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The constructal theory of global optimization under local constraints explains in a simple manner the shapes that arise in nature.

I will use my own words to explain my speculation.

droom = Main highway of evolution.
joon = Exit out of the main highway of evolution, for a involutionary direction.
aodeen= Droom and joons altoghether, shape and direction of life in time.
gooje = First form of life perfectly unique.
kool = Combination of goojes.
lasco = Population of same gooje.
greu = Massive gooje potential.

An Aodeen according to "constructal theory" will take a shape and form just like any other creative meaning of the nature: A lightning, a Delta's river, blood vessels, the perfect shape of an egg, the cracks of a land without water, a marathon, statistics etc.

Example: A Lightning will start from a certain point in the sky. One main ramification will follow its way further than all the other ramifications. Sometimes this ramification will strike on land.

The very same way Aodeen started from a certain point in time. Droom
followed its way up to humanity leaving behind Joons and creating new Joons.
Goojes took the direction of Droom and Joons. What we find in Droom today is at most all the Goojes when life was created . It's probable to find the same Gooje in different Joons of the past.

Example. The reason why the skin colour and the nose of 50 cent are more "alike" with a gorilla's than G.W.Bush's skin colour and nose compared with a gorilla is because

- kool X1 took The Droom , then exit the Joon to Gorilla
- kool X2 took The Droom , then exit the Joon to Gorilla2
- kool X3 took The Droom , then exit the Joon to Gorilla3
- kool X4 took The Droom , continued the Droom to 50 Cent
- No other kool X took the Droom to G.W. Bush

Humanity is massive carrier of Goje. Even though G.W Bush does not have Kool X , he has Kool Y found in the chimpanzee. 50 Cent doesn't have Kool Y but what makes Humanity so special to be in Droom is the Greu.

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There is no such thing as beneficial or deleterious, it all depends on the environment. If someone is born with ALS or elephant man's disease, there may well be a time when humans consider this to be the most attractive type of male, because they look strong and able to withstand medium caliber bullets. So basically it impossible to know if a mutation is deleterious or beneficial, we have to wait and see what the environment does.

Maybe people will be attracted to Homo-Dumbo, because of their feelings towards Republicans.

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You're really out to destroy creation, when you know very well that it is gaining the edge every day as we approach the endtimes.

Evolution will be dead within the next 10 years. That I am certain of. Mark my words.

The evidence is slowly surfacing, and pretty soon all evolutionists will have to eat humble pie.

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You can't HAVE a lithified sand dune for pete's sake. Every sand dune on the face of this earth is NOT lithified. What you are seeing in the rocks is the grains of sand that form sand dunes all collected in one place which causes them to lie the way they do in dunes because of how the grains got shaped, but there is no such thing as a LITHIFIED SAND DUNE. It is an impossibility. The only lithified beach you could possibly see is one that was rapidly filled in by new sediments to preserve its form. There is no such thing as a lithified beach on the surface of the earth. The footprints are of course footprints, rapidly filled in and preserved between tides during the Flood.

Faith #fundie evcforum.net

There is very good reason to call the ToE "just a theory." All that has ever happened is the piling on of more and more credulity that "confirms" the original theory. There is no objective evidence for it. What evidence there is supports creationism just as well or better. You guys are caught in an amazing delusion and it's so convincing to you there's no way you'll even consider an argument against it. All you have to do is make up a NEW speculation to answer anything anyone says against the ToE. It's really an amazing exercise in self delusion. I really often wonder if it will ever be recognized or we'll have to wait until the Lord returns before any of the Toe Faithful will have the ability to see what's really been going on here.

Faith #fundie evcforum.net

What's "making stuff up" is the ridiculous idea that it would take thousands of years to make a fossil. You don't know that, and there is evidence that it can happen in very short periods, for instance in caves. I'd have to dig it up but it involves the replacement of organic matter with mineral matter in a matter of years, not even hundreds let alone thousands.

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When it comes to support for the Bible most people don't even believe in the Bible for physical, tangible or scientific reasons. We believe in the Bible by moral and spiritual experiences with the teachings of the Bible which can all be proven to be true by simple practice. Just like you can go outside and touch sand if you want to know that it is real not believe in someone else telling you it is real, you actually experience it using your senses. (ie. if you want to know if prayer works, you can actually pray and when you receive an answer then you have evidence that it actually works,and you don't stop there you keep trying the experiment watching it work over and over again. Plus you hear the experiences of many people all over the world who's results had been reproducible in your own life....etc...etc...) That is an experiment that is much more reliable to me in my opinion than someone taking DNA and putting through some chemicals and saying "yup, the apes are your cousins..." by some scientist whom I have no idea what motives lie behind their desires to disprove the claims of the Bible, nor whether they are acting out of bias or whether their claims are actually legitimate. Who's experiment's are not reproducible to me. It would be very very Hasty of me to discount the Bible because of someone elses claims especially not knowing their motives or verifying what they say. Which makes me wonder why so many of you are so Hasty to discount the Bible. If you have tested the bible on it's own claims about how to live your life then you would know that the principles work and bring greater happiness. No man-made system can nor does do that perfectly like the Bible can.

WarriorArchangel #fundie evcforum.net

The Neaderthal (made by Lucifer) ended up in the Northern Israel wilderness circa seven hundred thousand years ago. The people in the wilderness that Cain said would kill him. But he was assured by HaShem, they would not harm him....
Cain (and his offpring) intebred with them instead. Producing the first modern humans, the Cro-Magnon....

Seth was born at that time, thirty thousand years after Cain, and inbred with his brother's offspring.

Making us a species of interbred/inbred hybrids.

HaShem has a 1500 cubic mile "KINGDOM" in creation. It dilates time. 30,000 years between Cain and Seth, might have been 30 minutes/seconds in the KINGDOM, dilating time....

kofh2u #fundie evcforum.net

1) From Science and the Bible, both, we have evidence of three Racial Stocks emerging from Africa at exactly the same time that all other humanoids were becoming extinct. This is an important set of correspondences, that both religion and science agree on the basics:

A All other "humanoids" went extinct 40,000 years ago

B Modern Homo sapiens appeared 40,000 years ago in three flavors some call Hamites, Japhethians, and Shemians, while science referred to them as Caucasians, Negroids, and Mongolians.

C Modern studies of race by geneticists support that these early initial three racial stocks differentiated into seven genetically identifiable groups living today.

D Genetic evidence indicates that the original three racial stocks that lead to the seven kinds of people alive today are all related to just on man, presumably a Noah, who lived 40,000 years ago.

This is a lot of evidence in support of ancient reports that tell the same story.

2) Yes, Paleontology refers to the 22 humanoid creatures that they list as the 22 now extinct humans in our ascent to modern man as humans.
They were.
They were just not as evolved as we are today, but they walked upright, had their thumbs like our own, and every cell in their body had 23 Chromosomes, including one pair that was actually two sets fused together.

The ancient writings that report the "flood" out-of-Africa, occurring 40 thousand years ago, itemized and enumerated descriptions of the 22 humans which went extinct. In that listing many points are in line with our own discoveries and knowledge about those previous 22 links in our ascent.

Arriba #fundie evcforum.net

First of all, there is no such thing as the scientific method.
If you are referring to hypothetico-deductive reasoning, that was invented by William Whewell, who is the same guy who decided upon the word “scientist.”

Additionally, I should like to point out that Einstein came up with his theory of relativity by imagining himself riding on a beam of light. This is not part and parcel of the so-called “scientific” method. In fact, it’s not empirical at all. Yet you choose to give science the credit. Why is that?

Faith #fundie evcforum.net

I thought it was animal matter that made petroleum, plant matter makes coal. I doubt it would take as long as you think it does. Hundreds, at most a couple thousand years should be sufficient but very possibly much less, even within a human lifetime with the application of enough pressure in airtight conditions. Either coal or petroleum. Of course you'd have to round up some dead animals, or just try plants. We aren't going to be able to make enough to get rich on but perhaps enough to demonstrate that you CAN make the stuff. The pre-Flood world was LOADED with vegetable matter, beyond our ability to imagine. Animals too. Extraordinary fecundity. Press some of whatever you can gather together between huge heavy rocks -- about a ton each. Pack a bunch of mud around your organic matter too. And wait a while. Shouldn't take anywhere near as long as you think. Give it ten years.

OpticalIllusions #fundie evcforum.net

If the public votes to let creationism be taught, it should be taught. This is America. They should hire better teachers to teach it though, since it isn't fair if a teacher has bias to one theory or another. Existing teachers should be able to pass new tests on creationism to make sure they understand the whole truth. Science has evidence for creationism too. Parents know what science is better than their kids do, so what theories get taught should be based on democracy... at least in America. I know that if I got to decide what theories I was taught when I was a kid, I would have had no idea where to even start. I never would have learned any of the good theories, like gravity. That's why kids aren't allowed to vote.

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The entire structure for scientificating was built on a single assumption. This assumption was a modification to Aristotle's metaphysics which has its roots in Catholic friars such as Thomas and Scotus. In their efforts to adapt the pagan's system to the Bible, they invented new concepts such as being and essence. When Newton made his operational definition of time and space, he did so mathematically using the notion that the ESSENCE of substance is changeless. No one has ever detected any essence or being. In fact the visible properties of all matter are observed to continue to change throughout cosmic history. Even local clocks that transmitted their precision signals yesterday do not match with clock that emit their clocks frequencies today (the Pioneers).

The horror of empiricism is that they define almost all of their measuring units in a double circle. They actually believe that mass, energy and time exist even though they are utterly undetectable and can only be measured mathematically with other undetectable things circularly. Almost all of them were contrived using the assumption Peter predicted for the false teachers of the last days.

godsriddle #fundie evcforum.net

Why would I want to make up things that are supported by simple, visible evidence? The light from billions of galaxies shows that atoms are always changing themselves relationally. Not a single ancient galaxies shines with the light frequencies of modern atoms and the differences are often associated with distance (the past).

Lets be brutally frank about Einstein's theory. He imagined that the vacuum of space time is bent by the Sun and the earth follows the local bent rails in the vacuum. No one has ever detected a shred of visible evidence for space time nor has anyone isolated or directly detected any gravity. Both Einstein and Newton believed that static matter does enormous amounts of work bending the path of the Earth without changing anything about itself. This is nothing but a mathematical version of perpetual motion.

It is much simpler to observe that atoms are always changing their light frequencies and the orbits in countless galaxies continue to accelerate out, billions of galaxies intrinsically growing into huge growth spirals, as the properties of all matter visibly change. What causes gravity has never been isolated but the fact that atoms keep on accelerating their light clocks as orbits also accelerate in defiance of every law of physics should tell us at least that gravity is not a perpetual motion effect.

The scientific emperor is naked.

redstang281 #fundie evcforum.net

I'm sorry but I consider God more of an authority than yourself. God said sex is his gift to a married couple. For those who choose to abuse this gift there is std's. Before the fall of man there was no sin (or degeneration.) Animals didn't kill each other for food, there were no thorn bushes, and most likely no std's. This was something the bible says came about after man's sin. If you consider the fact that two people who withdraw from sexual attivity until marriage and then are faithful to one another it becomes apparent that my theory is true. As for a husband who gets aids from a cheating wife, maybe God is paying him back for some other sin he commited earlier. I believe it is intirely possible that we are not always punished emmidiatly after we sin. But that being said still I must erge you to understand this basic fundamentalist christian understanding that we are all sinners!! Even when we are born. The sin that Adam commited is carried down through all his generations. Therefor no one is innocent.

God did not create evil. Even though God has control over everything, God did not make lucifer's rebellion against him. It does not seem logical but that's because we can't understand it. God actions are not limited to our comprehension. A contradiction to us is comprehension to him.

ICANT #fundie evcforum.net

Are you sure the church was wrong in their geocentric view?

As I understand it without dark energy the Copernican model is falsified.

That would leave the earth as the center of the universe as the simplest explanation for the practical and mathematical understanding of the universe.

Buzsaw #fundie evcforum.net

[Then why have they [Prisoners in Guantanamo Bay] not been charged, tried, convicted & executed?]

IMO the answer to your question is that conviction would require death and to kill them would create such an outcry globally and in our own nation that Gitmo would have already been history. Gitmo was the only logical solution... hold them indefinitely, from effecting holocaustic Jehad, thereby denying them eventual American citizenship and rights.

the overmind #fundie evcforum.net

the bible doesn't say that Noah, living hundreds of years old, brought every species on the ark with him. the bible says that Noah, living hundreds of years old, brought two animals of every 'KIND' on the ark with him. and as to the 'cubit', a cubit is length between elbow to fingertip. the bible says, "there were giants in the earth in those days" and there has been hundreds of giant bones found to reinforce this. so, their cubit was much larger than ours.

Baldrick Cunningplan #homophobia #forced-birth evcforum.net

The question isn't how I sleep at night. The question is how you don't choke to death, what with all the bullshit spewing from your mouth. The idea that "homophobia" (a fictitious word fabricated by liberals) is comparable to ethnic discrimination is utterly comical (although not in any way that makes me laugh), as is the idea that there's something wrong with the latter. I have the right to take away the happiness of homosexuals, just as I have the right to take away the happiness of any pedophile or any other breed of subhuman. The happiness of sick freaks must never come at the expense of the basic human sense of right and wrong. It certainly must not come at the expense of what is best for children. Anyone who supports abortion must hang from the neck till dead (it's genuinely nothing but baby-murdering...but I guess women don't have a problem with killing millions of babies as long as women get all the rights they want and don't have to experience any physical discomfort), but I can safely tell you that, were I not yet born, and I had sentience and the option of either being raised by homosexuals or being aborted, I would choose abortion without a second thought. If it's not wrong to discriminate against homosexuals then it can't possibly be wrong to elect the Grand Dragon of the KKK for president. How do I sleep at night? No. The question is how do YOU sleep at night?

And yes, I know that I supposedly supported abortion just now after saying anyone who does must die, but I already know that, so don't be a smartass. And I would be aborting myself, not anyone else.

John10:10 #fundie evcforum.net

I see a theory for evolution, but I do not see the truth for evolution that has been "obtained and tested."

If elements that were not there before the unraium {sic} atom was split appear after the uranium atom was split, and these elements talk, quack, and are chemically the same as other elements that appear in nature, then most scientists see the evidence for nuclear fission beyond any reasonable doubt.

WS-JW #fundie evcforum.net

IP Logged
One thing i've not heard an answer to by evolution is where the food came from? Every creature needs food to finance it's energy usages. We humans have all the "keys" to open up all the different foods we eat and get the calories out. Thats how it works, on a lock/key kind of mechanism because burning the food won't get the calories out. how did all this food suddenly grow? This is a strong argument for design. These things need to be designed and won't arise by chance without a guiding hand over the lot. Isn't it also funny how alot of people enjoy eating food as God made a potentially annoying task of supplying ourselves energy and made it enjoyable?

answers on the evolution point of view would be appriecieated.

IamJoseph #fundie evcforum.net

Since a gene habours variant data, each offspring being different, it inclines not with ToE but with genesis. Example. A child is said to be the offspring of its parents; but ToE is saying, a child is the offspring of a retro virus data lodged in a bone marror of another life form, but takes turns and twists and then becomes the parent - after millions of years - and never mind how that retro virus even emerged in the first place on its own.

ChristianJuggalo #fundie evcforum.net

Well, the "Big Bang Theory" goes against therodynamics. And yes, I am illiterate when it comes to science. But, I know a theory doesn't stand up to laws or facts. And this one, breaks one of those laws (therodynamics) I don't know much about theordynamics but, I have seen information that says the "Big Bang" goes against it.

WS-JW #fundie evcforum.net

You'll notice that species adapt to their environment after awhile and other sorts of things from the genetic code they have built in them. In the garden of eden, do you think there were 2 million? of course not. Tazmanian devil won't accept that Biblical account of course. As can't see it. But can see earth billions of years ago apparently and watched the first primitive cell arise and evolve. Well of course he didn't. He's just been told this false theory at school. 2 dimensonal earth? does he know God does thing in 3 dimensions? Your genetic code proves that. Did he tell you that under the bottom skin of a snake there are tiny tiny legs? written up in it's genetic code, that do no good to the snake? But why? natural selection some how thinks and keeps the good parts and disregards the bad parts? some unexplainable evolution? or the fact that when God told the devil in the form of snake that he would crawl on his belly he lost his legs? Believe God, not Tazmanian devil, for the Devil has no mercy on your uneducated soul.

Cold Foreign Object #fundie evcforum.net

Some of you may or may not know that I am writing a rather lengthy paper refuting the Theory of Evolution. All is going extremely well. The reason it is taking me much longer than I anticipated is the fact that it took me a year just to learn how to write. But another reason of delay is that during my research I have literally stumbled upon the most devasting evidence and accompanying argument that will destroy the Theory of Evolution. I had the classic: Eureka! I-Have- Found-It moment. It altered the entire vision and structure of my then existing paper. I had to "start over" so to speak and place this new and original evidence at the center as to which the "new" paper now revolves around.

I also want to report that my view has changed concerning microevolution. Before, like most Creationists, I robotically accepted the fact of microevolution. Now that I have personally researched the claim I have come to the unavoidable conclusion that microevolution is a fallacy at best, maybe even a misunderstanding among Creationists, but no such thing as microevolution has occurred on this planet or in nature.

Make no mistake, IF microevolution has occurred then Creationism is falsified. There is no way around it. But the facts and evidence will show that microevolution has not occurred: Creationism is true.

WS-JW #fundie evcforum.net

Evolution hasn't been proven at all. Anyone who knows quantum theory knows it's impossible. Things go in leaps, theres no gradual move into another species. people who learn this evolution fairy tale in school hanve to unlearn it when they come to do quantum theory. Then they realise that 2 + 2 does not equal 5.

Herepton #fundie evcforum.net

[The Theory of Evolution stems from science.]

Only Darwinists believe this. The evidence says the Emperor has no clothes. The textual evidence of the Bible says Darwinian macroevolution beliefs are a penalty from God for denying Him Creator status. The penalty is corroborated by the fact that the ***reason for being*** evidence/intermediacy is entirely missing; IC is a scientific fact; fossil record shows zero signs of species transitioning. These are death blows in the eyes of any non-prejudicial observer. The fact that Darwinism thrives despite its nudity is explained by the penalty.

nemesis juggernaut #fundie evcforum.net

The spin of the ACLU is that they are a non-partisan organization. This is the portrayal they want the average American to see and believe. Of course, that's beyond ridiculous as evidenced by their extreme slant to partisan belief. [...] Interestingly enough they have tried to stymie every Supreme Court Justice who didn't conform to their brand of politics. But wait.... I thought they are non-partisan? I must have forgotten that oft-repeated mantra. Its just so hard to think of them as being impartial when their record is so obviously to advance an agenda. They regularly take on cases that not only defend anti-American terrorism, but they also aide and abet them. They take on cases that support extreme patronage where an offender has been clearly indicted for a crime. Being the spin doctors they are they find ways to paint a picture that doesn't exist to make it sound as if there are nefarious purposes at hand. They will hold somebody up in the spotlight in order to make the defendant seem like a Robin Hood, launching their iconic status in order to subvert the status quo. They defend child pornographers and institutions who support crimes against children. They defend live sex acts irrespective of where and when. They have an unwaivering support of all forms of abortion, even partial birth abortion, and have the gall to now call it "reproductive freedom." They take on religious groups that want to display Nativity scenes, as if displaying baby Jesus is the crime of all crimes. They hate the boyscouts of America for crying out loud. They want all borders to be open, seemingly incapable of understanding the implications that would directly affect them. So on, and so on.


While its true that the ACLU takes on certain cases, its little more than social pittance, and they don't have warmhearted motives for doing it. They take on these cases to keep up the appearance of non-partisanship. But their defense of such cases is usually geared towards some individualistic right they have manifested in their minds.

Casey Powell #fundie evcforum.net

People still harp on the 1988 C-14 Dating of the Shroud of Turin that dated back to they "think" 1200 A.D. (only skeptics though), or perhaps older to the 1st century A.D. But in 1995, this was retested and determined to be in the 1st century, around the time of Jesus. Likely authentic. We also have the box of James which is also an Authentic find and displays Jesus's name (James the brother of Jesus himself). And Jesus's cross has also been uncovered. We have also determined that the Garden of Eden has been located.

Apolo #fundie evcforum.net

Come on people. Im sorry, but I dont have enough faith to be an atheist. " For years the world orbited around, until struck by an asteroid, then broke art, reformed, and created what we now call "Earth” I mean seriously, there is more evidence that the Cave Men existed, than any type of stellar explosion that created us humans. Why didnt other animals evolve? People say they have, just before our time, but their were other people back when the dinos and older creatures where around, their pictures would have shown of how animals changed. Why do we have emotions, if there isnt a God? Animals feel fear, happiness, anger, and protectiveness, sometimes sorrow. But why do we feel remorse, anxiety, or true love animals dont get crushes. They get horny, but don’t fall in love. If the Big Bang only took a couple of thousand years, why has our Earth been around for millions and millions and nothing happened? Why are our bodies so perfect in the way they are, and there isnt one single hole in the Bible, yet many in science. I have come to believe my younger brother, more so than an evolutionist. Not trying to be crude, but think about it. If a Christian is wrong, o-well, we all die anyways. But if a non-believer is wrong, I mean that would suck. An eternity away from God and Heaven, stuck it the Lake of Fire with other no-Christians and demons. Your way will get you nowhere, you know there is a God, let Him be you God. I don’t care what you think of me for this, I know God is real, and I know where Im going when I die 110% Do you?

geatz #fundie evcforum.net

I hate that evolutionists are pushing evolution as a fact simply because they don't want to believe in something higher than themselves. It has prevented me from validifying their scientific discoveries because I believe there is alterior motive. Arguing evolution vesus ID is like me arguing reality with my nintendo. Who am I to argue a billion years of evolution didn't occur in a single day when I am restricted by time and he is not. You should be forming mathematical proofs to prove that 0=1 instead of arguing with christians, whom are going to believe in creation whether evolution is fact or not. Why not try arguing why our ancestors evolved instead of arguing if they evolved. The fact that so many evolutionists are still arguing "if" leads me to believe you aren't so confident in your findings.

Muhd #fundie evcforum.net

I will say that evolution and other naturalistic theories are perpetuated in an effort to remove God out of the picture. It saddens me when Christians show support for this kind of godless science.

Faith #fundie evcforum.net

It was driving me crazy in the 60s already, long before I had a name for it, and it wasn't about nigger, wop and kiKe. It was an aggressive hate war on the white race as the cancer of the world, on conservatives, who we all know are nothing but a bunch of Hitlers and jingoistic idiots; on America, which is really only an evil imperialist monster. Those who agree with such sentiments of course object to conservatives daring to characterize them as Thought Control or anything pejorative. It was militant in-your-face black activism, in some cases out and out thuggery (it was a murder that woke up David Horowitz). It was militant feminism, one group cheerily named The Society for Cutting Up Men, characterized by sneering contempt for any demented woman who liked the idea of marriage and family as a career, or horror of horrors identified herself as a "housewife." It was militant gay rights. I remember attending a "talk" with my ex in which the speaker got up and berated the assembled group for any thought that homosexuality might be an aberration, and accused all assembled of REALLY being homosexual but denying it. It was an abusive speech.

nemesis juggernaut #fundie evcforum.net

The begging question is how nature was able to simultaneously, or nearly simulatnaeously, evolve a male with fully operational sex organs, evolve a female counterpart with fully operation sex organs that just so happen to be perfectly compatible, and be placed within the same locality that they could find one another, and for nature to give them the understanding that they must mate in order to create progeny, all in one felled swoop?

ptolemy #fundie evcforum.net

Which way is simpler, to use the Bible as the foundation of truth, and notice that the universe fits what it says, or invent a plethora of undetectable, mathematical things like "empty space stretches the light passing though it" to protect our arche [foundational assumption about the nature of matter] that matter (atoms) cannot change-together - as a relationship?

buzsaw #fundie evcforum.net

If you go into the archives, you will see that my hypothesis did not have God turning all dinos into snakes. Rather it has the reproductive genes of the dinos living at the time of the fall being transformed via the curse to cause all the offspring of the then living dinos to be born as belly crawlers.
Furthermore I have consistently alleged that the likely the parent dinos lived all the way up until the flood which would have been some 1500 years or so. The atmospheric pre flood chemical makeup, et al, imo, could translate hundreds of years into millions of dating years as per the chemical makeup of the environment today. If man lived around a thousand years, it is feasible that the dinos could have lived until the flood caused their extinction, only the young offspring belly crawlers being taken in the ark.

Jesus saves -Ben #fundie evcforum.net

Hinduism isn't the oldest religion. That is contrary to scripture. Hinduism never existed before the flood. Once the ark landed on Mount Ararat in Turkey, They settled there for a while. Once Noah died, they went off in different directions and founded our planet's oldest empires: Egypt, Greece, and China. Hinduism is mainly along the way to china (In India, Mongolia etc.) I believe hinduism was developed along the way to China's founding place. And of course Noah Was somewhat a jew.

R. Cuaresma #fundie evcforum.net

The Philippine Deep and Bermuda Triangle are actually the secret spiritual passages going to the center of the Earth – to the Spiritual World of Normosom. It is not easy to believe and recognize this claim as a fact because science tells us that the Earth’s core is made up of molten rocks and iron which constantly boiling. But science is limited only to the observable material things. It can not scope on the spiritual side. That is why, it is very impossible for science to believe that man has spirit, or that God really exists. But if you believe that nothing is impossible to God, then the truth is already presented to you.

inkorrekt #racist evcforum.net

Yes, now you can blame the Christians for the Holy war, Crusades. Of course, those who carried this out did in the name of Christianity and they were not even christians. Hitler is also described as a Christian. If he were a Christian, why would he execute Bon hoefer, a Christian minister who opposed Hitler? Hitler was an atheist and he strongly believed in Evolution ( Aryans were the Superior race). He also hated Christians and Jews.