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Roosh Valizadeh #sexist

All That’s Left For Normal Men Are Rotten Women

Nature has given humanity a roughly one-to-one ratio of adult men to women, but the most attractive women are being taken out of circulation to either join alpha male harems or participate in degenerate lifestyle choices. This leaves the average man practically no choice in settling down with a mentally stable and cute woman in her prime.

In Islam, a man is able to marry four wives, which is what my wealthy Iranian grandfather did on his way to siring 24 or so children that included my dad (the exact number is a mystery). He took away three women that an Iranian man of lesser means could have married, creating a societal imbalance, but that’s nothing compared to what we have in the modern Western world, where a single famous man can command the sexual attentions of dozens—if not thousands—of women in their sexual prime, spoiling these women for normal men who don’t have the ability to tingle their vaginas with the same intensity.

How many actors, musicians, and sports athletes are trying to plow through as much prime pussy as possible? How many Hollywood directors and music producers are leveraging their positions for sexual gain? How many club owners, restaurateurs, Arab sheikhs, and politicians are doing the same? Each one is taking way more beautiful women out of circulation than men like my grandfather, all while elevating their standards to such an extent that no average man can ever gain their love, let alone two hours—or even two minutes–of their uninterrupted attention.

We also have to account for female lifestyle choices that are designed to delay or prevent pair bonding and marriage. The biggest is career. Most girls, while embarking on a career, balance out the boredom of working a meaningless job by hopping on the cock carousel and banging at least a few men every year. By the time a girl hits 25 years old, any man who meets her will have to deal with a walk-in closet of emotional issues and hang-ups from being pumped and dumped as much as a 1930’s brothel whore.

Then there is the Instagram and Facebook lifestyle that creates crippling dopamine addiction, which causes a girl to only be satisfied if dozens of men are actively thirsting for her every day. I estimate that if a girl has over 500 followers on Instagram, she is so used to attention from throngs of men that the love of one man cannot possibly satisfy her.
We must also throw in the growing “travel blogger” lifestyle where, instead of using only her body to get attention, a girl uses pictures and video from exotic locations to enhance her beauty. Other girls, with nothing substantial to offer the world, decide to showcase pictures of pets or their tasty overpriced meals, but even that puts them on a dopamine loop that ruins their future interactions with men.

By far, the most damaging lifestyle choice women make is becoming a sugar baby, a politically correct term for “prostitute.” For some easy cash, she whores out her body to the highest bidder (some women combine Instagram and prostitution in a seamless package). How can such an Instagram prostitute ever settle down with a man who has a normal salary? There are also the hundreds of women who enter porn every year, some from seemingly stable families. Sadly, men are so desperate for love that many would wife up a former prostitute or porn star, but it’s highly unlikely those women will make for stable families.

The Western world is a sinkhole for women. The prettiest of the bunch fall into the hole and get spit out years later an entitled #MeToo hag who can never be happy, making the Islamic four-wive rule seem downright egalitarian. The sad truth is that if you meet an attractive girl today, she was pumped and dumped by numerous sexy men, prefers to nurture her career than children, is addicted to attention via the internet, and has participated in some kind of scheme to exchange social status or cash for her pussy. She’s more than suitable for a bit of fun, but would it be wise to seek a relationship with her?

Even with the obesity and short-hair epidemic, I still see a bountiful supply of cute girls I would happily reproduce with. I would love them, let them caress my beard, and lay my seed deep within their vaginal guts, but the problem is that those guts are not for me—they are for the Chads who would never marry her, the beta orbiters who await her newest selfie as if it were a source of food, or the rich and lonely men who would sponsor her for thousands of dollars a month. They’re taking her out of circulation at the time I want her most, and by the time they are done with her, I no longer want her. I guess I’ll try to weasel in a bang or two when she is not yet fully degraded, and enjoy the fleeting pleasure that comes from it as much as I can.

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ItheIthe #sexist #psycho #quack

(Warning: Source NSFW)

[Blackpill] If Your Wife has has Sex with Another Man Before You

1. She has been throttled and tossed around by someone that isn't you.
2. She has squirmed with pleasure under the control of someone that isn't you.
3. She has had her first experience, satisfying her curiosity, with someone that isn't you.
4. She has developed emotional bonds with someone that isn't you.
5. She has been drenched in the semen of someone that isn't you.
6. She has willingly put herself under the possibility of having the kids of someone that isn't you.
7. She potentially still has remnants of semen inside of her from someone that isn't you.
8. She may give birth to the child of someone who isn't you.
9. She has gasped in pleasure and pain due to the penetration from someone who isn't you.
10. She has bled on the sheets due to the penetration of someone who isn't you.

That is all.

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insanehapa #racist

Asian men in Asia need to come to feel as crushed by WMAF as Hapas and Asian-Americans in the West have come to feel. All of Asia must become one big Hapa Asian subreddit.

A stark way of putting it. But the truth. They need a sense of crisis. This is a bit of a follow up response to the stickied thread about translating r/Hapas materials into Asian languages. Which I think is a great idea. But it opens up the larger discussion, which is that we need to take these WMAF issues to Asia. These ideas, this crisis, needs to be discussed in all Asian languages in their most popular forums. We need to be doing this right now. Even using Google translate if we have to.

To be blunt Asian men in Asia need to feel as overwhelmed by the WMAF tide as Hapa and Asian men in the West have come to feel. After all, the white-worship is even worse in Asia. And the worst most disreputable WM in WMAF, are the sexpats.
Sadly before we can inspire Asian men in Asia, we need to crush them. We need them to feel the despair that Asian Hapas in the West have felt. They need to feel the crisis that we have felt, that Asian male traits are just being weeded out. They need to feel the contempt that white males, and Asian women with White males, have for the Asian male. We must shatter their illusions. The problem has only exploded by not being talked about, by being ignored. They can't be allowed to keep looking the other way. The stark soul-crushing reality must be faced before there can be healing.

So yes translate the works of r/Hapas, thats a good idea. But translate the words of WMAF as well. Let them read it from the horse's mouth. Asian men in Asia, need to hear what WMAF thinks of them. For those who hold the illusion that Asia will save Hapas and Asian-Americans, this is how it will be done, not through GDP and military budgets.

Asia is where the crisis begins. There is only so much that can be done with English-language resources. Every Asian-American and Hapa with Asian language skills needs to step up and put it to use. 2 million Asian-Americans vs 2 billion Asians. A 1000x ratio. Every post made in an Asian language is 1000x more valuable than one in English. We have saturated the market of English-speaking Asians and Hapas already. \
The fight must be taken to the Asian internets!

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Billy D #sexist

[Re: E3 2017 being opened to the general public]

Others, however, were hoping that this would be a short-lived exercise in pro-consumerism, hoping desperately that the legs of opportunity would close shut tight on gamers in years to come.

Other SJWs found it to be a mistake, a blasphemous call for the hydra of consumerism to emerge from the far corners of the interwebs; a stake to the heart of game journalism’s oligarchy; a raping of the gated clique that once controlled the foyer of information that lactated from the bulbous PR udders dangling from the publishers’ visceral bloat that drips begrudgingly through the sphincter of the media and out through the curdled lips of their blogs.

Gamers’ milky victory secreted onto the tongue of SJWs’ pride, languishing there like a badge of honor that can’t be rinsed away; all while the pole of ethics lodged its way down the orifice of corruption, filling the gaping hole with improved policies and updated disclosures, changing the landscape of media journalism forever.

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ParasympatheticBlain #racist

You can't be racist against Jews, why? because racism is systemic and the whole system is run by Jews. Jews hold all the power and most of the wealth. Why are they 1% of the population but hold 30% of the wealth in our "great" country? Systemic. You heard right. Statistically, for every dollar you make, a Jewish makes three dollars. Its not because they're smart and work hard, they're opressing anyone who's not an Ashkenazi Jew. It's systemic, the Jews control it. Anything the Jews get is justified. Systemic.