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I am sick with worry over the kids, the babies, the little ones, growing up in this world today. I shudder for my own adult children. I saw on Facebook just now that a relative is going to a gay bingo party today. I didn’t want to see that. It makes me cry inside. She has no clue what wrath she is going to endure if she is not saved. Our beautiful children, the gifts from God, need JESUS CHRIST in their lives! But it appears that nobody wants to go against the grain and stand in the gap for the lost. They all want to be “politically correct.” God pity us enough to send us a Billy Sunday or a Jack Hyles man of God to step up and defend the faith! Whom shall I send, and who will go for us, saith the LORD of hosts (Isaiah 6:8)? HERE AM I, O LORD, SEND ME.

My son calls me a “homophobe” because he knows I am against the LGBT lifestyle. Be that as it may, I will continue to be a “homophobe” because God wants me to be one. The Bible says sodomites will surely perish except they repent and believe in Jesus as their Savior. Homosexuality, like drunkenness, lying, doing drugs, disrespecting your elders, etc., is just another sin which the Blood of Jesus Christ has the power to wash away. Just because our society has praised it and encouraged it lately (and is force-feeding it to our kids) doesn’t make it any less a sin in the holy eyes of God Almighty. He said it is an ABOMINATION, and that’s that.

Confession time: Something that bothers me is that a cross-dresser comes every week to my church. I see him in the back, but I rarely speak to him. I feel guilty because I know I should reach out to him in Christlike love, but at the same time I know God is not pleased with the way he presents himself in God’s house. I suppose he comes to church because he wants to know the Lord, and my Pastor welcomes him just like anyone else. Not only that, but I’m sure church is the only real refuge for him away from taunting, prying eyes. Yet there is always that stumbling-block that I need to get past whenever I see him. This is something only God can handle, so after fretting over it for a time (‘Which bathroom does HE use?’ ‘How long does it take for him to put on all that girly stuff?’ ‘He looks ridiculous,’ etc.), I give it to Him and leave it alone. God knows I am still a sinner, yet saved by grace. The Lord will handle him, of that I am certain, in spite of what I think.



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