks presented are scary to say the least)

Now it has always been my suspicion that some health conditions may be related to this, especiually ones that researchers still havent been able to find causes for namely CFS and Fibromyalgia.

Think about Chronic Fatigue many people have it lately.

Every single symptom of CFS is identical to symptoms of blood loss and low blood levels.

What a perfect species to harvest! Us humans constantly produce and replenish blood!

Which the aliens regularly extract at night while we sleep leaving us waking up feeling unrefreshed, tired, groggy...think about it people!

During many abduction reports and regression sessions, the abductees report the greys referring to humans as containers....but of what? BLOOD of course!!

This may all be done with humans not even noticing the abduction, even in broad daylight.

Like I said this has been a gut feeling of mine lately, that the ETs have advanced far enough to be able to harvest our bodily fluids, namely blood and other proteins or naturally occurring chemicals in our body without us even noticing.

One abduction researcher (i forget his name) stated that they are now advanced enough to abduct someone in their kitchen, in the middle of the day, and bring them back without the victim skipping a beat, never noticing the slightest thing..

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mopusvindictus #fundie

1 Reason...

Male homosexuality leads to a disgusting deplorable society in time and women are instinctually aware of that, Female homosexuality leads to... nothing particularly tragic for everyone else.

Before you all bash my brains in just listen and really think about it.

A: Disease

Women barely ever spread STD's to each other... it's that damn garden hose of our spewing stuff all over...

okay, the only thing that keeps Men in check from a constant desire to
Mate is the sanity of women and their avoidance of the topic... (being particular about who they shag)

Left alone Men screw constantly and with far more partners


But go to a gay nightclub... combine Meth or even Booze with a male sex drive unrestrained it gets Raunchy... some guys keep Hundreds of partners... That's a recipe for Disease

If your wife has sex with a woman are you at risk... no, but your husband gets buggered by a man... are you at risk... hell Yeah you are...of DEATH

Not a turn on

Then there's ANAL... your going to draw Blood in small amounts every time 2 men do it...

Not good to avoid disease

Women tend to be clean and care for themselves more... the risks of Male gay behavior...disease, many partners, involving the Poop Hole... just not a turn on for women, risk, huge risks

Before you bash me...

I was going to the Empire State building with my class when I was 8

There I saw my First Homosexual Male...1978, Gay Orgy Club time pre Aids...

Man wore a shirt on line that said:

"500 Man Fisting party"

Okay NOT HOT to a Chick... guy took 500 fists up his rear end...

That is men left alone with unrestrained sex... NOT GOOD

B: Sexual Reality

Men... despite all bravado and desire... limited sex drive built in chemical process to make us pass out

Women need... more sex, men we burn out

Your man having a Man in his life means... exhaustion, you get nada from either guy, less not more

A woman...when they wear a Guy out... keep going together, it's good sex for HER

Unless 2 guys were focused on her, not each other, she's going to end up with 2 passed out chumps instead of one

Remember... guys sexual peak is 20 Women 35

By the time your that age... man have to work at it to keep up, especially if she has had a couple of babies, giving her the orgasm flow when she is peaked out at my age is not as easy as it is when a girl is 19 and it's all new and your at no 1 position...

There is no viable sex life for a guy exhausting himself with men...

so women are

at risk

and have nothing to gain sexually

So they don't like to think of their guys going Gay

Even more

Gay Men can get sex when ever they want just like women... The world exists on Men doing WORK to impress Women...

Men start Gaying out like Women can just play... they don't need Women so much do they?

Nor do they need to advance much from, waiting tables or painting...

Not much a Womans agenda to take risks with men leaving their position of Financial Bondage is there?

Lets also add cleanliness

Some women might find the thought or image of one Man dominating another Hot

But when 2 women have se it ends in a hot sexy orgasm

2 Men... the ending can be...urrr Grotesque

Not to be graphic but when the last sight you see when your husband or lover cums with a man... might be an explosive organic Enema of a result on your bed sheets

It probably goes from Hot to Not in an instant for most women...

Things like crying in pain from rectal taring, or a giant scat moment just... isn't the same as a beautiful woman orgasming in the Clean and non Bed sheet ruining manner they do...

Lets just bring it back to "The 500 Man Fisting party Guy"

Man..can be damn disgusting... period, it's almost a favor to us that women sleep with some of us at all... Gay sex isn't Hot to Women Mostly
Worst you get from Lesbianism is a Lady with a pack of Marlboro's and a Flannel

Gay guys bring us Drag Queens and Parades and Orgies and ...yeah Diseases and non productivity and allot of social ills

A woman is just at Extreme risk if her Man is Bi on allot of levels...

The same just doesn't apply in the opposite direction... it's FAR from a double standard, there are real reasons one is hot to one sex but not the other

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ImDaMan #conspiracy

1. It seems kind of odd, that Foley was just kneeling there; in a "brave and ready" position. No fight, no struggle??? Yeah, sure!
2. Where was the blood? Saw more during the OJ psy-op.
3. What's with the prepared speech?
4. Why is the "terrorist" using a plastic knife? lmfao
5. Why can't i stop laughing at this Psy-op?

Also, what's with the grins, his family seems to be sporting; during this interview, where the picture falls off the wall, in the studio they filmed this in? Oops that wasn't supposed to happen. It reminded me, of when the 3rd building fell, during 9-11; and they were broadcasting it, before it actually collapsed. Remember that one? lol

I'm not sure if the PTB are purposefully making these errors; are getting sloppy with their work; or if i'm just so awake, i see right through the b.s. Either way, NOT BUYING IT. Anyone that does, is rather naive!!! We live in the days of deception, like never before. I hope you realize, understand, and NEVER forget that. EVERYONE, on TV, is part of the deception.

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Heike #conspiracy

1) There are other dimensions/universes which are not so much separated from ours by conventional physical space as they are by something else. Think for example of the light spectrum. The visible light you can see is only one part of the spectrum; IR and UV light also exist at the same place and time, but are not visible to you.

2) It is possible for doorways, portals, or 'rips' to occur which allow passage of beings (and possibly even other things like rocks or plants) from one dimension to another. These may sometimes occur naturally, accidentally, or they may be created.

On to elves and other mythical beings, I see two possiblities:

1) There used to be (or possibly still is) a stable doorway between our universe and theirs, and periodically they come through into our world for reasons unknown. Sometimes humans see them, and perhaps sometimes they interact with humans deliberately. As we acquire technology and become more advanced, they become more afraid of us and conceal themselves. Or, the doorway closed at some point and that's why we don't see them any more. Said doorway could be natural or they could have created it.

2) At some time in the past, a group of elves passed into our world accidentally. Not able to find a way back, they settled and were a large enough group to reproduce and survive, for a while, after which the increasing human population probably caused their extinction.

Note that this same theory works equally well for dragons, dwarves, unicorns, goblins, faerie, brownies, Bigfoot, some 'alien' encounters, ghosts, and UFOs, and may even (in my opinion) explain some Fortean phenomena such as rains of blood, mysterious disappearances of people, and alien animals (think black panthers in England or chupacabras).

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blocula #conspiracy

Theres so much evidence that points to the fact that we never even went to the moon,i wont bother getting into all of those well known details...

If that really was a hoax and a lie and i think it was,to say we beat the russians at something major and significant during the cold war,for funneling mega-bucks towards other directions and into other hands and also for more nefarious reasons...

And so why would'nt our entire space program itself also be a hoax and a deception?

Intentionally designed and orchestrated to keep the vast majority of us,the mainstream masses, thinking and looking in the wrong direction,up there,instead of all around us.Because 95% of the earths mass is totally unknown to us and completely unexplored by us,far below underground and deep within the ocean...

The van allen belt that surrounds the earth has been described as being impenetrable by humans and man made machines because of very large amounts of very deadly radiation...

Try going up far beyond the earths atmosphere and you'll be within temperatures that are -455 degrees below zero and you'll be instantly turned into frozen dust and nearly all molecular motion ceases at those kinds of extreme temperatues.Absolute zero is -459.67 degrees below zero...

Remember seeing roses and other man made objects being momentarily placed within those very same deep freezing temperatures,taken out and then lightly tapped against something,or gently squeezed within someones gloved hand and how those deep frozen objects instantly disintegrated into frozen dust like breaking glass?

And so the molecules that make up their spacesuits and their spaceships should also cease to move and those spacesuits and spaceships should also be instantly turned into brittle frozen dust, but they dont and they are not...

Why dont they? Why are they not? Are they even really up there? Were all the moon landings and our entire space program itself nothing more than a huge hoax and a massive deception?

What percentage of the human race has claimed to have actually gone up into outer space? Not even 500 people and thats about 1 in 10 million...

And so all the astronauts who claim to have gone to the moon,walked upon its surface and went into outer space,could actually be lying,high paid actors and actresses,sworn to secrecy...

Because all we really see are the rockets going up and then we see the capsules splashing down...

We see the space shuttles going up and then we see the space shuttles landing...

We see the satellite carrying rockets going up and then we see nothing coming back down...

Thats all we really see,thats all we really know,because thats all we are shown...

And everything else they are showing us,are nothing more than visual displays of their power tripping psych-ops,their green/blue screen movies and their faked photographs...

This should'nt be ignored and dismissed,because like it or not,it isnt out of the question and its a very real possibility that i think and believe is true...

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mark1167 #conspiracy

[re. Neil deGrasse Tyson]

Remember this man is a part of the system.Produced by the system.
He is a mainstream cosmologist, he makes a living believing in and perpetuating lies.When did
this man's every word all of a sudden become holy? Because I missed that train.

Monsanto is in the business of making toxic poison and killing people.They've been doing it since their beginning and now we are all supposed to trust them to supply us with food? Nice idea, food with the poison already
built in and advertised as such.

Any defense of companies creating GMO foods like Dow or Monsanto lose instant credibility with me regardless of who
is defending. With the sudden rebirth of the small urban organic gardens all over the world and more and more people
turning away from eating poison, Mr. Tyson's words ring hollow with me and millions more.There's a big difference between crossed fruits and crossed livestock and pesticides built into wheat! It's not even a valid argument. It just sounds more like talking points created in a meeting room by a bunch of Monsanto stiffs. That question could have been staged for all we know.I'm sure Mr Tyson gets paid from many different revenue streams....

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soficrow #conspiracy

Erm. I'm just reviewing the facts. From the OP: Of note, Guinea cancelled mining permits issued by the previous corrupt government earlier this year, and renegotiated for a whole lot more money with another corporate partnership, which not incidentally, included interests from China. As it happens, China is not real popular in Washington: Threatening China: Influential Washington Think Tank Pushes US War Drive in the South China Sea. So surprise, surprise - the Ebola epidemic started near the research facilities.

That's motive, ability, opportunity.

Revised objectives might include: Destabilize Guinea's popular government that cancelled previous mining contracts and brought in the Chinese; demoralize the increasingly socialized workers in the region, who were starting to make demands and go on strike, and decimate the leadership; and thereby,

orchestrate the opportunity to "rehabilitate" the region and fund it's post-epidemic "economic recovery" by building infrastructure for mining iron ore, bauxite, diamonds, gold, uranium and whatever else might be lying around, and mining same.

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SubTruth #conspiracy

Just like in your personal life would you trust someone who is a proven liar time after time. I have no idea if [the 2014 Ebola epidemic] is planned,but they have done things in the past that will make me question them.

At what point do we not trust them anymore? In my opinion it does not make sense to do lab work in a insecure third world country with deadly viruses. Why when we have the facilities and scientists here? Maybe it was because they did not want people asking questions. Also this lab is under investigation that is kinda telling in itself.

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sled 735 #conspiracy

Sightings of Nessie and Champ are the most famous and enduring cryptid mysteries, but other large water cryptics have been on the increase over the past few years with reports coming in from all over the planet.

The most famous photograph of Nessie, known as The Surgeon's Photo, has been debunked as a hoax.

However, in 1977, Sandra Mansi took a photo of the cryptid creature seen in Lake Champlain, Vermont, known as Champ. In 1981, this photo underwent tests for authenticity by the Optical Science Center at the University of Arizona. Their conclusion was that this photo is not a fake.

So, if these creatures are real, how do they manage to conceal themselves from the many expeditions of searchers, seeking proof of their existence?

This video of the new H2 show, In Search of Aliens, hosted by Ancient Astronaut theorist Giorgio Tsoukalos, offers compelling evidence from the interviews, to answer this question.

There is a deep basin in Lake Champlain called Split Rock. This basin narrows to only about 1/2 mile wide, and 500 ft. deep, and... it is filled with huge amounts of quartz.

As you may know, quartz can create huge amounts of Electromagnetic Fields when the conditions are right.

According to Dr. John Brandenburg in Southern California, huge amounts of EMF can be created from the quartz in the ground, caused by geologic stresses; this can generate enormous amounts of power.
He says there is an alternative hypothesis of how these sea monsters are being witnessed by people: TIME TRAVEL.

Dr. Brandenburg theorizes the areas in these lakes (Loch Ness and Lake Champlain), with their large concentration of quartz, could be a gateway for a portal of time travel through a worm hole. He suggests that what people are seeing is a creature from the past... in the present.

So...people who have seen one of these creatures are actually seeing the past appearing for only a brief moment in the present. This sounds like a very good explanation to me.

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Monts #conspiracy

So my story concerns a friend that I have known for about a year now. I met her the summer of last year while I was working, and we spent a lot of time hanging out together this recent summer and fall.
I do have a reputation as being the infinite source of “mind-blowing” stories about UFOs, conspiracies and the like at work, and this girl was one of the ones who always loved hearing my stories... especially the ones concerning UFOs and ETS.

Sometime during this recent summer, she told me that she had a story to tell about being an alien or something. I kind of laughed and said we would talk about it someday. Then a few days ago, after spending a day hanging out, that comment she made seemed to randomly pop into my head, so I asked her to tell me about that “alien” story.

Then she told me she was an alien. I just kind of looked at her... hopefully not with an expression that was too weird or bizarre. She then went on to tell me that it was no big deal, and that she had told many people this before, including her family and a few of her friends.

So, unsure what to make of that, I started asking questions. She told me that there was a lot she couldn’t
answer; there was a rule against revealing pretty much anything about who her race was, why they here, and what they know.

According to her story, she is a part of an ET race that studies humans much like we would study other cultures; by living with them. In her case however, it involves living an entire life as a human on earth- right from birth to death.

She was born with a twin, and according to her, her race births genetically identical twins; twins that are exactly the same, right down to identical fingerprints.

She said that twins are usually given the opportunity to study other races; that way, if she should need a break or need to contact for any reason, her twin could hop in her place and take over for a while.
So after this little bit of background... I started asking obvious questions such as “why haven’t you revealed yourselves”, and “would you let us destroy ourselves without intervening?”.

At this point, I was still pretty confused as to what the conversation meant; she could be just playing some kind of play-along joke, or just trying to have some kind of interesting conversation with me- but either way, there was something about the way she could easily answer my questions with a certain tone that indicated to me that in the least that she was being sincere in some sort of way.

So according to her, her race has a harsh policy against interfering with human evolution or revealing themselves and their true nature and knowledge to people. However she says that there are many others who are just like her- seemingly average people living out full human lives- but in reality being not of this earth. She would be able to recognize who they were if she saw them. Some of them go against the rule of non-intervention. Some are trying to help us, but some are just trying to play tricks on us for their own amusement; she said this is one of reasons why there is so much contradicting stories and information in the realm of ET contact.

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kloejen #conspiracy

Iron Dome Fake - A Massive Hoax - Missiles Blowing Up in the Air?

So i found this video in another thread here on ATS, and was wondering why no one picked it up. Maybe i am wrong here and its already posted elsewhere? If so, sorry.
The search is broken for me, and i used google, all other stuff shows up.

Ok... so the theory is according to this video is that the Iron Dome is a hoax, cannot possible work. Because a Quassam rocket is too fast to be intercepted, fired upon and shoot down.. Watch the vid..

So the question is.. does anyone have a clip showing clearly how a Iron Dome missile intercepts a "Hamas" "rocket", in mid air, destroying it ?

Israeli expert says Iron Dome defence is a hoax

The main purpose of the "iron Dome" is to incinerate fear into the people living in Israel, giving them a sense of being protected by a "light show"

Many rocket attacks never happened, was merely a "drill", but was still portrayed in the media as a genuine attack...

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CrimsonKapital #conspiracy

Hey ATS, I was on doing some research on the Spainish-American war when I found a link to an article about America's Medal of Honor. The very first thing I noticed about the medal was that it is an inverted star. Pentagrams are notoriously used by satanists which are used to refer to the Sigil of Bahphomet.
Here is what it looks like.

And here is the Medal of "Honor", see how it is inverted?

Americans who think they are serving their country, might actually be serving satan?

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Losonczy #conspiracy

I have spent the last week...I don't know...I got a wild hair up my *$%^...but I have been watching a ton of YouTube videos on Sandy Hook.

I frankly cannot believe that the amount of discrepancies in EVERY report have not been advanced have not been looked at at an investigative level more seriously. These include: crisis actors, discrepancies on supposedly dead children seen later, suggestions that Sandy Hook school was shut down in 2009 and inactive (see NO WEB TRAFFIC on the school site for 3 years), the suggestion that the still uncorrected property database shows a TON of houses in Newtown being "paid off" or mortgages transferred on December 25, 2009 when NO ONE would be recording or selling property, the fact that "arm chair investigators" (who I always regarded the ATS membership as being) have been arrested/disappeared (Scotty Walker) and threats to Wolfgang Harbig, the fact that all available photos of the school look like a staged vacant building, the absence of blood materially in the school, the media images of only a few children filing out (where are the other several hundred kids that would have been evacuated), the fact that Peter Lanza with a still photo never was interviewed on camera (only one press photo ever presented), the fact that there are NO Google records showing much activity on the "older brother" Ryan being archived past 2012.

I just have to stop here because I could go ON and ON. Even if the government bought an entire town and a crew of actors, HOW is it possible that none of them are talking? And IF it was a legitimate mass murder, where are all the other attention seekers talking about their experiences at the school (the other students, parents, administrators, community members)? I go back to the famous quote from Benjamin Franklin: ""Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead."

If all of this is SO off the is it possible that this many people have remained silent? Is money really enough to silence that many people? Wouldn't there be one child or one adult with a conscious, a life scare, an integrity check, that would come forward and report. And as unbelievable as this silence is...the "facts" are equally unbelievable. Anyone have thoughts on this so I can stop obsessively watching these videos and wondering why a real whistleblower narrative has not emerged?

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thesmokingman #conspiracy

I think there would be easier ways to kill this ""whistle blower" without bringing down another plane. I heard the day after MH17 went down, there was a Malaysian Airlines MH17 still in service. The pilot I heard talking about this said it was VERY UNUSUAL for this plane number to still be in service just ONE day after such a tragedy. My belief is that the plane that was shot down WAS in fact MH370. Maybe whoever was involved in the MH370 disappearance, set this up to blame the Russians for the downing of a commercial airliner, and further enrage the rest of the world and cause outrage against Russia. Whoever had MH370, needed to get rid of it somehow, before it was found. In my opinion, the people responsible is either Ukraine OR Malaysia. I am still undecided, but am leaning toward Malaysia. They were under heavy scrutiny for the handling of the investigation into MH370, and were not very helpful from the very beginning of the investigation. Now the question is in my mind, why Malaysia? What do they have to gain from this? Were they simply doing the bidding of the US/NWO. Why were they one of the only airlines still operating over the war torn area? For Russia to have shot this plane down just does not make any sense. They are under enough heat and pressure from the worldwide community as of late, this was not in their best interest to shoot this plane down. I believe Ukraine is involved as well, they are the only ones to benefit from Russia being blamed for this. Just my 2cents

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tanka418 #conspiracy

I am in constant contact with a group of ETs that are "visiting" near the Earth. Talk with them daily...

Back in 1951, at the age of about 4-1/2 A UFO visited the farm where I grew up. The overall event actually lasted the better part of a week, or so I've been told. The story go that a UFO, complete with a "door", hovered over my grand-parent's farm everyday.

On it's last day of "visiting" I apparently went missing for about 6 hours. When I returned I told a story about going to see the spaceship, and the people on it. Not really much interesting in the story, but the aliens; One Nordic, and one Gray...and apparently all we did was talk.

Today, the aliens are a different group, and somewhat more active in "world affairs", and of course, I have conversations frequently. Being a computer scientist / software engineer by education, and lifestyle I have had to attempt to devise a method of validating the reality of my "contacts". Not quite as simple as it might seem...So...from time to time, I request, and typically get, a short term "prediction" of an event happening in Earth's local space; a UFO sighting, solar flare, or something that can be detected by someone other than I have a pretty good indication that they are real.

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bluemetal #conspiracy

I've read some abduction research that says Grey implants are often crystalline and placed behind and below the left ear. That might explain the lumps under the skin of my friend and I, under our ears. We're both abductees. Also, it is interesting that we were in the kitchen one day (month or so ago) and we both suddenly felt a pulse, waves of this painful energy, this squeezing feeling in our faces. Behind the nose, almost behind the eyeball. Felt like if you had a bad bruise and someone kept pushing on it and holding down for 5 seconds at a time, then letting go, and redoing that. Now if it was just me, I'd say "That's weird, must be another random pain that occurs in the human body for no reason 'cept for random biological stuff", but we both got the sudden pulse at the same time, in the same place, so I think we both have implants there which were stimulated at that moment for unknown milab or alien reasons. And also, about a week ago, I noticed the exact same pulsing feeling, that painful squeeze occur where that subdermal bump is below my ear. It's about a millimetre in diameter, and the squeezing pain radiated about a 2cm radius around it. It wasn't blood pulsing. Not sure if this is alien stuff, or human milab stuff going on. But I believe there are also etheric implants that are more of an alien thing going on as well. Check out William Baldwin's Possession book for some great info' on that.

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DEV1L79 #conspiracy

[Re. the Elliot Rodger killing spree]

Something about this whole thing stinks to high heaven. The video in which he states he will have his retribution is more staged than anything I have ever seen. Just like the Colorado Batman shootings and the Sandy Hook Shootings it is all so false even the father (who worked on movies) is so unconvincing.

As soon as I seen this in the newspaper I knew it is all just a mass hoax for gun control Victims father calls for gun control. at least half the victims were supposedly hurt by a knife and not a gun.

The father of Elliot the shooter worked on the film 'The Hunger Games' look up the author of The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins she actually lives in Sandy Hook around the corner from Nancy Lanzas house. And we all know that Sandy Hook is mentioned in the Batman film from which the Colorado shootings happened.

Elliot like all the other shooters went to psychologists and was prescribed Risperidal, an antipsychotic medication. It isn't gun control we need How about prescription medication control? How about psychotropic medicine control.

This victims fathers video seems really fake to me, all he goes on about is gun control but Elliot stabbed the first 3 victims (his roommates to death). The father isn't speaking about his grief, all he talks about is gun control. All so soon after it happened too, don't you think he would feel to emotional to get up on a soap box about Gun Control.

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NJE777 #conspiracy

Ok, I feel that Earth is a zoo. We originally were apes. When we look at the glaring holes and time discrepencies with 'evolution', logic tells us that 'someone' came along and genetically improved us. There is no way, we could have naturally evolved.

My question is why? Why would this anyone do this? The only logical explanation I can come up with is 'entertainment'?

Now, consider Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest..obviously, humans are surviving above all other species, well perhaps we shall exclude cockroaches and vermin? Perhaps Darwin had some insight?

I watched a DVD the other day, a comedian firstname ? lastname = Hicks - (really recommend it) He did a skit on monkeys and majik mushrooms, really funny but also left you thinking.

UFO sightings are becoming more and more frequent...well I see this as 'maintenance'. When you look at a zoo, you have staff that look after the zoo. Depending on what literature you read, (I read recently, a book by 'Peter') and in that ET's were constantly cleaning up after human error, polution, chemtrails etc. Then there is abduction testimonies; most of those who are abducted have lab tests carried out on them. More maintenance?