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Fairness #homophobia zeldauniverse.net

[on homophobic foster parents]

.> Wow. Guys. Homosexuality is a lifestyle, not a gene. People actually have a choice as to whether or not they want to be homosexual. Saying that a couple cannot adopt because of their religious views is like saying a couple can't adopt because they are Jewish and believe that eating ham is bad.
Thankfully, in the U.S, such an act could never be accepted so long as the first amendment to the Constitution exsists. People are free to believe whatever they choose and have the right to practice their beliefs (peacefully) without their faith being fettered by laws.
I mean, really. A man and a woman is required to have a child in the first place. Should parents be barred from having children if they believe that a homosexual lifestyle is wrong? If a child chose not to believe in a faith that does not accept homosexuality, why would there be guilt? There are so many other problems that could arise from a foster child that goes beyond homosexuality, including drug addictions, violent temperament, and disabilities.
The government dealing at all with the affairs of family belief is ludicrous. People have a right to believe in what they choose to believe, and the government cannot prohibit parents to teach their own moral values to their children. I don't care whether homosexuality is acceptable or not--I have every right to teach my children moral behaviors that I believe in, whether or not other people agree with those ideals.
Does that mean children will be abused? No. People don't have to believe in the same things in order to love and care for another human being. They may disagree on homosexuality, or Christianity, or Hinduisim, but that does not outright mean that those parents will be cruel and abusive. They have a right to live their beliefs, and if they abuse their children in any way that goes against the law, THEN we can talk about disqualifications for being a parent.

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child pornography and thought crime

Today, I was playing Fable, and during the load times, I would turn my Vcr off to see whats on TV. What was on under it was Oprah, now the load time is long and I like listening to people who want attention by talking about how they cheated on their husband for 27 years on public television. But, what the issue was, was child pornography. Eventually, they came to the point where an 18 year old had been convicted of possession of it. Now, their initial reaction was, "Oh mah Jesus what a screwed up child!".
To me, they thought it just to persecute the man for thought crime. The man was not a sexual offender, only in possession of child pornography. This means they were persecuting him on the grounds of thought crime. Personally, what are the benefits of child porn being illegal? Raping children should be illegal, not the pornography. Either way, they were persecuting him for thought crime.
On the flip side, does someone who watches child pornography have a higher likelihood to become a sexual offender? Should said person be made aware of on a list of potential sex offenders? Is it better to be safe that sorry at the expense of a mans reputation?
As for thought crime, I believe no thought is a crime. Period. But then again, what if you think about killing the president? Or express it over the phone?Would they persecute you to be safe? Would it be right? Just like would it be right to persecute someone for downloading child porn?
What do you all think? About child porn in particular and about thought crime.

Possessing CP is not a thought crime because he is supporting the makers of CP, who are harming children.
Fictional child pornography however harms nobody and possession of that is morally OK, even if it's disgusting. But real CP is a definite crime

Yes, it is a thought crime, because to justify persecution on such grounds, the only logical thing one could do is claim that looking at child porn makes you more apt to rape children, which has been shown as ridiculous. Otherwise, how does the possession of it in anyway support the maker? (Unless you are buying it.) And how in any way have you committed any type of crime besides thought?

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Dark Knight Link #fundie zeldauniverse.net

To be honest, I don't really have a strong say-so either way on the issue of child molestation. I'm not going to partake in the act of it, but I also feel like we shouldn't command at what age a person stops being "young" and starts being "mature".
I don't agree with it if you go so far down, but to me 18 doesn't seem like a reasonable age for this. I mean, I wouldn't mind if the age of consent was lowered down to 14. Your body is ready for such acts at that age and if you can't decide if you want to be doing those acts by that age then something is seriously wrong.
I'm not saying I take fancy to child molestation, but there becomes a point where you can't just lay all of the blame on the adult. If a 21 year old guy and a 16 year old girl do it and she told him she wanted it, then you can't say that the man was the only one that did a wrong.
In my opinion, if it's under 14 years, then the offender is the one who should take the blame, however there is no treatment for this thing. There is no way to wire yourself into someones brain and re-write what's already there. Prison is the best punishment for these crimes in my eyes.

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HylianRoyal #fundie zeldauniverse.net

[The bible] supports genocide when committed by God...it’s an awful atavistic narrative and the world would be better off if fell in to obscurity.

A God destroying his enemies? Unheard of! Who gave the right to that God who created all things and is the most high authority and power in all of creation? Well by God he should have to go to someone to get the authority to do that!

If the word of God fell into obscurity this world would fall apart in a matter of years. Law and order is not a construct of the human mind. It is rooted in the word of God. The authority of the bible comes simply by the mere fact of where it came from: God. But in the secular sense it is from the wide and ages long belief and fear of it that is still the dominant faith today. Because it is a widely believed and feared faith, authority of it comes from that.

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HylianRoyal #fundie zeldauniverse.net

You’ve gotten the order wrong, if you’ll forgive the pun. Law and order existed before the Bible, not the other way around.

Are you saying before the scriptures consisting of the bible were written? Because when you say things like "before the bible" you must explain under what circumstance you base that argument over. Is it based on the events of the bible, which predate everything in the secular world or do you mean before the scriptures were written? Do you believe the entire bible to be a fairy tale or some parts true and not others? If so, why and why are some parts true and not others? Bibles aren't that old, but the text within them go back long before anyone ever had a bible. Every author in the bible never owned a bible because they were the very ones who wrote the scriptures consisting of the bibles today. Law and order, as all things, have a root of origin. To make a conclusive argument on where the very concept of law and order began you'd literally have to identify the first person the very thought of it began. Or, if you believe the bible to be true, you can tell where everything began and know that law and order is rooted within the scriptures of the bible and was not some made up idea by some unknown person or people that just so happened to exist while the events of the bible were taking place. The bible literally is a history book of earth and humanity from beginning to end. There is nothing that predates it.

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chad #fundie zeldauniverse.net

[ oh dear, what makes you so sure that gay couples are unfit parents?do you know many kids with gay parents?what bad examples? ]

They make unfit parents because their kids would become gay. They set a bad example by saying it's ok for boys to jack off other boys. Feminine men set bad examples because males need to act manly most of the time. If homos marry each other, then the population will drop, and guys like me will have an even harder time getting a girl. It's hard enough competing with other guys without having to compete with girls too.

[why?and exactly what is "manly" to you ? ]

Manly is acting tough, and not taking jobs as stylists or similar things. Manly is also fantisizing about women instead of men.
There are certain things boys must do in order to keep from getting mocked for their whole childhood. Adulthood is a little easier. There is acceptable behavior that people look for, and anyone being too different will be harmed mentally and phisically. Everyone gets picked on, but you don't want to give them extra ammo.

[ but, it's the bullies that's the problem, not the boys being teased.why should the bullied ones change, they are not the ones doing stuff wrong. ]

They wouldn't get bullied as much if they were more normal.

[ ell, black people wouldn'r be as harassed if they were less black, that does not make being black a bad thing.what's your point?that you should not be allowed to be who you are, if it is not what in your eyes qualify as "normal" ]

Homosexuality can be helped. Race can't.

[ 1: let's say you have a son, he's grown up and doesn't live with you anymore. one day he comes to visit you, with him is another young man, your son tells you it's his boyfriend, that they love eachother and are planning to move in together.
what do you do?

If my teaching had failed, and he turned out to be gay, then I just wouldn't interact with him anymore. There might be certain emergencies that I would help him with, but I wouldn't like him anymore.

On another note, if I came to my parents with any girl that wasn't caucasion (sp?), they would disown me. I guess I get that from them.

[ wow, and you call homosexuals unfit parents...that is an awful thing for a parent to do.what if he was like 16, still living at home? ]

I'd send him to a psychiatrist, or find another solution.

[ 2: let's say in the future you marry a woman.
you love eachother and have children.
one day your wife tells you that she's realized she's bisexuel. what do you do?

It would be very strange, and I may not look at her the same way again. I'd stick with her for the kids though.
Yes, I believe life experience can cause people to become gay. I'm not blaming my inability to get girls solely on gays. I'm just saying it's a factor.Why are all of you so liberal? Isn't there anything completely anacceptable to you? Sodomy just happens to be my thing.I'm not totally rebelious, so some of my parents opinions are important to me.

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Chad #fundie zeldauniverse.net

on People born of rape

I was watching a show with my parents recently, where a guy in highschool (I think) tried to kill a man because he raped the kid's mother so long ago. The mother didn't press charges, and was apparently just trying to forget the whole thing happened. eventually he found out after questioning who his father was, and afterwards starts plotting murder.

I asked my parents why they think someone would do something like that. My dad said that if the mother isn't happy, no one is happy. In a tone of voice that made me think he didn't want to talk any more about it.

That doesn't really make sense to me, though. The mother is reasonably happy. Nothing good would come out of killing the guy because there was no evidence that the man was a repeat offender. He said himself that it was a mistake and he was sorry about it.

The main thing I'm curious about is why would someone be so furious at a guy for bringing them into the world? Sure it was illegal, but I didn't have reason to believe his life was so crappy. Even if it was, suicide would be better than murder.

You might be able to just say he wasn't thinking rationally, and that's just that. Or maybe I'm thinking too deeply about something that's supposed to make the attempted murderer sympathetic.

Why would a person be violently angry at someone when that someone gave them life, even if it was through illegal means? I could understand if it was about other things, like if the guy was still after his mother or something like that, or if he was still raping other people. But the kid was angry at a guy that raped someone, that caused him to be born. Personally I think I'd cut the guy some slack if my life wasn't too bad.

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Chad #fundie zeldauniverse.net

on genetically engineering children

I'm not opposed to this. Physical and mental defects would be screened first for my child. I don't care what color their eyes and hair are, but if I could ensure s/he looks good, that would go a long way in making him/her happy. Yes I would also screen for homosexuality, and take measures to prevent it. Please don't call me a homophobe, but I would prefer my child not be homosexual. Or deaf. Or have any kind of poor/nonexistant senses.

It would take a lot of worry away from parents if they could be sure that their child can have a good start in life. I'm all for it.

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Happy Mask Man #fundie zeldauniverse.net

I personally don't care if OTHER people are bisexuals/homo, but not my kids infact if I found out that they were gay I would kick them out of my house and make them change their family name

[ Then you are a ****ing idiot and should sterilize yourself before you get the chance of having kids. ]

that's just my culture and the way I am, I don't care about other homo's and bi's but just my kids and please don't insult me online you will get nothing out of it.

[ No, I'm brutally honest, please sterilize yourself so you don't have a 10% chance per kid of ****ing it up just because you're a terrible person. ]

why do you assume I am terrible? it's just the way I will raise my kids, I will NOT however teach them to hate bi's or homo's, besides they're MY kids and that is the way I will raise them

hey, please don't tell me to not or to have children or not, that is not your choice + I will raise them to our heritages tradition and culture and if they want to be gay or bi that's up to them, But they would no longer be my kids. I need people to carry on my family's blood line.

[ What culture are you even from, anyway? Are you from some backwater Louisiana swamp or something?Ugh, I think I taste bile in my mouth. ]

Im an african arab.

[Which is why you ask them if the 10% or so odds of them being gay - Get a surrogate mother or a sperm donor, and you'll have your ****ing bloodline. Or, get more than one child.Which is why you should get yourself sterilized already... unless you prefer brain surgery. ]

heh, you insult me because my Views are different from yours, I don't care if people are Gay or not, but I will raise my kids to be straight men/women. if they choose otherwise then so be it, I will disown them but will not harm them. I want to raise my kids according to our heritage and tradition, I don't hate, I repeat I don't Hate gays or bi's but I will not have my children be gay or bi, if they want to be gay I will not stop them, but would break off all family ties with them and thats it period.

[ And that's different from hate, how? ]

because if I hated them, I wouldn't have gay employees or have gay friends, but I won't have gay kids and that's it.

[ It's still bigotry, no matter how much you might try to cover it up.Oh, and you have gay employees because they could sue you if you refuse to hire them just because they're gay. ]

no, because I don't care if they're gay or not as long as they're skillful and cost efficient

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Error372 #fundie zeldauniverse.net

on a guy named Happy Mask Man being called out for saying he would disown his own kids for being gay

I've been watching the development of this thread for a while now. And I must say I am rather quite disappointed.

Now, I am not rent a modding, just pointing out the obvious. Though HAPPY MASK MAN may have offended all of you, that doesn't mean you can bash on him specifically. Not only is that cruel, but basically you have shown me that you guys are hypocritical. You all are hypocritical because you all seem to prefer gay children. He hasn't targeted any of you specifically, and has mentioned no harm be done to any homosexuals, he has simply stated that he will not have gay children. But instead you all went all out and started just bashing on him. His belief is neither right nor wrong, because nobody can say anything is right or wrong. What might be wrong in your eyes might be right in another. So there is nothing in this world that is 100% right, or 100% wrong. So stop bashing on him please. He hasn't bashed on you guys, so don't do it to him. And you might think what I ask is unfair, but I know of what he is going through on this thread.

Besides that I must say that adoption just isn't the same. For one, it is not any of your genes, so technically your family name won't live on.

And mods if you think the above was rent a modding, then go ahead give me an infraction, or even the 2 points, I don't f-ing care. No person like HAPPY MASK MAN should have to be persecuted for not wanting gay children. And I don't he needs to support his reasons for a controversial topic like this is, though it is reccomended.

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TheSageOfDarkness #fundie zeldauniverse.net

on uganda's "kill the gays bill

We don't like it, but it's not our problem. We have no right to tell other people what to do. I know People will hate me for saying that, but it's the truth.

[ ^Are you talking about homosexuality or the Death Penalty for homosexual acts. ]

Death penalty for homosexual acts.

[ If you mean what I think you mean, then you're a horrible, horrible person. If not, then I apologize for misreading.BTW, everyone has the right to tell others what to do. However, the person recieving the criticism has the right to not accept it or act on it. This applies equally to us as it does to the Ugandan government ]

Sorry. but we do not agree. I will never tell another person what to do with their life and the choices they make.

[ You're still being ambiguous. It's almost as if you're telling me that we shouldn't be telling the Ugandan government what to do.

But we're not. We're just reminding them that they don't have the right to tell homosexual people what to do, a-la your logic. ]

I know what you are saying, but us crying about it is not going to change anybodies mind. If it was me I would do it more simply because it people complain and it would piss me off. I'm sure thats how they are. Until people shut up they will just troll the ???? out of the US and any other country that complains about what their leaders do.

You're speaking as if it's our country. We have choices. We in our society can say yes or no. They do not. If somebody disagrees they die, and if they want to pass a bill, they just will. No matter what their people say. That is the bigger problem! NOT JUST GAYS! I think that is what people should worry about more. People dying for having their own mind. Not just one group of people. It makes me sick seeing people cry over gays, blacks, ect, when it is the entire masses that are being killed for just having their own outlook. Yet again though, we should not worry about them when we have our own country to unite and fix. We waste too much time on other countries.

[ on gay marriage]

I believe Homosexuality is incorrect. Not wrong, incorrect. I'm not trying to offend anybody but I can have my own opinion on it. Humans have the gift of introspection and we can tell the difference between our sexes. Nature HAS intended for male and female to be together and I should not have to explain myself. I myself cannot stand the argument, “Animals are gay too" because that is redundant as all hell. Again, we have this little thing called self-awareness. Most animals do not, and the ones that do have nothing close to our level of ours. I just don't understand how people can be with the same sex and I never will. People have told me they love them. But again, I don't believe in romantic love. Just so everybody knows I am no gay basher, I have a few gay friends and what not. But when it comes to the marriage thing, I do not think it is our right to bud in on its foundation. Marriage IS a religious coming together of a man and women. It has nothing to do with the state or with in the laws. It's something that religious people do not do and I respect it. I think gays trying to pry their way in are just disrespectful to people who believe in tradition.


It's very simple. We have two sexes, not one. My personal look on it is some sort of brain dysfunction. I know it sounds harsh, but again, you can look up studies on this. Our bodies chemicals come into play with the opposite sex. It's our natural working order. So how can people become gay? It's intriguing the human mind.

Emotional ties can be bisexual, yes. But like other animals, humans fit into groups. We have friends and become close to one another. But we don't start humping each other either. I don't see relationships as straight or gay because I do not believe in romantic relationships. I see it as who is humping who because at the end of the day, we are organisms and we multiply. That is what life naturally is. Eat, sleep, and sex. That is what we did at the beginning of our existence. But our intellect is so advanced now, we can sit back and think about what we do. Which I think adds to human error. We make weird decisions

[ Are you implying that only religious people can get married?Also, are you implying that gays can't be religious ]

Gays can be. But thats hypocritical. Like when Gay people say, " God doesn't care who I'm with." But if they open up their little book and actually read it, they would see otherwise. . Stupid people like that who have no idea what they are talking about makes me laugh. I am not even religious and yet I know more about a lot of religions than it's own people simply because it's fascinating.

Yes. My point. We don't make the rules. Why are there 2 sexes then if that is not what nature has intended? Not just with animated life either. It goes the same for our plants too. Why do so many refuse to see the obvious? WE ARE MADE TO WORK THAT WAY! It's so sad, but I know it's true, that you can't even have your kids in 3rd grade before they have some he-she walk into a classroom and talk about gay ????. LEAVE THAT TO THE PARENTS! Not only that but I understand the caring part and emotional ties with other humans. I can kinda see how that works. But when a chick has a dick and a dude has a vag, something is not screwed in right in their heads. Sorry. If I had kids I would be really pissed off if my school had somebody teach them about ( "tolerating" ) gays, yet do not teach them facts about them or so much as point out the obvious. I had to sit through it myself but I just laughed at it. White kids and be called "honkeies" all day long and we hear "nigga" in our childrens schools everyday but "fag" is just so evil it will get a kid kicked out of school? Are you kidding me? Equal rights = Equal treatment. Not special treatment and that what they REALLY want. Not to be criticized, and people are too scared to do it in this day and age but I am not. I will not support cry babies that complain and waste my time really giving a ????. People that have lives have better ???? to do than listen to people complain. If they want to get married there are five states and a few countries they can move to.

Again, I am not a homophobe and even my gay friends understand where I am coming from. I am not trying to offend anybody.

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St Cloud #conspiracy zeldauniverse.net

[Re. the Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye debate]

This debate is always interesting, but lately it has fallen flat for me, when they leave out the third perspective. Neither the idea of creation, nor the evolution, has any room for the Annunaki, and the alien masters from planet X.

ancient Sumerian writings supposedly document ancient visitations by an advanced race that supposedly created the human race.