Eugenicist #sexist


thats the blackpill

thats why they like low iq males

elliot rodger was clearly high iq

im high iq

You were the one who said they're breadth, and not depth. Yes. They're used to having things made for them. They're not meant to be builders. They're meant to be narcissistic, and accept only anything if its hand crafted to perfection for them. That's what happens when they're accustomed to the resource distribution of alphaness. WHen the alpha would hoard them.
Either it puts out perfection, or its doomed to rejection.

Women like low iqness because they're pure practicality, and don't waste time doing anyhting intelligent.Shows how society would be if it were ran by them. They just want power. In the here and now, and fuck the creative process.

America is the ultimate reference point in history, with all the videos/ coverage/ evidnece of the redpill that if another time comes where we've had enough, then we can justify the slavery of women.



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