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Silence DoGood #sexist dailywire.com

Silence DoGood: Women are wired by nature to support the Democrat platform. They are fiercely territorial, and rarely comprehend absolute truths or history. They were designed to be compassionate and nurturing to all life, and are often incapable of distinguishing between good and evil, as they want to be nice to everyone.

wayneskrit: I respectfully disagree. I am a former Democrat along with most of my female friends. The #Walkaway movement has made a difference among women.

Silence DoGood: Not even close to making a difference. Your evidence is anecdotal, and that’s a logical fallacy known as the appeal to anecdote.

Kudos to you and all other conservative women; however, women are needed to teach other women and children, and care for homes and husbands.

Women are worse off now than ever before in history, and they aren’t happy. 25% of women are on psychotropic drugs.

That’s from the stress of taking on roles God didn’t design for them, like voting, working while married with children, having sex outside marriage, having sex in marriage and selfishly avoiding bearing their husbands’ children for reasons not due to health, and choosing college over marriage and children.

covfefe2020: “Incapable of distinguishing basic moral principles”? Why are you trying to portray women as infants and not equal members of society?

Silence DoGood: Why are you parroting cultural Marxism?

Men and women both have stations, and women attempting to move beyond their station has been a disaster for them, the men, children, the family, and the nation.

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Silence DoGood #sexist dailywire.com

(Submitter’s note: I call him Silence DoGood if that’s the handle he uses at the time, and I use his real name all other times.)

Silence DoGood: Women are wired by nature to support the Democrat platform. They are fiercely territorial, and rarely comprehend absolute truths or history. They were designed to be compassionate and nurturing to all life, and are often incapable of distinguishing between good and evil, as they want to be nice to everyone.

Bethe Thunder: I am appalled at your statements. I totally understand absolute truths and history, and am alarmed at the rate that these very foundations are being torn apart by leftist nut jobs. How dare you lump all women into your idiotic beliefs! I served this country under one of the best presidents of this country, Ronald Reagan, am a fierce supporter of nationalism, and believe that President Trump will go down as the best president of this century! Your mocking attitude towards women disgusts me, as if you think we don't have a brain in our heads. I'm sure you would be happy to keep us all at home, barefoot and pregnant, "as God intended". Plebe.

Silence DoGood: That is an emotional response.

To understand absolute truths, you must have thoroughly digested basic history and it’s lessons. Never mind the lessons of the Civil War, but can you even name ten Generals from the Civil War? That was the biggest war, in terms of loss of life, in our history. The schools, media, and tech companies have been busy brainwashing us out of a knowledge of our history, but, without that, we simply parrot their ideas, unthinkingly.

Further, you are a disgrace to the female gender with your disdain for the most precious attribute of womanhood, being a mother. You repeat the Marxist dogma about that being bad, but, you have no problem with work or school, where you are virtually a slave to men you aren’t married to, and often, they ask for more than your work. Why wouldn’t they? When a woman abuses her sphere, a man can be expected to abuse his, though honorable men won’t do it.

Thank God early American women didn’t have your selfish attitude, or our nation would have been destroyed long ago, and you and millions of others would have never been born.

What a wretched ingrate, to have been given the gift of life by selfless and virtuous men and women, and, like a poisonous serpent, to turn and viciously strike at the heritage that gave you life and liberty!

Shame on you!

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NIGELTEAPOT #fundie #wingnut dailywire.com

Blasphemy is the third worst sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance, what you are also doing here. calumny and despair are also mortal sins,

Being a Mother is not only the most Natural thing in existence, it is the singular reason women exist at all. spirits (like your demons) have no women as they have no ability to reproduce and each are of their own individual, unique "species." In fact, the demons before falling were utterly repulsed at the idea of sex or women or childbirth,

the devil used to be a spirit supremacist that appealed to the weakest spirits by claiming that he would bring about the Second Person of God because spirits were "obviously better" than beasts.

the devil committed suicide when God announced Humanity (Rational Soul like spirits along with an inseparable Body Lovingly Made in the Image of God).

Not only were humans greater than spirits, refuting the devil's racism, but God Himself chose to be Human for His Second Person.

The actual Bearer of Light is the Virgin Mary, a fully Human woman, refuted everything the devil knew.

in fact, the devil was just an arrogant janitor created specifically to serve and clean up after humans. refusing to admit what he actually was, the devil committed "suicide by cop" and then dedicated his time before damnation to try to drag humans to hell with him.

you have become one such human, but I would recommend Repenting.

Sure, you will have to pay the blood price for all your sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance, but I assure you, you would be wishing you did Eternally if going to hell.

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NIGELTEAPOT #fundie #wingnut dailywire.com

Demons are created, contingent beings like you are. In fact, you were even superior to them before to turned yourself into a beast of hell. you can even become human again if necessary. you are an unthinking possessed slave of demons; you invert the Truth because the Truth kills demons.

I not only know what you are saying, I already have killed some demons and I could even make yours experience very unpleasant things whenever you try to contact them to the poky they will do them to you to save themselves.

How do you kill immortal souls? Well, I'm the Prophet. your birth and that of your other rejects necessitated mine. The question is if you take the carrot of actual knowledge and you free us from your tyranny, or I give you the stick that frees us all from your tyranny.

That doesn't work, but you now have a Rosary. I'll also tell my ex-"high wizard" friend to add you to his.

you have a St Michael and St Benedict Prayer to return your curses back to whence they came. you also have a Rosary to make your eyes open or Permanently closed. your reign of terror is ended, but you get to choose how.

you are a low-ranking devil worshiper in a front for the singular coven in the world. I’ll bet that you are a child rapist and murderer hiding behind rhetoric and curses. hell was made specifically for you.

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NIGELTEAPOT #fundie #psycho dailywire.com

trying to dedicate all of the slain babies to your master the devil? usually your kind does that at midnight, you seem inexperienced in your devil worship (though deadly serious about it).

The Babies are being Martyred in the worst satanic ritual of all meant to attack the Greatest Sacrament of the Eucharist. they are Martyred in effigy of the Baby Jesus, and so therefore Baptised in their Blood.

Babies have also come from God, nor do that have shame over sin as you do.

Please, just go to hell in peace without trying to drag babies and others with you.

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Patriot76 #homophobia dailywire.com

Gays are human, but have a disability. Left-handedness is not a disability, because there's nothing a lefty can't do. Also a lefty doesn't misrepresent or distort anything. If someone with mental illness, though, "eats" by putting food in their ear, that's a disability. It would also affect their entire life, including by malnutrition.

Gayness is nothing to be proud of or to promote, although some gays can manage to make successful contributions to society anyway.

Straight people who for whatever medical reason are unable to conceive do not parade and promote their disability.

Gayness is obscene and should not be seen in public, any more than people going to the bathroom in public.

Promoting gayness to kids is psychological child abuse. Dealing with someone's psychological issues is one thing, but actively promoting such is horrific.

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NIGELTEAPOT #fundie dailywire.com

godisdog NIGELTEAPOT • 2 days ago
What a fatuous remark. You're most likely a tubby lib who would call the cops if someone insulted you, but still find the time to criticize their response time.

NIGELTEAPOT godisdog • 2 days ago
you are a devil worshipper and a rather typical communist "useful
idiot" (as you push towards communism via "secularism"). I understand why you love m*rder and tyranny. but why are the other people here hypocrites?

godisdog NIGELTEAPOT • 2 days ago
Devil worshipper? Can you spell? In any event, I cannot worship something I do not believe in, such as your silly jesus or any of the other gods you imbeciles yammer about. And I am certainly no communist, not that you have the IQ to grasp economics anyway

NIGELTEAPOT godisdog • 2 days ago
Yes, demon, I can.

you are a pretty textbook devil worshipper. of course you hunger for death.

Why are many here on your side?

godisdog NIGELTEAPOT • 2 days ago
We are legion .............

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Silence DoGood #fundie #sexist #wingnut dailywire.com

Women working and voting has destroyed America.

Women caring for children, home, and husbands made our nation great.

Strong women are those who teach other women and children, not those who deign and dare to usurp Gods order and lead and teach men.

No one who has read ten biographies of the Founders will disagree with me.

Many women have been abused by men, and so they are terrified of being in subjection in marriage. How sad, they lose out on the most blissful role a woman on earth ever had.

Meanwhile, feminists, 40 million strong, fell all over themselves to buy ‘50 Shades of Grey’. How does this work?

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NIGELTEAPOT #fundie #wingnut dailywire.com

NIGELTEAPOT: wishing hell on others is mortally sinful. you just killed your soul

JackJ: Isn't that what you constantly do to others? I suspect over half my Disqus notifications are from you, calling me "damned one" and saying how much want me to go to hell.

NIGELTEAPOT: beast of hell, you damn yourself by the worst sins of all. you base your entire paid troll gimmick on the sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance.

once more, there are only two payments for those: special punishment in h*ll worse than all others AND a blood price that must be paid.

I am pointing out the state you put yourself in and where you already are. I also tell you to Repent, which you instead ignore because you STUPIDLY do not realize there is no limit to punishment in hell.

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Silence DoGood #fundie #sexist #wingnut dailywire.com

(I know this dude says a lot of the same stuff, but it always makes me laugh when I read it.)

What don’t you understand about the facts?

70% of single women vote Democrat, the majority of married women do too.

Without women voting, there’d be no Democrat party. They vote for the interests of their gender rather than for the interests of the society, and Marxism would not exist in the West if not for this fact.

The vast majority of women are incapable of voting with their brains instead of their emotions, and this fact alone, among others, makes them far inferior to men.

This isn’t hard, it’s basic math.

Further, the family and nation have collapsed with women voting. Wake up and smell the coffee. We did just fine before women voted, not so much ever since. Their place is the house, particularly the kitchen, and nowhere else.

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Silence DoGood #wingnut #psychoceramics dailywire.com

(commenting on the article “Brutal Video Emerges Of Female Teacher Violently Attacking Teen Girl, Report Says”)

Silence DoGood: The student was probably disrespecting the teacher, and disrupting the order. The last video shows the student hitting the teacher.
As soon as we get the crazed unions out of the schools, and ban porn and drugs (which conservatives are pretty apathetic and cowardly about), I’m all about bringing back corporal punishment into schools. Very effective a century ago, when a teacher used a paddle (or, if necessary, a bullwhip) on unruly kids.

AllofOurTwists: I don't see what you're obviously seeing. I see a defensive move - the kid swung her arm in nearly a full arc and hit from the side - seated - I might add. There is no way she could have inflicted damage even if she had connected; her weight wasn't behind it. Calling it a punch is disingenuous. What the teacher did - three times - was punching. At no time, in either video, is the kid in an offensive or threatening position.

Why was the sub looming over the kid? Was the kid sleeping? Did the video start in the middle of the altercation? What started it? A smart mouth - heck, even name-calling - does not justify what the video shows this supposed adult doing.

Silence DoGood: The fact is that today's children are the most disrespectful in American history. They need to learn respect through any means necessary.

A short while ago, two years ago, my 17-year-old son defied his mother, in MY home. I ordered him to apologize, he didn't, then defied me. Told him if he said anything else, he'd regret it. He did. He ended up in the bathtub, and got up furious, wanting to fight. Due to a freak brush of my nose against the wall, my face was bloodied, but I don't regret what I wound up doing to him at all, only that I hadn't exercised a lot, and so got out of breath quickly, though I'm pretty fit. Since then, he has been very well-behaved, has excelled in school, and has turned into a model citizen.

Part of love is correction. Tolerating disrespect from a child isn't love, it's hatred. The supreme form of hatred is to ignore another’s wrongdoing. Love corrects, hatred leaves another to destroy itself.

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Tyler Derden #fundie #racist dailywire.com

"Omar, Queen of the Diaperheads and Most Self-Righteous Ayatollah of Minnesota, Hath Spoken. The masses of leftist sheep shall nod their heads in unison and kneel before the most Glorious Pedofile Mohammed. So Sayeth the Party."

"Thy Will Be Done." It shall be done.

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Jude MacAbaech #fundie #wingnut dailywire.com

The true cultists ignored 8 years of Clinton immorality while in the oval office and 8 years of a muslim jihadi doing all he could to change our history and our traditions while fundamentally transforming us into his vision of kommietopia. I will support Mr. MAGA against no matter what crimes he is claimed to have committed by your lunatic fringe cult. Since he has never been accused of murder, rape, or pedophilia by anyone but your cult, I will not accuse him - it's all fake news. But if he ever is legally convicted in a legitimate court of law, I will vote for Mike Pence. I would not vote for the cult that demands infant sacrifice to their death lord.

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Mark E Labriola #fundie #wingnut dailywire.com

Josh Harris is a "MEGA" Church apostate who never knew Christ. He is an ungodly representative of the Church of which he has never been a member. He espouses anti-biblical positions and has no right to speak for us. Of course the unsaved Godless media wants to put him on some platform. Lord come quickly...Trump is called by God as was Cyrus to rebuild the Temple. God's judgment will fall on unbelievers and NEVER the Church which is washed in the blood of the Lamb.

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John Malintone #wingnut #psycho dailywire.com

(commenting on the story “Brutal Video Emerges Of Female Teacher Violently Attacking Teen Girl, Report Says”)

John Malintone: I loved everything about this teacher. I'm just going to disagree with everyone else and rain down the love for this teacher.

If a student punches or hits a teacher in the face, I think it's the teacher's duty to literally beat the s**t out of the student. I want to be able to smell the s**t. S**t should literally squirt right out during this beating.

What on earth horrible parents does this student have that they have produced a child that strikes adults in the face, let alone their teachers. These parents need to be horrified by the actions of the school so that they understand the consequences of what they have produced. And teachers should get qualified immunity (like cops) for having to deal with horrible kids like these.

Although they fired this teacher, I guarantee, if they had not fired the teacher, the following day every single student would be in line. Their attitude and obedience would immediately fall right in line like a well-made compass.

Vanway: The teacher appears to be restraining the girl before she swats at the teacher, and the pie'ces de re'sistance was the stomp of the head. Sorry, but this means jail time!

John Malintone: If somebody hit me in the face, I'd probably step on their head too. Just sayin’.

AllofOurTwists: And if someone who outweighed me by 80 pounds was standing over me with her hands on me, while I was seated, I'd strike whatever I could reach to defend myself.

John Malintone: Unless they are a police officer. Or ... your parents... or... maybe a teacher. So disagree with that.

AllofOurTwists: Seriously? No. If someone has her hands around my neck or whatever the hell that sub was doing in the second video - which is not at all clear - I would strike out. It would be reflexive.

John Malintone: If a cop had his hand on me anywhere. I would definitely not strike out. Nor would I strike out if it were my dad, my mom, my uncle, my principal, or my teacher.
In my day, if the teacher had you by the collar or the arm and was pulling you to the principals office, you were expected to submit quietly, and you most certainly did NOT strike them in the face. So - disagree.

AllofOurTwists: I don't see what you're obviously seeing. I see a defensive move - the kid swung her arm in nearly a full arc and hit from the side - seated - I might add. There is no way she could have inflicted damage even if she had connected; her weight wasn't behind it. Calling it a punch is disingenuous. What the teacher did - three times - was punching. At no time, in either video, is the kid in an offensive or threatening position. Why was the sub looming over the kid? Was the kid sleeping? Did the video start in the middle of the altercation? What started it? A smart mouth - heck, even name-calling - does not justify what the video shows this supposed adult doing.

John Malintone: “I don't see what you're obviously seeing. I see a defensive move - the kid swung her arm in nearly a full arc and hit from the side - seated - I might add.”

Yeah - we are in different worlds, that's certain. The "child" is not entitled to "defense" against teachers, principals, police officers, parents, etc. That is my point. If a teacher grabs you by the arm to take you to the principal, you don't get to punch them. Negative.

“There is no way she could have inflicted damage even if she had connected; her weight wasn't behind it.”

Doesn't matter.

“Calling it a punch is disingenuous...”

Punch, hit, slap, doesn't matter.

“Why was the sub looming over the kid? Was the kid sleeping? Did the video start in the middle of the altercation? What started it? A smart mouth - heck, even name-calling - does not justify what the video shows this supposed adult doing.”

You're right. These don't justify it. Hitting the teacher in the face justifies it.

AllofOurTwists: Teachers cannot lay hands on kids, period. If any millennial puke teacher touched one of my kids, I'd sue the school into oblivion. This isn't the 19th century. The disciple of my children is mine to oversee - no one else's.

John Malintone: Well then, I pity your kids’ futures. Without healthy beatings as a child to keep them in line, they will grow up pampered and spoiled and thinking that the world owes them a living, like the disgusting millennials today.

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Silence DoGood #fundie #sexist #wingnut dailywire.com

This is a big part of why we need to repeal the 19th Amendment. Carly Simon speaks for most women in evaluating candidates. None of our presidents through 1900 could have been elected if women had been voting.

Lincoln definitely wouldn’t have been elected by women. Tall, skinny, awkward, ungainly, no college degree, women scorn men like that today. As it was, he had all kinds of problems with the society belle he married, who ended up in an insane asylum.

70% of single women vote Democrat, and the majority of married women do too. Without women voting there’d be no Democrat party. This is why we have a stupid impeachment process, unprecedented, based on feelings.

And, note how women evaluate a man, based on how he makes them feel. So, the men who are libertines, bedding women right and left, like FDR, LBJ, Jimmeh Carter, Obama, Billy Jeff, are the choice of many women. The men who practice how to seduce women, are the ones most capable of manipulating a woman’s feelings, to win elections. Democrat men do this naturally. Even Trump and Reagan had libertinism in their background.

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Rowenna #homophobia dailywire.com

The LGBT lobby is actively pursuing Christians for following their own beliefs. They claim discrimination yet are not willing to tolerate other people's beliefs.

How do you think the LGBT lobby would react if we developed a flag for heterosexuals? They would claim it 'homophobic'.

The LGBT lobby are nothing more than a front for the left to push their leftist agenda just like the other various leftist identity group lobbies... they don't even genuinely represent those who are LGBT - many of which want nothing to do with the lobby as they think it damaging to society and recognize its purpose is to divide.

The LGBT lobby even attack LGBT people who dissent from leftist ideology... so it clearly isn't about representing LGBTs at all.

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Silence DoGood #fundie #sexist #wingnut dailywire.com

Facts don’t care about feelings.

Women leaving the home, working, voting, and going to college on a mass scale led to the collapse of marriage and the home. Simple and true, though it won’t appeal to your feelings. The data all supports this. Since the 19th Amendment the government has expanded larger than ever before. It’s women's nesting tendency, which is wonderful when confined to the home, but horrible when unleashed in government.

If women don’t want to get stuck in marriages, which is a very bad attitude, considering the women chose to get married, then do a better job selecting a spouse, or dint get married. A marriage or nation run by a woman’s whims is in bad shape.

The facts are easy.

No women voting in 2020 would cause the immediate collapse of the Democrat party.

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Silence DoGood #fundie #sexist #wingnut dailywire.com

70% of single women vote Democrat, the majority of married women do too. Based on objective facts, the Democrat party would collapse without the female vote.

So you are in your feelings.

While women are going to school, working, and voting, they are neglecting the home, children, husbands, and the family.

The greatest inequality is between a child who has two parents at home and one who does not. Women voting has caused the illegitimacy rate to rise from 3% to nearly 50%.

Bad enough we are so weak because of this, but worse, you fight to keep it this way.

Men aren’t perfect, but, if only men voted, we’d destroy the Democrat party.

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Logic Driven Conservative #fundie dailywire.com

Leftists are smug, condescending, hate-consumed, bitter, anti-American, and despise our President and Christianity. That is simply a fact, something The Left demonstrates daily.
The obvious question is why be that way? What good comes from blind hatred?
A puzzling, despicable, contemptible, dangerous lot, Leftists--to be shamed and shunned by patriotic, Christian American Conservatives.

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celtic cross #fundie dailywire.com

celtic cross: It's not the Word of God that is at fault; it's the erroneous interpretation,.... Everybody has to put their own spin on it. And now we've come full circle, back to: "When we sin, we are tempted to reject the One against Whom we sin." and "Sexual sin causes many to lose faith."

JackJ: May I ask how you came to the conclusion that the Bible is the infallible word of God? "Because it just says so" doesn't count.

celtic cross: It's the most reasonable answer to THE question: Why are we here?....of course.

JackJ: Non sequitur.

celtic cross: Oh, it follows alright. The fact that you can't follow logical and reasonable thinking....well, that's not my fault.

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NIGELTEAPOT #fundie #wingnut dailywire.com

you not only speak incorrectly, you speak the opposite. you do so so thoroughly that you invert the Truth altogether.

demons invert the Truth because it is fatal to them.

sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance either immediately cause possession or are simply guaranteed to do so at some point. you have based your entire autistic self around each and every one of the sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance.

The only thing you know about me is that I am so much smarter than you, and that you go into a dissociative state simply reading my posts. This "missionary work" you describe involves dealing with reprobates like yourself, and I shall take no part in it lest I ruin my spotless soul.

The unfortunate problem with maniacs is that you think I am some figment of your imagination rather than a Human Being Lovingly Made in the Image of God. you think I only exist for you to use as your autistic punching bag, where you think you will rationalize your evil away by scapegoating and stupidity and satanism.

you are about a hair away from me actively removing the "his eyes WILL be opened Permanently" from my predatory prayer against you. you are suicidal (among other things) so clearly your spirit of murder wants that.

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John Truman #racist #wingnut dailywire.com

The Castro twins harbor deep hatred and resentment for America and white people.

NOTHING is stopping the Spanish-speaking nations in our hemisphere from setting up successful countries. . . except themselves.

Castro is the worst kind of racist. He does not think America should be a sovereign nation. He wants to achieve racial conquest and control our systems.

Conquest and Looting: Team Castro.

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Thomas J.Stratford #racist dailywire.com

Ben Shapiro is a sociological ignoramus. Anyone making the argument that there are no differences in the races, RE intelligence, and behavior, and is unaware of the huge volumes of evidence to the contrary, is simply being obstinate, or a big mouthed contrarian!

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Silence DoGood #fundie #sexist #wingnut dailywire.com

This is why the right is so weak, we have so many who have been brainwashed by the Marxist schools and media. We can barely agree on anything.

Calling someone a misogynist for upholding adherence to gender roles is a blatant absurdity.

‘The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.’

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Josh Hammer #fundie #homophobia dailywire.com

HAMMER: Remember Those Who Told Us Gay Marriage Would Not Lead To Polyamory? They Were Wrong.

“Slippery slope theory is a form of logical fallacy.” – Knaves and fools
The concerted social push is now unequivocally on to normalize non-monogamous, polyamorous relationships.

Just yesterday, CBS News ran a rather disturbing story entitled, “Not Just ‘One Big Orgy’: Fighting The Stigma Of Consensual Non-Monogamy.”

The article, we are informed, is timed to coincide with CBS News’ premiering this weekend an original glowing documentary entitled, “Speaking Frankly: Non-Monogamy.” The article not-so-subtly attempts to guilt-trip the reader to care more about the purported woes of polyamorous couples people: “It is illegal in all 50 states to be married to more than one person — which is known as polygamy, not polyamory,” the reader is told. “Polyamorous people who try different kinds of arrangements — such as a married couple with steady outside partners — run into their own legal problems.”

The timing of the CBS News and concomitant documentary overlaps rather naturally with the lascivious new sex scandal involving Congresswoman Katie Hill, Democrat of California. As The Daily Wire has reported, Hill is now under congressional investigation over allegations she engaged in a “throuple” sexual relationship with her estranged husband and an erstwhile female campaign staffer, in addition to a separate affair with a congressional staffer. But it is also worth nothing that as far back as 2012, “Polyamory: Married & Dating” became a relatively popular reality TV series. Vice, furthermore, wrote a laudatory piece in 2017 on polyamory entitled, “Polyamorists Are Secretive, Stigmatized, And Highly Satisfied.”


I am only 30 years old, and even I am old enough to remember how leftists and social libertarians alike repeatedly assured us social conservatives that the popular legalization — and, subsequently, imposed constitutionalization via risible black-robed fiat — of same-sex nuptials would lead to neither a normalization of non-monogamous relationships nor a push for polygamous “marriage” itself. Never mind that social conservatives, led by the veritable “What Is Marriage?”-authoring triumvirate of Sherif Girgis, Ryan T. Anderson, and Robert P. George, quite persuasively pointed out that the only reason human civilization ever came around to the number “two” as rightfully constituting a marriage is because it takes precisely two individuals — one biological male and one biological female — to create human offspring. Never mind that social conservatives quite persuasively pointed out that once you remove biologically based sexual complementarity from the definition of marriage, the removal of that underlying number “two” would also logically follow. Never mind that social conservatives, led by New York Times columnist Ross Douthat, persuasively argued that slippery slope social theory is not a “logical fallacy” — it is demonstrably borne out by real, tangible civilizational results over the span of at least the past half-century.

We are now here. The push for de-stigmatized polyamory — and, to be sure, the push quite soon for legalized polygamous “marriage” — is already unfolding right before our eyes. Purportedly “objective” CBS News, after all, is now publishing non-opinion section journalistic content that tries to shame monogamous readers into sympathizing with the legal “plight” of the polyamorous.

Those who reliably informed social conservatives that the de-coupling of sexual complementarity from the definition of marriage would not lead to such an obvious eventual social trend ought to now be held accountable for their merely shoddy prognoses, if they are to be given the benefit of the doubt — or their intellectual disingenuousness, if they are not to be given the benefit of the doubt. That would include Andrew Sullivan as far back as 1996 and any number of prominent pundits in the Obergefell v. Hodges decision year of 2015 — including Jonathan Rauch, William Saletan, and Cathy Young. Each and every one of these pundits and social theorists ought to be challenged and asked why he or she did not possess the logic- and common sense-based prescience to foresee what was so obvious to some of us.

In the interim, those of us who still proudly self-identify as social conservatives ought to dig in our heels. We have a new pernicious civilizational trend to fight, and it is happening right now.

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NIGELTEAPOT #fundie #ableism dailywire.com

h*ll is completely separate from God, and therefore from Creation.

the worst pain of h*ll, as you seem to be currently experiencing, is shame over knowing you have wronged God.

you know nothing about Christianity and so you cannot compare it to anything. If you did know, then you would know She cannot be compared to anything.

instead you go with a tired idiocy of the gnostic sect of "atheism," you attack religion so you can claim the Church is guilty of what pagans do while claiming pagans have the accomplishments/Authority of the Church.

your answer comes in eternity, your autistic self already knows what it is,

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Ken #racist dailywire.com

You [African-Americans] marginalize yourselves. Creating groups like Black Lies Matter that have no basis in fact and voting to stay on the democrat permanent underclass plantation continue to marginalize you. Democrats do nothing for you. Donald Trump has given you the best employment in history

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Silence DoGood #fundie #homophobia dailywire.com

There are two groups that profit from a dysfunctional society that removes s-x from heterosexual marriage.

The first is wealthy, powerful, libertine males. The second is beautiful and attractive young women like Upton.

However, the women’s looks depreciate, the men’s wealth tends to appreciate, and this is where your miserable feminists who screech about misogyny, come from. Women feel used, which they are.

The most powerful societies in human history confine s-x in heterosexual marriage, and do not tolerate women dressing immodestly. However, the rich, powerful, and ruthless plutocrat, globalist men do not want the masses knowing this, so, since they control the media, schools, and tech companies, they alter information to portray the past as being full of libertines, and today being a ‘Brave New World’.

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Guybrush Threepwood #fundie #homophobia dailywire.com

Guybrush Threepwood: "For the same reason the Catholics are against abortion and contraception, they’re also against homosexual activity. Namely, they believe that the end of the sexual act is procreation, and that because sex is directed toward procreation..."

WRONG! Christians believe homosexual acts are wrong because we were told they were by Jesus, the Apostle Paul and Moses. It is not about procreation. That may be God's thinking but we are not God. We do what He tells us.

BTW why is it we only hear about Catholics on this site? There are other Christians. Maybe Ben has heard of "Protestants". Groups like Baptists, etc.. There are many things I have a different view on than the Catholics do. And yes, I am a Baptist.

JackJ (me): By Jesus? Scripture reference to support that claim, please.

Guybrush Threepwood: Matt 19:4-5 4 And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that fhe which made them at the beginning made them male and female, And said, gFor this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and hthey twain shall be one flesh?

Male and female. No variation. And since we are told to only have sex in marriage the rest is easy to figure out.

Plus he told us He did not come to destroy the law. It is still in effect for everything not specifically removed. That includes Leviticus and all that goes with it including the prohibition against homosexuality.

Then there's Matt 10:15 Truly I tell you, it will be more bearable for Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of judgment than for that town.

He certainly doesn't say things will be good for Sodom on judgement day. On the contrary He uses it as an example of something that will face a bad experience that day. And the example that will do worse is a town or home that won't accept the teachings of Christ or even listen to it. Like San Francisco where the mob invades the place where anyone teaches anything negative about being gay.

I cited Jesus knowing people think He didn't condemn homosexuality but that is false. He did.

JackJ: Maybe a homosexual person can simply become an atheist (or, if they want to remain religious, convert to a religion like Hinduism or some New Age spinoff that doesn't openly hate gays). If they do, then your word (or rather, the Bible) will carry zero bearing.

Guybrush Threepwood: No bearing for now. Wait a while. It will matter. But I notice you really didn't want to hear that Jesus condemned your lifestyle. You just want a free pass. Too bad for you. I'll be sure to ignore you from now on. Repent or perish. Those are the options.

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Wellwellwell #fundie dailywire.com

People act like it's so cruel for a baby or child to die and leave this earth.. They are going to Heaven. Where no pain nor hunger exists to be held in the arms of their Creator. The reason this earth is the way it is is because Satan has power here and tempts mankind to follow him. And mankind chooses to. And then gets the consequences of following the devil. Which is death, pain, and destruction. One must have the option of choosing the wrong path in order to truly have the choice of choosing the right path and get the benefits of it. The poor children starving to death as a result of their corrupt societies aren't being punished by spending so little time on this Earth in their pain and then going to live with their Savior. Their society is being punished by losing the innocent children.

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Capt. Frito #fundie #homophobia dailywire.com

Jesus pointed out that originally marriage was between one man and one woman (see Gen 2:24):

And Pharisees came to him intent on testing him, and they asked: “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife on every sort of grounds?” In reply he said: “Have you not read that the one who created them from the beginning made them male and female and said: ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and his mother and will stick to his wife, and the two will be one flesh’? So that they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore, what God has yoked together, let no man put apart.” They said to him: “Why, then, did Moses direct giving a certificate of dismissal and divorcing her?” He said to them: “Out of regard for your hard-heartedness, Moses made the concession to you of divorcing your wives, but that has not been the case from the beginning. I say to you that whoever divorces his wife, except on the grounds of sexual immorality, and marries another commits adultery.” -- Matt 19:3-9
And for true Christians, it was only to be one man and one woman:

The overseer should therefore be irreprehensible, a husband of one wife, moderate in habits, sound in mind, orderly, hospitable, qualified to teach, -- 1 Tim 3:2
Let ministerial servants be husbands of one wife, presiding in a fine manner over their children and their own households. -- 1 Tim 3:12
A widow is to be put on the list if she is not less than 60 years old, was the wife of one husband,-- 1 Tim 5:9
If there is any man free from accusation, a husband of one wife, having believing children who are not accused of debauchery or rebelliousness. -- Titus 1:6
And this is only the beginning of the massive proof that I can print here that marriage was originally between one man and one woman, and that is they way it is for true Christians for the last 2,000 years. In the case of the Israelites, while polygamy was permitted by the Mosaic law -- and specifically because it already existed before the Exodus -- it was strictly regulated, because it was a structurally flawed arrangement. The first one mentioned in the Bible as having more than one wife was Lamech, a descendant of Cain. (Genesis 4:19-24) When God brought the Great Flood, Noah and his three sons each had only one wife. All polygamists were destroyed in the Flood.

But God put up with the practice inherited from the Egyptian slavery period (a huge number of Egyptians left with the Israelites and became proselytes) to teach valuable a lesson: Polygamy is an abomination and it doesn't work. Solomon was specifically told not to practice polygamy. He ignored it, and the Bible account says that his many wives were specifically the cause of his downfall.

You do realize that I actually study the Bible, right?

Please don't try to use silly atheist-website talking points with me.

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budgreen #wingnut dailywire.com

LOL...antifa is communist. Communism was responsible for millions upon millions more deaths than the fascists were.

Both ideologies are completely repugnant and leftist, but if I was forced to choose...

I would kill as many as I could before they get me.

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Capt. Frito #fundie dailywire.com

Simple. When you cultivate a society that exists apart from God's righteous standards, you move out of the realm virtues into the realm of values. Virtues are defined by God. Values are self-defined. Once people define their own personal definition of right and wrong, all things are permissible across society. Some people allow X and Y, others Y and Z, still others A, B and C, and so on. No one agrees and no one is wrong and no one is right.

For example, if someone is driven by self defined values, what compels them to keep their word? What compels them to tell the truth when the truth may be disadvantageous to them?

Lawlessness is lawlessness. If someone is not governed by their knowledge of and love for God then you are only protected by such a person's willingness to not commit any harmful acts against another. But if there is nothing to discourage mischief or worse, especially whrn they are justified by self interest, then what? Of course you end up with exactly what we have.

And it will continue to get much, much worse. Not because of God, but because you -- and people like you -- do not listen to God.

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Capt. Frito #fundie dailywire.com

Jack J: Do you have any proof of what you said that isn't dependent on a single source that was already trying to promote propaganda?

Capt. Frito: Proof that he said those things? The entire history from that period, and beyond testifies to it. The Bible has independent accounts in it. Then there is Josephus. And the entire Roman Government. Named people, places, times, dates, externally referenced events, you name it. And not all of them favorable. Jesus is by far the single most attested person in the world. Will this convince you? I strongly doubt it.

Jack J: Christlike only really means morally good, a standard that loads of self-proclaimed Christians fall VERY far short of.

Capt. Frito: Yeah, so? Jesus himself said that one's claim of Christianity had to be backed up by sincere efforts to apply the things he taught. Fakers and frauds would be rejected no matter what:

“Not everyone saying to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter into the Kingdom of the heavens, but only the one doing the will of my Father who is in the heavens will. Many will say to me in that day: ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and expel demons in your name, and perform many powerful works in your name?’ And then I will declare to them: ‘I never knew you! Get away from me, you workers of lawlessness!’ -- Matt 7:21-23
Christians are people who chose to live, as best they can, a moral code that makes them responsible for their own actions, that commands them to genuinely care for others, to be honest in all things, and so on. Can they do this perfectly? No, but if they actually try as hard as they can, that will suffice, perfection will come in that promised kingdom.

But you, on the other hand, you advocate a different moral code, one that you define for yourself, one that no one can measure, one that you are not bound to keep. And somehow you think that because you are true to dishonesty and fraud that makes you better to someone who hates those things but are sometimes guilty of them because of human weakness and imperfection? I think not.

Jack J: When I die, I fully expect to be greeted by eternal blackness, not unlike an eternal sleep.

Capt. Frito: "I fully expect to be greeted" -- Funny turn of phrase. The dead are conscious of nothing at all. That is what the Bible says. (Eccl 9:5,10; Ps 146:3,4)

And to Adam he said: “Because you listened to your wife’s voice and ate from the tree concerning which I gave you this command, ‘You must not eat from it,’ cursed is the ground on your account.v In pain you will eat its produce all the days of your life. It will grow thorns and thistles for you, and you must eat the vegetation of the field. In the sweat of your face you will eat bread until you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken. For dust you are and to dust you will return.” -- Gen 3:17-19
If you want death -- which means your thoughts perish forever -- you will get it. But the Bible also says God has put eternity into our hearts, which is why you said what you said. Even though you seem happy that you will be dead, you think you will be greeted when you get there. You have to be conscious for such an event. The faithful man Job knew he would die at some point, but he also knew that he would be awakened at a future date. He recognized that God would call out to him because God would have a longing for the works of his own hand, that is to say, humans who tried their best to be loyal.

But if you don't care about any of this, why do you try so hard to tell others to not be the way Jesus taught? Chirstians try to build up. You are determined to tear down. And yet you think you're the better, more enlightened person.

Have a great day.

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Capt. Frito #fundie dailywire.com

The Bible clearly says that the whole world is lying in Satan's control. All those who have died as casualties of Satan's rebellion will be restored to life -- perfect life on a paradise earth -- when God takes back rulership at the Battle of Armageddon (which is actually fought in heaven), and when Satan is imprisoned, his followers on earth -- witting or unwitting -- will be permanently destroyed. Those who disobey God cannot remain because they cause pain and sorrow and death. God removes them and with them their ill effects. Have a nice life Jack. Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow you will die. Say "hi" to Epicurus. Oh wait, he's dead.

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Matt Walsh #fundie dailywire.com

But "Easter worshippers" is a different thing entirely. Responding to the slaughter of hundreds of Christians during Easter attacks by radical Islamic terrorists, a number of prominent Democratic politicians chose to issue statements that glaringly omit any direct mention of the faith identity of the victims.

Barack Obama said this: "The attacks on tourists and Easter worshippers in Sri Lanka are an attack on humanity. On a day devoted to love, redemption, and renewal, we pray for the victims and stand with the people of Sri Lanka."

Hillary Clinton seemed to be working literally from the same script: "On this holy weekend for many faiths, we must stand united against hatred and violence. I'm praying for everyone affected by today's horrific attacks on Easter worshippers and travelers in Sri Lanka."

Several other Democrats latched onto this same phrase — "Easter worshippers." If just one of them had gone this route, perhaps I could be convinced that it might be clumsy wording and nothing more. But it is simply impossible to believe that several significant Democrats would all independently and innocently think to refer to Christian victims in such a roundabout and obscure way.

[...] But the general mass of people who show up to worship on Easter have always, in my experience, just been called Christians. It would be technically accurate to use a label like "Passover observers" in the place of "Jews" and "Ramadan commemorators" for "Muslims," but I can't imagine why anyone would be so unnecessarily vague and wordy. Unless, of course, there is some reason why they don't want to explicitly acknowledge the group in question. And that appears to be the case here.

As it happens, we don't need to wonder how the likes of Clinton and Obama would respond to a similar attack against Muslims. There was just such an attack a few weeks ago in New Zealand. Let's look at their statements.

Obama: "Michelle and I send our condolences to the people of New Zealand. We grieve with you and the Muslim community. All of us must stand against hatred in all its forms."

Clinton: "My heart breaks for New Zealand & the global Muslim community. We must continue to fight the perpetuation and normalization of Islamophobia and racism in all its forms. White supremacist terrorists must be condemned by leaders everywhere. Their murderous hatred must be stopped."

This gives the game away. No rational person could fail to notice a stark contrast between these statements and the ones issued in response to nearly 300 butchered Christians on Easter Sunday. They both make sure to use the word "Muslim." Clinton goes further and ropes in "Islamophobia" and "[w]hite supremacist terrorists." Not only does she omit "Christian" from her comments on Sri Lanka, but she certainly says nothing about "Christophobia" and "Islamic terrorists."

Are we supposed to believe that this is a mere coincidence? If so, is it also a coincidence that Hillary Clinton, who accidentally forgot the word "Christian" yesterday on Easter, did not forget the phrase "LGBT community" after the shooting at a gay club in Orlando three years ago? Of course not. There is a purpose behind this, and the purpose matters.

Christians are among the most persecuted groups on the planet. On a monthly basis, hundreds are murdered for their faith, hundreds more are locked in prison without just cause, and dozens of churches are burned or vandalized. Indeed, the most shocking thing about yesterday's tragedy is how utterly routine it has become. It was only two years ago that over a hundred Christians were killed in explosions at Palm Sunday services in Egypt. Many Christians across the world know that they take their lives into their hands when they gather for worship. This fact — that Christians are not only a victim group, but are one of the most victimized groups — is extraordinarily inconvenient for Democrats, who have structured their whole agenda around their victimhood narrative. By their telling, racial minorities, women, homosexuals, and Muslims are The Victims while white men and Christians are The Bad Guys. This dichotomy would be thrown wildly out of balance and sent into disarray if Christians were admitted into the victim column — especially because they are so often victimized by Muslim extremists.

No, the Democrats can't have that. So they usually ignore the genocide of Christians, and often enact policies that make it worse. And when they are forced, on the rare occasion, to acknowledge an attack of this sort, they will do it without saying anything that might give ignorant Americans the impression that there is a real systematic problem of Christians being constantly blown up and murdered by Muslim extremists. But the systematic problem is real, even if these conniving cowards won't admit it.

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Richard Williams #fundie dailywire.com

(=Twitter Is Going Crazy Over This Gay Nativity Scene=)

Sorry, but this is physically impossible. There's got to be a mother somewhere, unless you are going to say it is a miracle, but then if you believe in miracles, why wouldn't you believe in what the Bible says in the first place . . .?

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Hannah R. McClintock #fundie dailywire.com

[Sorry for a WTF source, but the only non-wingnut sites covering this were Liveleak and Portland PD homesite itself.]

On Saturday, a 19-year-old so-called "anti-fascist" protester was arrested after she punched and spat on demonstrators at a #HimToo rally in Portland.

The #HimToo rally was organized by conservative activist Haley Adams to draw awareness to the sexual victimization of men and the falsely accused. Left-wing counter-protesters showed up to disrupt the event. Demonstrators and at least one reporter on site were harassed and assaulted by the agitators. The rally ended with a total of six arrests.

In footage captured by independent journalist and Quillette Magazine editor Andy C. Ngo, a young Antifa counter-protester later identified as Hannah R. McClintock by the Portland Police Bureau confronts male demonstrators at the rally. Backed by a chant of "We believe survivors" by her fellow Antifa activists, McClintock gets herself into a fighting stance and waves on the demonstrators to apparently engage in a physical altercation with her. She also spits on them as she repeatedly yells the word "b****."

Later in the video, McClintock physically assaults the male demonstrators.

Two #HimToo activists are heard in the video directing their fellow protesters not to fight back against the female and to "calm down."

"Let it happen, let it happen," says one of the protesters. "Don't touch her. Let her attack us, let her attack us."

Apparently failing to elicit the reaction she wants, the aggressive Antifa female continues with her antics. McClintock repeatedly gets in the men's faces and spits on them yet again.

"It's all good, it's all good," a #HimToo protester says calmly in response. "Let her spit. It's all good."

McClintock assaults a #HimToo protester once again before a swarm of Portland officers take her away.

"McClintock was arrested near Southwest 3rd Avenue and Southwest Taylor Street. McClintock was lodged at the Multnomah County Jail on a charge of Harassment," says a press release from the Portland Police Bureau.

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Rush Limbaugh #conspiracy dailywire.com

Were the intercepted bombs mailed to various high profile Democrats actually sent in some sort of "false flag" operation to help Democrats at the ballot box come November?, asked conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday.

Law enforcement confirmed Wednesday that potentially-explosive packages sent in the mail were addressed to seven big name Democrats: former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama, former Attorney General Eric Holder, Democratic mega-donor George Soros, former CIA chief John Brennan, and Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

Limbaugh openly questioned why any right-winger would be behind such an operation when Republicans have been dominating politically and such acts would only work to hurt the party. Implying some sort of left-wing operation, Rush asked if "these bombs were intended to be discovered in screening" and not actually meant to cause harm to the individuals addressed on the packages.

"Were these bombs intended to be discovered in screening?" asked Limbaugh. He also questioned how "someone smart enough to make a bomb" could be "dumb" enough to think such packages would actually be sent to Soros or Obama.

"It doesn’t make any sense for a Republican or conservative to do this," suggested the talk show host. "If they really care about winning these elections, this makes no sense to do. This is gonna be instant fodder for the Democrats and the media to blame it on Trump and his supporters. .... It doesn’t make any sense for ... a Republican or conservative, to do this, if they care about the elections. None whatsoever."

It would, however, make sense if a Democrat(s) were behind the devices, suggested Limbaugh. Everything has backfired on the Democrats, from their wild tactic with now Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh to their uptick in "mob" tactics, he noted.

"Would it make a lot of sense for a Democrat operative or Democrat-inculcated lunatic to do it? Because things are not working out the way they thought," he said, adding, "Things that are supposed to cement it, like the Kavanaugh trick backfires, and these mobs are backfiring. They are not achieving their objectives."
"What sense does it make for a conservative Republican to gum up the works here by sending a bunch of bombs that are not gonna go off and that are gonna be discovered? It doesn’t make any sense in any way, shape, manner, or form," emphasized the radio host.

Limbaugh then read the following tweet from freelance journalist Alessandra Bocchi: "As a journalist, my job is to be skeptical. Terrorist attacks are committed during times of desperation, not victory. People who’ve won against Obama/Clintons/Soros have no reason to attack them now, when they’ve all but become irrelevant."
"Exactly my point!" Limbaugh exclaimed.

"I asked it just a moment ago: Who on our side's worried about the Clintons? We’re laughing at 'em. A nationwide stadium tour with Bill and Hillary? Are they gonna have the 'Bimbo Eruption Section' where those babes get comped? And Obama? Folks, Obama? I’m telling you, he can’t draw crowds. He’s out there trying to claim credit for this economy when he wouldn’t know how to create it!" he continued. "In fact, the Democrats are the people that have people on their side that love bombs! Bill Ayers! One of Obama's buddies, in fact. I'm not saying that there’s any connection. Do not misunderstand me. But Alessandra Bocchi is right on the money here."

"There are no coincidences with [the Clintons]," posited Limbaugh.

"In fact, you know, you say these are all deep state players — Soros, Bill and Hillary, Obama and so forth. It is curious. They’re not even on the radar in the midterms when you get down to it, other than they’re trying to get themselves on the radar. But see, that’s the thing. They’re trying to get noticed," he said. "The Clintons desperately need to be noticed all the time, and Obama is trying to recapture some glory, trying to show everybody he can still move the needle. It isn’t working."

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various commenters #sexist dailywire.com

Re: Cops Say 13-Year-Old Boy Traumatized From Endless Sex With Hot Teacher

This kid wasn't traumatized, this is the dream of every 13 year old with a hot teacher. That doesn't make it ok, it still messed up. But this kid is anything but traumatized, he's going to talk about this for most of his life.

I have to agree. There is a double standard I acknowledge that but this kid is going to be bragging about this for the rest of his life. I'm not saying it's ok. The teacher is a weirdo and the parents are nuts.

I live in the town this happened, I never stop hearing coverage on it. According to every single one of the people who knew of there relationship, they say the boy sparked the start of this relationship.

The only thing that probably will traumatize him, is the abortion the teacher had with his child.

(T llama)
yer probably sick of this thread, but....

I think this falls under the fundamental difference between men and women. Or in this case boys and girls.

Was this 'wrong?' Yes.

Is this going to mess the boy up for life? Prolly not, especially as he encounters real women and not sexual predators. Your point that it can mess with this boys view of sex and women is correct, but speaking as a man, who was once a boy, I don't believe this isnt anything that wont get worked out in this boy's life as he grows up and meets strong female role models. Of course having a child at 13-14 yrs old is another discussion...

I won't say this was OK simply because the boy (IMO) is not messed up for life. I agree with you, there are laws to protect children and those laws are good ones; for boys and girls.

Not being a woman, i do believe in a world that glorifies and pushes women as objects (trump's experiences with women is a perfect example) i see how women (girls) are more vulnerable to this type of predatory behavior.

Again, this is just one of those things in life that can't be applied equally across the sexes. It was wrong. A child as a result is FUBAR but given it was a woman taking advantage of a boy, I'm less inclined to be bothered by it.

Take advantage of a 13yr old girl and i'll string you up myself. This might be considered sexist, but i still believe in women and children first....which is prolly sexist to some.

I think the difference of opinion, throughout this thread, is that some see this as a black and white issue and some of 'us' see this as a shade of gray.

If we are on a sinking ship; ill evacuate after women and children; not sure what would constitute a 'child' in that situation, but personally, 17 and younger. An 18 yr old guy may have to fight me for that last seat on the life boat;)

In 'this' situation, with some admittance of double standard (i wanted to say hippocrasy but cant seem to spell it;)) men see this different, even 13 yr old boys dealing with puberty; its different. Something a woman cannot understand as a man and vs versa.

'We' see this as an offense, but not as disgusting as if the sexes were reversed and 'I' believe that offense against a female of that age to be way worse.

Double standard. I admit it. But I am a guy. Was once a boy. Were you? Its one of those situations ya may have to yield to experience; as I would if the situation was reversed.

soon it will be the norm and any misgivings you and I have about it is moot. The leftists liberals are killing this country. Temoving any morals we have. Look at how they have changes the bathroom( restroom) by alowig boys in the girls restroom, lockers rooms and showers. WHF is going on with this country? It is time to say NO MORE . If you have the equipment of a male, your a male . It doesn't matter if you are wearing a skirt and lipstick. Use the mens room. ( unless of course your afraid your ass will be laughed at. If your a man and my daughter and or grand daughter is in womans restroom and you go in . You will be a woman when you come out..Enough is enough. Lets face it. If we don't stand up for our selves we are alone.

(stu magoo)
legally raped? as opposed to illegally raped? explain the difference please. never mind. every red blooded heterosexual 13 y/o boy would be bragging about this forever. that doesn't make it right for the teacher, but the kid being traumatized? please!

The month I turned 14, one of the 30'something married female chaperone's of our church youth group made me a man in the back of her van in the parking lot of a roller skating rink.

I never told an adult because I was afraid my parents would beat MY a... if they found out.

She and her husband owned a christian book store; let's just say folks were impressed with how much I liked to go to the christian book store; they were convinced I was going to be a a preacher. Such is not the behavior of a traumatized young boy.

It is every boys dream to be involved in a sex situation like that . No boy that age is a puritan. It is a natural feeling and urge and few young men ever get the chance to satisfy that natural urge. . Not even consider the legality of it. I damn sure would not have turned her down were it me when I was 13 if the opportunity presented it's self to me.. Neither would 99% of the men posting here. How many 13 year olds consider the law when ogling the scantly clothed women in magazines and on the street or in Walmart? Lets face it walking down the street in beach wear turns a lot of heads..Fires up the imagination. in young men.

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Tom W #fundie dailywire.com

Man oh man do liberals get upset if you bring up the fact that the victims were overwhelmingly adolescent males targeted by homosexual priests. How many news reports have you read that point this out? Few. Being gay does not incline a priest to abuse children; however, most of the priests who abused children were gay and most of their victims were boys