Debbie Eberly #fundie

[ From an article that talks to women regarding whether they still intend to vote for Trump after the groping scandal(s) ]

Debbie Eberly
Then: Trump | Now: Trump

I settled on Trump at the beginning of the primary. I felt he was taking on the Establishment, which has grown very corrupt. I didn’t have a problem with the Birther issue. Frankly, I was proud that he did that. And I’m not going to look at something he said 11 years ago. Otherwise, they’d have to look at their own locker-room talk, and really, there’s a finger pointing back at themselves. We’ve taken quite a bit of time to pray for him. We believe that Trump has made some recent changes, growing stronger in his own Christian beliefs and putting Christian people around him. As a woman advocate, I still have no sympathy for Hillary Clinton. I’m sure if a woman were a godly person, I could be proud of that. But I would never be proud of Hillary. Unless she totally recanted, repented — and frankly, if she did that, she would reveal what’s she’s done, and she’d be in prison. She has a very dark side. I think Trump put it in good words, I just recently read, about a dark soul.



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