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[On the murder of politician Jo Cox]

Oh fucking Hel, here we go, the oh so sad words about the dead, she must have been a Saint, an Angle on earth, of course being a Socialist, she couldn't do wrong could she..

Its so fucking pathetic, if she'd been a Nationalist murdered by a Socialist Nut job of the likes of the UAF, you'd hear the odd bit of news, but it would be swept under the carpet, as yet another nasty Racist less to deal with, but the Establishments Gob Shites the Rags and the TV/Radio, are going over board with this hypocritical and sanctimonious bull shit about one of their own will be milked for weeks, and you notice it happened a week before the voting starts..

Oh yes, She'll be made a Marter to the Globalist Marxist Cause, much like Saint Steven of the Bus Stop, there'll be images of her in robes, and a fucking halo above her head, her hands clasped together in Prayer for World Peace and Global Race mixing, and an end to the evil White Race.......

All together now:

"I'd like to teach the world to sing
In perfect harmony.............."

Don't you just love the rabbid loony Lib/Left, Oh its got me sobbing already, I'll have to go now and build a shrine to Saint Jo!!



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