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What could be more inane than this, that is the claim that an actual UK MP was stabbed and then shot to death, right in broad daylight, precisely near her office facility? No one can find this plausible. There is no basis for her murder. Why would anyone brutally murder her in such a fashion? Yet, despite the obvious nature of the scam the fraud continues on, with great sums of money from the fully bamboozled public flowing into the perpetrators’ coffers.

There was no crime scene, no forensics activity: no evidence that a crime of any kind was committed. Regardless, it is easy to see this is a fake. Who could demonstrate otherwise? The actors and players themselves have fully revealed the nature of the arch-fraud.

The news media knows it’s a terminally inane fake, an absolute fraud and farce to the extreme:

Right, sure: it’s plenty funny. She was brutally murdered, stabbed and then shot three times in the head. What great treachery, what a bloody mess, this would be. Does her sister, far left, or her mother, far right, act as if this really occurred, or do they behave in the opposite fashion, confirming the hoax?

It is glaringly obvious precisely what there pattern is. Even so, where is Cox, now? Where did the secret services disappear her to?

The mother’s smirk tells all. Even so, why in the world would anyone wipe tears away that don’t even exist?

Staging can also be categorically confirmed by the following screen-capture collage. The woman is not crying and is one of the prime government actors for this scam. She finalizes the first act and then looks directly towards the camera, then back.



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