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All entertainment is EVIL! Wake up, church!!

Sometimes I just want to unplug this computer and take a vacation from all the filth and violence so readily available. It’s not like I go looking for trouble, it’s trouble finding me when I least expect it.

My persecution here is indirect. I go to YouTube, for instance, for some Godly music, and I end up looking at a bunch of trashy videos that wouldn’t have existed 40 years ago, when decency and the fear of God still reigned. There was no such thing as a computer back then, and folks were better off. Then when I try to speak of the Love of God and pass on the Gospel, I get ramrodded.

I tell you, the elites who dredged up the slime and filth of the occult system wanted to control mankind so much that they started Communism within our own borders, e.g. the brainwashing of public school students circa 1963. They cried, “We don’t want the Bible! Goodbye God!!” And the church of Jesus Christ quietly stepped aside and proceeded to fall into a deep slumber.

Ever since those horrible days of “free love” and the Beatles (or the “roaches,” if you ask me), everything decent turned foul and began to rot spiritually. Without God you have chaos, anarchy and pure evil. I am completely ashamed of and embarrassed by my own generation. You think it’s bad now? Wait till the church is raptured out.

Kids today wouldn’t know decency if it hit them upside the head. Apparently our children and youth are being indoctrinated into thinking that watching and recording violence and scum are much to be desired. Since we are “conveniently” living in a spy state of everyone recording everyone else, as soon as a scandal, an undesirable person or fight comes on the scene, they’ve got to break out their iPhone or Google Glass and start filming everything. Then they post it on BoobTube and they get millions of hits, and in some instances, they get paid big money too. You know who is in charge of all this, don’t you? Old Splitfoot!! The one for whom celebrities worship and eat feces and drink urine! Hip hip hooray! (UGH.)



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