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Re: Imagine genuinely believing this



They only like sex with Chad. No man has ever had sex for the sole reason of being intelligent or funny.

Being """intelligent""" and """funny""" are just euphemized words to mean having a high social status.

Concerning intelligence, not a single woman care about really intelligent people, I've had several internships into scientific labs, and I've yet to see any woman standing outside trying to hit on scientist. What they mean by intelligence, is the ability to show that you have some culture (which is not real intelligence btw), because first of all it is a mark of high social status is rich circles which makes it a mark of high social status in society in general, and secondly if you are able to showcase how cultivated you are without looking like a smug, that is a sign of high dominance in a group, and thus a sign of high status in this group.

Concerning humor, it is way more simple : the same joke will not have the same effect depending of who is telling it. If it is someone not respected at all within the group, who have hence a very low status, then the joke won't make anyone laugh but if it is the dominant person of the group who tells it, then everyone will laugh like they haven't heard any funnier before. Looking for a "funny" guy is then a efficient way for a women for looking for the most dominant men in the group. The only exception is if a low status guy makes self-depreciating jokes, but they won't you funny, they'll laugh at you, and this kind of joke doesn't attract women at all

You summed up the behavuorual breakdown of group dynamics and male status well. Unless you are truly exceptionally funny as a male, I mean truly exceptional, your brain is razor sharp and can connect humour and references that don't go too far beyond normies comprehension whislt also displaying intelligence, you can be funny. Other than that, the other two ways is to be a clown, or be a high dominance chad. Laughter is a form of fear and anxiety release. We laugh at low status maes being "clowns" for us because he's a scapegoat in that moment (And often very much more often) ANd it eases us. We laugh for chad because it's socially expected to reciproacate the desired emotion he wishes to see. I.e the kings court. If you didn't reciprocate it would be confrontational, upsetting the status quo and lead to trouble unless the rest of the group didn't laugh. Unless all the paesents rise up, a lone peasant uprising will be crushed ruthlessly. Next time a chad makes a joke, purposefully don't laugh and let your silence linger. Watch the reactions. There will be discomfort, as people find shakes to the status uqo uncomfortable, especially foids. Foids hate chaos. It's why they like chad to win at everything. In their primal minds he should. Now hwilst they like drama, they do not like dramatic changes. Changes that may place their own highly secure place in the hierarchy at risk.



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