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Public schools and public sewers are the same. Your child has one shot at life, don't blow it for them by putting them in a heathen environment that's going to confuse them, put sexual peer pressure on them. Teen girls are tempted to dress sexy by the heathen world, which is not permitted in a decent Christian school. If you put your child into a public school system, she'll come home one day looking like a vampire with heavy mascara and high heels. She'll look like a slut, because that's how girls dress in ALL public schools. Your son will have a long finger-nail, because that's what the druggies do to snort cocaine. If he's not doing illegal drugs (or stealing your prescription drugs), he'll do it just to fit in with the other punks. Your son will be listening to Eminem and other rap crap that's saturates public schools today. It's your fault mom and dad, because you put your child into that toilet bowl of society. Public schools are cesspools of iniquity.



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