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Zionists Plot Against Islam, Blaming it for Terrorist Attacks, Istanbul and More – Proof

Fake blood, dummies, phony wounded, and fake body parts as well as fake bombs are all used to denigrate and degrade the Islamic faith, proven, here. Spread this post wide and far. It’s the unbridled truth; let the blame fall where it belongs, against arch-hedonistic, terminally corrupt Zionist elements.

The faith of Islam originated through the divine hand via the revelation of the Qur’aan. This book is absolutely and definitively divine revelation, clearly supernatural, which is impossible to dispute as a result of careful, thorough reading. It calls for people, in fact, all people to consider their duties to God and that to worship Him exclusively, rejected all other overlords. As such, it poses a massive threat to the established powers of the day, as such revelation always has in those powerful, haughty civilizations of the past.

Thus, there is an elaborate plot against it, which is indisputable and which can readily be proven, again by careful analysis. The architect of this plot are the criminal minds of world Jewry, the agents of Zionism, elements which seek to undermine the Islamic way by every means possible, including wrongful blame and great acts of deceit, the kind of deceit that leads to demonization.

Now, to do so, these Zionist agents resort to all manner of tactics, including the creation of hoaxes and fakes. Yet, they are not above taking this to the next step, which is orchestrating actual terror acts, false flags and more, where people are senselessly murdered and wounded, while causing it to appear ‘Islamic.’

Consider the actions of these Israeli Jews in Istanbul, March 2016. These Zionist hostile ones committed a gross act of fraud, producing a fake terrorist attack in an Istanbul shopping district.



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