Multiple #sexist

Caleb Mills: It's kind of crazy how the left thinks the right is dividing the country when the left is literally segregating all types of people by characteristics they cannot control and putting them on a spectrum of "goodness" based upon said unalterable characteristics. No person's unalterable characteristics should get in the way of someone living out their normal life, it should be their character and actions that speak for what type of person they are, and boy are the left speaking loudly about how terrible they are.

ladykrystyna: Exactly. They lump everyone into groups and then decide who is the most aggrieved and that group will always win. It's deliberately divisive. Now we fight each other from within these tribes rather than standing together and saying - NO! we may not agree on everything, but we won't be divided this way. We have to work together."

Unfortunately, as a group, human beings are more like mobs and sheep.

Jason Liles: that's why Trump should go transgender. Then any criticism can be deemed as hate speech and the left would be forced to accept him..

Andy Prosseda: And when he does, he MUST insist, at EVERY press conference, that they refer to him as the FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT of the United States.
Of course, we're just dreamin' here, but if any President might do something like that, it's Trump

Carl Carlson: Standing clapping / laughing till my side hurt

Steve Tallent: “I identify as a women in my dealings with the press and on Twitter. In all other aspects of my life, I identify as a man. Who are you to say that I can’t do this? You say gender is in the brain and those are the times my brain wants to be female.”

Bob Barr: Your just looking for attention. If your born a male your a male...simple as that. Your body isn't screwed up your mind is.



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