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We have become so apostate and hardened nowadays that we refer to good things as being "wicked." For example: Here's a Google search for the phrase, "wicked dude!" Satan is effectively confusing young people today by redefining Biblical terms; thus removing the only words in society that demonize sin.

I recently went through a MacDonald's drive-thru and was offended by their advertisement for "wicked" Happy Meal toys. It is a sin to misuse Biblical words. People often call their food "sinfully delicious," but this is wrong. Sin is a serious matter with God, and we shouldn't make light of it. TV's late night shows continually sport and joke about homosexuality, adultery, and every sexual sin imaginable; but God says... fools make a mock at sin (Proverb 14:9). We are living in a nation of fools. Sin sends people to Hell and is a serious matter.



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