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Asian men in Asia need to come to feel as crushed by WMAF as Hapas and Asian-Americans in the West have come to feel. All of Asia must become one big Hapa Asian subreddit.

A stark way of putting it. But the truth. They need a sense of crisis. This is a bit of a follow up response to the stickied thread about translating r/Hapas materials into Asian languages. Which I think is a great idea. But it opens up the larger discussion, which is that we need to take these WMAF issues to Asia. These ideas, this crisis, needs to be discussed in all Asian languages in their most popular forums. We need to be doing this right now. Even using Google translate if we have to.

To be blunt Asian men in Asia need to feel as overwhelmed by the WMAF tide as Hapa and Asian men in the West have come to feel. After all, the white-worship is even worse in Asia. And the worst most disreputable WM in WMAF, are the sexpats.
Sadly before we can inspire Asian men in Asia, we need to crush them. We need them to feel the despair that Asian Hapas in the West have felt. They need to feel the crisis that we have felt, that Asian male traits are just being weeded out. They need to feel the contempt that white males, and Asian women with White males, have for the Asian male. We must shatter their illusions. The problem has only exploded by not being talked about, by being ignored. They can't be allowed to keep looking the other way. The stark soul-crushing reality must be faced before there can be healing.

So yes translate the works of r/Hapas, thats a good idea. But translate the words of WMAF as well. Let them read it from the horse's mouth. Asian men in Asia, need to hear what WMAF thinks of them. For those who hold the illusion that Asia will save Hapas and Asian-Americans, this is how it will be done, not through GDP and military budgets.

Asia is where the crisis begins. There is only so much that can be done with English-language resources. Every Asian-American and Hapa with Asian language skills needs to step up and put it to use. 2 million Asian-Americans vs 2 billion Asians. A 1000x ratio. Every post made in an Asian language is 1000x more valuable than one in English. We have saturated the market of English-speaking Asians and Hapas already. \
The fight must be taken to the Asian internets!



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