NicholasMarks #fundie

If I can shape and fashion a Biblically acceptable God who owns the entire universe and who dictates the terms and conditions of all who have a future hope in living in peace and harmony for all eternity, here on planet Earth...then certainly a clever and responsible 'being' could be shaped and fashioned by sharper, keener laws that have perhaps escaped my abilities...My version says that Almighty God exists because, whilst residing in Heaven...he broke the hidden code of nature and discovered that an indestructible energy can deliver an indestructible spirit that can discover, and formulate, all scientific knowledge that that universe offers, accurately and precisely...and that could only benefit those who are prepared to listen. Those that did listen counted in their great multitudes and because they were given such a rewarding life they stick with their Deity through thick and thin...and all this is recorded in the Holy Bible for those who read it honestly and openly and who have sidestepped the obvious traps that iniquity sponsor within it for their own benefits.

Those that cannot find the same faith, for whatever reason, will always be troublesome, working blindly for greed and selfishness, spitefully and inharmoniously, and so God has decreed that the next global event that will affect every person, the quick and the dead, at that time, and which is foretold in Revelation and on YouTube, will have to suffer the natural consequences of their disobedience...This is summed up in Revelation 21:8...where the disobedient will be whisked off to a future best described as eternal damnation...because the part of you that cannot die will be evicted from this planet, and into a sulphurous, fiery planet, for all eternity. Satan is busy building his defenses but they are like matchwood against a very forceful, electric universe and a righteous God.



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