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A court in Australia has sentenced a man to three years in prison after he went on a vicious homophobia-fueled attack against his own 6-year-old-son and the boy’s mom.

The 28-year-old father of three, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is a landscape gardener who lives in Mackay, North Queensland, according to the Courier-Mail.

During his trial, the court heard that he had come across his 6-year-old son (his eldest child) sitting on the lap of another boy. Incensed at what he perceived as “sexual engagement,” the father then started to beat the boy, screaming “Being gay is wrong,” and, “if they were adults I would have killed them.”

He repeatedly hit and threw his son to the ground, leaving the youngster terrified and bruised.

The boy’s mother then intervened to try and protect her infant daughter. The dad then turned his attention to mom, pinning her to the wall by her throat and telling her, “You better f*** me after this.” He then choked her until she passed out.

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Cheers was the name of a gay bar set to open soon in Minneapolis, Minnesota. But it might never see a single customer now that its owners anti-Semitic social media posts have caused an uproar.

Emad Abed, the bar’s owner, had his previous anti-Semitic posts shared online. In them, he claimed that the “Jew-nited States of America” is controlled by “a handful” of “zionist Jews” and that “all the world’s problems are caused by Israelis & Jews.”

In one particularly odious post, he wrote (with typos):

Did you know Israel & it’s people must be eliminated from existence. They are like cancer, Europe got rid of this disease in World War One & Two by moving this disease to ‘PALESTINE’. Now as Palestinians we are stuck with this horrible sh*t until we eliminate them from existence.

The bar was originally planning on opening this last Friday, according to its now-defunct GoFundMe page. But since Abed’s posts have circulated online, it has also deactivated its Facebook page and a local group called “Queers Against Cheers” has organized an upcoming protest.


In a response to critics of his anti-Semitic posts, Abed reportedly wrote:

This community is a joke. We don’t want their business or support. They can take their money to the Saloon & Gay 90. Without this group commenting on this post we will do big business and we will be the number one gay bar in town Without all the stupid losers commenting on this post (Facebook user) Andy Birkey can take his post and shuv it up his gay *ss. ?? this group here they are all racist, prejudice, biased and discriminatory, that’s why they are not welcome in my bar. My bar will still be number one without them and without their money.

Surely he’s trolling the entire community, right? You couldn’t invent a more cartoonish villain.

But considering that the bar was already facing eviction over $21,625.56 in unpaid rent and fees, perhaps Abed’s entire venture was never going to happen anyway, anti-Semitic posts or no.

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In a perplexing move, Egypt has told the United Nations Human Rights Council that queer people do not exist.

Representatives of the country made the statement earlier this month in response to a new push from the UN to end discrimination against LGBTQ people worldwide. Egypt rejected the new guidelines for protecting sexual orientation and gender identity saying the nation “does not recognize the terms mentioned in this recommendation.

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[ on laws against deliberate hiv transmission ]

And this is why I, like many others, proactively refuse to get tested: Best case scenario, the test comes back negative. Worst case scenario, I go from being a human to a deadly weapon in a matter of seconds. In that case, thanks but I would rather risk your safety than to jeopardize my entire life and future. Until you give me a better choice, that is sadly the only option I can see, because I refuse to open myself up to that kind of liability for any and every opportunistic leech or mentally unsound person that learns of my status. No status = no problem. If you want my compliance with testing, quit using laws like this to criminalize homosexuality by proxy.”

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Once again, nice things cannot be had due to annoying bigots. This time it’s the Catholic Charities Diocese of Charlotte, North Carolina. They held a charity gala on March 12, and at the last minute they told blues singer Kat Williams, who was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2012 for her Hands of Hope project, not to bother showing up. The reason: she’s married to a woman.

Kat has sung twice at the gala in past years, and somehow, miraculously, the world didn’t end. Imagine that! It is possible for lesbians to sing a few songs and raise money for a good cause. Amazing.

An anonymous source with the religious group said “Marriage can only be between one man and one woman. Because Ms Williams chooses to be in a relationship that’s different from that, it really makes it inappropriate for her to perform for us.”

Exactly what kind of performance were they worried she’d engage in? Did they think she was going to go up there and start making out with women? Also, what’s with this “chooses to be in a relationship” garbage? What, would they prefer a sham marriage with a man she doesn’t love?

Apparently church officials found out about her marriage from a 2013 article where she talked openly about her personal life, which she should do because she’s done nothing wrong or shameful.

Kat Williams, for her part, has responded quite gracefully. She’s asking fans to donate to equality groups and an AIDS nonprofit. And she invited one of the bigoted bishops to come visit her church so he can see what a loving religious community looks like. Good for her

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You people are fucking pathetic. Are you even listening to yourselves? “Oh, he’s so self centered, he’s not getting tested for ME”. Seriously? Grow the fuck up and wear a condom. Accept that if you’re screwing strangers, some of them aren’t going to be the most savory people. Refusing to get tested for YOUR convenience is hardly the worst thing someone’s trick could do.

Let me get this straight: the average queerty reader is apparently engaging in sex with strangers. Rather than admit that strangers sometimes don’t behave as we’d like and respond accordingly, we’ve constructed an ideal in our heads that these people have an obligation to get tested and disclose for OUR protection. Then, when we’re presented with the reality that not everyone does this, it is somehow THEY who are selfish, stupid and mean? Wow. I mean, wow. All ideals aside, you people are fucking idiots. Would you also leave your doors unlocked and wallet out only to be horrified that someone took your stuff? As for selfish: I don’t think you even know the meaning of the phrase. To be offended that someone isn’t risking a legally subordinate position just so you can have the sex you want kinda takes the cake, doesn’t it? Wow. What part of Bizarro World do you people live on?
All these fucking girls sit here whining about how its a “deadly weapon”. We’re not talking about fucking rape here. If they’re so fucking terrified, they need to sit at home and jack off.

[ Assholes like you are the ones who spread the disease just cause you’re horny. Fuck that; if you have the balls to fuck another guy, have the balls to say whether you carry HIV, and let him decide for himself if some stranger fucktard like you is worth risking infection? ]

Oh grow the fuck up you sanctimonious asshat. I haven’t spread it to anyone. Between condoms and undetectable status, the people I sleep with are more likely to be crushed by blue ice falling from an airplane than infected by me.
For the record, I *do* disclose to everyone, mostly because I don’t want some crazed nutjob like the losers on this website to come after me when they inevitably test positive. And yes, many of them will inevitably test positive. Anyone who thinks that disclosure is an effective way to protect agains the virus is setting himself up for a rude awakening. Just because I disclose doesn’t mean I agree with these laws, and just because someone disagrees with these laws (or doesn’t disclose) doesn’t mean they spread the disease. They’re separate issues. It is only because people like you keep reinforcing the idea that they’re one and the same that people continue to operate under the delusion that disagreement=nondisclosure=infection=murder..


Disclosure isn’t about “someone else’s right”. We don’t disclose when we have any other STD, including HCV and HPV which each kill more people than HIV. We don’t disclose to everyone we walk near if we have TB, despite the fact that you’re more likely to get TB from a casual acquaintance than HIV from a condomed, undetectable trick. We don’t disclose our driving records to our passengers or our credit scores to our lovers. All of these things are “relevant risks”, but we don’t demand people talk about them. Why? Because in every other area, we concede that there is some small amount of risk, and we admit that sometimes people have to take responsibility for their own decisions. HIV and “disclosure” are special areas, detached from the actual complications of the virus or the liklihood of infection.
HIV Disclosure hasn’t been about anything noble since it became apparent that condoms were an effective way to stop the disease. Its about forcing people to wear a scarlet letter, ghettoizing those who are infected and covering the whole thing up with a cheap veneer of “personal harm reduction” or whatever the discrimination-disguised-as-prevention crowd wants to whitewash it as.
No one has trumpeted this horn as loudly, or as uncle-tomishly as you, and for that, I’m rightfully calling you out on the carpet as a jerk and a bigot of the highest order. You’re not “saving anyone”, you’re validating discrimination, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

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[ in response to commenters calling a guy that deliberatly refuses to get tested for HIV and potentially endanges his sex partners, selfish ]

I am rather shocked at these attitudes here.
People are fine having unprotected sex or protected sex with virtual strangers and then get upset when they find out that person was HIV positive— even if it was wholly protected sex.
HIV isn’t a death sentence anymore. It’s like herpes.
The bigger issue is that you people take no responsibility for your own actions— so you slutted around last week and meet a new guy this week and have sex— you could be HIV+ even if you don’t know. At least hiv+ people who know their status can take and ensure precautions.
Most of you would rather bury your heads in the sand and believe they are negative because they ‘look’ healthy or told you they are negative from their last test (and whether true or not, unless they haven’t had sex for 3 months prior to that test and none after, they don’t know.
Accept responsibility for YOUR OWN actions and stop blaming someone else.
It’s time to decriminalize this. Hey, you fucking idiot. You must assume that every person you have sex with has hiv.
If you don’t, you will get hiv.
Don’t blame them. Blame your damn self.

Todd:Fucking ditto. This “they need to disclose” bullshit ignores the reality of the epidemic in favor of people’s fantasy. Its fucking insulting to those of us who took control of our health, it usurps any rational model of prevention and it makes things much, much worse for everyone. The ten ton elephant in the living room is that these queens are freaking out because the OP just popped their balloons, not because he’s doing anything unusual.

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How about a disclosure law about herpes. A disclosure law before kissing someone. Yes, let’s throw someone in jail for 25 years for a kiss.

[ AIDS IS NOT like herpes you fucking idiot!
And, fucking moron, most of the comments are ridiculing Joseph not embracing his sociopathic lunacy; of course, then you pose contrary opinions: take responsibility VS decriminalize irresponsible behavior.

It’s not irresponsible behavior to not tell someone you have hiv if you are having protected sex.
There, I said it. It’s not irresponsible to have sex with somebody without telling them. It is irresponsible to have sex with somebody without knowing your status and being protected.
I’d venture 90% of you don’t know your status here— and hook up— regularly. Why is my hiv status criminal but yours is just dandy?

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(On Justin Trudeau)

Proof that women shouldn’t vote. His father was a arrogant communist sympathizer who imposed marshal law and military rule on parts of Canada in the ’70’s. His mother is a drug addled whore that performed sexual acts for the Rolling Stones and participated in orgies at Studio 54. They birthed this nitwit that coasted to victory on his famous last name. Sad 5 years coming for Canada.

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Rick Coupland, a business professor at at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario, is asking everyone to “please pray for me and my job” after a complaint was filed against him for saying gay people should be hanged.

The comment was made on Coupland’s personal Facebook page earlier this month when he shared a link to a story about the city of St. Petersburg, FL raising a rainbow flag for in celebration of Pride along with the caption: “It’s the queers they should be hanging, not the flag.”

A former student saw the post and contacted Coupland’s employer. Later that day, the professor wrote a post saying he had been called into work and advised to “bring a representative” to discuss the comments.

Kelly Wiley, director of marketing and communications at St. Lawrence College, confirmed that the school is investigating the incident.

“We have several policies that apply to the conduct of our employees,” she told the Whig-Standard. “This includes the fact that we adhere to the Ontario Human Rights Code, we also have harassment policies, a policy around outside activities of college employees, and our collective agreement.”

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No, that’s not Ursula, the Sea Witch. It’s Kelly Hendrix, a Florida middle school teacher who was just suspended from her job for allegedly asking students if they were gay then threatening to get them in trouble if they told on her.

Four middle schoolers from Southside Middle School in Jacksonville, FL told school district investigators that Hendrix enjoyed picking on the kids in her class. There was one student in particular who she often targeted, calling him a “dumb ass,” “gay” and “retarded.”

The students said the science teacher would also ask them inappropriate questions, including “Are you gay?” and “How do you know you’re not attracted to the female body?”

But it didn’t stop there.

Hendrix also allegedly told the kids stories about the time she made out with and had sex with another teacher at the school. (Gross!) And once she went so far as to call a girl’s father to tell him she believed his daughter was a lesbian. (Seriously, who is this woman?!)

After investigating the case, school district officials suspended Hendrix for 15 days without pay. But the longtime teacher insists she has done absolutely nothing wrong. In fact, she was trying to protect the kids from bullying.

“I called the boy outside and I said to the boy, I said, ‘What’s going on?’ And he said, ‘Kids are calling me gay,’ and I looked at him and said, ‘Well, are you gay?’ And he said, ‘No,’ and I said, ‘Well why does that bother you?'” she told her local news station.

Hendrix also said she believes she is the victim of an elaborate vendetta plot cooked up by one her 12-year-old students who was upset with her.

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A teenager in India was allegedly forced to have sex with his own mother in an effort to “cure” him of being gay, Gay Star News reports.

According to LGBT Collective, a gay rights group in Telangana, in southern India, there are more and more reports of “corrective rapes” being carried out by members of the victims’ own families.

Often families will handpick a cousin to carry out the act, but in one case, a gay teen was forced to have sex with his mother to “cure” him of his sexuality.

Vyjayanti Mogli, a member of the group, told the Times of India that at least 15 “corrective rapes” have been reported in the last five years.

“We are sure there are many more cases, but they go unreported,’ Mogli said. “We came across such cases not because they reported the rape, but because they sought help to flee their homes.”

Mogli went on to explain that in many parts of India, homosexuality is not only taboo, but expressly forbidden, punishable with life in prison.

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A mother and her gay son from Midland, Michigan have come forward with new information about how Reverend Matthew Makela behaved in his position as associate pastor at St. John’s Lutheran Church before Queerty broke the news about his Grindr profile earlier this week.

Jennifer Kish says Makela nearly drove her then 17-year-old son Tyler to suicide.

“We had moved to Midland specifically to go to this church,” Jennifer told WNEM, but when Tyler was beginning to come to terms with his sexuality, Makela told him he’d be going to hell because he was gay.

Makela’s fire and brimstone (not to mention entirely hypocritical) warning caused Tyler to suffer serious depression and suicidal thoughts, and he reportedly told Tyler that the “sin of being gay is no different than the sin of committing suicide.”

“If he’s going to hell for being gay then he might as well commit suicide,” Jennifer said.

“What I took away from that is that I needed to repent and hold onto the hope that God could change me,” Tyler recalled.

Jennifer added that Makela became active on social media when her son came out, publicly broadcasting that it was wrong for Tyler to be gay and urging Jennifer not to support him.

Even before Makela was exposed, Jennifer confronted Makela about his dangerous attitude.

“Kinda set me into action, tell him what he could have done, other kids didn’t have a support system like Tyler had,” she said.

“I wish him happiness, but only as his truest self,” Tyler added.

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(This quote originally appeared in an article called "Call Me Names, But Gay Is Not Okay.")

The real problem, as I see it, is the rapid degradation of values and traditions by the so-called liberal influences of nowadays; you regularly see men kissing other men in public, walking holding hands and shamelessly flaunting what are misleadingly termed their “lifestyle” and “sexual preferences”. There could be a few things I could take issue with Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, but his unflinching and unapologetic stance over homosexuals is definitely not among those. Why, only this very month— you’d better believe this—a man, in a homosexual relationship with another man, gave birth to a child—

Homosexuals and their backers will call me names, printable and not, for stating as I have always done my serious reservations about their “lifestyle and sexual preferences”, but quite frankly I don’t give a damn: wrong is wrong! I do pray that some day a bunch of politicians with their heads affixed firmly to their necks will muster the balls to rewrite the constitution of this country, to excise those sections which give licence to men “marrying” other men, and ditto women. Otherwise, at this rate, how soon before some idiot demands to “marry” an animal, and argues that this constitution “allows” it?

The "Legalist" Award

Because freedom is only for privledged or protected classes

Brian Brown #fundie queerty.com

President Obama's announcement Wednesday that he will refuse to do his job when it comes to the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is part of this stunning pattern of rejecting the democratic process. Obama said that his administration would not defend the law in legal challenges because it is unconstitutional but that it would continue to enforce the law selectively. This is incomprehensible and incoherent, except in nakedly political terms. The president is using his power to do what he – and his base – wants.

Particularly egregious is Obama's unilateral declaration that homosexuals are a specially protected class under the Constitution and that this is the reason DOMA is unconstitutional. But the Constitution does not directly say so. Congress has passed no such law. Nor has the Supreme Court ever said that homosexual people are a protected class.

Rev. Anthony Evans #fundie queerty.com

(reaction to the SCOTUS rejection of a challenge to the D.C. marriage law)

[W]hat the Supreme Court has set up is the greatest civil war between the church and the gay community. And let me just state for the record, we don't want that fight. We love our gay brothers and sisters. But if the Supreme Court is not going to acknowledge the fact that we have a right as religious people to have a say-so in the framework of religious ethics for our culture and society, then we reject the Supreme Court on this issue.

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(in response to a circuit court's decision to bar him from printing the names of homosexuals on the front page of his magazine)

I am confused, I do not understand why people are outraged by us putting those pictures on our magazine page. We did the right thing to show those pictures. The tabloid will win the appeal. We must expose criminals. The homos argued that their right of privacy- had been breached when we published their pictures – but we must reveal these criminals to protect our children, homosexuality is spreading like wildfire and we must stop it. The parliament is trying to strengthen the weak law. — I will have no problem to follow the law. The law is the law. I will give my child to the authorities and will let it be what must be – if he must go to Jail or hang that will be fine if he is homo. If the law is there the homo should be hanged -he will pay the price. They will have to go to prison. — [P]eople call us the Nazis of Africa and the gays are the Jews of Africa. They call themselves that to get sympathy.

N.C. City Commissioner Bill James #homophobia queerty.com

"Homosexual conduct is illegal in NC (even after Lawrence V Texas). We arrest 250 homosexuals each year in Mecklenburg alone for either a ‘crime against nature’ or ‘solicitation of a crime against nature’. Unlike prostitution (exchanging money), even suggesting homosexual sex is a criminal offense in NC. If we were all that ‘progressive’ would we be arresting 250 homosexuals a year? Setting up sting operations to de-infest areas where they congregate? Point is, if you want to delude yourself that homosexual conduct is ‘ok’ go ahead. The law, the police and the DA however have a different view." —North Carolina city commissioner Bill James, who was caught on tape remarking "Your son is a homo?" to a colleague during a domestic partnerships debate, in an email written to a Charlotte resident. If you thought he'd opt to apologize for these comments, he won't be:
"I think that if you’re someone who is homosexual and you believe that you are born that way and have every right to engage in that behavior, I think the offensive thing, I would surmise, is not the word ‘infest’ or ‘de-infest’ but the fact that the police are actually doing the sting operations," he tells Q Notes when asked to explain his comments. "We can parse words — what phrase should I have used? But the central question for most people is not what particular term got used but whether the action was occurring. Was I accurate in saying there are these sting operations going on and those sting operations — whatever term you want to use — target homosexual men? That is why the county took and spent significant amounts of money to rework the park to take out certain landscaping things to prevent, once the sting operations cleared them out, prevent them from re-congregating — or re-infesting if you use my original term. — When someone trots out Lawrence v. Texas, I trot out the arrest statistics. I say if Lawrence v. Texas is the law of the land, why are there all these arrests? And that ends the discussion usually."

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Nearly four years ago in Brooklyn's Brownsville area, Steven Pomie nearly beat Dwan Prince (pictured) to death for coming on to him. Pomie attacked Prince once, then came back for a second round with a cohort, and returned for a third assault only to be stopped by witnesses. By that point, Prince was unconscious. So how come Prince is now lobbying for a light sentence of his attacker? It might have something to do with Prince blaming himself for the anti-gay attack.

Prince was a witness at the first trial, though he has no memory of the assault. His testimony illustrated the devastating results of the attack. His more sympathetic posture toward Pomie could sway a jury. While the assault left Prince partially paralyzed, he blamed himself.

“I was at blame so it is my to my strongest degree that you get out as soon as possible,” Prince wrote.

“Steve you changed me!” Prince wrote. “So hopefully when you get out we can hang out. You know me. I know you. I help you calm that angry machine down. And allow you to know I am not gay but a lover, and you can find me a female I can love and can love me.”

Prince has been attending a Bible study class at the Riverside Church, a liberal congregation, but he said he has not discussed his changed sexual orientation there.

“I am looking to change my life these days,” Prince, who is HIV-positive, told Gay City News. “I am looking for a female who I can marry and have my sperm washed and have children— With me going to church, I feel myself that I must try to live by the Bible, I must try to live by God’s law.”