usachinanukewar #fundie

And during my “6-Days” scheme, I’m gotta be a great painter, too. Their blood is my ink. I’m gotta paint all the walls and floors into many, many, many, beautiful blood flowers scattering all over the entire deep underground bunkers, caged and NO WAY OUT. You know what? I’m gotta be Peter the Hottest Immortal Boy, the Executioner, during my “6-Days” scheme. I’m gotta love it and enjoy it. So, lovely. And, the entire deep underground bunker system is going to be my lovely hide-and-seek playground, the killing ground, the hunting ground, the slaughtering ground, and I’m the immortal hunter and executioner. They’re gotta fall in prey at my hand with my sword. Oh, baby, No Way Out. And, their blood is gotta be just like a geyser spitting out hot water, spotting all the walls and floors, and all the spots will turn very beautiful blood flowers on the walls and floors over the entire bunkers. See, I’m a great painter, and I love painting with their blood. Their blood is my ink. And, I’m gotta be grinning all the way from beginning to end, from the Day 1 to Day 6. And, I’m gotta be Peter the Hottest Immortal Boy at that 6-day campaign. I’m gotta love it, my new nickname. And, their horrified screaming is going to be the best ever musical opera I’ve ever attended so far, the best ever, horrified screaming echoing around the deep and caged bunkers, no way out, echoing around me. Oh, baby, I’m gotta be loving their horrified screaming. The first thing is I must make sure all the possible entrances and exits have been collapsed. This is a must, and the first step. And, I must be very fast, less than 30 minutes, the shorter the better, before they figure out what’s going on, before they manage to escape and get out of their lovely bunkers.



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