Linda M Bailey #fundie

[This woman is commenting on an NPR article on the discrimination pregnant trans men and nonbinary people face in finding prenatal care.]

You are upset because you go to a doctor, when you are pregnant, and the doctor who has just examined you, including your female genitalia, your ovaries, and your uterus, calls you she? That makes you upset? Really? You are not adult enough to handle being a parent if that is the case.

["Because it is deliberately being obtuse to the fact that the person you are seeing identifies as male, and does not want to be personally treated as a female, biology notwithstanding."]

does that mean that you believe women are treated worse in some way then men, or differently then men? The the laws that apply to men not apply to women, or visa versa? What is so WRONG about being viewed as a women? Do you hate women? Do you assume we are lesser creatures? Because that is what it sounds like.



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