Antoiniette #fundie

BUT Noah DID provide Space for land animal such as stegasaurus etc..
I am guessing, that what happened to the Loch Ness Monsters(Yes there is a pack) is that they were swimming in a pack and as the Flood waters came down, they got trapped in the lake, and they would be trapped in a "aquariam"
After the flood (Before the flood there had never been any rain, hence why there was a global flood.)
The rest of the land animals (including the dinosaurs) would have been able to survive. I am SURE that back then all the lands were all joined, and thus it would be able to spread. But then came the Ice age. (There was Only ONE ice age) I mean where was the water ment to go. God gave the animals at least 2 hundred years. Then came the ice age.
Remember the ice age didn't cover the whole earth, there were places that were not effected like america.
There is countless evidence that Dinosaurs live on.
Most people, are to lazy or silly, to gather all the info and base their own belief's. They just take the word of the Scientists.



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