Tobias Langdon #racist

But in Britain, Jews and Muslims unite to condemn the White majority for its racism, xenophobia and majority supremacism. And while stern-eyed commentators like Rod Liddle and Mark Steyn will tirelessly condemn the junior side of the alliance, they don’t raise a squeak against the senior side. That is, they condemn Muslims but never mention Jews. They don’t even admit that there is an alliance between Jews and Muslims.

Well, there definitely is an alliance and commentators like Liddle and Steyn need to say so. All problems caused by Muslims in Britain, from the rape-gang horrors of Rotherham and Huddersfield to political corruption in Tower Hamlets and censorship-by-murder in Glasgow, are a direct consequence of Jewish influence on British politics. Muslims are in Britain because of Jews and are fully supported by Jews in their subversion and criminality. Tell MAMA and its mentor the CST will call those statements “hate,” but that’s exactly what you would expect. “Truth is Hate to Those Who Hate the Truth!”


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