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Gents, let me explain something to you. In 1974, Congress passed and Gerald Ford signed “Equal Credit Opportunity Act.” Supposedly to “stop discriminating against women in getting credit.” “How terrible that a married woman can’t have credit in her own name” blah blah blah. Prior to ECOA, to qualify a married couple for a mortgage, a bank could only consider the husband’s income, because it’s common sense that, even if the wife is working now, when the kids show up, she’ll be a stay at home mom, so we can’t write loans for 30 years for income that won’t continue that long.

So, when Congress (more men than women, you’ll note) in its infinite wisdom of bowing to feminist pressures, decided to make it so that the wife’s income could be considered under ECOA, that very act is what has utterly destroyed the American family.

As my dad (a home builder) pointed out at the time, all this will do is drive up housing prices. Because, since a couple CAN borrow more now, the sellers will demand more money. And, as we see, that’s EXACTLY what’s happened. Such that, nowadays a family can NOT buy a house in most cases unless the wife works too to pay the mortgage.

But, a full time job and full time motherhood are just incompatible. It’s just too hard. And since houses in neighborhoods with “good schools” (i.e., safe, i.e., White) cost so much that the wife has to work to make the payment and since motherhood and full time work are too hard to do at the same time, American women either don’t have kids (cuz they’re NOT gonna put em in bad, i.e., minority, schools) or have to leave kids in daycare, where godknowswhat will happen to them.

So, decry the feminists, by all means. But let’s heap the requisite share of opprobrium upon the MEN in Congress (only 16 of the 535 members of Congress were women in the 93rd Congress) who are, in actual FACT, the ones responsible for the single most destructive act against Affordable Family Formation that’s ever occurred.



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