Felonious P Jenkem, The Whip, and OldIrishAsshole #racist chimpmania.com

(Felonious P Jenkem): I've said it before, you could set up a table with bags of dogshit, put up a sign that says free and niggers will line up around the block. I've done volunteer work with the homeless and while 90% of the humans would be grateful for any help, say thank you at the very least niggers without exception acted like they were doing you a favor by letting you help them. Gratitude and plain decency are foreign concepts to PAVEMENT APES. So a troupe descending on food court free samples like locusts and getting uppity DEMANDING more is normal behavior for these beasts.

(The Whip): Sounds like you understand the situation pretty well. That describes niggers and their ambitions in general. In life there are givers and takers, and of course mostly those of us somewhere in between. But you can expect niggers are always thankless unapologetic takers. Niggers are not to be given to aside from voltage/seasoning, conviction and a sentence.

(OldIrishAsshole): You seem to have an excellent grasp of the nigger problem. Please consider joining our ever growing family of like-minded Humans. Here we are all tired of niggers being rammed down our throats for the last fifty plus years. We welcome you with open arms, fellow nigger hater!



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