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[on homophobic foster parents]

.> Wow. Guys. Homosexuality is a lifestyle, not a gene. People actually have a choice as to whether or not they want to be homosexual. Saying that a couple cannot adopt because of their religious views is like saying a couple can't adopt because they are Jewish and believe that eating ham is bad.
Thankfully, in the U.S, such an act could never be accepted so long as the first amendment to the Constitution exsists. People are free to believe whatever they choose and have the right to practice their beliefs (peacefully) without their faith being fettered by laws.
I mean, really. A man and a woman is required to have a child in the first place. Should parents be barred from having children if they believe that a homosexual lifestyle is wrong? If a child chose not to believe in a faith that does not accept homosexuality, why would there be guilt? There are so many other problems that could arise from a foster child that goes beyond homosexuality, including drug addictions, violent temperament, and disabilities.
The government dealing at all with the affairs of family belief is ludicrous. People have a right to believe in what they choose to believe, and the government cannot prohibit parents to teach their own moral values to their children. I don't care whether homosexuality is acceptable or not--I have every right to teach my children moral behaviors that I believe in, whether or not other people agree with those ideals.
Does that mean children will be abused? No. People don't have to believe in the same things in order to love and care for another human being. They may disagree on homosexuality, or Christianity, or Hinduisim, but that does not outright mean that those parents will be cruel and abusive. They have a right to live their beliefs, and if they abuse their children in any way that goes against the law, THEN we can talk about disqualifications for being a parent.



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