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Raimundo Atesiano and other Biscayne Park police officers #racist nymag.com

Florida Police Chief Told Cops to Arrest Random Black People to Boost Stats

Officers working on a small-town Florida police force were directed to arrest any black person with “somewhat of a record” and pin unrelated crimes on them, the Miami Herald reports. The goal of this clearly illegal and highly unethical practice was to achieve perfect crime stats, which the department frequently boasted about, even if they were fake.

It worked, for a time at least. In 2013 and 2014, the police in Biscayne Park, Florida, a quiet suburb of Miami, solved 29 of 30 burglary cases. It was a point of pride for former chief Raimundo Atesiano, and according to one officer who worked under him, he wanted to keep those stats by any means necessary.

In an interview conducted as a part of a 2014 internal problem, officer Anthony De La Torre relayed what he was told by the department’s leaders: “‘If they have burglaries that are open cases that are not solved yet, if you see anybody black walking through our streets and they have somewhat of a record, arrest them so we can pin them for all the burglary.’ They were basically doing this to have a 100% clearance rate for the city.”

Three other officers interviewed as a part of that probe told an investigator that Atesiano and other commanders said to frame people so their stats would look more impressive. One of them, Omar Martinez, said he refused, telling investigators that he told commanders, “I will not arrest an innocent person in order to make the department look good.”

Atesiano, who denies directing officers to target innocent black people, resigned as the 2014 probe was being conducted. The following year, the department failed to solve any of the 19 burglary cases put in front of it.

Last month, Atesiano and two of his former officers were charged by federal prosecutors for one specific abuse of power. According to prosecutors, they framed a 16-year-old for four different burglaries while “knowing that there was no evidence and no lawful basis to support such charges.” The victim of that framing was black.

And that doesn’t appear to be the only time the Biscayne Park police zeroed in on one person and framed him for a host of crimes. In February of 2014, a black man was arrested and charged with five burglaries in one day. Prosecutors eventually dropped all the charges.

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Signaferte #fundie nymag.com

Firstly, the New Right is based off the Nouvelle Droite from Europe, an ethnic nationalist reaction against demographic changes in the west.

There is no connection between "Kosher Conservatives", i.e Republicans, evangelical christians, British Conservative Party, libertarians with this. It grew in Europe in the 90's and 00's as an existential crisis about migration, ageing populations, removal of traditional architecture, Americanization, and populist dislike of conservatives and liberals. It spread to the US in the late 00's online

Trumpists only partially overlap. Most Trumpists are Republicans, who cannot be "New Right'. Early on a lot of New Rightists supported Trump out of hate of Republicans and his few decent ideas, such as saying the Iraq war was bad and comments against globalism (alt-right is anti-war and doesn't support the US military)

Most Rightists have given up on him even before the election. He came out in support of globalism, supports mega-capitalism, supports pollution, has a Judeo-Christian zealot as VP, gone on neocon forades in Syria (All new-righters support Assad). The alt/new right is against military intervention, nation building, excess consumerism, obesity, fossil fuels (American-style) Judeo-Christianity, Americanization of culture, neoliberalism, neoconservatism, and of course cultural left-wing stuff.

The alt-right wants a world in which Europe is inhabited by whites practicing native traditional culture, higher birth rates, the USA is isolationist (and possibly split up) and doesn't spread pop-culture, green energy, third position economics (no excessive capitalism or socialism), rebuilding traditional architecture, education and academia are pro-Western

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LeoSiles #sexist nymag.com

If I'm the one putting food on your table, giving you a bed to sleep in and a roof over your head, and being willing to sacrifice my life for your safety - figuratively speaking - you better believe you are going to follow my rules. That is not up for debate, at all, and not least because there's nothing you could do about it anyway. I don't need any further "moral basis" and you are not in a position to negotiate or make demands. If you consider that "enslavement", then find another country to live in.

The difference between you and me, I guess, is that I don't mind everything collapsing. You'd suffer far more than I would and you'd learn a valuable lesson. Liberal Western civilization has lost its way and run its course in any case, so we're overdue for a change in direction, and if necessary rebuilding. If the builders of civilization aren't being given their due respect and acknowledgment, then I'd rather see it destroyed. Threats of collapse mean absolutely nothing to me.

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Tyrelle Shaw #racist nymag.com

NYC Man Who Attacked Asian Women Blamed Them for Rejecting Him

He called it “the Nose Game”: wielding a bag containing a heavy object, 25-year-old Tyrelle Shaw swung and hit at least four Asian women in the face around Manhattan, sending them all to the hospital. On Monday, Shaw was found dead by suicide in an elevator shaft, just a few days after he penned a pair of blog posts explaining the motive for the attacks and subsequent suicide.

“In less than 350 days, I talked to nearly 1500 Asian Women and none of them took time out of their day to say hello,” Shaw wrote on June 17 in a post called “Why I decided to leave earth.” “I became furious. I never agreed with violence, but I knew the only way I could overcome that sense of rejection-would start by assaulting the Women that carelessly rejected me.”

Shaw’s blog, Mr. Talented, is littered with dozens of references to the resentment he felt after being rejected by these women, one of whom wrote a personal account of her experience with him on Refinery 29. On June 9, he documented the times he gave 100 women compliments on the street, noting that none of them resulted in a date. On June 10, he chronicled the timestamps of every time he saw “Asian women locking hands with Caucasian men.” By June 17, he had decided to take his own life:

I just couldn’t understand why Asian Women didn’t find me attractive. Suddenly, I assumed the ones that I am attracted to use cocaine so I decided to play a game. Bash Asian Women in the Nose so that they could stop sniffing cocaine and give me a chance. At first I thought I could get away with 1 Million Noses, but at 6th victim I felt a little discouraged … Inform NYPD they could stop searching for me because I’m going to commit suicide. Actually, I’ve already tied a noose to the bottom of an elevator and I’m going to wait until someone pushes a button so that its not considered a practical suicide. This is actually murder. Thank you. I love you.

Shaw was found dead Monday night in Lenox Hill before police were able to track him down and charge him for the assaults. Before he died, Shaw wrote on his blog that he had scheduled numerous posts for future dates, “so for the next 10 years I’ll be posting from the other side.”

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KT McFarland #fundie nymag.com

KT’s father worked the night shift as a train dispatcher in Madison, Wisconsin. The eldest of four, KT had a brother here in New York City who had followed her to George Washington University and then worked as an analyst. “Ummmm. He was sick and then he died,” is all she would say when pressed. Michael Troia had aids; his obituary listed three “companions.”

KT, the moderate in this race, couldn’t abide his sexual orientation. Shortly after she discovered Mike had aids, she wrote her parents lengthy, angry, almost Gothic letters in which she outed her brother, blamed her father for his troubles as well as those of her and her other siblings, and cut off contact with her parents. “Have you ever wondered why I have never had anything to do with Mike and have never let my daughters see him although we live only fifteen minutes away from each other?” she wrote. “He has been a lifelong homosexual, most of his relationships brief, fleeting one-night stands.” The father’s behavior had surfaced for McFarland as recovered memory. She said a shrink put her up to writing the letter; reached for comment, her mother, Edith Troia—KT has since made up with her parents—denied the account. “Wouldn’t that make a great book?” she said. “Please be kind. You could be casting dark shadows on this whole race.”

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Debbie Eberly #fundie nymag.com

[ From an article that talks to women regarding whether they still intend to vote for Trump after the groping scandal(s) ]

Debbie Eberly
Then: Trump | Now: Trump

I settled on Trump at the beginning of the primary. I felt he was taking on the Establishment, which has grown very corrupt. I didn’t have a problem with the Birther issue. Frankly, I was proud that he did that. And I’m not going to look at something he said 11 years ago. Otherwise, they’d have to look at their own locker-room talk, and really, there’s a finger pointing back at themselves. We’ve taken quite a bit of time to pray for him. We believe that Trump has made some recent changes, growing stronger in his own Christian beliefs and putting Christian people around him. As a woman advocate, I still have no sympathy for Hillary Clinton. I’m sure if a woman were a godly person, I could be proud of that. But I would never be proud of Hillary. Unless she totally recanted, repented — and frankly, if she did that, she would reveal what’s she’s done, and she’d be in prison. She has a very dark side. I think Trump put it in good words, I just recently read, about a dark soul.

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Don Surber #racist nymag.com

UPDATE: I made a factual error. Michael Brown was not an animal but a man. Big. Brutal. High. His death was a justifiable homicide and not a putting down.

This summer I had an epiphany as I watched packs of racists riot in Ferguson, Missouri, in support of a gigantic thug who was higher than a kite when he attacked Ferguson Police Department Officer Darren Wilson, who unfortunately had to put this animal down.

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Sarah Palin #fundie nymag.com

I bet Charles Darwin never understood this: If the world could be described as truly survival-of-the-fittest, why would people collectively be stricken with the spirit of generosity in December?

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Harold Camping #fundie nymag.com

[interview with Harold Camping on his May 21 Doomsday prediction]

You haven’t thought about what you’ll tell your followers on May 22 if the Rapture doesn’t take place?
I’m not even thinking about that at all. It. Is. Going. To. Happen. Because I trust the Bible implicitly, the Bible is God’s word — it’s not from a man, it’s not from an organization of some kind where there’s plenty of room for error. It is the word of God. When God speaks that it is going to happen, the Bible is a very factual book, and God gives many examples of how he has made prophesies and it always has happened in exact accord with what God has prophesied.

Do know for sure whether you personally will ascend to heaven on May 21?
Oh yes, I am very convinced because I have found in my life for a long, long time an intense, ongoing desire that I just want to do God’s will and the Bible has become super important to me and so I do believe that I will be caught up when that time comes around in California.

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MIK1916 #racist nymag.com

[from page 4 of the article's comments section]

is it also racist to cite justice dept. statistics that show, and have shown since said stats have been compiled, that blacks are excessively criminal in comparison to their white counterparts all across the U.S.A.. Is it racist to be white and not completely welcome the disintegration of the white nation you have grown up in, to just stand by biting one's tongue as your people are displaced and forced to accept their own destruction. no other people on earth seem to be expected to let their homelands be ravaged and demographically changed other than whites. all other races are free to have zero tolerance to minimal immigration policies (all across africa, Japan, Mexico) except for white and white european nations. it's ok for black democrats in Detroit to demand all black representation and black only city contracts even as that city is ravaged economically, but it is never ok for a white taxpayer to simply raise the question of whether massive immigration and forced integration are good things for him and his family. whites, while now only 70-75% percent of the population as opposed to 1946 when whites were 96% of U.S. population, still make up over 90% of the federal tax base. hmmm...