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How about a disclosure law about herpes. A disclosure law before kissing someone. Yes, let’s throw someone in jail for 25 years for a kiss.

[ AIDS IS NOT like herpes you fucking idiot!
And, fucking moron, most of the comments are ridiculing Joseph not embracing his sociopathic lunacy; of course, then you pose contrary opinions: take responsibility VS decriminalize irresponsible behavior.

It’s not irresponsible behavior to not tell someone you have hiv if you are having protected sex.
There, I said it. It’s not irresponsible to have sex with somebody without telling them. It is irresponsible to have sex with somebody without knowing your status and being protected.
I’d venture 90% of you don’t know your status here— and hook up— regularly. Why is my hiv status criminal but yours is just dandy?



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