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Some time ago– Close to the start of this year, in fact– I succumbed to anxiety about my financial situation and to simple, cumulative lust and greed, and decided to try selling “adult” artwork under a second name. I posted artwork on and off on a couple of well-known sites under the synonym “Xanaduxxx”.

It took considerable time, but a little over a month or so ago I finally caved to my guilt and my conscience and repented of it in tears. I emptied the online archives, deleted the artwork from my computer, and posted a confession in the forums on this site, for anyone who had questions.

Well it seems that in the time my porn art was online it has done what the internet does and propagated to two or three other locations on the web. I’ve finally shored up my courage and willpower and sent Do Not Post requests to the sites in question, but I’ve no doubt there are samples of it floating about in the ether somewhere, online or in other people’s computers. And I am sure there are quite a number of vindictive people who would use this against me given the opportunity.

So now you know. I’m still struggling with the sin and the temptation, and probably always will. I only pray that Jesus will strengthen me to cast it off; I have prayed for His forgiveness, and I pray that you all will forgive me as well.

For those of you considering dipping your toe in that oh-so-lucrative(/sarcasm) field– it’s not worth it. Even if I’d made anything at it, it would not have been worth it. The promise of easy money and carnal indulgence is just bait on a hook. The Devil made a FOOL out of me, don’t let him do the same to you.

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On Capitalism
The true Capitalist allows business owners to do whatever they please to gain maximum profit.

I have heard that in mine collapses, mine owners would refuse to rescue workers, letting them die and hire others. It's a perfectly practical way to operate; rescuing is expensive and often, what workers can be rescued are unable to work, and said expense of rescuing them is wasted.

I have read articles of rivers catching fire, and land becoming too poisoned to work afterwards. The proper answer to that is "so?" Look at what happened to the coal companies of England when the government decided to whine about the smogs: Capitalism was interfered with and many companies were ruined. Waste treatment is likewise expensive; a river catching fire may cause some expense, but the installation of waste treatment facilities and proper sewers are likely even more so, and therefore not practical.

There has also been some argument about the Truck System, wherein a company would issue its own currency, forcing employees to buy food from company-owned stores and pay rent to the company, making it impossible to save money to move on. The simple fact is, this is a perfect means of keeping employees loyal, making sure they will go nowhere else.

Demanding companies concern themselves with workplace safety, clean up after themselves, or pay their employees a "fair wage" dilutes and destroys capitalism. Is this a moral way to act? A ridiculous question: morality has nothing to do with Capitalism, and those that believe that's a bad thing are deluded.

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On The Nature
There is nothing beautiful about nature; to think that there is anything lovely about it is only delusion. The lilies of the field gorge themselves on the remains of death and decay. All that move on the earth directly or indirectly feast on each other with no pity or concern. Even the rainbow is a constant reminder that God once wiped life from the face of the earth, and He will do it again, and next time, He will leave NOTHING behind but an Earth scorched clean by the fires of his wrath.

Secondly, all undomesticated animals should receive our best efforts to eradicate them. The large predators and herbivores serve us no purpose and are an obstacle at best and a threat at worst. To think of them as attractive or to consider them worthy of any pity or consideration should earn the person the same scorn and derision that those with any sense give PETA and Greenpeace. Also, the extinction of any wild animal should result in celebration; one less species for the Greenies to rally around. Seriously, meat from the domesticated cow or pig serves us as well as meat from a deer.

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[After some other posters made casual remarks touching on the atrocities committed by Christian crusaders.]

Then you are grossly historically ignorant.

The crusades were a military response to a broad-sweeping Muslim invasion of Christendom that had been ongoing for over a century. Christian cities and settlements were waking up each day finding themselves surrounded by a sea of scimitar-waving conquerors. They completely obliterated the Eastern Christian Empire of Constantinople. letters were sent pleading for succor from their fellow Europeans. The Crusades were the response.

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[I never liked the reasoning that gays have equal rights because they can marry someone of the opposite sex.]

Well, liked or not, it's legitimate.

They are not asking for "equal rights." They are demanding that we redefine marriage to accommodate their personal identity issues. Their sin, their perversion, has become the pillar of their identity... so much so that their day to day functioning depends on pretending as hard as they can that it's a "normal, healthy, and happy lifestyle." And even though they know better, they have convinced themselves that they will be happy and "normal" once they force everyone, by law, to pretend along with them.

Demanding to have the government identify and register them as "married" is nothing more than another facet of the effort to make it a crime, with tangible legal penalties, to call homosexual behavior a sin. Perhaps this hasn't registered yet, but once they get this law rammed down the throat of the legal system any organization, no matter whether private, public, secular or religious, that refuses to "recognize their union" for moral reasons or even reasons of simple sanity will be punished severely by the law.

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Unfortunately, all we have to do is look at the European countries that have sanctioned gay marriages to see where it will lead. In every one of them the marriage rate of heterosexual couples have declined drastically and the number of babies born out of wedlock (and therefore requiring tax-payer supported social services) have skyrocketed. As the institution is devalued, fewer are marrying and without stable families, the society as a whole will falter.

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[As for defending Nazi Hate Speech or NAMBLA's requests to lower the age of consent, everyone deserves the right to Free Speech, even the most despicable scum.]

I tend to disagree about NAMBLA.

I think that the member list should be hacked, and handed out to known vigilantes, so they can be hunted down, and destroyed like the sick animals they are.

Police brutality should be excused, and even allowed with these scumsucking perverts.

[Werekitty, if we arrested people for attraction and not actual crimes, we'd be in serious trouble as a society.]

I didn't say "arrest". I said hunt them down, and destroy them like the sick animals they are. Eliminate them from the gene pool, and the perversion will either be eliminated, or they will go so far underground, that they won't even THINK that they deserve legitimancy.

Expect the worst, and you will never be disappointed. On rare occasions, though, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Lord, save me from idealists for they are %^@#$ing stupid, and can't face reality

Yes, I'm a cynic. Get over it.

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What you should REALLY consider, Tim, is the following:
What has God done in YOUR life, specifically?
Every JW who comes to our house can't answer that question.
But I'll tell you what he has done in mine. Among the highlights:
Deliverance from alcoholism and explosive temper, miraculous learning of English (as in the blink of an eye), healing of warts (overnight disappearance), healing of a broken bone (my dad, instant knitting), among others.
I'll leave out the miracles of provision since those would be labeled as "coincidences".