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Seriously guys its not a good idea to be openly gay in the street. Im not homophobic but i do not encourage or support homosexuality, if i saw a gay couple on the street i would probably have a go at them(nothing violent) because they are not thinking about the children. Kissing the same sex or holding hands with the same sex in public just gives children the wrong idea, they are young and you dont need to take away their innocence.

[:confused: So you'd have a go at a hetro couple holding hands because of 'the children' too. ?
Also, what are you protecting them from? The truth? ]

Tbh, i have my views and opinions about homosexuality, i believe that homosexuality is a choice; nothing in nature or religion suggests that same sex relationships are meant to be. I feel that its more to do with society, enviroment and upbringing and exposing children to homosexuality makes them choose something that is not meant to be. Having said that i do not have problems with gay people, they can do whatever they like as long as it doesnt bother me but if they kissed in public it would bother me because of the children.

[So you think children should be sheltered from the fact that gay people exist? Nice one. This would never make them prejudiced later in life, would it... ]

If they were exposed they would think its ok which to me its not. but hey thats just my opinion.

Btw, im not like most of these hypocrite homosexual bashers who dont think male relationships are cool but get turned on by female relationships. i completely disapprove of all homosexual relationships whether it be male or female.



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