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Re: TIM finally feels like a "real woman" after shaving his legs and getting his ass eaten out by some dude.


It would be so easy to just... stop the dumb and offensive pretense and enjoy his life as a gay man. That's a thing he could do.

Don't know this guy's orientation, but blockage of the homosexual outlet is one of the steps in developing AGP. A lot of internalized homophobia in it.

"Why is it "gay" sounds if he considers himself a woman...?

I mean it's gross regardless but I'm just confused, is it an admission that he's not actually trans?"

They use "happy gay sounds" to mean trans as well. As a lesbian, I don't like that conflation. :-/

Yeah, happy, sad, angry, etc... "gay sounds" thing is a highly annoying trans trope.

It makes me fucking irate as a bisexual.

They appropriated "queer" to be a catch-all term any slightly GNC straight person can claim, and now they're also earnestly trying to make "gay" an amorphous umbrella term that means nothing.

The endgoal is preventing homosexuals from finding one another or having exclusive spaces. It's a regressive movement.

Trans people who feel they're "queer" enough, describe any relationship they're in as "gay" - no matter what sex or gender identity their partner is. It literally just means "weird" and "quirky" to them.

It's so homophobic.

I honestly prefer the stupid shitty thing kids do when they call each other "gay" as an insult. At least then they're likely not being fetishistic and gross, they're just being shitty children.

Omg this is a thought i've had almost word for word before - i'm thankful i was raised in a time where "gay" was just used as a silly synonym for "stupid" instead of this weird undefinable homophobic fetish shit they use it for now.



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