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[As for defending Nazi Hate Speech or NAMBLA's requests to lower the age of consent, everyone deserves the right to Free Speech, even the most despicable scum.]

I tend to disagree about NAMBLA.

I think that the member list should be hacked, and handed out to known vigilantes, so they can be hunted down, and destroyed like the sick animals they are.

Police brutality should be excused, and even allowed with these scumsucking perverts.

[Werekitty, if we arrested people for attraction and not actual crimes, we'd be in serious trouble as a society.]

I didn't say "arrest". I said hunt them down, and destroy them like the sick animals they are. Eliminate them from the gene pool, and the perversion will either be eliminated, or they will go so far underground, that they won't even THINK that they deserve legitimancy.

Expect the worst, and you will never be disappointed. On rare occasions, though, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Lord, save me from idealists for they are %^@#$ing stupid, and can't face reality

Yes, I'm a cynic. Get over it.



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